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Kayla's Unexpectations 02 - Vibrations


This is the sequel to Kayla's Unexpected Valentine.

It can be read as a standalone story, but of course, it would be better as a sequel. Hope you all enjoy and I look forward to your comment and feedback. Thanks!


Val could not wait to do it again. The feeling was like being hooked on a drug that gave the best high in the world and her name was Kayla. To the world, she was a bright, funny and beautiful girl. And Val had been the only one who also bestowed with the knowledge that she was a divinity of pure wild sexual energy, just waiting to be unleashed given the right touch.

After that fateful Valentine's Day, they were convinced that whatever it was between them was just too good to be a one-off situation. While they both weren't ready to call it a relationship, neither were they ready to call themselves just fuck buddies (too crude) or friends with benefits (too weak) . So for the time being, they chose not to put a label on it and would literally ride this together till they could figure something out. Val had to admit that though he wasn't the sort to want a girlfriend, Kayla would definitely be ideal girl he'd go for. He could just imagine his grandmother being elated with the fact that her youngest grand-bambino finally decided to let a woman make an honest man out of him that she'd even gladly overlook the fact that her possible future granddaughter in-law wasn't of Italian descent.

The sex presently was still amazing between them but Val felt that there was just something lacking that was not quite there when they did it that first time three months ago. He had a devious suspicion it was likely that the missing ingredient was the thrill of doing it somewhere public, and despite Kayla's objection to ever having sex in the office again, the idea took hold of him and planted itself in his mind like a seed and he had knowingly allowed it to quickly mature into a grand scheme.

He would give Kayla a night that she would never forget whether she was willing to or not, and in fact, he was definitely looking forward to her exquisite protests just so he could mercilessly transform them into cries of pleasure and pleading for more.

Tonight would be the last of a long series of late nights they'd endured since securing the project. For that reason alone, it would also be the perfect night for Val to execute his plan. Just the thought of what he had in store for her later made his cock twitch to life and he could hardly contain his excitement for the rest of the day.

Management was so pleased with the results and profits that their boss had granted them two weeks off following their final closing report submission. Val took the chance to invite her over to his place for a few days with the promise of great sex in his hot tub and takeaway Chinese food from her favorite restaurant in Chinatown. In return, all she had to do was wear her sexiest set of lingerie underneath her clothes today so that they could start the celebrations immediately when they got to his place. Val's conscience undoubtedly felt a little guilty at the white lie and trap, but his lower region assured him that the sexual ecstasy in store for her would more than make up for it.


"Kayla, could you get us some dinner right now, please? I'm starving and you know I can't work when all I can think of, aside from that delicious body of yours, is food."

Kayla looked up from her laptop and glared at Val feeling slightly annoyed by his recent behavior of distractedness this past two weeks. She knew there was something going on with him but she couldn't pinpoint any real reason what could have caused such a change. She could only assume that it was the excitement at the end of the project approaching and the expected sounds of registers ringing in millions of dollars that caused it.

"Please, baby?" he tried using a term of endearment to persuade her otherwise gloomy expression.

"Don't call me baby." She warned, half jokingly, ignoring his plea just to torment him a little for being so difficult to work with recently. She felt like she was the only one really working on this report the past few days and Val's unusual behavior of complacency was starting to get on her nerves.

Val frowned. "Very well, I'll call Cherrie that term of endearment then. I'm sure she'd like that very much."

Kayla raised an eyebrow. Everyone in the office knew that Cherrie, the CFO's somewhat bimbo secretary, had the hugest crush on Val. "Unless you want to have your balls whacked off and served as a cold dish at an exotic restaurant, I suggest you rethink that idea."

This threat earned Val a big smile. "I love it when you get jealous, it's so adorable."

Kayla rolled her eyes. "I'm not jealous." Even though secretly she thought so too. "So what do you want to eat tonight, your Highness?"

"I'm in the mood for Turkish food from Istanbul's Finest, and with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, that would be perfect."

She looked at him blankly. "Aren't you part Italian? Why do you like Turkish food so much when you know it's so hard to get around this area?"

"Because I only eat good Italian food and the only place to get that is my place." He smirked. "I'll make a mean lasagna for you this weekend if we can role play as professor and naughty school girl tomorrow night."

Kayla gave him her best "dream on" look in reply and promptly continued updating her part of the report.

Unfazed, Val explained innocently ,"Besides, Turkish food is like...special occasion food. Totally appropriate for us to celebrate the closing of our project." He was not planning on getting her drunk, but he did needed to buy a little extra time for setting things up while she was gone.

"Okay." She said, not believing him in the least bit. "You do know that's half an hour of driving back and forth just to get food and a bottle of wine when we already have eateries nearby our office. And we've still got all this work to do, Val!"

"Doesn't this call for a special dinner though? After tonight, we won't have to work late in this room for a long time to come. Although I do admit I love the idea of you and me all alone in this room late at night." He wriggled his eyebrows cheekily, if she only knew it was a hint of what was to come.

"It won't be the last time if we get drunk later and screw up the final closing report." "I promise I won't get either of us drunk." At least that was certainly true, he thought deviously. In fact he had already done almost all the necessary paperwork and closing so they could have extra time for the surprise later, but of course, she did not need to know that just yet.


When Kayla finally returned to the office on the twenty-fifth floor, she was surprised to find all the lights out on their level, save for the waiting area outside the office itself which was dimly lit. She pushed through the glass doors and entered the office cautiously. She could hardly see through the darkness along the hallway to the conference room and wondered if maybe there was some sort of freak blackout on their level.

"Val?" she called out from the entrance, feeling a little nervous.

She bent down to carefully put the bags to one side of the floor and straightened back up to attempt switching on the lights, but before she could find the panel of switches, someone grabbed her from behind and placed a blindfold over her eyes, pushing her back against the wall roughly. He covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her screaming. Kayla kicked and struggled wildly with all her might, she even managed to kick her attacker's shin. He cussed out loud and Kayla thought she recognized his voice and she felt her anger escalating for the panic and fear he caused her just a while ago. She struggled harder and tried to kick him again, but he eventually managed to press his whole body against hers tightly barely leaving her with any space to even breathe.

"Damn Kayla, you're like a little dynamite, just calm down!" Val said in low and hushed tone. "I promise I'm not going to hurt you. I've something very special planned but you have to be an extremely good girl and follow every word I say, okay?" She had at times deliberately went against his requests out of sheer stubbornness, so he had to make sure she understood that this was important enough that she had to follow everything closely.

She nodded, feeling her anger subside a little, being replaced with mild fear and confusion at whatever was going on.

"Why do I need to be blind-folded?" she asked, her voice thankfully still steady and confident.

"You'll find out soon enough." He grinned and kissed her full on the lips, his tongue probing hers, she moaned in response, allowing his hands to roam all over her body, she dug her nails into his shoulders and arched her back sharply, offering herself to him. Within seconds, the buttons of her jacket came undone and he tugged it away easily, promptly tossed to the floor.

Next to come off was the silk shirt, it was roughly ripped open and pitched on top of her discarded jacket. He stood back and admired her petite and sensuous body overtly feeling more aroused by the second. His dick felt rock hard at the sight of her in that seductive lingerie.

"I know this might come across a little cliché, but I really do want to fuck you so bad right now." He said. She wore a little black satin strapless corset that was so low cut that it barely contained her breasts, while the cups itself were made of a thin translucent lace mesh material that partially revealed her dusky pink areolas and nipples beneath the fabric. The outfit itself clung to her figure like a second layer of skin, accentuating every womanly curve on her body like a slim hourglass.

She blushed and felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment, even with the blindfold on, she could sense his eyes roving over her. Val kissed her again and while they were still tonguing like there was no tomorrow, he pulled out the soft padded cuffs from his back pocket and secured them with her hands behind her back.

She pulled back from his lips in alarm, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Cuffing and stripping you." He replied factually.

"What?" she yelped. "Right here in the hallway?"

"That's the plan." He whispered.

"Are you nuts?" she shrieked anxiously. "What if we get caught? What if...a...a janitor or security guard or someone comes by?"

"There's no one here at this hour, but if there was, I guess he could join the party."

"I'll kill you for this Val!" she cried, a genuine tear rolling down her cheek.

He kissed her solitary tear away. "No you won't. You probably won't admit it but I think you'd enjoy a threesome. And I have to add, that you made a damn good choice on the lingerie, by the way. It definitely brings out the porn star in you." He started running more kisses down her neck and chest, while his hands groped and caressed over her breasts, happy to find that her nipples had already hardened underneath.

"Val, this really isn't the place!" she pleaded, breathing heavily, she was still worried about someone seeing them right at the entrance and feeling herself get wet at the same time. She was not sure which problem was worse.

Suddenly she felt the first few hooks of her corset being released on the front and his bare hands shoving inside to grab her breasts. She gasped at the feel of his fingers tweaking her nipples.

"Val..." she felt herself fighting to stay sane as her pussy grew hotter. "We can't do this here, please, anywhere but here!"

"You're right." He pulled his hands out of her corset and guided her somewhere else carefully. She felt herself being pulled into a room and edged against a thick glass desk. He bent her forward gently, and she rested her forehead against the cold surface, feeling both anxious and excited at the uncertainty of what was to come. He then proceeded to pull her skirt down forcefully to reveal her matching tiny black panties with garters and stockings.

He held her hips and used his legs to guide her legs apart. "Spread them for me, baby." He asked. She obliged and stood as wide as possible without losing balance, feeling her heart beat excitedly. He had already angled the cameras to get a good view of her body from the bottom of the table, the side and back of the wall, and the fact that she had no idea she was being filmed in his office, turned him on even more.

He proceeded to unhook the corset from the back and remove it completely leaving her topless and cold. She shivered slightly as the air condition blew against her bare back, her breasts were slightly pressing against the glass making her sensitive nipples hard, and she could feel her panties starting to get increasingly damp.

"Val?" she called out shakily as he trailed his hands sensually along her thighs, caressing and kneading her legs, edging close to her panties, but not quite touching it.

"Hmm?" he answered lazily.

"You couldn't wait till we got to your place to start this?" Her common sense was screaming that this was a bad idea, but her body was definitely being turned on by Val and his kinky preferences at enjoying sex.

"I wanted to do it here." He admitted. "Fucking you right in my office, it's going to be extraordinary, baby."

Kayla, for some reason, did not find that last part very comforting. Val sometimes had a way of sugarcoating things that were not necessarily as good as what the receiver was led to believe. She could hear him rummaging through a drawer and then the familiar sounds of his belt unbuckling at top speed, followed by the zipper and fabric of his pants and boxers being removed.

"You're not going to hurt me, are you?" she asked quietly.

"No hon, but you are going to feel great after this, I assure you. Remember how you told me you've never used a vibrator before?"

She gulped nervously. "Y..y..yes."

Val slipped the tiny device over his middle finger and adjusted the strap to his size. It was a small, quiet, discreet and yet powerful fingertip vibrator with interchangeable attachments depending on the preference. He selected the one with the tiny dotted surface because it was suppose to be the most intense of sensations. With his other hand, he wedge it below her, stroking one side of her breast, playing with her nipple and squeezing it with a range of force.

Within seconds she was moaning and breathing heavily, inviting him to start on her pussy by grinding her butt into him. That was his cue to enjoy himself with her slit using the vibrating finger. He smiled at how hot she looked when she was in heat. Pushing her panties to one side, he turned on the tiny device and slipped his middle finger with the vibrator just around the inside of her labia, her wetness made it easy for him to play with her pussy, the rubber slid back and forth inside her with little frictional resistance. She screamed out loud at the sudden intensity, "What the fuck is that?"

"Do you like that?" he asked her, knowing that she did from her subtle hisses and soft groaning. He moved his middle finger over her clitoris, rubbing it gently so as not to let her cum too soon as he continued fondling and squeezing her breast with the other hand.

She managed to grunt a reluctant yes.

Then, he decided to try something he'd never done before. He moved the wet vibrating finger upwards until it settled just slightly into her ass, touching her anus ever so slightly. She had never done anal before and wasn't planning on starting anytime soon. Val respected that and hadn't planned on violating her down there anytime soon either, but the opportunity presented itself so rightly that he had to try. Her body laid still now, as she felt the change in direction. Val pushed his finger in a little deeper, and felt her butt tightened. Her entire body flinched away from his finger.

"Val, no, please don't." she begged. He could hear the fear and panic raising in her voice.

He knew she had just about reached her limits today and really did admire her willingness to be part of almost everything he wanted so far. Although he was tempted to try again, he didn't want to distress her anymore than he already did today. After all, there was plenty of time for him to teach her many other things.

"Alright pussycat, hush now." he teased, trying to calm her nerves. His fingers slid back to her pussy, rubbing back and forth, alternating the vibrations between her slit and clit. Soon she started panting and moaning, her volume gradually increasing, he picked up the pace until her legs buckled and started trembling faintly at the sensations he was causing.

"Oh God, Val, I'm cumming!" she screamed, her pussy sent rounds of tight spasms round his fingers, her juices flowed freely down his hand.

"All better now?" he asked affectionately, amazed at how beautiful her pussy looked from the back while it was sopping wet with her fluid.

She nodded a little. "Umm hmm." She hummed, feeling too ecstatic to talk.

He drew his fingers out to flip her over gently, careful not to hurt her back while pressing against the glass. He practically tore her panties off and pulled up a nearby leather armchair in front of her, adjusting her legs such that each heel rested against one arm so that it spread her legs wide apart but was still comfortable enough for her to use that leverage to push her butt off the desk. All she had on left were her stockings, black stiletto heels and blindfold, Val had to stand back for just a quick moment to admire the spectacular view.

He quickly settled himself back between her legs once he was ready. "I believe now it's my turn." He asserted firmly. "So brace yourself for another good fucking."

She nodded eagerly at the challenge, her skin was covered with a sheen of sweat and the smell of pure sex filled the room.

He leaned over her to suck on a nipple, pressing it with his tongue, while he used the middle finger still extremely slick with her juices to rub on the other, applying firm pressure to the nipple, causing her breast to shake slightly with the vibrations.

Kayla moaned feverishly at the simultaneously stimulations. She could even feel herself starting to leak down there again due to the intense arousal he was causing. She squirmed her body uncontrollably, pushing her hips upwards against his body. Frankly, she was surprised to feel her pussy already willing and ready so soon after the first climax. Growling in frustration at her bound hands, she swore in her mind to get her revenge on her conniving sex partner in the near future.

He moved his both hands down to her hips, grabbing her body still, while he kissed downwards until he reached her hot and wet cunt. This time he used his mouth to tease and suck her clit mercilessly, swirling his tongue around her clit until she whimpered.

"Val, you perverted bastard." She panted.

"I'm not done yet, sweetheart." Even when blindfolded, she knew that he was grinning ear to ear.

She felt his palm caressing downwards from her belly to the folds of her outer lips, rubbing her a little first before slipping his fingers inside. She felt his fingers moved in and out but there was something else there too, enhancing the movements of his stokes, the little wonderful vibrator was teasing her pussy too, Val stuck his middle finger deeper, firmly rubbing it against her G-spot repeatedly at a swift speed, creating a ticklish and overwhelming sensation. "Stop it please, you're torturing me!" she begged. He knew if he kept going, she would climax again in a few minutes. "Babe, your pussy is telling me otherwise."

He increased his thrusting according her body's reaction, writing and contorting her upper body as she tried desperately to control herself from crashing into overdrive with the heightened pulsation riding on her orgasm at a velocity she never experienced before.

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