tagGroup SexKaylee's Wild Weekend

Kaylee's Wild Weekend


Message from the author: This story is quite long and has long build-up before the sex begins. So...if you're looking for a quick, dirty read, you might want to skip down to the middle of the story. Thanks.

"This is going to be the best weekend ever!" Kaylee exclaimed as she reached over to turn the radio up, raising the volume to an uncomfortably loud level.

"Okaaaay," Heather said dismissively, pushing her friend's hand away and turning the volume back down. "Maybe you should keep your eyes on the road."

"Oh lighten up," Kaylee chided as she bobbed her head up and down in rhythm to the music. "This is our last weekend to have fun before we have to go back to college."

"I'm excited to go back to school," Heather argued, clutching the door handle with whitened knuckles in response to her friend's erratic driving. "Aren't you looking forward to seeing Bryan again?"

Kaylee paused for a moment as she contemplated her answer. It had been almost two months since she last saw her boyfriend.

"Yeah, I guess," she answered unconvincingly. "It's just that...The summer has gone by so fast and I feel like I haven't really had any fun at all."

"Well we are grown-ups now," Heather said in a motherly tone, giving her friend a comforting pat on the shoulder.

"We're nineteen!" Kaylee scoffed in exasperation. "This is the time when we're supposed to be having the most fun!"

Heather laughed as she turned and looked out the window.

"And by having fun you mean...?" she began as Kaylee cast her another disappointed glance. "...getting drunk and making out with random guys?"

"Well, yes. Although I like to do a lot more than just...'make out'."

She smiled in anticipation as she knew her comment would draw a strong response from Heather and her comparatively conservative sense of morality.

"Well, well," she began as she turned to acknowledge Kaylee's previous comment. "It seems college has turned you into quite the little nympho."

Kaylee just shrugged as her wandering mind processed her friend's statement.

"I think I've always been a nympho," she stated cheerfully. "College just gave me the opportunity...to try things."

"And just what things have you been trying?" Heather asked, her interest in the topic slowly increasing.

"Not enough," she answered in a soft voice, barely audible over the sound of the radio.

"Well at least you have a boyfriend," Heather stated in a somber, self pitying manner. "In a few days you'll be able to have all the sex you want."

Kaylee began to say something, and then bit her tongue in hesitation. A moment of awkward silence followed before she spoke again.

"You know, you don't have to be in a relationship to have sex."

Heather frowned and tilted her head to the side as she turned back from the window.

"I am not going to go and sleep with some guy I just met," she stated vehemently.

"Why not?" Kaylee pleaded. "I think it would be good for you."

"I'm not a slut!"

"Having sex doesn't make you a slut," she said, shaking her head in frustration. "Don't you ever get...you know...urges?"

"Of course I get urges. Everybody gets urges. But we can't just go around acting on every little urge."

"But we can when we're on vacation!" she shot back with a playful smile. "That's what weekends like these are for. We're going to a place where nobody knows us. We can be as wild as we want."

Heather narrowed her eyes suspiciously as her friend beamed back with a glowing smile.

"Yeah, too bad you have a boyfriend though," she said simply, holding back her smile as Kaylee's quickly melted away.

"Yeah. Too bad."

"Is that why you're pushing me so hard to have sex? You're trying to live vicariously through me because you know you can't?"

"Okaaaaayyyy," Kaylee stated firmly as she turned to the right, taking one hand off the steering wheel as the car began veering from side to side. "First of all...I'm pushing you to have sex because I think you're wound a little too tight and could really benefit from a nice, hard fuck!"

Heather's eyes widened in surprise and cringed as the car wavered dangerously close to the median.

"And second...," Kaylee continued emphatically. "I can have sex anytime I want! Boyfriend or no boyfriend."

The two friends shared a brief, tense staredown before both breaking into laughter. Kaylee decided to let the subject rest and turned the music back up with no objection from Heather. Smiling to herself, she slipped the sunglasses down from their resting place atop her head to cover her squinting eyes as she quietly mouthed the words to the song that was playing. Glancing over at her friend, she smiled to see Heather sitting back, tapping her fingers to the beat as she stared out the window, enamoured by the view of the sun sparkling off the still waters of the lake.

As she thought about her friend, Kaylee's mind began to wander. Although the two girls had been best friends all through high school, she began to wonder if the past year they had spent apart attending different schools had widened the gap between them. Kaylee had done much to shed the "good girl" image that had plagued her all through high school and had done her best to try and experience everything life had to offer. Leaving behind the judgemental, small-town environment and entering the anonymity of university allowed her the freedom to explore the sexuality she had previously been forced to keep hidden. She had hoped that Heather had experienced a similar change, but it appeared that to her friend, sex still held the same stigma. As it was the final weekend before the new semester was to begin, Kaylee was determined to have a good time.

Fifty three minutes later the pair arrived in the small, lakeside resort town that was to serve as the setting for the next three days of fun and relaxation. Although the city was relatively small at around thirty thousand inhabitants, the population nearly doubled during the summer months, swelling with college kids and families from the region's larger cities. Nestled between two large, warm water lakes the town was known for its ample beaches, golf courses and night clubs. Although Heather was looking forward to the beaches, Kaylee was more interested in the night clubs.

The sun was hanging low in the early evening sky when the girls checked into their hotel room. Kaylee immediately turned on the air conditioner, as Heather headed for the shower. The four hour drive combined with the summer heat had led to a sticky build-up of sweaty film that required prompt attention before dinner.

As Kaylee stood, letting the warm water cascade over her naked body, she closed her eyes and let her mind wander once again. Gradually her hand migrated downward, slipping between her legs before stopping.

"Jesus, why am I so damn horny?" she muttered, scolding herself as she reached for the shaving cream.

After shaving her legs, she ran her fingers over the small patch of blonde hair between her legs. She usually kept her pubic region nice and trimmed, but for this weekend, she decided on something a little more risqué. A few more strokes of her Lady Gillette left her completely hairless as she inspected herself with satisfaction. A few minutes later she emerged from the small, steamy room, wrapping a towel around her freshly washed body.

"No, no, no," she scolded, running a towel through her hair as she stepped out into the room and saw her friend dressing in front of the mirror. "You are not wearing that!"

"Why?" Heather asked, pouting as she turned to inspect herself. "What's wrong with it?"

"It's plain. Don't you have something a little more...sexy?"

"You mean slutty?" she countered, turning to cast her friend a disapproving frown.

"No, I mean sexy. Didn't you bring a skirt or anything?"

"Yeah, but I didn't think I needed a skirt to have dinner."

"We're not just having dinner," Kaylee warned. "We are going out tonight and we are going to look hot."

"Ahhh, fine," Heather conceded in exasperation. "Sorry, though. I forgot my fishnets and leather mini-skirt."

The two girls shared a laugh as Heather sat down and pulled off her jeans. As Kaylee continued drying her hair she watched as her best friend continued getting ready. Although she had always considered Heather quite attractive, it seemed like sometimes she went out of her way to look as unnoticeable as possible. Tall and slender, she tended to hide her body beneath poorly fitting jeans and nondescript sweaters. Her hair, although naturally dark and silky remained plain and mousy, hanging straight down between her shoulders. Throughout high school, Kaylee had always been jealous of her friend's figure, even though Heather did little with her taller, thinner frame.

"That's better," Kaylee complimented as Heather stood before her, now wearing a denim skirt and a blue tank top. "Although, that skirt could be taken up a few inches."

Heather scowled and stuck her tongue out as Kaylee laughed.

"And just what are you planning on wearing?"

"Just wait and see," Kaylee chirped, disappearing into the bathroom.

A few minutes later she reappeared, presenting herself with hands on hips, smiling widely. She was dressed in a short baby-blue skirt, with a low cut white top. Her shoulder length blonde hair was tucked neatly behind her ears, hanging down to her shoulders. The brightness of her bright blue eyes was exemplified with the liberal application of eyeshadow, giving her a sexy, sultry look.

"Cute," Heather said, giving her friend an up and down glance. "A little whorish...but cute."

"You bitch," Kaylee giggled, tossing a towel at her playfully.

"Are your boobs bigger?" Heather asked, as she gave her makeup one last look. "You look like you've gone up about two bra sizes."

Kaylee glanced down as she cupped her breasts with her small hands, her eyes darting back and forth between each one comically. She had always considered her chest to be one of her most appealing features.

"I think it's from my birth control pills," she suggested, turning to examine herself from the side in the mirror. "I'm hungry. Let's go eat."

The girls made their way down to the hotel restaurant and sat on the patio overlooking the lake. After a light dinner they sipped margaritas as the sun disappeared behind the hills, sending a reddish glow over the shimmering water. By their third drink both were feeling the alcohol's effects, warming them against the cool breeze coming off the lake.

"So would you actually cheat on Bryan?" Heather asked, running her finger along the salty rim of her glass.


"In the car," she clarified, licking the salt from her fingertip. "You said that...it didn't matter if you had a boyfriend or not."

"I don't know," Kaylee answered cryptically as she stared vacantly out over the lake. "I was actually considering...breaking up with him."

"Noooo," Heather whined, slapping her hand down on the table top. "You two are so good together."

"You've never even met him," Kaylee countered, her voice dripping with scepticism.

"Well yeah, but...you've told me all about him and...,"

"Look," she said, cutting her friend off with a raised hand. "He's a nice guy...It's just that...,"

Heather looked on with a patient stare, awaiting her friend's explanation.

"Well...he's a little too nice."

"Too nice?" Heather spat in exasperation. "What does that even mean? Is he too good looking as well? Or too funny?"

Kaylee laughed and took another drink of her margarita.

"Sometimes..." she continued, setting the glass back down. "...I like guys with a little more...edge."


"Yeah. Plus, I feel like I should be trying new things. Seeing what else is out there."

"Ahah!" Heather said firmly, pointing her finger in accusation. "So you do want to be a slut!"

Kaylee rolled her eyes as her small hands fidgeted with the slender stem of her cocktail glass.

"Yeah...," she answered softly after a brief moment of silence. "Maybe I do."

Heather's eyes widened in surprise as she awaited further clarification.

"Look," she continued. "When I first went to college, I hooked up with a few different guys. It made me realize what I liked and what I didn't."

"Soooo," Heather pressed cautiously, narrowing her eyes. "What...do you like?"

"Hmm," Kaylee hummed, her eyes looking upwards as if searching for an answer. "I like a guy that takes control. A guy that's not afraid to treat me...well, like a slut."

Her gaze transfixed, Heather brought her glass up to her gaping mouth and took another drink before responding.

"So...it turns you on when a guy...disrespects you?"

"No, no, no," she explained. "I don't think of it as disrespectful."

"How is it not?" Heather chimed in, cutting her friend off.

"Okay, let me give you an example. On Halloween, I went to a party and ended up meeting a really cute guy. We hit it off and ended up going back to his place. He was really nice and..."

"I thought you didn't like nice guys?"

"Let me finish."

Heather smiled and leaned in as Kaylee's voice grew quieter.

"So we started to...well, you know. And then he just took control. I had never been more turned on in my life! He bent me over and did me from behind, pulling my hair and calling all kinds of dirty names. It was so hot!"

Heather bit her lip as she listened intently, entranced by the story.

"He did things to me that I never thought I would like, but I loved it all. Then as soon as it was over he reverted back into the nice, funny guy that he was before."

"So you don't mind being used as long as the guy is nice to you afterwards?" Heather asked sceptically.

"I wasn't used," Kaylee explained. "Trust me. The enjoyment was mutual."

"So if this guy was so perfect, why didn't you date him?"

"Well," she began, sipping her margarita. "I did see him for a couple weeks but neither of us was looking for a serious relationship. I hooked up with other guys after him but none of them really did it for me. "

"Wow," Heather exclaimed, sitting back in her chair, shaking her head in amazement. "So what are some these 'things' that you liked so much?"

"Uh uh," Kaylee said, waving her finger back and forth. "I think I've told enough stories for now. You're turn."

"Oh, I think you'd be disappointed," Heather scoffed. "My sex life hasn't exactly been on fire."

"Okay then," Kaylee offered with a sly smile, locking her fingers and leaning forward. "Tell me your dirtiest, nastiest sexual fantasy."

"No way!" Heather answered adamantly as she took another drink.

"Oh, come on! I know you have some naughty thoughts buried in that pretty little head of yours."

"Maybe I do...But I'm sure as hell not telling you."

Kaylee pursed her cute little lips into a pouty expression as she crossed her arms in feigned disappointment.

Heather tried to ignore her friend's scornful gaze as she took another drink.

"Come on!" Kaylee groaned in frustration. "Tell me. Two guys at once? Three?"

"Ugh. No way," she answered with conviction. "I would never do that."

"Fantasy, Heather. It doesn't have to be something you would actually do."

"Okay, fine," she gasped, finally relenting to her friend's barrage of questions. "When I fantasize...I sometimes think about...doing it in public."

Kaylee smiled to portray her satisfaction, while keeping her real thoughts to herself. With the relative tameness of Heather's answer, she decided not to press the issue by disclosing any more information about her own dirty fantasies. Truthfully, her thoughts as of late had been growing more and more depraved. She had been secretly hoping that her friend would share some of her kinky fantasies but that was obviously not the case.

While the two friends continued conversing, the patio grew noisy as the Friday night crowd began filtering in for the usual nightclub pre-drinking. In particular, a group of college age guys at a nearby table caught Kaylee's eye as she slowly slipped her margarita. Noticing her friend's preoccupation, Heather glanced over at the group before looking back with a smile.

"Something interest you?" she asked wryly, as Kaylee smiled back.


"The blonde guy is kind of hot," Heather suggested, pushing a few strands of mousy brown hair back behind her ear.

"Yeah, he's okay," Kaylee agreed half-heartedly as she turned to study the group more closely.

The blonde guy was lounging back comfortably, a Heineken dangling from his fingers. He was wearing a tight fitting red golf shirt that was stretched taut in the sleeves around his tanned muscular arms.

"Just okay?" Heather asked with surprise. "Come on."

"He's a little too preppy for me. He looks like he should be in a boy band or something."

"Ahhhh, I see. Let me guess. Not enough edge?"

"You got it," Kaylee said with a giggle, draining the last of her margarita.

Again her eyes drifted over to the nearby table as she set the glass back down. Scanning each member of the group discreetly, she found her gaze lingering on one guy in particular. He had a lean, muscular body, although not as bulky as his blonde haired companion. He was wearing a tight fitting black t-shirt with some type of logo spread across the chest. Kaylee didn't recognize it, but assumed it was the name of some little known indie rock band. His hair was messed up, but in a way that was obviously intentionally styled. He sipped slowly from his glass of rum and coke as he flipped a coin through his fingers.

"Now the guy in the black," Kaylee explained, pushing her empty glass to the edge of the table. "That's more my style."

"Ugh," Heather groaned. "He's wearing wrist bands. I hate wrist bands on guys."

"I think they're hot," Kaylee retorted, inspecting the black leather cuffs adorning each of his wrists.

As her eyes drifted upwards, she noticed him staring back at her with a contented, cocky smile.

"Oh shit!" she cursed, turning away instantly. "He caught me."

"Subtle," Heather chuckled mockingly, grinning as she revelled in her friend's apparent discomfort.

"That's embarrassing," Kaylee said, shielding her blushing red face with her hand.

"Well, you better get it together Kay," Heather warned nonchalantly. "Because he's coming over here right now."

Kaylee's eyes went wide as she struggled to compose herself. Heather, fought hard to withhold her smile as she watched with growing amusement as the stranger approached.

"Hi there," he greeted as he stepped up to the table, hands stuffed into his jean pockets.

"Hi," the girls spoke in tandem, before sharing a slightly embarrassed smile.

"Me and my friends were wondering if you ladies would like to join our little party over there," he said calmly, motioning over to the table full off guys, all watching with expectation.

"Ummm," Kaylee answered, wrinkling her nose as she gave him a casual glance. "Looks a little crowded over there."

"True. True," he said, pulling his hands from his pockets and rubbing them together as he gritted his teeth. "It is a little crowded...but I bet if we slid your table over to ours...we could all be happy."

The two girls exchanged glances before he spoke again.

"Plus...," he continued as the corner of his lip curled up into an enticing smile. "It looks like you two could use another drink."

"Well how can we refuse such a generous offer," Kaylee quipped, without the consultation of her friend.

Heather set her eyes in an annoyed expression as Kaylee just smiled and shrugged.

"Great," he said, clapping his hands together. "My name's Shane but the way."

The girls introduced themselves as Shane waved a couple friends over to help move the table. Heather's irritated gaze remained fixed as Kaylee pretended not to notice. Once situated in their new location, Kaylee took it upon herself to introduce herself to the group and immediately made herself at home, chatting without inhibition as Shane ordered a couple more margaritas. Heather, however, remained quiet and cold, sipping her drink with little to no interaction. On numerous occasions Kaylee attempted to open conversation between Heather and the preppie guy her friend had eyed earlier, whose name turned out to be Blake. He, though apparently, seemed to only be paying attention to Kaylee as if competing for her attention with Shane.

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