tagLoving WivesKay's Story

Kay's Story


This story contains details of wife sharing/adultery, so you should only read it if that turns you on.

With special thanks to Kay who told me what actually happened and then shared with me what she wished had happened.

* * * * * * * * * *

It probably helps if I tell you a bit about myself first. I'm forty-four and Ken and I have been married for twenty-four years. I'm a brunette, five feet four inches tall, 116 pounds and with a 36C bust.

I met Ken at college when I was eighteen; I hadn't actually had many boyfriends and was still a virgin. We'd been going out for two months before things started to get serious. We got very passionate one evening and almost before I realised it Ken had removed my panties and was unzipping himself and trying to move between my legs.

I was hugely tempted to let him, but was even more worried about becoming pregnant and managed to stop him. He apologised and said he got carried away, but a week later we were alone in my room and inevitably things got very passionate again.

Ken whispered in my ear that he had a condom and then began to remove my panties. I made no attempt to stop him and seconds later his cock slid into my very wet pussy. I was really impressed with the strength (hardness) of his cock. My worries about the first time being painful proved unnecessary; his cock felt lovely inside me and I realised I was going to enjoy sex.

After that we had sex regularly and were married nearly two years later. Of course we've had our ups and downs, but overall our marriage has been fine. However for several years now I have wondered what it would be like to have sex with another man. At first I felt guilty about these thoughts and almost tried to pretend that I wasn't having them. Then I realised it was just natural curiosity and nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm rather shy and conservative, perhaps if I'd been more extrovert I might have told Ken about these feelings. In truth there were a couple of occasions in bed when I made hints about this and Ken seemed to understand what I was suggesting. However we were too inhibited to discuss these feelings and it became an unspoken subject.

It might well have stayed that way, but for a development at work. I'm a legal secretary and as you can guess it's quite a formal and correct work atmosphere and I always dress in sensible business clothes.

One of our staff, Dave, is part of the group which includes my husband who play golf most weekends. Very occasionally I see him socially. There had been a barbeque and as it was a very hot day I wore an off the shoulder sun dress. I was bending over one of the tables sorting out drinks and when I looked up it was obvious that Dave had been enjoying a good look down the front of my dress. I blushed and turned away.

When my embarrassment had subsided I was left with a definite feeling of excitement. I know I don't have a killer bust, but I'm not flat chested and I have to be honest and say I was flattered to find another man looking at me in a sexual way, even though I am distinctly middle aged.

That mild sexual charge was still with me when we returned home and I made it clear to Ken that I wanted to have sex. As he was fucking me I told him how I'd caught Dave sneaking a look at my tits. I didn't want Ken to get the wrong impression so I was careful to stress that I hadn't done it deliberately. He didn't seem to mind and said that given the opportunity any man would enjoy having a look at my tits. Nothing more was said because Ken picked up the pace of his fucking and seconds later he came very noisily.

At work on Monday I said hello to Dave just as normal and no one could have detected any change in our relationship. But his eyes held mine for a fraction longer than was necessary and hinted that I was no longer just a work colleague and the wife of a golfing friend.

It was approaching lunchtime when I went down to the supply room. I hadn't been in there very long when Dave entered. It's normally a pretty quiet room and his sudden appearance seemed to be more than a coincidence. That was confirmed when he apologised for the weekend. He said looking down my dress hadn't been deliberate and I looked so attractive that any normal man would have done what he did. While he said this he moved closer to me than was really necessary and I became aware that my heart was beating rather fast.

"I hope I didn't offend you," he concluded. I said that he hadn't. "Good," he murmured and moved in and kissed me. At first I stood very stiffly, but then his left hand moved to my breast and began to squeeze and fondle it. I did nothing to stop him, his kissing became more passionate and without thinking about it I found myself responding.

That must have encouraged him because his hand moved to my hip and his thumb began to caress the area just above my bush. It was very obvious what his next target was going to be and as I was wearing a knee length black skirt access wouldn't be a problem, if I wanted to allow it.

That was the big question - did I want allow him intimate access? My stomach was churning and I felt very aroused, but also very confused. At last something exciting was happening to me, but at the same time I felt very guilty. I heard a noise and jumped away from Dave with a start.

"Someone's coming," I said and hurried out of the room (though it turned out that there wasn't anyone). I didn't return to my desk because I thought people might notice how flustered I was, so instead I headed for the rest room. Sat on the stall I touched the gusset of my panties -- it was very damp and confirmed just how aroused I was.

After that Dave minimised any contact with me. He didn't snub me and wasn't rude, but it was clear he was avoiding making eye contact with me. I felt both relieved and disappointed by that. If I'm honest the disappointment was uppermost and I did find myself imagining a scenario where Dave had pushed me face down across the table in the supply room and mounted me from behind. I am naturally rather submissive and I like the idea of a dominant male who is happy to take his pleasure.

Anyway the moment seemed to have passed, but I definitely found myself thinking about what might have been.

Two weeks later the whole office had to stay late to complete a major case we'd been working on for several weeks. It was 8pm when I found myself taking the elevator down and as luck would have it I shared it with Dave.

A thundershower was crossing the city and at the main entrance we looked out on a car park raked by torrential rain.

"Are you okay getting home in this?" Dave asked.

"Well it's going to be interesting. I would have asked Ken to meet my train, but he's not due back until later." Our eyes met and Dave held my gaze.

"Well if Ken's not going to be back until later I can offer to fill the gap and give you a lift home."

"If you're sure you don't mind. It will probably save me from getting soaked."

So we scurried across the car park and into Dave's car. The windows steamed up straight away and there was an awkward silence when Dave leaned across me to wipe the passenger window.

It's a fast road back home and it wasn't long before Dave was pulling onto the puddle filled drive in front of our house. All the way home this was the moment I had been agonising about.

"I'll see you safely into the house if you want," Dave offered. We looked at each other and although on the face of it his offer was perfectly reasonable, there was an obvious subtext. It was still light, I was a grown woman and was used to entering the house alone. There was no need to accept Dave's offer, but if I did we both knew what it meant.

"OK," I said. "That would make me feel safer."

We entered the house and Dave helped me slip my coat off. He hung it up and turned back to me. My heart was pounding as he moved closer to me and with his eyes fixed on mine he began to unbutton my blouse. Once all the buttons were undone he pulled my blouse out of the waistband of my skirt and, using both hands to push my breasts together, he buried his face in my cleavage. After a moment he surfaced and began to kiss me.

One hand was squeezing my backside and the other started rubbing my pussy through my skirt. Next his hand slid up inside my skirt and he can't have missed the message which my damp panties proclaimed.

His hand slid inside my panties, he was distracted briefly by my bush then probed between my legs. First one finger slid into me, then a second. I was very excited, but stopped him when he started to pull my panties down.

"Not here."



So I led Dave upstairs and to our marital bed. He pushed my blouse off my shoulders and then unzipped my skirt. Now I was stood in just my lacy white bra and pants set. Dave moved me across so I was stood in front of our dressing table mirror and began to cuddle me from behind. One hand fondled my breasts while the other slid inside my panties. The lacy front panel meant I had a clear view of his hand working between my legs. It was surprisingly arousing watching myself being caressed by Dave (a bit like having your own private porn movie). I could feel his erection pressing against my backside and it was very obvious that we were well past the point of no return and his cock would soon be inside me.

He unclipped my bra and I shrugged it off. Then he tugged at my panties and seconds later they were tossed carelessly to one side. I climbed inbetween the sheets and watched as Dave undressed. He was probably in his mid forties and was still in decent shape (no beer belly thankfully or he wouldn't have got this far). He took a condom from his wallet and placed it on the bedside cabinet. Blushing slightly and unable to look him in the eye I explained that he wouldn't need to use a condom, I was safe and I wanted to feel him cum inside me.

He pulled his shorts down and a pleasingly erect cock sprang into view. I don't know if I'm typical, but I do like to see an erect cock. They're so strong and aggressive looking and of course the knowledge that they're like that because you've excited them is a real turn-on. His ball sac was tight and I realised my pussy was going to receive a full load of sperm.

He climbed into the bed and moved between my legs. There were no preliminaries, we were both very excited and knew what we wanted. The rubbery tip of his penis bumped against my inner thigh and Dave shifted position slightly to correct his aim. His penis brushed against my pussy sending a delicious shiver of excitement through me. Then it nuzzled against my cunt lips and I suddenly felt light-headed, almost faint.

Please remember that I had only ever had sex with one man before this so it was a pretty momentous event for me. Dave leaned forward, my cunt lips parted and his cock slid into me. That was it - after twenty four years my married pussy had finally yielded to another man's cock. I gasped at that first thrust, then gasped again as a second thrust took Dave deep into my core.

I'll be honest and say that Dave had an average sized cock and not some monster which ravaged my inexperienced pussy. Physically he may not have been very different from Ken, but I could easily tell it wasn't Ken fucking me. The whole feeling was quite different, mainly because Dave was very forceful, pinning me down on the bed and ramming it into me in a very direct, very masculine way.

We hadn't really been fucking for very long when I thought he might be going to cum. I wasn't wrong and when he did he completely overwhelmed me with the force of his passion.

It all happened very quickly -- there was a final brutal thrust, he stuck a finger up my backside, clamped his mouth over mine and kissed me incredibly deeply. Every possible sexual opening was taken and I've never felt so totally possessed before; suddenly I was arching my back and shuddering as a series of orgasmic waves swept through me.

Dave collapsed on top of me and I lay there in something approaching a daze. I hadn't expected him to be such a combative lover -- it was as though he'd felt the need to pound me into submission. I couldn't deny the intensity of it, but I wasn't sure how I would cope with it as your normal, week in, week out style of lovemaking.

Of course I realised the clock was ticking and after a while I told Dave that he would have to go. He made a token protest, but I think he was perfectly content with what he'd had.

I slipped on a nightdress and a robe and saw him to the door. Before I opened the door he kissed me again, slipped his hand inside my robe and squeezed my breasts.

"You were wonderful," he said. "I loved being inside you. Ken's a lucky man."

I blushed at that and opened the door for him. I returned to the lounge and watched as the lights of Dave's car disappeared into the gathering gloom.

Was my husband a lucky man? We had a happy marriage, but I had spread my legs for another man and had a load of his sperm in my pussy. It might sound strange but I felt a need to share everything with my husband. Not simply to confess, but to involve him and make him part of it.

I knew it might go disastrously wrong, but somehow I had this idea that it would take us to a different level of intimacy, one that not many couples reach.

The event Ken was attending was due to finish at 10pm and true to form a text arrived just after the hour saying he was leaving shortly. We have sent each other sexy text messages in the past, but my reply was much more direct than usual.

Hurry home. I need your cock inside me. xxxxx

Seconds later my phone beeped as his reply arrived.


I had to laugh at that. There was a comedy we'd seen a couple of months back where a husband sent his wife a message containing just that single word. Apparently it stood for Be Upstairs Ready My Angel; not one I'd heard of before.

Anyway I went upstairs, slipped my clothes off and got in bed. Of course I was very aware that a short while ago I had been laid back in this bed gasping and groaning as Dave rammed his cock into my adulterous pussy. Now I was going to seduce my husband into accepting what had happened.

About fifteen minutes later I heard his car pull onto our drive. The house door opened, then closed, there was the sound of his key in the lock and then he rushed upstairs. He grinned with delight when he saw me in bed and began to undress with indecent haste.

His cock was erect and swung lewdly in front of him as he climbed on the bed. He grabbed hold of me, kissed me and slid his hand between my legs. He must have expected the normal moist arousal of a married pussy; instead he got slick wetness and cunt lips which were still gaping from the passage of another man's cock. That stopped him in his tracks.

"You're so wet," he said, his eyes puzzled. I wriggled to one side to get him right between my legs, then grabbed his cock and guided it towards my pussy.

"I know, but please fuck me, just fuck me."

"But...what...you?" he stuttered. I pulled him to me and his cock slid into me, making us both gasp.

"Yes, I've been fucked. I'll explain later, but now just fuck me. I need you to cum inside me."

The results were explosive. A burst of intense fucking then the familiar stiffening and swell of his cock and the lovely warm, wet feeling as he released his load inside me.

Laid together afterwards I described what had happened. It wasn't a long or very detailed account because Ken became erect and had to have me again. It had been a long time since he'd cum twice in one session and was a clear sign of how much this had excited him.

The next week or so was a sexual blur because we made love daily. Inevitably it involved me retelling what had happened with Dave and we discovered the pleasure of some dirty talk. Ken referred to me as his slut (and very obviously got a kick out of that), so I told him to fuck his slut.

Previously we had never used the C word, but now Ken told me what a lovely, fuckable cunt I had and for my part I urged him to fill my cunt with his sperm.

Of course we talked about where this was all going to lead and we both agreed that there wouldn't be anything further with Dave.

A week later Dave again intercepted me in the supply room and clearly hoped to arrange another liaison. As gently as possible I explained that what had happened was a one-off and wasn't going to be repeated. I said that a relationship at work was too dangerous, neither of us wanted to be looking for a new job and we should leave it at that. He was disappointed, but could see the sense in what I said.

I guess if there is another barbeque we perhaps ought to find an excuse for not attending. I'm not sure how comfortable Ken would be seeing Dave and thinking he's fucked my wife, his cock has fired a load of sperm into my wife's pussy. We haven't discussed that, though I think our new found intimacy can cope with it if need be.

Ken and I do have a weekend away planned. We went shopping together and I got a new dress and some new lingerie. Exactly what will happen on that weekend we haven't decided.

Ken has asked me if I want to take a lover again and I said that as long as he was comfortable with it then yes I was interested. I wouldn't want it to be a regular thing, but the idea of being discretely promiscuous and occasionally indulging myself in a special treat does appeal to me.

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