tagErotic HorrorKeegan and Flanna Ch. 03

Keegan and Flanna Ch. 03


Law watched his mother and wondered if his idea would bring her back to him. Her body was growing more frail and he knew she rarely fed on the stash that was kept in the cellars. He moved across the room, gently pressing into her thoughts, his powers growing stronger than hers each day she refused to feed. It took her longer than usual to feel him inside her head and when she did, her only wish was for him to speak his mind. She no longer wished to convey mentally with him, it having become a war of thoughts and feelings she did not want to deal with. He retreated and claimed a spot beside her. Together they stared out at the sea, the waves crashing along the shoreline and the sun setting on the horizon.

"You've led several in the past days to our rocky shores Mother. There are more than four dozen to feed from in the cells below. Surely there is one to tempt your palette." His voice was low and filled with pleading as well as frustrated sounds.

"I have seen the ships crashing against the rock and watched the men stagger to shore. This cove is a fine one for our needs," Flanna whispered and pressed her hand to the glass. "I often read their thoughts, looking for anyone that may have seen your sister. I would even take word of that vile mortal that killed your father. That would be sweet. I would search him out, destroy him, and relish in the feel of his blood flowing in my veins."

Law wasn't surprised that she ignored his words concerning the men hidden deep below the ground. He was wished the brief spark of anger in his mother could be fueled. He wanted the passionate woman that raised him, but instead he was rewarded with the shell of the Lady that stood next to him.

"No one has seen or heard from them," she continued. "I miss her Lawler. I miss the arguing over how she treated humans with dignity. I miss her smile, the beauty in her features, her laughter, so much like her father's."

Law wrapped his arms around his mother and pulled her close to him. "I too miss her and I miss father." He smoothed her red locks and whispered cooing words in her ear as well as washing them over her thoughts. "Mother. I have a question. One I have never asked before, so I seek your knowledge. I need your strength for I don't believe this task to be a simple one . . . but I may be wrong."

Flanna stepped out of his embrace and wiped at her tears. She turned back to the window and sighed. "I try hard not to think of your Father. We had so many years together and would have had more . . . " Her words faded as she recalled the death of her mate and the man who dragged her daughter over the side of the ship, and into the dark sea. "It hurts too much to think of him." She shivered as the memory of his anguish and pained features filled her mind.

Her son felt her retreating and quickly worked to bring her back. "Mother. I wish to take Rebecca as my wife." He watched with pride as his sudden proclamation drew his mother's attention to the present.

"But Law . . . she's a slave. She may see herself as a free woman, but she is merely there for us to dine from. I feel no love running through you for her. Attraction? Yes, I see that. She is a beautiful creature, but you could take her whenever you wish. Why make her your wife? I do not understand this?" Flanna left the window and moved over to a long sofa.

"I wish to sire children, mother. I feel it is time for me to begin the life you and father tried to start. Our numbers are few in this land . . . this New World. You and he had a goal, to fill the land with our people, to take our rightful place above the mortals and to not live in fear of them," he told her claiming a seat beside her. He took her hand and held it firmly. "She knows us."

"She knows us yes, but she's never asked or thought of becoming one of us. Has she?"

"I have never seen it in her thoughts. What I do see, I do not like," Law answered.

"What are you seeing?" Flanna asked, her gaze full of curiosity. She'd been out of touch with her son and her slaves, but she'd always known her life was with Keegan and now he was gone.

"Mother," Law said, his tone stern and demanding. He was tired of her drifting off and he was tired of her sorrowful expressions. "She is falling in love. A young man from the village. I feel she is about to ask for her freedom."

Flanna's eyes grew wide. "She can not. What if Duana returns and has need of her. She will not leave us till she is old and feeble."

"Mother, if I were to wed her and you were to change her, then she would never leave us." Law stood up and moved to the window. "Another ship is coming."

"Read them," Flanna commanded, her voice full of hope.

"There is no one that has memories of Duana or Michael. I will let this ship go. There are no storms on the rise to explain the loss of life." Law turned back and made his way to his mother's side. He went down on his knees and gathered her hands in his. "Mother, I am going to bring Rebecca here and I want you to change her. What must I do to make this happen?"

"Law; she will hate you," Flanna told him. "She could very well try to kill you. I can not lose my son, not after losing my daughter and my mate."

"She will adapt. I will see that she does. She doesn't need to love me. She only needs to bear my children. It is time mother; no slave has caught my interest. No village girl stirs my loins."

"And she does?" Flanna asked. Her brows were raised and a look of disbelief shone on her face.

"You saw I was attracted to her. She is a beautiful woman; you said so yourself."

"Yes, she is." Flanna rose and crossed her arms in front of her. "If this is what you desire than I will assist you. Since you have expressed an interest in me changing her than you know she'll be a Baobhan-sith. She will be able to walk in the dawn and at sunset. She'll tolerate the light, but not for long periods of time. Her voice will change and she'll learn how to not only use her voice, but her body to tempt not only you, but those she wishes to dine on. Her body will change too, Law. Her hands will remain the delicate things they are now, but her nails will grow to talons when she is ready to strike her victim. The first few days, when she isn't seething and trying to claw you to pieces she will need to feed. Her body will be completely drained and then when she awakens, you will need to have someone there ready for her to feast upon. You can not waste time in trying to convince her to eat . . . if she doesn't within the hour she'll be lost to us."

"I understand," Law answered. He knew his mother would have to drain Duana and in so doing she would regain her strength. As soon as she did, he would work hard to impregnate his wife and return a smile to his mother's face. He was sure the idea of her holding a grandchild would keep her from wasting away. "How long will she sleep after the draining?"

"One day," Flanna answered. No longer did she sit on the sofa, but instead stared out to the ocean once more. "Keegan would have liked your idea. He was fond of Rebecca. He knew she wasn't fond of us, but he found her loyalty commendable."

Law sighed. "Yes mother, I know he did." He left her standing there looking out at the ocean, his mind now on locating Rebecca and bringing her into his world.


"Martin. I can't," Rebecca whispered. Her fingers quickly moved to smooth down her bodice. Her eyes were full of laughter and her lips slightly swollen from the surprised kiss that the young man had stolen. That kiss had led to another and then another. Eventually, Rebecca found herself wrapped in the warm embrace of Martin's strong hands.

"Becky," he whispered against her ear. "I wish you would reconsider. I have wanted to kiss you for so long and now that have . . . I hunger for more."

Rebecca laughed as she turned her head up to receive another kiss. Their tongues toyed with each others and her fingers clutched his jacket. When they parted, Rebecca pressed her head into his chest. "Martin. I have to go. I can't stay here. I am needed back at home. The sun is setting and I am expected to wait on Law and Flanna."

"Come with me first. There is a place by the river that I wish to show you." Martin took her hand and pulled her away from the back of the smithy. "I have you now and I do not wish to lose you so soon."

"Just for a spell, Martin. Then I must go." Rebecca continued to hold Martin's hand as she followed him down the worn path of cobblestones and dirt. They turned down another path, one packed down by horses and feet.

As they traveled together, Rebecca thought of how quickly her life had changed. She'd started out as a young orphan, taken in by her friend Duana and her family. Her acceptance of their true identity had been easy for her. Duana had been her friend and confidant. When she'd lost her to the sea, her life she thought was over. She'd been wrong. After Duana's death, everything changed dramatically. The role of friend was no longer apart of her existence. She was merely a servant. Flanna rarely took from her, but Law did often. She knew he resented the relationship she had shared with his sister. He thought her simply a meal, another slave to his desires and his needs. Martin though had finally confessed his attraction to her and now her life meant something to someone.

For weeks they had sidestepped each other in church and at the marketplace, but now he had come forth and spoken of his growing need to be with her. Rebecca squeezed his hand as the path took them into the forest. This was where she wanted to be. She wanted to be free of Law and his dominance. She wanted to be a wife and mother to a man like Martin.

"What are you thinking about?" Martin asked, his voice interrupting her thoughts.

Rebecca looked up at him. Her gaze locked with his and she smiled. "I was simply thinking of us . . . and how we are starting down a new path."

Martin smiled and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her to him. His lips descended and she met him half way. Rebecca trembled in his arms and her fingers slipped around his neck to toy with the hair on the nape. She felt herself floating on air as one of his hands slipped up her back, the other moving to grasp the round globe of her ass. A whimper left her lips, when he pulled his mouth from hers and skated tiny bites across her jaw. Pausing at her ear, she heard him whisper how much he loved her.

"Rebecca," a voice low and menacing reached into her love-filled fog. Rebecca jumped back and spun around.

"What is it?" Martin asked, pulling her back to him and wrapping his arms around her, as if some unseen enemy was about to attack them.

"I thought I . . ." she paused and watched as Law walked toward her. "Lawler," she whispered and quickly curtsied low. She swallowed her fear, something that was common for her to have whenever she thought of Law. She would be happy when she was no longer his to command.

"Ahh, so you are Rebecca's employer," Martin said, extending a hand in greeting. Rebecca watched Law eye Martin's hand as if it were nothing more than dust floating in the wind and when he merely nodded his head, refusing the greeting, she felt herself stiffen.

"Yes, I am," he replied, returning his intense glare to Rebecca. "Mother was worried. You are late."

"I am sorry. Martin was just going to show me something down by the river. I lost track of time." Rebecca moved away from Martin's side and nervously smoothed down her dress of brown and gray.

Martin's hand reached out to Rebecca and pulled her back to him. "Becky, since your employer is here, would it not be a good time to tell him our happy news?"

Rebecca swallowed the lump in her throat as she watched Law's eyes darken. She knew Martin would never have noticed the slight change, but she had lived with this man since she was a young girl. She knew he was angry and she feared for Martin's safety.

"What news is this?" Law asked.

"Martin," she whispered, her fingers toying with the strings on her bodice, "he's . . . he's a fine man Lawler. He really is. I think you'd like him."

"Do you?" Law asked and quietly began to circle the couple.

Rebecca felt Martin stiffen and she knew he was going to speak up on her behalf. She closed her eyes and prayed that Law was reading her thoughts. She begged him to go and let her return to the mansion on her own. She wanted to spend her evening with her friend. No answer came to her and this only added to her growing concern.

"Tell me, Martin, what is this happy news?" Law asked again, finally stopping in front of the young man.

"Becky is to become my wife," he replied. Rebecca felt the anger rising from Law and knew that Martin had made a grave mistake. Her fingers curled around his and she squeezed them tight. She saw him look down at her in concern, but her eyes were locked on Law's.

"Is this true, Rebecca?"

"Yes," she whispered, and then repeated it, wanting Law to know she was serious. "I love Martin. I have for sometime, but I was unsure he felt the same way for me, but he does. I was going to tell you and Flanna, of course, but he just asked me moments ago and . . . well, that is why I lost track of time."

"I see," Law said, quietly. "And where will you live?"

Martin stepped up, his chest swelling with pride. "Sir, I am the Smithy and we will live above my shop. Becky will of course no longer need to work for you, for I will provide for her."

"But of course, as her husband that would be your job. Would it not?" Law replied and then returned a gaze to Rebecca. "Finish your evening dear and then return home. See that Martin accompanies you. I would hate to see anything happen to you after dark. There are strange things in these woods. I am sure Martin has heard the rumors."

Rebecca blinked, her fears doubling and her chest grew tight. Martin nodded his head. "Yes, Sir. There has been word that a black wolf has been seen stalking the children of the village. I will see her home safely. I thank you for allowing her this time with me." Martin again extended his hand, this time Law took it and gripped it firmly. "It was a pleasure Sir," Martin replied.

"Oh, the pleasure will be mine. I assure you," Law said and turned to Rebecca. "Enjoy yourself, but do not tarry too long. You are not a wedded woman yet, and your reputation my dear is all you have."

Rebecca nodded and watched Law disappear back into the woods. When he was gone, she threw herself into Martin's arms and pressed herself close against him. Her tears fell hot down her cheeks. She felt him wrap her in a cocoon of warmth while he whispered, that all would be well. When she calmed, he asked her why she'd been crying after receiving such well wishes from her employer. Rebecca said nothing, choosing to kiss Martin's lips once more.


Law watched the young couple embrace. Martin's mouth sucked softly on Rebecca's neck. As his mouth moved up her jaw, Law's wolf shape shuddered. The hair on his neck rose and a soft growl poured from his throat. When Martin moved away, Law's eyes followed him. He knew his mother would be waiting for Rebecca, it was up to Law to find Rebecca's first meal and he already knew who that victim would be. His lips curled in a grin that only a man like Law could appreciate.

His shifted on the pads of his feet, anxious to attack and yet knowing to rush toward the village Smithy would only give the mortal the upper hand, something that Law could not allow. He turned toward the forest, following the lad's scent as Martin walked back into the woods and toward his home.

Rebecca shut the door to the kitchens, a bucket of hot water clenched in one hand, several warmed towels in the other. She made her way to Flanna's bedroom, her thoughts focused on Martin and how they had sat next to the river, touching, petting, stroking each other until both were fighting the passions they had stirred. She blushed as she thought of the night she would allow him to claim her as his, both physically as well as legally. Upon reaching Flanna's room, she knocked gently and was rewarded with a soft, "Come in."

She set the bucket down and opened the door, picked it up again and pushed the heavy wood structure fully open with her hip. "How was your day Mistress?" Rebecca asked. She could make out Flanna standing by the window, the only light aiding her was that of the small fire and the moonlight that was flickering through the clouds and into the room.

Flanna turned, her eyes falling on the woman her son wished to marry. "It was quiet. As usual. A ship sails through the night and no word of my daughter."

Rebecca sighed. "I am sorry." She too missed Duana. Her life had changed dramatically upon meeting the girl and then just as dramatically when her life was snuffed by the sea. Rebecca poured the water from the bucket into the tub by the bed. She reached for a clay jar that held various dried herbs, when she felt a cold rush of air blanket her. Cold fingers wrapped around her neck and she tried to scream, not quite understanding who or what had her. She reached up with both her hands and clawed at the hand. She twisted her body, and noticed Flanna no longer standing near the window. It was that realization that brought a surge of panic to Rebecca. Her eyes grew wider in their sockets and her fingers tried to wretch her Mistress's hand from her throat.

A gasp of air escaped her lungs and she hungrily drew in more. "Why?" she whispered out as she was lifted into the air. Her eyes bulged as she stared into Flanna's eyes.

"It is time," she hissed back. Her other hand grabbed the front of Rebecca's dress and with a downward jerk, the fabric tore with ease. Rebecca kicked her legs, hoping to free herself. The first scream sounded through the house as Flanna's claws tore into Rebecca's breasts. Blood sprayed across Flanna and she licked at her ruby splattered lips. The servant girl continued to kick, but another swipe across her thighs rendered them bloody and battered.

Flanna's work was swift. She dropped Rebecca to the ground and covered her with her body. She dragged one talon across Flanna's jugular and covered the spurting wound with her mouth. Rebecca stared at the fireplace. Her eyes filled with tears that spilled over her cheeks. She jerked slightly as the beat of her heart seemed to fill up her mind. The fire grew brighter, her lips moved as she whispered for Flanna to stop, but the pleas fell on death ears. Lights danced behind her lids that fought to stay open, but slowly failed. She called out for Martin, seeing his face as she tried to hold on to the last shards of light that danced across her now closed eyes.

The final drops of blood filled Flanna's mouth and she drank deeply of its richness. She'd not feasted from one so young, nor one so healthy in such a long time, denying her hunger so she could waste away and join her mate. But now she was full. The coloring in her cheeks returned and her body seemed to grow stronger as she finished licking away the blood that had seeped from the wound on Rebecca's breast and thighs. When she was done, she wiped her mouth, cleansed the back with her tongue and then left the drained woman on the floor.

Her bath was long. The dried plants littered the surface, their scent soaking into the liquid that pooled around her body. Flanna closed her eyes, loving the rush of fresh life flowing through her. She glanced at the cooling body, the light of the fire flickered over the empty flesh. "You will make a good daughter. I should have done this earlier." She could see it now. Law's dreams could become hers. Rebecca and her son would breed beautiful children. Three quarters of them would be Baobhan-sith. Their daughters would be strong, almost as strong as Flanna, their sons too, but not as powerful as their full-blooded grandmother.

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