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Keep Me Up


I watched the rain, slide gently down the black umbrella. Dance on the corner of the edge, and finally as if finding a place like heaven, jumped into the ground near her feet.

Obsessing over small discrete things that happened around her was, you could say a pastime of mine. She stood at this bus stop every day from 5:16 - 5:25 coming straight from her job, which was at the local camera house. Catching the 42 to the city. I caught the 19 which came 3 minutes after hers.

She, was the woman of my fantasies, a naturally beautiful woman, by natural I mean that she had beauty that struck you as heaven sent, nothing spectacular about her body, face, eyes. I think that is what made her so desirable, she looked normal her brown curly hair always bounced a little when she walked, sliding against her uniform and sometimes catching the edge of her nametag. It read "Marianne" such a fantastic name, I thought, then again everything she did amazed me, from the way she held her umbrella, to the way she smiled at the bus driver even the way it faded as she sat down on the bus.

I had always wanted to talk to her, but to afraid of ruining the perfect scenario in my head, and living in that regret.

The day of this story that all changed.

Standing there, watching her stare at her shoes in the rain. I took another drag of my cigarette cupped under my hand, and half into my jacket so it wouldn't get wet. Out of nowhere she turned to me and said.

"Excuse me? Could you.. Uh.. Do that again?"

Choking on my own words, god I was going to die of asphyxia, I couldn't breathe much less think of the words that were coming out my mouth as I sputtered them out like a high school kid being caught looking through the holes in the changing rooms.

"Guh... what did I.. Um.. Uh..look at? Or I.. "

She laughed, God her laugh was amazing. It spiked the air with a gentle breeze as it lit up her eyes and her smile brightened up the gloomy evening.

"Haha.. No, Um take a drag of your smoke. I.. Well I am a photographer, I want to capture that moment, its rather beautiful"

I laughed and took a drag of my smoke. Busting into a lagging fit running over the conversation in my head.

"Your silly" She said.

"Stop laughing, its not that funny"

I smiled at her, and said. " I know, I know its just so random"

As I spoke her bus pulled up and she got in line, holding her camera snapping pictures. She lifted the camera from her face and said.

"Hey, umm do you want to go out for coffee sometime? Maybe? With me?"

I'm sure she noticed how wide my eyes went, as I stammered the following string of grunts and spasms'

"I uh.. Sure like. When I.. We can.. Hey im free this evening"

She smiled.. "Ok then, 8? At muggo's?"

"8 it is, it's a date" I said slapping my hand against my face.

She got on the bus, and instead of smiling at the driver, she shot me the most beautiful smile that had crossed those perfect lips. I smiled back and continued to wait for my bus.

Later on at my place, I tried on a total of 8 ties, 7 shirts, 3 pants, 4 boxers (just in case). In an attempt to trim my pubic hair, I had managed to fuck it up, and decided off with it all.

At about 7 o'clock I was just about to leave, so I went to shut my stereo off and realized I should probably jerk off quickly before the date, so I wasn't ruined by sexual tension and anxiety.

I went into my bedroom, and started thinking about her amazing legs, that pure white skin peeking through the fishnets of her uniform stockings. Her hair touching her naked breasts, sweat dripping off of her bare body as she rode my cock furiously, screaming my name. I jerked off harder and faster, imagining her sucking my cock and biting the head of it fiercely. Just as I was about to come I heard the following on the radio.

"Pile up on I-12 people are advised to take I-13"

"FUCK ME!" I shouted, realized taking the I-13 would take at least 30 minutes longer than the I-12 not thinking, I zipped my cock back in and shot into my car. Waiting for the light to turn green 4 streets from the café I realized I had become so sexually aroused that this date would be incredibly sexually charged.

I pulled into the parking lots of the library and walked to the café 6 minutes late. As I sat down, hoping she hadn't left after such a short wait. She walked in the door, watching her open and walk through the doors was possibly the sexiest thing I can imagine. She had on a red leather jacket, glistening in the dim light of the café her breasts pushed right up in a black corset. She had a beautiful black silk dress on peeking out from under her jacket, and as if in slow motion she shook her head and fixed her hair slightly wanted to run up and kiss her right there, hold her in my arms and press her hot body against mine. Turning around and looking right at me she shouted from the doors. "Hey!"

"Sorry im late, damned traffic accident on the I-12 had to take I-13 pain in the ASS"

I looked at her questionably. " but you take the.. Bus out here every day. I figured you lived close.

Her smile faded " oh.. Well today was the last day, I live on the other side, north.. I.. My ex boyfriend lives out here needed to get my things from his place."

" Ah crap I'm sorry. " I said

"Don't be he's a useless cunt with a horrible haircut" She smiled at me as she said that.

I laughed " ok then, should we get some coffee?"

We got coffee, and spoke about art, photography, and literature. I found out she loved art, and wanted to sell her photos for some real money, but the art scene in our town was so pathetic that no one will buy it. She liked red wines, cigarettes, Marilyn Monroe, and romantic comedy movies. The whole evening I was listening intently, which is quite amazing considering I would randomly veer of into the thought of sliding my foot up the chair and tickling her pussy through her knickers. Wishing I had finished jerking off earlier, I managed to think up quite a few scenarios, none of which are very good conversation on a first date. As the evening chat at the coffee bar drew to a slow close, We walked outside to say our goodbyes and part ways.

"Hey, can I get your number?" She said smiling.

"Sure!" I exclaimed quite surprised and excited that she wanted to see me again.

"I want to let you know when I develop your photos, I send you copies or something" She said cheerfully.

"Oh I thought...I Uh never mind" I said with a sigh, completely crushed that we hadn't hit it off. "Its uh.. 555-1234"

"Ok, thanks." She said looking into my eyes. "Say, um.. Do you want to go get some coffee?" Looking like she had just realized she had said the stupidest thing in all of existence.

"We..are kinda at, coffee" I said smiling jokingly.

"Damn, I know I mean, come back to my place. For more?" She said nervously.

"I would love to" I said opening my umbrella and letting her walk under it.

I followed her car to her apartment, and parked in the designated guest spot. She went inside to 'tidy up' and buzz me in from the home phone.

I got to her apartment, and stood by the couch as she poured 2 glasses of red wine. "Funny colored coffee" I said jokingly.

She laughed, smiling at me quite presumably. "Well if I have anymore ill be up all night."

I sat down on her sofa, and looked at the photographs of naked women, pregnant mostly. Small children, dogs and street scenes. She was back in the kitchen.

"Are these photos yours? I like them. " I shouted.

"Thanks, I try. he." She said from the kitchen.

The next thing I heard was the familiar sound of clicking to my right, I looked over and she was taking photos of me sitting there. Laughing.

"Hey, how about you give me a turn huh?" I said jokingly.

She threw the camera at me, luckily I caught it. She had obviously changed her clothes, she was wearing a sweatshirt material long dressing gown. Her hair typed up in a little bun. She sat down on the couch with her wine and looked at me with those beautiful green eyes that had looked so happy all evening, now filled with a teasing passion.

"Beautiful" I said.

She reached over and put her glass down, putting her fingers in her mouth as I snapped another photo. The whole time her legs crossed on the couch, just showing her knees.

"Perfect" I said clicking another photo.

She leaned over pushing her now fully visible breasts out toward me, licking her lips.

I put the camera down and scratched my head. "Damn wow.. Uh, I've never done this before, I'm somewhat confused."

She gigged, and reach over and grabbed me by my shirt collar and kissed my mouth with those big red juicy lips of hers.

"Not confused anymore, thanks" I murmured against her lips.

She climbed on me, pressing her thighs against mine, grinding herself on my slowly inflating cock. Taking my hands I ran them up her, from her thighs, to her hips and scathing up her side, finally placing them on her back and kissing her harder then before.

She let out a slight moan, and grinded her pussy into my Fully erect cock. "I want you to keep me up all night" She whispered before taking off her dressing down and revealing a matching set of pink lingerie.

I unhooked her bra, and began to kiss down her soft skinned neck, tracing my tongue down to her breasts. Slowly flicking at her tiny perked nipples with my tongue, I could her moan softly as she arched her back and let her hair fall.

I picked her up and lay her on the couch, kissing down her stomach to her cute panties, with a frilly little rose on them Kissing the outside of her panties softly, I went past her pussy and slid my tongue up her thighs, to her knee and back down again, going the other way I went down, just barely grazing her pussy. As I passed it I could feel the soothing heat seeping out of it. I tickled her pussy lips through her panties with my nose, softly at first and then a little harder.

Eventually as her breathing got deeper, I bit her panties and slid them off of her. Now devouring her steaming hot, dripping wet pussy. I raced my tongue into her hole, licking around like a wild dog. Biting the clit and nibbling on her pussy lips. It was the perfect pussy for licking, shaven with a little landing strip above it, pink, and smooth, well defined. Lots of places to find to nibble and pull on.

She whispered from above me "Fuck me now, fuck me hard NOW!"

I climbed up, licking her stomach, paying a little extra special attention to her belly button. Kissing her chest, flicking her nipples with my tongue. As I kissed her mouth again, I slid my hard cock up to her pussy lips, and I could feel the heat once again.

I pressed my cock against her pussy and just put the head in and pulled it back out, as I did she moaned and dug her nails into my chest screaming "OH, you fucking prick fuck me, I need it now!" I laughed, kissing her to stop her from talking. I slid my cock in, a little deeper this time. Slowly, then pulling out again. I continued this for about 3 minutes each time making her squirm more than the last. Finally I slammed my cock deep inside of her, watching her eyes shut, and tears form at the edges. I started pounding my cock into her, biting on her neck and getting off on the screams and noises she was making.

After a while, I asked her to get on top of me, and she did so with a smile.

Sitting on my cock, she rode it hard, fast and hungry-like. She fucked me as the sweat dripped off of her hot steaming body as I could feel my cum about to shoot out I said to her. " I'm going to cum soon get off"

She looked at me oddly, and lay back down. I got up and began devouring her pussy again, this time using my fingers, and exploring every part of it I could. Within minutes she screamed. "Fuck!, FUCK ME I am cumming!" Her orgasm lasted for almost a minute, spasming, and twitching, screaming and forcing her pussy into my face.

I climbed up and smiled at her, and looked deep into her eyes and whispered "how should I finish?"

She Opened her legs wider and winked at me. It didn't take long for me to figure it out, I started fucking her pussy again furiously, while she bit my neck and called me all sorts of naughty names. I shouted out.. "I'm cumming"

"Pull it out and cum on me baby" she moaned.

So I did, and teasingly licked my own cum off of her belly, which seemed to turn her on even more.

After lying on her couch in each others arms for a good hour, we headed to her bed. Where we talked a little more, and she asked me.

"Are you upset I didn't suck your cock?"

"No" I said "It's fine, I had a great time anyway."

'Well.. I don't like to unless I'm serious about the guy" she said somewhat conspicuously.

She smiled and kissed me goodnight.

I lay awake for about 10 more minutes, smiling to myself, happy I had fucked her, but wishing I could have her forever.

I woke up the next morning thinking I had a hard on, but soon came to discover she was already servicing my morning erection. She smiled at me, and continued sucking.

I smiled back and lay my head into the pillow, enjoying her beautiful lips wrapped around my cock, and knowing that this was the start of something great.

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