Keep Them Warm


"Lizzie, what the hell was that?" She giggled some more and sat down on her knees and looked up at me with a smirk. "No seriously, what the hell is going on?"

"Don't flip out, ok?" The way she slurred her speech made it obvious: Tank gave her something. Maybe weed, I couldn't tell. If it was just weed, she must have been some sort of a closet freak.

"Look, are you still cool with shooting the nude scene?" I asked her.

"Of course," she answered. "I probably would have done it anyway, but it's always nice to get a little motivation."

She smiled again, and then leaned back on the floor with her hands supporting her and her knees bent, and she opened her legs playfully. I had a clear shot of her probably-dripping wet pussy, and she just stayed there and let me look at it. Her petite, athletic form, her small breasts, her long blonde hair and soft skin...

She delighted to see that I was hard yet again. She remained gleefully silent.

"Fuck it."

I was on top of her in an instant and wasted no time putting it in. It was definitely wet, and that made it easier to be quick. I felt her coming, and suddenly, for some unexplained reason, I thought of Rea. The bird-sound of the woman beneath me morphed with what I imagined Rea to sound like. My eyes were closed to the sound, and I felt myself about to come.

I pulled out, and came on her tits, and I imagined they were Rea's tits. It was a beautiful sight in my mind's eye, and was followed by giggles and the feeling, once again, of a mouth on my penis. She was cleaning me up.

I opened my eyes again and looked down to see Lizzie, still smiling, covered in my come. I felt a strange sense of shame in that moment. I was confused, and I didn't know if it was because I imagined Rea when I came with this girl, or because it's not like me to come in a girl's face. Not that I'm opposed to it, but in this moment, I felt like something was changing in me.

Then I noticed someone watching us out of the corner of my eye through the window. It was Jay. I don't know how much she had seen, but the shame intensified. Something strange was happening.


When the sun finished setting that day, it started snowing. Snow had been expected all week, but was only just now, on the last night, making its first appearance.

The snow seemed to calm everyone's nerves as the last few shots were rolling off. And I couldn't have been more relieved that the day was ending.

Lizzie did a fantastic job with her nude scene. She appeared to be quite comfortable being naked, and was very professional.

Nicole was surprisingly absent for the nude scene, even though she would have needed to see Lizzie's movements for when they go to shoot Nicole's close-ups.

When she did appear back on the set, she had an almost sedated, methodical attitude toward the rest of her scenes. You could not detect any joy in her spirit, but she also did not seem to be upset. We all thought she was just tired. We all were.

The last shot was the hardest for Nicole: it was supposed to be of her masturbating. She put her hand in her pants and tried, but they couldn't get a full take before she complained that she couldn't do it. Several things were attempted, like clearing the set, but in the end, they just ended up shooting her from behind. She walked off the set, probably feeling ashamed.

Then they recorded the sound of Lizzie having an orgasm. It was almost as good as the real one, the memory of which was already making me hard.

But that was it.

I offered, again, to help the crew put everything away. I was one of the last people about, and when I returned to the cabin, Rea was already settled into her sleeping bag and half asleep. Her uncle and cousin were not present, and their things were gone. It was just Rea.

Probably for the best, I decided. It was a long, strange day, and we were both pretty tired. I threw one more log on the fire, changed into my long johns again, and slipped into bed.


It probably hadn't been an hour when I was nudged awake. It was Rea, sitting by my bedside and looking down at me.

"Hey, I know you were sleeping..."

"It's cool. Hey, where's your uncle and your cousin?" I asked.

"We only have b-roll to shoot tomorrow, and we don't need sound. So they went home."

"Oh. Well what's up?" Her face was hard to read in the dim light, but her voice indicated to me that she was sad, and embarrassed to be saying so.

"Do you mind if I sleep with you tonight?"

Again, it was hard to read exactly what she meant, so I asked, "You mean...?"

"No," she said, not surprised by what I was assuming she meant. "I just, I've been sleeping alone all week, and I really just don't want to sleep alone again. I don't want to have sex or anything. Is that ok?"

Not ok!

"Yes, of course."

She slipped into my bed and lay with one leg over me. I felt it barely scrape my penis through my pj's, and I was hoping she wouldn't mind. I guess she would have to be ok with it, because there's no woman up here in these cabins that the little guy's more eager to meet than the one who has her head and my chest.

"Thank you," she said softly.

I said nothing, and thought she had fallen asleep when she finally asked, "Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead."

"What did you say to Jay last night? She seemed completely different today. Did you notice?"

"Yeah, I did. She was actually helpful. Kinda surprised me, too."

She propped herself up on her elbow so that she could look at me. "What happened?"

"I don't know if I should say."

"C'mon, I'm curious."

"Well, she tried to make me start a fire for her. I said no, and then she offered herself to me, and I refused."

"Really? Why did you say no?"

"That's interesting. You're not curious why she offered herself to me?"

"Oh I know why. What did she do?"

"Well, that's just it. She didn't do much. She just took my hand and, well, I don't know. I just wasn't feeling it."

"Do you think she's pretty?"

"Yeah, sure. I guess. Why?"

"Because you slept with Lizzie, but not her."

"You know about that?"

"Everyone knows about it. It's cool, though. No one's judging you. Lizzie's very cute. All the girls here want you."

This was not the conversation I expected to be having with her in bed with me. "Hey, I'm sorry..."

"I don't care who you sleep with, Danny." I started to realize that when she said she didn't want to have sex, she actually meant it. It was disappointing, and I started to consider going to the bathroom to rub one out. The more we talked with her inches from my penis, the more it throbbed. If I felt her cool hand grab it even once, I thought I might come instantly. That is how bad my penis wanted this woman.

"Honestly, I don't think I will. I'm not going to lie to you. There's only one woman here I really want and that's you."

She looked conflicted. She was flattered, but bit her tongue like she was worried she'd made a mistake crawling into bed with me.

"Don't worry, I'm not trying anything. If you've changed your mind about being with me tonight, that's fine, but I'm totally cool if nothing happens, ok? Honestly."

I was being sincere at the point, and she could see it. She softened, like she was slightly embarrassed again, then fell into my chest again. And I was hard as ever.


She hadn't said anything in some time, so I gambled that she was asleep and slipped out of bed. I couldn't take it anymore, and I stepped out to handle it. I would have rubbed it out as soon as I stepped out of the cabin, except that it had gotten to almost freezing.

It was not far to the bathrooms, and rather than throwing on another layer, I raced to the structure on the other side of the campground.

I was met by Jess, who opened the door to the girl's bathroom just in time to see me walk up. She beckoned me to come inside, and I started to ignore her and continue to the men's room, but she was persistent. I wanted to get out of the cold more than argue with her, so I stepped in and she closed the door.

I looked down at Jess, who was shifting, like she had something difficult to say.

"I need your help. This is going to sound really strange, but I really hope you'll help me."

"What is it?"

"It's Nicole. Her boyfriend used to do this thing, and she... oh, how do I say this?" She was speaking softly, as if she didn't want to be heard.

"Just spit it out."

"She's been crying for the last hour. She does this sometimes, and the only person that used to make it ok was her boyfriend, but they broke up like a month ago. I don't know what I can do, and I hate seeing her like this."

"Why is she crying?"

"She keeps saying she hates herself. She feels stupid about not doing her own nude scene, because she knew she could do it. She mentioned you and Lizzie, though."

"I don't understand. What do you want me to do?"

"Well... I want you to make her feel sexy. I can't do that obviously, but..."

"So she thinks that because I slept with Lizzie..."

"No, not exactly. Look, I'll help you. Just follow my lead, and get her to feel sexy. Would you do that? I promise, you won't regret it."

And now Jess. I checked her out again, and she let me. She's a darker-skinned, dark-haired likeness to Rea, I realized. And she had a cute smile. I decided to play ball.

I heard a shower going, but I discovered it wasn't Nicole. She was sitting on a bench next to a wall with her head down and her hands between her knees. It was a strange sight to see, because Nicole otherwise had almost a cheerleader-type personality. She was wearing a tank top and boxers, and I realized that she was in very good shape. When she looked up to see me, her sadness bore right through me.

"What is this?" she asked.

"Relax, Nicole. I just saw him on the way out, and we got to talking. He said something that you really ought to hear."

Nicole looked back at me, and I had trouble thinking of the right thing to say. All of the things I could think of to say had nothing to do with her sexually. I wanted to give her a hug and tell her it would be alright. I'm glad I didn't though.

"I was disappointed that you didn't do your nude scene. You're the sexiest woman here to me, it should've been you."

Her eyes stayed on me, as she tried to figure out if it was a ruse or not.

"What about Lizzie?"

"She was good too, but it still should've been you. I don't wanna sound like a perv or anything, but, I would've liked to see it. You would sell more tickets, by far."

"Why do you think so? She has nicer tits than me, don't you think?"

I looked at Jess, whose eyes said: keep going, your doing great.

"Well unfortunately, I haven't seen yours, so I can't really say. I guess you're right, I am guessing." I gave her a smirk, and she looked startled. She looked to Jess for support, who was smiling.

"Why don't you show him?" Jess asked.

"I know what he's going to say. There's no point."

"You do not. Come on, we'll do it together." Jess pulled off her shirt and her undershirt at the same time, and stood topless. "Let him see you."

Nicole looked at Jess, who had very small tits. They were perky and cute, but small. Jess probably knew what it would have done to reveal them, because Nicole stood up and took her tank top off.

Her breasts were absolutely perfect. My joy was genuine, and for the first time I saw Nicole give a half smile. Then, without warning, she took off her boxers as well. She looked down at the erection that was forming in my loose-fitting pj's and smiled again.

Nicole sat back down and I turned to find Jess with a very bright smile. It worked.

Then, Jess moved around to stand behind me, and she nudged me closer to Nicole. I stopped when I felt my feet between hers. "Show her," I heard Jess whisper into my ear.

I turned my head to whisper, "I thought that was it," and she responded, "she just wants to see it. That's all he did, and that's what she needs. That's all, I swear."

I looked back down at Nicole, whose self-satisfying grin was already starting to fade.

Then I felt Jess's hands slide around my waist to grab the waistband on my long johns. She pulled them down, and I saw Nicole's expression change as the pants slipped over my penis, which was harder than ever.

I saw what Jess meant. She just needed to see it, because she knew she was making it hard.

I felt Jess's cold hand on my penis, and it sent a shot up through me. She began rubbing it, and I felt myself about to come in moments. If I came, I would come all over Nicole, so I stopped Jess's hand and turned to face her. "You're going to make me..."

"Go ahead," she said. I turned back to look at Nicole. Jess started whispering into my ear. "She wants to see you come." Nicole's eyes suggested that she was right, and so I let Jess continue jerking me off.

These girls were insane.

"She's wet, and she's waiting for you to come."

It was then that I really looked at Nicole's body. It was a nice body, for sure, and I was imagining myself inside her.

But when I felt it coming, I once again thought of Rea. I decided I would enjoy this orgasm as much as possible while thinking of Rea. But instead of imagining Rea in front of me, I imagined that it was her hand on my penis.

With Rea's hand on my cock, I came. My come, which had been aching to release, shot out almost to Nicole's face. I saw much of it land on her supple tits, and some of it land on and around her pussy. And Nicole could not be happier.

I hadn't realized that I moaned quite loudly, nor had I heard the shower stop. I turned to see Jay standing, covered with a bath towel, looking at Nicole with shock. She turned to walk to a locker without even looking at me.

I was surprised how long Nicole sat there with my come still on her, and how truly grateful she seemed. Then, she stood up, and being careful not to get me messy, she pulled my lips to hers. She kissed me and smiled, then said, "Thank you." Then she went to shower.

I turned to look at Jess, and discovered that she had taken her pants and her underwear off. "My turn," she said with a grin, and grabbed me by the hand to walk me into the shower.

Just before I entered the shower, I turned my head toward Jay just in time to see her without her towel. She did not know I was looking at her, and I could see she was quite pale, but she have very nice breasts, and a surprisingly well-shaped ass. She was bending when I turned back to look at Jess.

She turned the water on and wet herself, then faced me. She wrapped her arms around my neck so that she could press her chest to me, and pulled her lips to mine. I embraced her, and slid my hands down to her ass. This girl was almost as horny as Lizzie was. And she was small too, so I could lift her and hold her against the wall. I felt my cock enter her from below without needing to be guided in, and she was very tight and wet.

She struck me as a girl who liked it kinda rough, and I couldn't have been more spot on. She was grabbing my hair and screaming by the time I was pounding her the hardest.

I was going quicker and rougher than ever when out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone watching us again. She was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, and I thought it was Jay leaving at first, but then I slowed my movements enough to realize it was Rea. I could not see her expression from where I was, but she left moments later.

I wanted to finish, so I intensified everything I was doing. She had several orgasms in the ten minutes or so that I fucked her, and when I came, it felt almost as intense as it was when I fucked Lizzie.

I pulled out and was going to just come on the ground but I felt her hand cup my penis gently, waiting for me. I came into her hand, and as if she was giving me a treat, she smeared it on her tits for me while I still held her up against the wall. She smiled again and I kissed her.

I let her down, and she sat slumped against the wall, her pussy still throbbing. She had a look of gratitude when her eyes met mine. I rinsed myself off, then before I stepped out of the shower, I caught the gaze of Jay.

She was on her way out. She looked me up and down and looked at the exhausted Jess on the floor, and then left in a huff.

Jess had not moved from her spot. I decided to go and kiss her again, and I watched Nicole for a moment, who was still showering. I kissed her as well, and then put my clothes on and went back to my cabin.

I was worried that Rea was going to be angry, and I didn't expect to see her in my bed. When I got into the bed, though, she turned to face me and I realized that she was completely naked.


Just when I thought the night couldn't get any stranger...

"I thought..."

"I'm not saying I want to have sex. I just like to sleep naked. It's more comfortable."

I didn't believe her. "Rea, why don't you level with me. I hope you don't think this is what you have to do to get my attention."

"No, it's not that. I know all I would have to do is say so."

"What is it then? Does sex make you nervous or something?"

"No. I mean, it has been a while, there's no lie there." She was downplaying the importance of this. "And I mean... years." I could feel a change in her voice.

"Well it's ok, really. I was just worried you would hate me for... you know..."

"Oh that? Those girls are crazy horny. I would have been surprised if you did nothing. I thought it was kinda hot actually." Then she looked up, like she just let out a secret by accident.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Why she undressed for me. Why she is cool with me sleeping with Lizzie and Jess. And why she wanted to know about Jay and I.

"Really?" She grinned and tried to deflect. "Do you like to watch?"

She suddenly became a completely different person. It was like seeing her possessed by some spirit that made her every movement sensual in some way, but very subtle. "Well I don't know. Maybe."

I moved to look at her more clearly, and I exaggerated my movements to emphasize my shock. She laughed, as I hoped she would.

After a moment, she asked me something unexpected: "Why don't you want to have sex with Jay?"

"That's an odd question. I already told you, she seems... just sad."

"Nicole was sad too, though."

"You saw that too?" She grinned. That was when I became aware that I was rock hard, yet again.

"You should."

"Should what?"

"Go find Jay." Her eyes told me what she was really asking. She wanted to watch me fuck Jay.

"Are you serious?"

She put her hand on my chest next to my collar bone. It was the most sensual touch I had ever felt from her, and my penis was already aching once again for her.

"It's four days until Christmas, and I don't think she has anyone. It's probably why she's so desperate. You should do it for her." She caressed my cheek and said, "And yes, I wanna watch."


Jay didn't hear me come in, so I had to nudge her awake. Her immediate response was a mixture of fear and anger, but I put a finger to my lips to silence her. I unzipped her sleeping bag and slipped my hand in. She now looked confused, but then jerked a bit when my ice-cold hand touched her belly. I slid it up her pajama top and felt the soft, fair-sized breast in my hand. I leaned in to kiss her, and began to play with her nipple when I did. She started to moan.

I pulled back to look at her, then slid my hand into her pj's and felt her pussy. It was becoming wet this time, but slowly. I rubbed it gently while she closed her eyes and moaned some more.

I looked up and out the window directly behind Jay's pillow. Rea was outside in the cold, but I could see excitement in her eyes. Especially when Jay reached into my pj's and pulled out my penis, and started rubbing it.

Then, it was in full swing. Her pussy was now wet, and so I took my clothes off and removed her bottoms. I got in the sleeping bag and helped her out of her top as well. I let the warmth of her body warm my still cold skin.

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