tagRomanceKeeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 5

Keeper Of Unlocked Desires Day 5


To the keeper of my unlocked desires:

Day five

To my love, my only love, my true love - - no words can express my undying and devoted love for you. Do you know that I would and will do anything for you, anything that is in my power. I would give up forever to touch you. All I taste is your sweet love and all I breathe is your life. The thoughts of you race through my mind as I long for the touch of your kisses.

I am home alone with my thoughts, staring out the window at this hot summer night. Its not your ordinary summer night, it is raining outside and coming down hard. The night is dark and peaceful and very mysterious. You call to tell me that you'll be home late and not to wait up for you, because you got stuck at work. I say okay, only to realize how much I was looking forward to our evening alone. You said that you loved me and missed me and that you would see me later.

We hung up the phone and I was left hearing only those last words of I love you and I miss you run through my head. You are so sexy and so gorgeous that I can't help but think erotic thoughts of you. I poured a glass of white wine and grabbed my favorite sex novel and laid down on the fur rug in front of the fire. I think of our days and nights spent making love and the way that your hands feel when they move across my flesh,

As I lay there, I become entranced by the thought of your kisses gently touching my breasts. I begin to caress my breasts through my silk nightie. I love the way silk feels against my nipples and my body. I pull up my nightie and start to remove it, rubbing it across my body as I take it off. I lay there naked with only the light of the fire and the feel of my silk.

I take the silk and rub it over my swollen breasts, and pinch my nipples and massage my breasts. My thoughts are of you massaging me gently. I am longing for your touch and I am so horny to feel your cock. I slide my hand down my stomach and onto my pussy. I rub my clit and I can feel the pressure that is building up inside of me. I take my fingers and dip them into my wine glass and then place them onto my clit. I begin to finger myself and become even more aroused by the sensation of the cold wine and the wetness from the liquid.

As I continue to masturbate, , I am so into my own pleasure that I didn't hear you come home. You stand behind the hall corner and watch me in the fire light. You unzip your pants and strip down to nothing, and start rubbing your cock. You rub the full length of your shaft, and you hear the moans that I let out with every stoke I give myself. As I am still fingering my pussy, you sneak up to me crawling on the ground and immediately start to lick my clit.

I look up in shock and smile, then I continue my pleasure. I look over to your body and admire your breathtaking physique and your long thick swollen cock. I reach my hand over and massage your balls and your cock not missing a single inch of your shaft. I stick my finger in my mouth to get it wet then I move my finger slowly over the tip of your cock and I feel an immediate pulse shoot through your cock.

We move into our favorite position - -the size by side 69. I begin to suck your cock and massage your balls and ass as you are licking my pussy with that fabulous tongue of yours. We are practically fucking each others faces as I roll you over to your back. I mount on tip of you and begin to bounce up and down on your hot swollen cock. We are both hot and sweaty and you decide that you want to be wild and crazy.

You grab a blanket and head for the patio door to the backyard. You motion for me to follow-I do-but I am wondering what the hell you are doing because it is poring down rain. You lay down the blanket onto the grass and pull me close to you. We kiss and kiss with so much passion the rain is dripping down our faces and into our mouths as we kiss and you taste so good. I move my tongue across your bottom lip and then the top and our tongues meet again.

You move you head to the side and kiss the nape of my neck and start to gently kiss me in all the right spots. You rub your hands across my rain soaked body and my swollen breasts. You lay me down on the blanket and finish kissing the rest of my body. You try to lick up all the rain that is forming on my body and then you lift my legs up parallel to your body am in the pike position with my legs together on your chest.

You are on your knees and you thrust your cock into my pussy and begin to fuck me, you aren't just making love to me...this is true good old fucking. You grab onto my legs hard as they are still together on your chest and I can feel you cock go deeper and deeper..it hurts but it also feels so good. I start to scream and let out the intense moans of all the pleasure I am getting from your cock fucking my pussy.

I then feel you cum, you pull out and finish jacking off on my tits. I am covered in your cum and I begin to rub it in my flesh. The rain washes most of it away and your rub off the rest. You bend down and kiss me again and pick me up and carry me into the bedroom.

We lay on the bed as you hold me in your arms and tell me how much you missed my touch today..

I will always cherish are moments together and I will always anticipate the next erotic fantasy that we encounter.

Always and forever.

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