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Keeping It Interesting

byCal Y. Pygia©

Although well-written erotica is erotic, too much of even a good thing loses its appeal if it's not spiced with a little variety. After all, no one wants to watch a cock plunging into a cunt ad infinitum. If he or she did, a person would be satisfied to watch the same few feet of fuck film, repeated in an endless loop. After the eye has seen all the details there are to see, the brain quickly loses interest. Like a cock and a pair of balls (or a clit and a cunt), the brain needs constant stimulation. Otherwise, ennui sets in.

Fortunately, writers have several tricks up their sleeves (unless they like to write in the nude, as many authors of erotica are wont to do) by which to keep it interesting.

Many of these techniques are common to all genres of fiction--and to drama as well: introduce a complication of the conflict, bring on new characters, change the setting, employ symbolism, use flashbacks or flash-forwards to enrich the conflict or characterization, end chapters (or scenes) with cliffhangers, and so forth.

This essay is concerned with another way of keeping it interesting. This technique works particularly well with descriptive writing, without which, erotica (or any other narrative form of fiction) would be impossible. Its also simple, but highly effective: change the perspective, or "camera angle," as it were, from which the action is depicted, or described. Although the action is the same--basically, anal, oral, or vaginal sex, by way of the hand, the ass, the mouth, and/or the cunt--it can be enhanced and varied by changes in the vantage point from which it is described.

A few examples will suffice to demonstrate the technique.

But first a tip or two. Painters and sculptors often paint or sculpt from life. That is, they use live models or, if they are painting landscapes or sculpting objects, they frequently visit the locale to be painted or assemble props to use as their models. Writers can and should do the same. Often, a still photograph, or even a drawing, is all that is needed to bring a description alive. Such photographs and drawings are readily available on the Internet, as close as the click of one's mouse. However, for descriptions that represent action, video clips (many of which can be viewed or downloaded free), are far superior to still images.

Don't forget to watch the models' faces, too. Does the woman bite her lower lip? Frown? Look annoyed, worried, or angry? Does she smile? Does she express anxiety, fear, or pain? What about the man? Does he look focused? Is he concentrating? Does he appear to be determined? Does he look dominating or aggression? Describing your characters' facial expressions can add much interest--even sexual excitement--to your descriptions. (For more tips on this matter, read my essay, "Describing Anal Intercourse," which is also available on Literotica.)

In addition, take full advantage of the clips' audio component. Doing so will suggest locations at which to add moans, groans, sighs, gasps, whimpering, grunts, dialogue, and so forth.

Decide what to leave out as well as what to include in your descriptions. Also decide when and where to break your descriptions into separate paragraphs, remembering that, as a rule, shorter paragraphs are preferable to longer ones, although you should be careful not to divide your description solely on the basis of length. Your primary consideration should be the effect that each paragraph has in arousing your reader, in keeping him or her aroused, or in increasing his or her arousal. Erotic fiction is, after all, about making male readers hard, keeping them hard, and getting them harder and about getting female readers wet, keeping them wet, and making them wetter.

If you want to use several video clips, showing different actors, you can make your story recount an orgy, providing one-sentence transitions to tie the action together. For example, writing first of a dark-haired white couple fucking, you might switch to describing a wavy-haired redhead's or a short-haired blonde's sucking of an Asian, black, or Hispanic man's cock. (To make each character distinct and easier for readers to remember, it helps to give your actors different hair colors or to have them belong to different ethnicities.) Transitions need not be complicated. For example, you might write, "Across the room, the short-haired blonde was sucking her Hispanic boyfriend's cock."

I've used many video clips of anal intercourse as models for the descriptions which follow, and I know that observing them did more than simply stiffen and swell my cock and give my balls (and spirits) a lift; the scenes in the clips also enhanced the quality of my descriptions. Using similar videos will do as much for you, although if you're a female author rather than a male, the clips will, of course, wet your whistle, as it were, rather than get a penile rise out of you. (By the way, in using video clips, remember that the "pause" and "rewind" buttons on your viewer or player are your friends, before, during, and after you are writing your descriptions.)

Note: In the first description, I added the sounds and dialogue (such as it is) that occurs on the clip upon which the description is based to give you the idea as to how the audio portion of the video can enhance your descriptions. In the final draft, I might or might not have included these sound effects in the story or I might have used some, but not all, of them, substituting some of my own sounds and comments, instead, or simply opting for silence.

Now, then, to task. To illustrate my thesis, I've chosen to describe heterosexual anal intercourse, although I am by no means adverse to the homosexual variety (or to any other kind of sex between or among consenting adults). (It goes without saying, I hope, that in actual, rather than a fictional, close encounters of the anal kind, a condom definitely should be used.)


"Oh, yes!" the black-haired beauty said. She knelt upon an olive-drab-green couch, her right elbow and left hand braced against a seat cushion. Behind her, the sofa's matching pillows lined up neatly across the back of the divan. She moaned, presenting her smooth, round bottom to the man behind her. Cock in hand, he pointed the jutting member into the deep cleavage between the silken globes of her arched buttocks. The crescent curve of her cunt showed between her parted thighs. It was tempting, but he ignored it.

Looking back at him, over her shoulder, she said, "Oh, yes, make me feel--" but her request was cut off by the thrust of his cock between her buttocks. Her head jerked to her right, and she closed her eyes tightly. "Oh, fuck!" she gasped. "Oh, the dick! Oh, yeah, the dick!" His rigid penis went in easily, her quickly impaled anus offering no resistance; placing his palms upon her lower back, just above her hips, to steady himself, he began to fuck her in earnest. "Go fucking fast!" she cried, lunging back to meet his forward plunges into her rectum, her ass cheeks bouncing and jiggling.


She frowned as he fucked her ass. Her brow furrowed, her eyes half shut, her mouth alternately opening and closing, something akin to discomfort, or even pain, etched her features. She moaned constantly, her voice rising and falling in quavering groans and whimpers. Heedless of her cries, her lover continued to pound her ass, driving his hips hard against her buttocks.


From his vantage point, above and behind her, he could see her face in profile. The right side of her head rested upon the seat of the couch, but the left side was visible, her dark hair drawn back, away from her lovely, frowning countenance. Her left palm lay spread upon the seat of the couch, but her elbow, bent, was pressed firmly into her belly. Other than the narrow, sleek plain of her back, the only other parts of her that he could see was her left leg--its thigh foreshortened by his perspective and its shapely calf, below the folded knee, thrust back toward him--and her impaled buttocks, which looked, he thought, like a pale, pink peach. As he rolled his hips back and forth, driving his rigid cock through her asshole and deep into her rectum, before withdrawing it again, to repeat the assault again, she continued to whimper and moan. "Uh! Oh! Yeah! Oh, God! It feels so fucking good! Don't stop!" His passion, fueled by her own, raged within him, and his prick rammed her fast and hard, a fleshly piston moving in machine-quick, fluid motions.


Across the room, the short-haired blonde was sucking her Hispanic boyfriend's cock. She was completely naked except for her pixie-style haircut, the pearl earrings, and the heavy makeup that she wore, the latter making her eyes resemble those of a raccoon. After licking her lover's balls through the taut flesh of his risen scrotum, she sucked, once, at the base of his cock, loudly smacking her lips, and offered the shaft of his erect member a single, long lap of her tongue, before taking his prick in her fist. Holding his cock steady, she hobbled forward on her right knee, the better to position herself, and, parting her lips, closed her mouth around the tip of his penis, leaning into her work as she gave quick, short jerks of her head, nursing, for the moment, exclusively upon his ripe, purple glans.


"Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh!" her exclamations came quick, in rapid succession to one another, as, lying upon her left side, her left arm folded under her head, as a makeshift pillow, she twiddled her clitoris with the fingers of her right hand, jiggling and rotating the hard nub of flesh at the summit of her labia. Pressed against the mattress, her left breast's motion was restricted so that the mound of fatty tissue could only jiggle slightly. However, its counterpart, like her right hand upon her clitoris, jiggled and rotated in response to her lover's cock, which launched, again and again, through her impaled anus, penetrating deeply into her bowels. Holding her right thigh to spread her legs, he pumped his cock, fast and hard, into her ass. As she neared orgasm, her face contorted with insistent pleasure, she continued to gasp and moan, a bit more loudly and more sharply than before. She concentrated hard upon the mounting passion that threatened to flood her cunt at any moment. Her legs, still bent at the knees, came together, allowing her partner to fuck her still more deeply, and her thighs made quick scissoring motions, as she gasped and moaned, caught in the throes of orgasmic waves that swamped her mind no less than they inundated her sex.


I could go on (and on); writing sex descriptions is not only fun, but it is also addicting, just as reading erotica tends to be. However, I think I've succeeded in demonstrating my technique. Hopefully, in doing so, I've persuaded some readers who also write, or hope to do so, to adopt my strategy. The method is effective as a means of writing believable, varied, effective, and arousing descriptions of sex. All one needs to add is a plot, characters, a theme, and maybe a bit of emotion to spice up the sex.

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