tagMind ControlKeeping The Blondes Down Ch. 01

Keeping The Blondes Down Ch. 01


My work is finally done. This project just needs some testing. I have been working in the field of mechatronics for 5 years now. My projects started off small, but this new mind control device will be my ticket to a large office and a fat paycheck. I got the idea for the device while shopping for an ipod. One ipod accessory really spoke to me. With this device you can tune your ipod into a vacant radio station and play you tunes over the air. Why can't I make the same thing happen to people?

I worked every free moment I had on my IVMCD (intra-venous mind control device). I tested it on stray dogs, but I was very unclear whether the dog was being obedient or the device was working, so I switched my test subjects to some transients outside of the local liquor store. Initial tests seemed to work great; I just needed to work on the size of the device. I refined the product many times; it went from the size of a large anti-biotic to the size of 3 grains of salt. The frequency transmitter is an application that I developed for my iphone. My IVMCD was ready for an all out field test.

I have always been a joke to my brothers our whole lives, but I will get even at our cousin's wedding coming up. My oldest brother Jason and his wife Andy where both star athletes in high school; however, like most people who excel in high school, that's all they amounted to, and it's all they talk about. Andy still thinks she's the hottest thing on the block. The honest truth is that she has put on 15-20 pounds and really isn't the hot little thing she used to be, although she still thinks she is. She is always drunk at the family parties and makes a complete ass of herself. She tries to make fun of me, because I don't have a girlfriend, nor have I ever brought a woman to the family gatherings. She will be getting hers.

My younger brother Matt has always been a ladies man. One girl after another, but his current girlfriend has a weird hold on him. I mean she's good looking, but compared to previous women she is very average, and he's always complaining about the lack of sex. She always leaves early, or never shows up to the family dinners. She always has something better to do. I've tried talking to her, just being the nice person that I am, and after a few words she just goes back to updating facebook on her smart phone.

I had a week to prepare for the field trial at my cousin's wedding. I started to brainstorm ways to embarrass my brothers. It came to me; embarrass their women. Andy, Jason's wife, although we got along for the most part, has always been a tease. And Shay, Matt's girlfriend, is just stuck up. I'll show them.

There was a large group of us sitting at the dinner table chatting after dinner and the perfect occasion popped up. "Hey this is your round". My brother yelled across the table. Knowing this was perfect, I got up took everyone's drink order and headed for the bar. As the bartender is preparing the round of drinks, I reached into my pocket and covertly opened the container holding the two IVMCD's. I slipped one into each of the sister-in-laws drinks. I could hardly contain myself bringing the drinks back to the table. I knew the serum would take 30 minutes for the body to absorb and it would last 12-15 hours. I started my planning. While waiting for the swallowed device to absorb, I started small talk with each of them, finding out what their individual plans for the night where. The older wilder one, Andy, was going out to the bars with the wedding party. The quieter, less social one, Shay, was taking Grandma and Grandpa home, while Matt went to the bars with the wedding group.

I excused myself for a walk to devise a plan to coordinate my efforts of humiliation. This was about keeping people in their place, not about sexual conquest. After a cocktail and some mind wandering I had the perfect plan for each blond. I had to start with Shay, she was leaving early to take Grandma and Grandpa home.

After some careful maneuvering, I was able to get her alone outside where it was quiet. Mid conversation I pulled out my smart phone and initiated the frequency app. With this frequency being transmitted, she was at my command.

"SO Shay, you think you are Ms. Priss. You walk around like you have a stick shoved up your ass. So tonight is your night. You will listen to every command I have for you and follow them to the 't'.

First: on your way home, your mind will wander and daydream of huge objects filling your sweet little ass. That's all you can think of: stretching that sweet, tight little ass. You have a huge ass hunger, everything you think of isn't big enough. Everything you touch, the gear selector, your lipstick, even your water bottle will put thoughts of shoving it up your ass in your head. Your pussy will begin to get wet from these thoughts, but by the time you are close to being home your snatch will be running like a faucet.

Second: When you get home, find your video camera and set it up ass level in your bathroom, and gather objects to assfuck your self with.

Third: With your collection complete. Strip down to only your tiny little panties and get on all fours, with your ass facing the camera. Very slowly peel your soaking wet panties down your ass to reveal your starfish and the drenched gusset of your panties. Lube your ass up, and start with the smallest object. Slowly probe your asshole, and work your way through all of the objects one by one until you get to the largest object wedged firmly in your virgin ass.

Fourth: With the largest object lodged firmly in your once-virgin ass, re-aim the camera at your bathtub and crawl in.

Fifth: Keeping the huge object in your ass, do a headstand, using the wall for assistance. With your feet high in the air and your head in the tub, release your bladder.

Piss all over yourself, on your tits, on your face, in your mouth. Taste some.

Sixth: When your bladder is empty, finger yourself to orgasm yelling out my name when during climax. Stop the tape, and email the film to shayandy@$$##@@$$$%.com and erase all evidence on camera and computer."

When I finished with the specific commands, I switched off the activator, ended my conversation and watched her firm ass shake as she walked away. Now it was Andy's turn. I knew I could get her alone by offering to smoke a bowl of dank with her.

I set my plan into action: "Hey Andy, what do you say we disappear to the parking lot for a while?" all while hitting an imaginary joint. With her and I alone, I switched the activator on and started with my commands.

"Andy, you're such a tease. You think you can have any guy at anytime; well tonight will be a bit different. Here's you orders for the night:

First: When we finish our conversation, you will head back to the party and start noticing how attracted you are to all of the women at the party. The thought of them rubbing their hot, wet pussies on your face is making your own pussy drool. No touch from a man will satisfy you tonight, the only thing that will make you cum is a women's finger in your ass and their tongue in your pussy.

Second: As the night progresses you will begin to crave pussy like it is a drug you are with drawling from. You will do anything in your power to eat someone's pussy. If they make you cum by the special circumstance I mentioned before, that will be a bonus in your eyes. You will want to eat as many pussies as you can. That is all your mind can process. Eating pussy is the biggest turn-on you have ever experienced.

Third: Every time you eat someone's pussy, hand them your new fancy Iphone, that you have been bragging about, and make them film the whole pie eating session.

Fourth: Before you go to bed email all the videos to shayandy@##$$%%$$#$.com and erase all evidence of the videos from your phone."

I saw my older brother Jason approaching, waiving his arms, wondering where his invite was. I quickly shut the activator off and carried on a normal conversation.

Before the dance floor was shut down, I could tell Andy was well on her way to eating some pussy. She was bumping and grinding on every piece of ass on the dance floor. I would have gave anything to know how wet her panties where before they hit the bar scene. I guess I'll see in the morning.

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