tagIncest/TabooKelly Didn't Know She Had Them

Kelly Didn't Know She Had Them


Kelly Baker was sleeping soundly and alone in her bed when he entered silently. He looked longingly at the sexy feline beauty as she slumbered. He was taking his life in his hands this night. It could all very easily end in disaster; he had weighed up the risks and decided eventually that he had to do it. He wanted her so badly, but she belonged to another.

He strengthened his resolve and started the process to capture her. He would be as stealthy as he could, when she opened her eyes, and he knew she would, it was just a matter of when, not if. He would be ready to complete his task which was to immobilise her in the way he had planned in his mind.

He knew her secret when it came to what he was about to do, the kicker was, did she really want it, or was it really just a fantasy that she didn't want to enact and/or go through. Time will tell he thought. He silently approached the bed, she looked fabulous lying there, one arm stretched above her head. That's handy, he thought, there's my first point of contact.

His eyes fell to the gorgeous shape of her beneath the cotton sheet draped over her. The soft outline of her body clearly visible beneath it. The contours of her slowly moving breasts as she breathed slowly, the rise of one hip, the length of her legs. His prick jumped at the sight of her in the soft moonlight as it filtered through the window and fell upon her.

He slipped the length of soft rope from his pocket. The slip knots were all ready to slide over her wrists. He slid it around the post of the bed head, pulled the ski mask he had on his forehead down and over his face, his latex gloves giving him grip. He was ready to go! Opening one noose wide enough to slip over her hand he did so delicately. Making sure nothing actually touched her flesh, now he gently pulled it tight. Thus the knot held her still limp wrist, she stirred, and he held his breath and watched closely in the dim light.

He gently lifted her other arm, she wakened with a start. But groggily she muttered something, not understanding she was about to be stilled by the rope around her wrists. He completed the task, she was awake so the need for quiet stealth was gone. The noose was pulled, her wrists were now safely immobile.

He climbed on her, knees either side, rammed his mouth next to her ear, hand closing over her mouth. He told her with slight menace in his voice.

"Be quiet, don't shout, don't yell, don't scream, don't even think about it, if I have to make you be quiet I will, nod your head if you understand me, and understand the position you are in."

She tugged vainly at hr wrists, realising that she was a prisoner, she nodded her head.

Fear filled her, tears leaked from the corners of her huge blue eyes. Kelly was 22 years old, married for 9 months, her husband was an oil rig worker, and had just left 4 days ago for his regular 2 week stint, that's what he did, 2 weeks on, 1 week of, rotational shift work, 12 hour day patterns.

She was a beautiful stunning young woman, the kind that could stop traffic. Quite tall for a woman at 5ft 9", long, soft lustrous blond hair, parted in the centre; it tapered down between her shoulder blades when she was stood erect. Azure blue eyes, as big as saucers, that gave her the child like innocent look she so loved, men became weak at the knees when she trained them on them.

A nose that asked to be rubbed and kissed gently, lips that enticed any person, man or woman. A face collectively that had brought photographers to her door seeking her to model for magazines, but she had turned all of that down. She wanted, what to her was the most important future to her, Being married with a loving husband and a small family, she wanted for nothing more.

She had been blessed with everything a woman could ever want, a beautiful body and face, an even temperament. Kelly knew how to behave, she knew how to dress, she knew how to make herself look good, even better than she did. She loved being a woman and loved seeing men and some women drool at the sight of her.

There was one downside in her life, if it could be called that, was and had been, the constant pursuance by members of the opposite sex, even now she was happily married they chased her. But, 'none of them would ever get anywhere,' she would tell herself, and she meant it too.

She loved sex it was a constant in her life, the discovery of it, the learning, the mentoring by her husband, her mentoring of him by her, the shared delight of finding new ways, new things, some daring some not so. And when he came home they rarely left the bed for the first three days!

But there was one thing her husband didn't know, not yet anyway, she knew one day she would bring it out in the open for them to diversify their love making. But that would be for later, when they were at total ease in their marriage, everything was so new at this stage in her life, she would wait for as long as it took to bring him into it with her.

She had begun to fantasise about being tied up, not lashed up, just gently helpless, the kind that would bring forth soft gentle but overpowering loving and fucking. The kind that would make her cry out to him for. Beg him not to stop, to keep on devastating her; drive her insane with the need to cum for him. She had bought a vibrator for when he was away. He knew about it and was pleased because that ensured his fears that she might stray, this told him that he was safe.

Kelly loved to do herself with it in the afternoons, why she didn't know, but she would find herself climbing the stairs sometimes and realise where she was heading. She would smile in the mirror and say, 'you are incorrigible Kelly Baker, you are nothing more than a dirty little slut.'

Then she would undress, climb into bed and let her mind run riot. She imagined her husband, or some other unknown assailant tying her hands to the bed, and just having their way with her, ravaging her totally. They would eat her, suck on her super sensitive nipples, kiss her and after an interminable time, he would make love to her. Eventually the orgasm that hit her would nearly break her in half.

He knew all this, he had house sat for them when they had gone on holiday, the house they had, while a very good house, was in an area that suffered from burglaries in the past. So he had stayed there for 2 weeks. He had slept in their bed, and he had used her half. The thought of lying where she did made him hard for her. He was a normal man in that regard, the sight and nearness of such a beauty was irresistible.

He had also looked at and for all of her possessions, he hadn't looked for anything untoward, he just wanted to see her underwear and her clothes, to try to enter her mind when she dressed. To try to feel her thoughts when deciding what to wear. And that was when he found them; they were tucked away at the back of her panty drawer, four of them.

They were DVDs, and on the front cover were different photos of a woman with her wrists tied, two in front, and two to a bed head. He was shocked, he hadn't expected to find this, and he guessed they must be her secret, unknown to her husband. Because if you just looked in the drawer you wouldn't see them, you had to pull every thing away, and they were wrapped in bright paper and a lace bow tied around them. No, they were hers, he didn't know about them!

He had played them, and in each the woman in question was tied up and fucked all ways. She had submitted to the man, he had treated her to his absolute power over her, until she begged him to let her cum, to make her cum for him. In one she had gone crazy for the man, crying, weeping, and wailing desperately, and begging him to do her, to make her have it, not to stop.

This had been the reason he had come up with this crazy idea, it had been in his mind for more than two months. He had begun to plan it slowly, it had germinated in his fertile head, and it had taken him over. He had got to the point where he knew he had to do it.

And now here he was, kneeling over her, her wrists tied as he had always had in his mind. His mask pulled down so recognition was not possible, she may guess who he was but that was something he would deny to her if she asked him if he was????

He took the blindfold out of his pocket, and said. "I am going to blindfold you Kelly, try not to be frightened. I know you are scared silly, and I have no intention of ever hurting you, but you will do as I order you, nod your head if you understand what I'm saying." Kelly nodded, she had no choice, she was fully awake now, she had looked at her arms and seen they were tied to her bed. She was helpless; he was a big man so fighting him wasn't an option open to her.

He put the blindfold on, and taped it down onto her cheeks as an extra caution. "Keep still Kelly," he told her, she nodded, she was past the screaming and shouting stage now, she was in fear, she would do as he told her.

He quickly undressed, also pulling of his mask, he stood at the side of the bed and gazed upon the wonderful glorious sight before him. He took hold of the sheet and drew it down, Kelly gasped, she knew what he was doing. She had heard him undressing and also knew what he was going to do, her! For some reason Kelly didn't understand, she was calm, she knew he was going to rape her, she knew she couldn't stop him. Had she just resigned herself to the fact that what was going to happen, was just inevitable?

She thought that she must have, but there was no way she would co operate with him, she would resist in every way, whether violently or quietly, he would not get any enjoyment from it through her. She felt the bed move at her side, then and arm went around her.

"Please, who ever you are, don't do this please, please don't."

"I have to Kelly," he whispered to her. "I'm sorry but it just has to be."

"It's obvious you know me," she mumbled, "so I must know you, please tell me who you are, please. I'm sorry if I have offended you some how, please, please don't do this to me?"

"You haven't offended me Kelly, you are just too much to resist, I have to have you, even if its just this one time."

He climbed over her again, leaned down and kissed her, she turned her head away, 'he'll never get me to kiss him,' she thought. He bent his head and sucked in a nipple, it grew, she couldn't stop it. He transferred to the other one, that grew too, but Kelly resisted any temptation to groan or moan for him, even though it was torture.

She already knew there was no point in physically trying to fight him, she was tied up, wasn't she? So she had told herself to just lie there, like a dead fish, immobile, unmoving, lifeless, that would piss him off she decided. And to a point it did, he was all over her, and despite his soft and gentle attack on her body, she admirably refused to allow herself any response what so ever.

Even when he had got down between her legs, lifted her thighs over his shoulders and almost drove her wild and twisting her nipples at the same time as he sucked and ate at her pussy, she knew he had got her wet, that was impossible to stop, a tiny orgasm had rippled through her, she refused to acknowledge him.

She was actually living her fantasy, the one on the DVDs in her drawer; he was doing what the men did in them did. He was driving her to distraction, but she was also winning the battle to resist it. Did he know of her fantasies? 'No, he couldn't possibly,' she thought, as another orgasm ran its way around her. 'He will never know!' she told herself.

That was when he did the one thing that turned it all on its head. He found an erogenous zone he didn't know she had. And Kelly definitely didn't know it either! It blew her resolve away in one fell swoop, she cried out, it was immediate fabulous torture, it was unbearable.

He had buried his face into her upturned armpit, licked it, sucked it and nibbled. The fantastic smell of her filled his nostrils; she was woman, all woman. And it defeated Kelly's defences in one terrific hit.

"Oh, oooh arggh!" Was all she moaned, but he heard and knew what had happened, he kept up his onslaught, her body writhed under him, he quickly went across her and did the same thing, it had the same effect. Kelly could not endure it, it drove her mad with immediate arousal.

His attack on and in her armpits continued, she was crying out, "please stop, oh please, I can't bear it pleeeeese." He was beside himself to have discovered this unknown zone. She had obviously not known about this, and he had discovered it, and now the object of his utter desire was writhing in ecstatic arousal below him. He had won, she was his, she could neither stop nor resist him now. It was over, no contest declared, victory is mine, he chortled to himself.

He kept up the seduction of her, first one arm pit, then the other, one nipple then the other, on and on he went. Kelly was becoming limp with it, orgasms had crashed through her sensitive body, he didn't want to over do it. His prick was as hard as it was possible to get.

"Do you want me to make love to you Kelly, hmmm?" he asked her teasingly, softly.

"Yes yes yes, oh please yes, I need it so, please." He knew the words were said through her tears, she was defeated; she wanted nothing more now that to have his prick in her and take her to where she didn't know, she didn't care, she just wanted it so much.

"Hurry goddamn you, hurry, quickly you bastard, NOW!" She yelled at him. It was an order he had no intention of refusing. He lifted himself up over and slowly; agonisingly, he slid into her like a sinking ship in an ocean.

Her feet went up and hooked on to his thighs, he began what he had had planned in his mind, there was no way he was going to lose control, although he knew it would be very easy with a sexy beauty such as Kelly under him. His thrusts were long, slow and deliberate. All Kelly wanted him to do was fuck her hard, very hard.

"Harder, harder, please do me harder," she whispered to him as she reached to kiss him, she was giving it all away in the desperate need to be fulfilled. He knew this, but he had enough savvy to know, long and slow would get him all he wanted, and in the end give Kelly all she ever needed, 'a fucking good fucking!' he said happily to himself.

His hands hooked under her shoulders, he pushed his mind to any where except to allow himself to linger on what he was doing, he was determined to last for as long as he could. He hammered her, hard, long and slow. Kelly was beseeching him for more, "don't stop, don't stop, don't you fucking dare stop!" she told him forcefully. He smiled as he leaned down and sucked in her right arm pit. Kelly squealed and an orgasm nearly killed her, her feet jammed into his legs, her body arched, she cried out, he went to her other saliva filled arm pit, and Kelly gave in completely

"Oh you bastard, you wonderful bastard, oh please please, I can't bear any more, please finish me, please finish you, give me everything you fabulous torturous bastard!" He hammered at her then, it was time. She heard and felt him grunt, he tightened his grip, his prick was so deep in her, it was deeper than her husbands had ever been. Then he erupted with the force of a volcano, he filled her with his hot steaming scalding cum. Kelly followed him with another of her own, her last one.

He lay upon her, taking his weight on his elbows, he kissed her softly, and Kelly returned the kiss willingly.

"You are so much better than I had ever imagined Kelly, you are just beautifully fabulous, so soft, so sexy, and better still, so lovely, and I don't mean just to look at, I mean in here too," he tapped her chest, she smiled gently at him, although she still had no idea of who he was, she knew it wasn't her husband who had utterly seduced her like this. "And I'm so sorry I have done this, please try to forgive me, but I had no way of resisting the impulse and urge for you." He told her.

She nodded her lovely head, she didn't trust herself to speak just yet. He spent a lot of time kissing and loving her, in the after glow of the love they had eventually shared, Kelly loved the man back. Her fantasy had happened, how he had known, had he known? She had loved it, she had seen those women submit, and she had too, it had all been too much, she had cum like a train.

"Please tell me who you are?" she whispered between a kiss, her soft demanding lips were hard to turn down, even though it was he who was the captor.

"I can't Kelly, it would spoil too many things," he told her, she heard sadness in his voice.

"You have to stay with me then," she told him.

"I can't do that either, I'm sorry, I have to go now, I want you to stay still for a moment, please?" she nodded her head once again.

He quickly dressed, see her laying there was almost too much for him, he wanted to get back into bed with her and stay as she had told him to. He leaned down, kissed her with all the love he had for her, "I'm going," he told her.

"But I'm tied up, you have to release me."

"You can release yourself Kelly, the knots are tight but you'll get them off," he kissed her once more and was gone. Kelly lay there for a moment hoping he would come back, then she set about untying the rope around her wrists.

He drove away and stopped on a hill two miles away, he trained his binoculars on their bedroom window; he waited until he saw the light go on, and then in their bathroom, he knew she was okay. He sighed sadly, but rejoiced in what had happened, he was safe, she was fine, no recriminations. He went home to his own apartment where he lived by himself, went to bed and slept the sleep of a happy satisfied man, with Kelly on his mind.

Kelly lay awake for several hours going over in her mind what had happened; she admitted to herself that the orgasms brought on by her unknown rapist had been the best she had ever had in her short life. She felt under her arms and could feel the intensity he had brought on. How had she not known about this? He had found out accidentally, and oh how he had used it to bring about her seduction.

Her battle of wills with him had been lost completely; if it had been two warriors her defeat would have been total. She moaned softly as the thoughts ran through her, the memory of him screwing the life out of her. All as she had imagined in her fertile mind. He had seemed to read her very thoughts and used them against her, to make her beg for release. She had loved it, she knew it now. An unbidden orgasm hit her; she crushed her legs together as her pussy fired up. She reached into her drawer and took out her vibrator and used it to relive her submission to him.

Now she knew she would not report this, would not tell her husband, in fact part of her wanted him to return the next night and do it all again. She fell into a very deep untroubled sleep. The next day she was at peace with herself, the memory deeply burned into her mind. She thought about her husband, she hadn't been unfaithful so she was okay with it from that point of view, but she was bothered by the way she had cum for the man who had captured her.

Two days later he called round to see her, he was trembling with fear as he walked into their house. The first thing he checked was to see if the locks had been changed, they hadn't, that was a good sign he decided. He stepped in and called out, "Kelly, are you here?" He knew she would be or else the door would have been locked.

"Daddy," he heard her reply, "I'm in the sitting room." He walked to her, he was apprehensive about seeing her for the first time since he had taken her. He didn't know what kind of reaction he would get. She was on the phone chatting away happily. She was talking to her husband, it was his son. She waved at him to sit down, she told him his dad had just come in, "he says hello dad," and looked at her father in law.

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