tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKelly Gets Drugged...

Kelly Gets Drugged...


Kelly Gets Drugged, And Taken By A Group Of Boys

My name is Kelly W. this is the story of how my night of fun was turned into my night of endless hell. It was the middle of August and my parents where throwing a party like they often do during the summer. A little info about myself, I am about five feet eight inches tall. I have dark Skin (my Dad is Italian), and My body is athletically defined. My perky breasts are 36c and they tend to gain the attention of whoever is around.

On this particular night I was wearing a pair of skin tight short denim shorts and a tight plain white tee shirt without a bra underneath. Needless to say this allowed all on lookers to see my dark Purple nipples through the thin white material. All eyes male and female were caught starring at my finely tuned 24-year-old body. Well, as the night moved on and people began to make their way home I told everyone goodnight and stumbled upstairs. Little did I know that my little brother and his fellow cohorts were following me. My little brother Sean is 18 years old. He's sort of a dork. He is tall thin, and not too attractive. Sean's friends were the ideal dorks with their pocket protectors and dork clubs. They were always around watching my every move and me. Once I even caught Quentin, one of Sean's friends, whacking off to my cheerleading picture and a pair of my panties in our upstairs bathroom. I waited till he began shooting his sperm all over my thong before I walked in. He was so embarrassed. I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway tonight was his night to get revenge. I was so wasted I almost got sick as I stumbled into my room. I went to my stereo to put in a CD that I could relax to. While I was fumbling my way through my CD case I didn't notice that Sean and his friends Quentin and Eric had made their way into my room. Only Sean stayed in plan view the other two hid behind my closet door. My closet has slots in it to give it a "shudder"/ "layered" effect. Looking at it now I see that it is the perfect place to watch me get undressed, without being seen that is. When I turned around I was startled to find my dork ass brother standing there with a cup in his hand.

He approached me and said, "Kelly you are going to be really hungover tomorrow."

I just looked at him and said, "What you care you little shit. Don't you have to get with your little friends and play chess or something?"

He just stared at me. I could tell that he was letting his eyes linger over my breast a little longer than normal. "What do you want Sean? I'm trying to get ready for bed. He pulled out two little white pills and said, "Mom said I should bring you some aspirin, she said it would keep you from being to hungover tomorrow."

I just smiled, and took the two little pills out of his hands and slid them into my mouth. I then took a big gulp of his water and sent the pills deep into my body.

Sean asked if he could barrow one of my CD's, and I agreed so he'd leave me alone. It hit me like a wave what I mean is It didn't knock me out it just made me really weak and dazed out of my mind. I was in a haze when I saw Sean get up and lock my door. I saw him put a tape in my VCR and turn on my TV. My words only came out soft like a whisper, "what are you doing Sean." Suddenly I could see that the tape was porn Video. I was watching a rape scene with the volume muted. He walked over to my Stereo and turned up the music a little more, than he came and sat next to me on the bed. He looked at me and smiled. "I didn't think that you would take both pills," he said with a slight giggle.

"What do you want Sean?" I repeated.

"All I want is a goodnight kiss from my big sister," he said. With that he leaned forward and put on hand on my thigh while he forced his tongue between my lips and into my mouth. Slowly he began to rub his hand up and down my thigh. I tried to fight back but it was of no use. I was just too weak. "You basted, you drugged me you little freak." After laying me on my back he kissed me some more before getting up to grab something hidden beneath my bed it was our video camera. He set it up and hocked it into the TV so he could watch the events he was recording. I could see the picture clearly. I was laid out on my bed with my purple nipples semi-hard and forcing their way through my white tee shirt. I began to cry as I watched him undress exposing his hard penis to me.

"I'm your sister, Sean," He just smiled and sat next to me making sure not to block the camera's view and said, " you're so sexy you little tease."

"Do you even have a clue how many times I hid in your closet jacking off while you were getting dressed or undressed." I must have blown at least a few hundred loads all over your closet door."

Suddenly he reached down and began kissing me against my will again. Laying his body next to me I could feel his hard rod press up against my side. He put his hand on my waste and began moving it up and under the bottom of my shirt. I begged him to stop he just told me to enjoy it. I could tell that he must have hidden a piece of ice in his hand because I could feel the ice water dripping on my skin. Slowly he moved his hands closer and closer to my breast before reaching the base of one of them. He slowly circled it letting the ice make my naked flesh tense up. Then suddenly he made his move he began squeezing my whole breast forcing my large purple nipple to make contact with the ice. He did this to both of my breast, making the nipple on each hard as rocks. Pulling up my shirt, exposing both breast he began to suck on my nipples. I could do little more than wiggle back and forth as he had his way with my drugged body. I couldn't believe that my 18-year-old brother was sucking on my tits. Let alone the fact that it was being video taped.

I was so afraid. I mean my little brother had drugged me and was now enjoying sucking on my exposed breast. I sat there begging him to stop. He said, " I'll stop if you suck me off." I was disgusted at the idea of having a dick let alone my brother's dick in my mouth, but I knew I didn't have much of a choice. Suddenly he grabbed me forcing me to get on my knees on the floor. His penis kept pocking me in the face. I just started crying and begging him just to beat off while looking at me, but he would have none of it. He put both hands on either side of my head and began forcing his organ into my mouth. I had never given a blowjob before so, I just sat there while he began sliding his Dick in and out of my mouth. With a quick slap he said, "Suck bitch!"

I began sucking his dick as he slowly picked up the pace of his movements. Soon he was fucking my skull with a passion. I kept gagging, as his balls would slap my chin. He was watching the TV making sure that the Camera had a good angle. He stopped all of a sudden and said, " If you swallow my cum I won't rape you and I'll keep this between us." What do you say titty girl? I just nodded and accepted my fate. He reentered my mouth fucking my face with a passion, making sure to keep my long dark hair out of my face so the camera could get the best view in the house. He bent his knees so he could hold my head with one hand and a breast with the other. I could taste the salty pre-cum. Suddenly he blurted out, "I haven't jacked off all week, I guess you could say I've been saving the best for you sis." With his tight balls slapping my chin I knew it wouldn't be long.

I couldn't stand the thought of his cum in my mouth, and the slapping noise of his balls hitting against my chin was sort of loud and painful for me to hear. He kept his pumps steady, but making them deeper till his tight ball sack was resting on my chin. He then began to groan; I knew what was to happen next. Moving both hands onto my head he forced me all the way down on his prick before shooting his warm spurts of cum in my mouth. His cum tasted so nasty I thought that I was going to get sick but I feared what would happen if I did. He just held my head in place as load after load coated the inside of my mouth. I began swallowing his warm salty cum.

I had no other Choice. He held my head there till his dick went limp. He then helped me up and pulled my shirt back down throwing me on the bed. We're going to do that more often slut he said as he slid his boxers over his limp dick. I was lost in tears as I though about what he had just done to me. It was on video I couldn't tell anyone or he would surly show his friends the tape, and maybe even rape me next time. I just couldn't get the feeling of his load being shot in my mouth out of my mind. The taste of his cum was overpowering. Little did I know it was about to get even worse.

After that the drugs her had given me really kicked in. There I was barley awake lying on my bed with my nipples pressing through my shirt. I couldn't really move and all I could do was fight back my attackers like a 3-year-old child. Suddenly out of the closet Eric and Quentin appear. Quentin quickly says, "Is she out." Sean looks at him and says, "Don't worry she can't do a thing to fight back." Quentin is fat redhead kid. He is a little younger than Sean, so I had though that his recent obsession with my panties and jacking off were just the new things for him to do, as he rolled into a late puberty.

Eric and Sean began going through my dresser drawers looking for any sexy clothes that I could put on to please them. Meanwhile Quentin had taken his place on the bed next to me. He just sat there looking at my helpless body. Then he bent down and lifted the neckline of my shirt so he could see down it. He asked Sean if it was all right if he had some fun with me and Sean quickly said yes. For the sake of adventure Sean and Eric decided to go down stairs and see if any of the remaining quest where worth drugging and raping. So, They left the room.

Quentin quickly stood up over my body and began to take off his clothes. For a teenager his penis was huge. Easily 8 inches in length and 2 1/2 inches wide. He quickly began undoing my shorts I tried to fight back but I was too weak to make any real progress, on the other hand the fact that he back handed me didn't hurt his suppression of my resistance. After removing my shorts there I was my dark skinned athletic body drugged and helpless, with nothing but a transparent tee shirt and a purple thong on. He laid down next to me and began kissing my mid-drift. He slowly worked his way up my shirt till he finally just took it off. Leaving my breast freely exposed.

He then started sucking and squeezing the hell out of my breast. If he wasn't sucking on my nipple he was pulling on it to keep it hard. He rested his head on my chest sucking one of my breasts while his free hand worked its way down my mid-drift and into the front of my thong. He began working his finger in an out of my slit. He suddenly got up and yanked down my thong leaving me naked. I have a very thin line of pubic hair above my pussy. He seemed to love it. Being an 18 year old fat/ugly kid with this helpless attractive 24 year old girl drugged and helpless. He picked his pants up of the floor and pulled some KY out one of the pockets. I tried to close my legs but that fat son of a bitch wouldn't let me. After covering his dick with the KY he positioned himself between my legs. He wouldn't let me even try to look away. He would say, " oh no you don't Kelly look at me, do it bitch."

Slowly he forced his unit into my virgin hole. At first he was sliding it in me with slow, but steady pumps, but after my pussy had accommodated for his whole organ he began pumping into me hard. I arched my back in pain. Taking advantage of this he began sucking the shit out of both my dark purple nipples. Once he found his humping rhythm he put his mouth near my ear and said, "Your such a little fuck tease Kelly, always showing off your big tits. Well, look now bitch," he said as her turned my head towards the TV which showed his you fat disgusting body on top of me fucking away. I couldn't believe that my first time was going to be with this teenage fat ass. He kept saying, "damn Kelly you're so tight, just like I knew you would be. Then he asked if I was on the pill I said, "No, please pull out. I can't get knocked up by a kid." Well, this must have pissed him off because he began pumping my young cunt hard. "I'm going to knock you up you stupid little tease."

The room was filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping as his tight ball sack kept hitting in-between my legs. He said, "Consider this pay back for the last time I was trying to get off." With that he started groaning and holding on to my waist with both hands, forcing himself as deep as he could. Then with one last great pump I felt his warm seed flow into me. He just kept pumping me, and forcing making me look at him. He sat on me till is dick went totally limp and popped out of my tight slit. He gave me a kiss as I felt his cum both inside of me and running down the inner part of my thighs. "You've got one tight cunt there, Kelly. Forcing me to look at the TV screen he said looks like I may have to call on you again some time. I was crying.

I couldn't help but think how he had probably knocked me up and how everyone would laugh when they found out he was my first. He left my thong off but put one of my Silk teddies on my naked body. Spanking my ass he got hard again so he moved me to where just my knees where on the floor, he spread my muscular legs and put himself up my cum covered cunt. I just grunted while he pumped away, making my ass bounce with each pump. It wasn't long till he came in me again. He helped me get on the bed as he rewind the tape so he could see himself in action before the others returned. He made me watch too.

I just couldn't believe that he had pumped me full of his cum twice both times felt like a gallon. I kept praying for this all to end.

It must have been a few hours before I woke up when I did I found that I still drugged and unable to moved. My clothes had been changed though. I was wearing a Light blue nightgown and that nearly covered my thong-covered ass. My dad was lying on the bed next to me. I was still too weak to move, but I whispered for him to wake up. It was no use he had obviously been drugged as well. Out of the corner of my eye I sea Sean and Eric approach. They were carrying knives in their hands. Were they going to kill us? I began to panic as they approached. Suddenly Eric stopped in front of my dad's fallen body and he began to unzip my dad's pants. I watched as he striped my dad from the waste down. Then much to my surprise he picked up my dad's limp dick and began sucking it. I was in shock as I watched my dad get blown be this zit faced teenage dork dork.

I watched as my dad's dick showed little response to being sucked off. Suddenly Eric garbed me and pulled be over to my father's limp dick. He said, "Suck bitch" I knew that I had no if any other choice so I opened my mouth and placed his limp dick in it. I began sucking away. Eric kept his hand on the base of my dad's cock stroking it up and down, keeping it in rhythm with my bobbing head. Much to my disgust I felt my fathers penis growing in my mouth. I was in shock. He started letting out grunts and begging me to stop. He said, " Kelly please stop I'm going to cum." I just cried while his warm tight ball sack began to show that it was going to explode.

Suddenly he yelp, and screamed, "ohhhh GOD, Forgive me Kelly, but swallow it Kelly, please!!!" Splashes among splashes of cum hit my mouth as my dad groaned in pleasure. I swallowed what I could, only to look over to my right and Sean being blown by my Mom. He looked at me and smiled before coating her throat with is thick warm milky fluid. When he was done he throw her to the floor where his friends striped her and began pumping her with their cocks. I watch as she tried to keep each from cumming in her, but she would always fail to stop them from rapping her. It wasn't long before I fell back asleep and was lost to the world.

The next time I woke up my grandfather and one of his golfing buddies were standing over me. I was now wearing my panties with the strings on each side so they could be easily undone along with a white thin bra with the thin straps. I was lying on my back, and they were both undressing. Slowly I tried to move away and off the bed. Ed the older of the two quickly moved around my bed to grab hold of me. It was then that I looked over and saw my dad being fucked by a girl who couldn't have been more than 18 years old. Another much uglier girl sat on his face forcing him to eat her out. I could also see couple of black guys taking turns fucking my mom's ass and cunt while she had her mouth stuffed with some homeless looking guy's dick.

Ed laid down on the bed next to me. He said, "Why don't you give this old cock a good sucking. He grabbed the back of my head and forced it down his stinky old limp dick, till my chin was forced against his old ball sack and my face barred in his gray pubic hare. Slowly he pumped my face while I went up and down on his old prick. His dick tasted like an old pair of socks. It began to grow thick and long. He then began to let his hands go under my bra so he could give my big tits a squeeze. He was pinching my nipples, but I didn't care I was to busy thanking God that he didn't have his hands on my head. There was NO way that I was going to swallow his load. I had been thankful too soon. Having forced one of my tits out of my bra he placed one hand on my head. The other worked its way into my backside of my panties where he began fingering my ass-whole.

By this point I knew it wouldn't be long by the tightness in his old gray haired ball sack. He began saying, "Suck that old thing little girl, yeah that's right slut." Removing his hand from my ass he put both hands on my head. I knew then that I was in for some trouble. "Oh Kelly, hey little girl, suck it, let me go deep in your throat." I couldn't believe I was about to let this 70-year-old man cum in my mouth. Suddenly he began jerking and shaking. "I haven't gotten off in years, Oh yeah... Here it comes, Swallow it baby." With that I closed my eyes while he continued pumping my face. His first shot was Thick and warm, the second load had even more cum. I was still swallowing the first two loads when the third load erupted in my mouth forcing his cum to pass out my mouth and down my chin. His dick quickly went limp as he forced me to sallow the remainder of his load and then lick up the mess I had made. I was beyond humbled; I was sickened and disturb by what this old man had done to me.

My Granddad undid my bra without me really noticing and Ed held me down sucking on my tits while my Grand dad began pulling the strings on my panties, quickly undoing them. He then started licking my ass whole and cunt out just enough to get me wet before Forcing my long muscular legs apart. He moved his old bodying on top of me. Ed moved away so he could enjoy the show. My granddad's dick was hard and long, and I could feel it slowly enter me as he said, " I'm going to teach you a lesson Kelly, you shouldn't dress like that. Look what you are making me do." With that he bent down and sucked on my now fully erect dark nipples. Out of no where he slammed his dick all the way up me. I was caught off guard, which caused me to let out a yelp as my tight slit tried to accommodate his love staff.

Me began pumping me hard as shit making my tits bounce up and down as our bodies slapped together. Between the taste of Ed's cum in my mouth and the idea of my granddad's dick inside of me I almost got sick. Granddad just keep pumping away squeezing my tits and sucking my nipples as he raped his 24 year old grand daughter. He said, " I didn't think a girl like you would be this tight. If you only knew how many times I would sit in your closet with your brother, making him suck me off while I watched you get dressed." I was in disbelief, my brother had been giving my grandfather head while the watched my nude body get dressed. I bet he and my brother had been thinking about doing this to me for a long time. He just kept forcing himself up my tight closely shaved slit. I begged him not to cum in me, but he just told me to shut up. His thrust became even harder. He rested his head next to my ear as he rode me. He keep saying, " oh yeah Kelly, I love your tan breast with their dark nipples; especially when they are bouncing up and down. Kelly you are sooo tight, I'm going to cum in you baby girl." NO!!! I screamed, as he plugged his dick deep in me letting his lava like cum flow out of his cock. I could feel it running down my leg as he just stayed on top of me moving his hips in circles as if he was milking his dick in me.

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