Kendra and Rob


My cock was rock hard, and I had Lexie lie on her back. I put my mouth to her pussy to get familiar with its taste and scent. Every pussy is different, and her scent made me want be inside her. She twisted from side to side, and came to orgasm quickly. During her orgasm, I entered her, as I had done with Kendra on our wedding night. I plowed, long, deep strokes. My greedy cock wanted all the sensation it could get from intercourse inside Lexie's pussy. Kendra watched with wide eyes and her hand stroking her pussy. She knew I was getting close to ejaculating, and as soon as my pleasure started to spurt, she climaxed. Her sexy sounds made the experience more intense, and this time I was the one squirming and twisting in my orgasmic ecstasy.

Lexie's eyes were wide with anticipation, and I pulled out and said, "Okay, get on top of me now." She wasted no time in straddling my mouth. As soon as I started to lick her well spermed pussy, she exclaimed, "Oh my God! Oh! Yes! That feels so good! Oh my God!" I kept kissing and licking, and I got a fair amount of cream before she went wild with wordless sounds of feminine orgasm.

"Oh my God, what a trip that was!" Lexie exclaimed. Turning to Kendra, she added, "I've been wanting this ever since you told us about it that night!"

"Can you stay the night?" Kendra asked. "It was sexy watching him fuck your pussy and eat his cum. I want to see him do that some more."

My cock was turgid again, and Lexie's smile conveyed her answer.

Kendra continued, "Fuck her again, Rob. Take your time, it's okay." I got Lexie on her back again and entered her. I plowed leisurely, and worked up to an intense ejaculation. Then I gave her three orgasms extracting my sperm, and we all slept for a while.

I groggily awoke to the feel of Kendra's fingers on my balls. It was heavenly. She giggled and said, "Lexie's ready again. Let her do the work this time."

Lexie straddled my cock, and energetically pumped. The various expressions on her face aroused me all the more as she got me closer to the point of no return. When I began to spurt, I exclaimed and bucked like a wild horse. My ejaculation felt like it went on forever. Both girls giggled afterward, and Lexie straddled my mouth for one more series of orgasms.

Part 5: One week later

We had abstained for a few days and I was crazy with desire. Kendra had edged me ten times before taking me inside her. I tried to go slow to prolong the feeling of intercourse inside her while she told me of her friends' excitement over their creampie experiences. When I got to the point that any more thrusting would have sent me over the edge, Kendra said, "I really enjoyed watching you fuck Lexie. I love to see you when you ejaculate inside her - it's like watching us from a different viewpoint."

"Kendra..." I groaned.

"I'm thinking of asking Lexie to join us sometime. You'll abstain for a few days, and I'll teach her how to edge you. We'll both edge you until you're incoherent, and then we'll both fuck your brains out."

Kendra's words had the intended effect, and I spurted uncontrollably inside her.

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