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Kendra Submits


Fucking other men's wives, especially white women, is my passion. I've found it to be relatively easy to find neglected ladies and break them in to black loving. It started several years ago with a cute, young blonde who lived down the hall in my apartment complex. We took a walk around the lake one evening and I ended up taking her from behind as she grabbed a tree for support.

I've had several more since but what happened last Saturday was unique. Usually my fuck sessions are without hubbie's consent or knowledge. Seducing women is what makes me feel alive. This time, a husband asked me to do his wife. He worked in my office as a temp for a few months and he had heard of my penchant for white women. A few weeks after he left, he called and asked if I would meet him and his wife at a bar downtown. He said he wanted me to meet her.

When I arrived, I saw a very nice looking, demure woman about 30 years old. She seemed nervous and didn't talk much. Most of the time, she just looked at the tabletop. Occasionally, when she thought I wasn't looking, she would sneak a quick peek at me.

He explained that their sex life had been boring until they had fantasized about a threesome. Until a few days earlier, they had left it as just a bedtime arouser. She agreed that the idea was erotic but I wasn't getting the feeling that she wanted to take it to the next level as much as he did. He explained that this was just a get acquainted meeting to see if the chemistry was there. For me the heat was there, she had a hot little body and those high, round tits that always make my mouth water.

As the evening ended, I walked them to their car. She seemed a million miles away until I opened her door. Uttering a little cry, she grabbed me and gave me a hot-as-hell openmouthed kiss, grinding her cunt on my thigh. I responded my grabbing her ass and marveling at how soft and squeezable it was. I could feel her heart, pounding like a trip hammer on my chest.

As suddenly as it began, it ended. She jumped back and got in the car, closing the door after her. Hubbie, who had been watching with a nervous but hopeful smile, just shrugged and got into the car. They drove off and I thought that was the end of that game.

He called the next weekend and said they had talked about our encounter that night and several more nights. Each time, he said, the sex was as great as it ever had been. Would I be interested in "seeing more of Kendra" he asked, emphasizing the phrase to make sure I got the full meaning. We agreed to meet for dinner. At his suggestion, I took a cab so we could all ride back to their place in one car.

She was very nervous at dinner, but dressed to kill. She was wearing the classic little black dress and it was obvious from the cut of the dress and the little bullets where her nipples were that a bra wasn't part of the uniform. The dinner table conversation skirted the reason I was there. Whenever I started to go that way, she would blush furiously and change the subject.

When we left, hubbie put us in the back seat of the car and started to drive us to their house. I began some innocent foreplay. Nibbling on he neck, stroking her knees, biting her ears, Soon she was kissing me just like that first night. Twice my hand wandered up the inside of her thigh almost to her pussy and twice she clamped her legs shut, whispering, "Not here, not in the car."

I caressed her tit and she covered my hand with hers, mostly to hide the activity from her husband, who was watching us in the mirror. She stopped me from lowering her dress to go "skin-to-skin," though.

When we got to their house, He poured a glass of wine and I began kissing her again. This time I ran my hands down to cup her ass cheeks and discovered only a tiny little thong panty stood between me and her sweet, white pussy. Suddenly, she pulled back and grabbed her wine glass. Downing it in one gulp, she went into the living room and sat in a chair. I took the couch, unsure of what was going to happen. At this point, I was horny as hell and needed relief.

Kendra whispered she had never been with any man other than her husband and the thought of doing something like we were planning, especially with him watching, was more than she could handle. All three of us talked about it for a few minutes before she excused herself. It was just a bathroom trip, she said. "I'll be right back."

She did some back and took her chair. As we talked, she stretched and spread her legs just slightly, aiming the view at me in such a way that her husband couldn't see what was going on. I looked down and noticed that she had taken off her panties, exposing herself completely to me.

I turned to her husband and told him he needed to go buy some beer. He understood immediately and left the room. I waited until I heard his car pull out of the driveway, then told her to come over to me.

As she stood in front of me, I ran my hands up the back of her legs until I had her butt covered. She was trembling with fear and excitement at what was about to happen and she slowly dropped to her knees. Kissing her again, I lifted the front of her dress until I had exposed her pussy.

I ran my fingers through her cunt hairs and down to her clit. She fell backwards, pushing me away. Her dress was all the way up around her waist now and I looked down at her pussy. It was wet and fully open.

The moment was broken when she cried out, "I can't, I can't." She cried as ran from the room.

Angry at this prick teasing bitch, I left the house and walked until I could hail a cab.

Hubbie called Saturday evening and asked me to come back over. I told him I wasn't into any more game playing. He put her on the phone and all she said in a tiny little voice was, "I want you to come over and fuck me."

Hot damn! That was the hottest proposal I had heard in a long time.

I drove over, thinking I must be a complete fool but I had to take one more shot at that pussy. When I got there, he showed me into the bedroom.

She was lying on the bed, her face turned away from us. She was wearing the smallest possible black bra and panties. The contrast with her alabaster white skin was startling. Then I noticed her wrists were handcuffed to the headboard and her feet were tied to the foot of the bed with scarves.

"Man, I don't do this kind of thing," I said and started to leave.

"Please stay." It was that tiny little voice again. She was pleading with me.

He explained. She wants you to fuck her. She just can't relax enough to let it happen. She asked me to tie her up, that way she can fantasize that she has no choice but to let it happen. I agreed but with two rules.

Looking at Kendra, I said slowly, "Any time you want it to stop, all you have to do is say the word. And I won't fuck you until you put it in. Can you handle that?"

I looked at her again. Damn! She had a hell of a body. "Kendra, do you want this?" I asked.

Blushing furiously, she nodded her agreement.

I stripped, then sat at the side of the bed. Hubbie sat in a chair. I began stroking her belly, using wider and wider strokes until I was touching the underside of her breasts. I undid the front clasp and for the first time, saw her perfectly round tits. She took a deep, ragged breath as she realized that the first bridge to her eventual slutdom had been crossed. I used my fingertips to tease her nipples into hard little bullets. Little yips and moans came from her mouth. Her heart was beating so hard, I could see it pumping beneath her breast.

I leaned over and captured a nipple with my lips, gradually sucking most of her small, perfectly shaped tit into my mouth. She was pushing her chest up, enjoying the heat and the sensation. I could hear her husband saying "Oh, Jesus, Oh Jesus," over and over to himself. I was wondering if he could watch the defilement of his wife much longer without stopping us. I wondered what I would do if he did. I wasn't sure about her but I knew was to far gone to stop.

I moved to her other nipple and was pleased that she turned her torso toward me to hurry the sensation.

This time, I slid my hand down her belly and pushed it abruptly under her panties, claiming one of the wettest pussies I've ever felt. She almost came at the touch, I pulled back, teasing her again and again, wanting her to feel the frustration I had felt earlier.

I moved between her legs and slid the thin band of her panties aside so I could see the pussy I was going to claim. I rolled forward and covered her entire slit with my mouth. She cried out, grabbing the headboard with her hands and arching herself up, trying to take my entire face in her sex-crazed cunt.

Hubbie was getting louder. "Shit! Oh, fuckin' shit! I can't believe it!" was all he could say. I looked over at him to see what he might do. His hands were holding onto the arms of the chair so tightly that all the blood had left his fingertips. He wanted so badly to stop this, even more than that, he wanted to see it happen.

I looked back at her. She no longer realized he was still in the room. She had gone off to some sexual nirvana, a bitch in total heat that needed fucking right now.

I asked. "Shall I continue? Do you want my black cock in your lily white pussy? You've got to ask."

Her hips were lifting off the bed, her breath was coming in short little bursts. I could see her cunt, spasming around nothing, needing a cock desperately.

I heard the same little girl voice coming from her. "Fuck me. Fuck me, please."

I reached back and untied the scarves, freeing her legs. She immediately brought them up high and wide giving it up in the classic missionary position. I moved her ass just a bit so hubbie could see what was happening. I started high. moving my cock down across her clit to find that warm, moist hole underneath.

Slowly, ever so slowly so they could both experience the completeness of the act, I pushed down, penetrating her with just the head of my cock. I stopped.

Her eyes had been tightly shut. She opened them in surprise and frustration. I leered at her. "Do it!" I commanded.

She thrust upward, taking all of my cock in one fast movement. I heard hubby cry out again, knowing the deed had been done and it had been done by Kendra. For the next few minutes, the only sounds in the room was the slurping noise of my cock driving in and out of her hungry pussy and her screams as first one orgasm then another shook her body.

When I came, I pushed hard into her and drained myself of weeks of frustration. I pulled out and watched as my cum started leaking from her cunt. She collapsed, thoroughly exhausted. I sat up and looked at hubby. He was as emotionally spent as she was. A wet spot on the front of his jeans told another tale. He, too had cum.

Using my fingers, I gave her another orgasm. enjoying the sight of her little body arching shamelessly as I inserted first one then two and finally four fingers into her. I got dressed and let myself out.

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