She was nervous beyond belief; she wasn't the type to do this kind of thing. Hell, if she hadn't decided to ask her best friend about it, she wouldn't be here right now.

She checked behind her as she kept walking.

"It's too damn cold for this...I should've picked a warmer day."

A few joggers ran past her down the sidewalk, under the metro station; people were carrying briefcases filled with work back to their houses, locking their bikes against the railings...

And I'm here doing this...this...oh god.

She caught his eye as he got out of the train, suddenly flushing with heat; she was looking everywhere but at him now. He walked closer and closer, taking off his watch and stuffing it in his jacket. She was standing completely still, sure that everyone around her knew exactly what she was doing. Her hands smoothed her skirt, removing the creases that seemed to exist only in her mind.

"You Jessica?"

She'd forgotten how to talk; she was sure she'd never be able to speak again for the rest of her life.

"Y-yeah, I'm, I mean,...yeah. Tom?"

He grinned at her, a crooked thing that formed lines around his eyes and made him look like a wolf staring down his dinner. Without another word, he put his hand against the small of her back, leading her to his car. He opened her door for her, though he could see she was still obviously nervous as she fumbled with her seatbelt. He turned on the heating, the warm air creating the only noise inside the car. He looked over at her, staring until she finally looked over at him; he grinned again and put the car in gear.

And put his hand on her thigh.

She tensed as soon as she felt it, and could only look out the window while he drove to where they'd agreed upon a few days before. As the trees became a green blur and houses passed them by, she couldn't think of anything.

So she began to toy with her ring.

She turned it over and over around her finger, looking down at it, at what was engraved on the inside:

*One. Two. Three.*

Three squeezes, her way of letting him know she loved him when they were out in public; he was always so shy about that kind of stuff around others, so instead of kissing and telling him she loved him, she would squeeze his hand three times, and he would do the same right back.

She looked over at Tom now, looking at his bare hand, no ring on his finger, and looked back at his face. Just as he was about to say something, he spoke up.

"We're here."

She glanced out the windshield, and realized that the place was closer than she thought; she'd have liked more time, to be honest. He stepped out of the car and walked over to her side, opening the door and holding out a hand for her. She gave a quick, nervous smile to him and grabbed it, again smoothing out her dark blue business skirt as soon as she got out. He stood there in the middle of the park in front of her, watching with an amused grin as she kept picking at her clothes, looking down at herself and not once up at him.

"What's the matter, never done this before?"

She gave him an annoyed look, but at least it was a look; he chuckled, turning around and walking away from her. After a few seconds, when she realized he wasn't even going to look back to see if she was following him, she trotted after him as quickly as she could in her heels.

Nice going, Jessica, wearing heels to a fucking park.

They followed the paved trail from the parking lot to the forest, walking for a few minutes in complete silence. Even though the afternoon sun shone through the trees around the two, the air was chilly, and she no longer had the car to warm her up.

"You're not much of a talker, are you Jessica?"

"Uh, I'm not sure what you want me to say right now...Tom; I mean, what're the conversation rules for what we're doing right now?"

"Hell if I know...I'm good with the quiet, if you want me to be."

They kept walking until they got to where they needed, a part of the forest completely covered by thick bushes, hiding everything from whoever walked through. He stepped up to the thick brush and pushed at it until he made an impromptu clearing, letting her duck under it before following behind. Passing that first layer left a large space inside, a sort of bubble formed by the bushes and trees around them.

The perfect spot. Just what they needed.

She turned to him, even less sure of doing this as she was when she was in the car. She kept remembering what her friend had told her, hoping it'd make her feel less nervous right now.

Trust me, just do it once, and you'll see how much it'll change things; you'll feel so much better once you do it.

Just once, then you'll be thanking me for telling you.

Without any formalities, without any of the careful planning on her part in getting there and all, he roughly grabbed at her blouse and pulled her towards him; she felt one of the buttons pop off, but she was so surprised she didn't even worry. He held her chin as he kissed her, just as roughly as he pulled her to him, and whatever nervousness she felt only seemed to get worse.

It was becoming regret now.

The only sounds were their breaths, their noses letting in air as they kissed and bit at each other's lips; she had even gotten some of her lipstick on his chin, somehow. He took his hand and lowered it to her waist, his right hand crawling towards her blouse, unbuttoning it without even looking. He managed to open only three buttons in the first 5 minutes or so, their franticness just slowing them both down.

"I'll buy you a new one, love."

He put his hands in between two of the buttons and tore away, revealing her purple lace bra underneath; she squeaked, but was quieted by his lips crashing against hers again. He pulled her blouse off and threw it on the ground, resting his hands on her waist. He moved his kissing to her neck now, sucking on the skin right in the crease between her chin and below, drawing a slow sigh from her. He kept sucking and licking at it until he was sure he'd left his mark, then gave her a quick peck before whispering in her ear:

"I think it's your turn now."

She pulled away from him and looked him in the eye, knowing she had to take some initiative here, too; she stuffed her hand inside his jacket, running them over his chest, feeling the warmth she wished was inside her just then.

And not because of the chill in the air.

She took off his jacket and dropped it, too, he raising his arms while she pulled the sweatshirt underneath it up and off of him. All their layers were being thrown down next to them, the grass making sure they wouldn't have too much dirt.

He put his arms around her and looked down at her, at her soft pink lips that were slightly open, puffy from the abuse they just suffered; he looked into her eyes, the light making the golden freckles inside green shine through. She looked closer at him, too, at his dark brown eyes, so average-looking, at how long his eyelashes were, and how she wished she could have ones like them.

"I think that's enough of the faces for now."

She nodded in response.

"So that leaves..."

He looked further down, seeing her in her skirt and bra, and lowered his face to her chest; his unshaved skin prickled at her own, the rough tiny hairs contrasting so much with her own soft skin. She loved how it felt as he kissed her there, rubbing his face in the valley between her cups, whatever insecurities she had about them long ago forgotten by now. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in his touch. tilting her head back and letting him take over again.

He rubbed her back then, his fingers making their way to the clasp in the back; a short little dance of them later, and she felt her bra loosen around her, letting the cool air kiss her nipples, too. He pulled it off and replaced the air with his tongue, sucking hard on her nipples, drawing a gasp from her; instead of easing up slightly, he grabbed the other breast and squeezed her niple between his thumb and index finger. Again, she could only moan at what he was doing, which made him squeeze tighter and suck harder, her nipples now like diamonds; he loved how it felt on his tongue, as he flicked it over the little bud and tasted her.

She was surprised at how much she liked it, a little rougher than she was used to back home, but she also knew they were starting to get sore. She put her hands on his chest and pushed weakly until he got the message, and as soon as there was space between them she went down. She moved some pebbles out of the way and rested on her knees, pulling him closer now by his belt. He was letting her take charge now, and she almost laughed at the look on his face, one of...shyness, and awe, since there was little doubt as to what was next.

She loosed his belt and unbuttoned his pants, the zipper lowering by itself as she pulled his pants to his ankles. He lifted his feet and she took it upon herself to take off his shoes and, and letting him take his pants off. The cold air meant he was only slightly hard, but he twitched when he felt her warm breath on him; he twitched even more when he also felt her cold hands on it, but by then there was very little he cared about.

She sucked only the head while using her hands to stroke him, pulling his skin back and forwards again, feeling him grow in her mouth. She tucked her teeth behind her lips and nursed on it, her hands switching between fast, short strokes, and long smooth ones; he moaned louder the faster she went, but she didn't want him to blow yet. She kept stroking with her right hand while her left ducked under her skirt, keeping her entertained for the moment. She kept sucking and stroking, feeling his precum drool onto her tongue, his cock wet enough to make slick noises.

She looked up at him, seeing the look of agony and pleasure over every inch of his face, his chest drawing in quicker and quicker breaths, the skin around his neck now flush with arousal. She looked right at his eyes as she took in a bit more, his eyes closing just the tiniest bit more. He was getting closer and closer, her bringing him to the edge then easing him back slightly, until he couldn't know which stroke might be the one that pushed him over.

He thought he was good enough for a few more minutes until she looked right at him and took in more; that put him on edge again. What pushed him over, though, was when her cheek suddenly pushed in from how hard she sucked him, when he thought she would leave him completely dry; his head fell back, his hand going instantly to the back of her head as he came.

He let out a low groan as his body jerked forward; he emptied himself into her mouth, his hips humping her face by themselves. Not once did she stop sucking him, taking in everything he gave her, though she did have to breathe in much harder through her nose than she expected.

There was that second after cumming where his body was completely numb to it all; his eyes seemed to lose all vision, and he almost had to shake his head to get his thoughts back. He looked down at her as she finished up, licking her tongue all around his head, much easier on his sensitive bulb than sucking. He stroked the side of her head until she was done, and she looked up at him as she opened her mouth and took the head in one last time, showing him that she'd swallowed it all.

He crouched down to her level, drawing a confused look from her that didn't let up until he felt around her skirt; when he finally found the small zipper on the side he quickly pulled it down, no easy task seeing how tight it was around her hips. He pulled it down and pushed up her panties that slightly followed it down her body - off onto the pile it went.

He cupped his hand around her mound, in awe of the heat it held, and her belly tightened as soon as he made contact. She drew in a shaky breath when he pressed it and rubbed it slowly downwards, feeling the fabric cling to her lips. He lifted all but a finger as he rubbed it in circles now, making her hips dance along with it, too; all her own touching while she blew him didn't even compare to his fingers. He pressed his hand down right at the center, then lifted it to his lips and looked right at her as he spit into it and moved it back down. He put one hand on her back and held her steady while the other sneaked its way under her blue cotton panties, the spit almost cold against her lips. She rested an arm around his back as she leaned into him, holding her up while his hands did what hers had done for him.

He slowly slid his fingers along her lips, pressing only slightly when they passed her entrance, making sure they never so much as brushed against her clit; when he felt her getting wet enough, he started quickening his pace, while pressing harder against her. She grabbed onto his back even tighter, her gasps getting louder and louder; he even let his fingers go over her asshole for a second, and chuckled when she almost headbutted him as she jumped up. He went back to rubbing her, and she ducked her head into the crook of his shoulder to hide her blush as her pussy started to make slick noises.

It was his turn now.

The dull ache in her belly was too much for her, and his rubbing wasn't doing nearly enough to satisfy the fire in her; she was about to beg for more until he held her closer to him; he put his palm flat against her pussy and slowly pushed his right index finger inside her...

"Ah! Ohhhh, yeeeessss..."

She was so wound up that even just one finger was having difficulty pushing into her, she was clenching so much.

"Easy, just relax, babe..."

She let herself go slightly, letting him push it in more and more until only his knuckle peeked out. He hooked his finger towards his arm, rubbing against every groove inside her he could find, making her moan out loud again and again. She started to draw in her gasps closer and closer together until finally, she clenched around his finger and forgot how to breathe. He felt her cumming on him and moved his palm slightly up, pressing down on her clit for the first time and making her nearly double over. She only shook against him, not making a sound for a few seconds as he tickled her from inside and covered her little button. Finally, she took in a long breath and let out a long moan, feeling her legs give out on what little support they were giving her.

He took out his finger and used both hands to steady her on him, lowering himself onto his ankles and her on his lap. She was still shaking every so often, so he held her tight against him, her turning her head against his and putting her lips up to his ear. When he repeated what she had done to him, getting one last spark out of her by brushing his palm against her clit, she hissed in his ear and let out a soft mew...

They stayed down like that for a few seconds, letting the other catch their breath and recharge for a bit; every so often he'd breathe deeply, the rise in her chest lifting her, too. He looked down at her and drank the sight in, the sweaty forehead and flushed chest, her nipples standing out at attention...

But no smile. Not even her eyes showed any satisfaction, betraying what her body told him. He let himself slowly fall back, bring her down with him on his chest; he slipped her panties down as far as he could from his angle, waiting until she decided to take them off completely. She turned around on top of him and sat on her haunches, her hands on his chest; he took hold of himself and rubbed it on her lips, mixing her juices with his so it'd be as easy an entrance as possible.


He stayed waiting for her to say something, hell even just nod, but she only looked down at his stomach; he sighed and held it straight up as he pushed her hips downwards, hoping she'd take control of this. His tired hands didn't have to work for much longer, as he felt her hips begin to move on their own after a while. Despite being on top of him, she added a few surprises every once in a while, swaying to one side for a moment, satisfying the itch as best as possible, then moving on to the next one elsewhere.

She leaned forward into him, her clit rubbing against him and giving more pleasure to her; he reached up and took her nipples into his fingers, running his hands up and down her chest and rubbing them across his palms.

Enough time had passed before to let him get hard again by the time she'd sat on him, so once again he felt the pressure building inside his dick, accumulating at the head and making him feel like he'd explode anytime soon. He controlled his breathing and tried not to think about how good it felt to be doing this bare, how every sensation was multiplied hundred-fold.

Her rises started going higher, her falls hitting harder against him, as she curved backwards and left her hands on his chest to steady herself. She pushed her chest outwards, letting him know she wanted more attention on it, and he happily obliged; this time, he sat up and took a nipple into his mouth, making her bare her teeth and shut her eyes from so much sensation. He was inside her, brushing against her clit every time she moved, and her chest was being licked and sucked to her heart's content; it was almost too much, for both of them.

He lowered a hand to her ass and squeezed her cheeks, loving how soft they were, how they molded themselves around his fingers; she hooked a hand around his neck, the other grabbing onto his short, brown hair.

They weren't just fucking harder or making love faster now - they had abandoned all pretense and were racing towards the finish line.

Finally, her breathing once again let him know she was there, the way she moved her hips forward and back so roughly, so unlike before; his own had lost their pattern by now. As soon as he started cumming inside her, he grabbed her hips and pushed her down against him, relishing the feeling of her completely covering him as he came. The ache within her had only grown worse after his fingers, and having him fully inside her now finally sated her, her body trying to shake whatever pleasure it could bring out.

She felt his warmth inside her; having him so close, she realized, meant she hadn't felt cold since he'd taken off her blouse. But as soon as she looked at him - at his tousled hair and wild eyes, at the scratches on his arms and the cut on his lip she must've given him - she burst into tears.

"Shh, shh, it's okay...what's wrong? What happened?"

She had to wait until she stopped crying - god, he must think I'm being so stupid right now - before she could get the words out.

"I-I don't wanna be Jessica! I want to be Sophie--"

"Okay, okay, I know-"

"-and I don't want you to be Tom or whatever - I want Charlie back. I want my Charlie back."

"Yeah, me was weird, doing this. I don't think this is the kind of thing for us, is it?"

She shook her head, making the two of them laugh, easing the tension between the two ever since he'd gotten out of the train. He stood up and gave her a hand, the two walking over to where they'd thrown all of their clothes. They dressed again in silence, watching the other be comfortable for the first time that day.

He reached into his pocket and took out his ring, slipping it into his finger.

"You kept yours on. I thought we were going to take them off while we did this..."

She looked down at her hand, at her matching ring.

"I know, but every time I tried it made me feel so...weird."

He walked up to her and cupped her chin, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. He stepped back and lifted a finger to her eyes, wiping away a tear that had fallen from it. She kept sniffling, and looked away as soon as her chin wobbled again, but he pulled her face back to his.

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