tagGroup SexKept After Class

Kept After Class


“You two stay after class,” she yelled from the front of the room.

Two boys stopped laughing and looked up. Then they looked at each other and continued laughing. The woman at the front of the room shook her head and continued on with what she was doing. A few minutes later the bell rang. The two boys remained in their seat as the rest of the class left.

“Michael, Anthony, come up here. One of you shut the door.” she yelled again.

The two boys walked to the front of the room after closing the door and stood by her desk. She finished marking something on a paper and set her pen down. She looked up at the two boys.

“What am I going to do with you two? I know you’re both graduating and you’re in my class because you needed something to fill your schedule. But you can’t keep screwing around in my class.”

“Sorry, Miss Banks,” said Michael, a tall, well built black male. “We don’t mean to, it just happens.”

“Yeah,” said Anthony, a shorter, blonde haired white male. “We’ve known each other for ten years.”

“Maybe so. But you can’t keep screwing around and disrupting my class. So I have to do something. I hope you boys understand.”

They hung their heads and mumbled something incoherent.

“Instead of screwing around in my class, I want you two to screw me.”

The boys looked at her with extremely quizzical looks on their faces.

“Miss Banks, what did you say?” said Michael.

“You heard me. Get up on my desk.”

The two boys looked at each other and shrugged. Michael sat on the desk like his teacher had told him to. She reached up and began stroking his crotch through his jeans. She felt his cock stiffening with each movement of her hand. After about a minute, she unzipped his pants and slid them off. She dug her hand into his boxers and pulled out his cock. Smiling she stood up and bent over the desk taking the cock into her mouth. Her mouth slid up and down slowly on his shaft, lubing his rod with her saliva. Anthony was standing there watching, his own cock getting stiff. Looking over at him, Miss Banks ran a hand over her backside and told Anthony to get to work. He wasted no time in obeying her instruction. He got behind her and unzipped her skirt. He took it and her panties down. His hands slid over her ass. Taking a deep breath he dropped his own pants and slid his stiff dick into his teacher’s pussy. He felt her tense up for a second then she issued a huge sigh of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmm, how’s this for a detention, boys?”

“Why’d you wait so long to punish us, Miss Banks?” asked Michael.

She smiled at him, stroking his cock steadily. Her fingernails ran over his balls. Chills ran through his body. Anthony’s cock continued sliding in and out of Miss Banks’ pussy. He smacked her once hard on the ass. She jumped and looked back at him, surprised.

“I think she deserves to be spanked for that, don’t you?”

He gave her a couple more slaps on the ass. She started moaning. To muffle the sounds, she put her mouth back down on Michael’s cock. She continued blowing him and having her ass spanked until her asscheeks went numb. She looked at Michael and told him to sit in her chair. She eased herself off of Anthony’s cock and sat down on Michael’s in a reverse cowgirl and began bouncing up and down on it. As she rode his shaft, she pulled her blouse and bra off, letting the boys get a look at her awesome tits.

“Oh shit!” she yelled as she ground herself on Michael’s cock. She reached back behind her and wrapped her arms around Michael’s neck. She was driving herself onto his cock hard, grinding and sliding. Anthony stepped forward and began sucking on her nipples. He nibbled them gently and squeezed her fantastic tits. The moans coming from Miss Banks filled the room.

“It’s time for you two to show me how well you really work as a team,” she said as she moaned. “I want both of you fucking me.”

Anthony looked at her wide-eyed.

“Get that thing in there!” she ordered him.

Anthony looked at how Michael’s cock stretched Miss Banks’ pussy. He wondered how his would fit in there too. But he pushed his cock against the wet hole of his teacher and began shoving it into her.

“Ohmyfuckinggod!” she yelled as the first part of Anthony’s dick began to enter her. Her moans got louder as each inch made its way into her pussy.

The two cocks stretched her pussy to the limit. She continued bouncing on Michael’s cock as Anthony rhythmically pumped in and out of her. Anthony took hold of her tits again and squeezed them and teased her nipples with his thumb and tongue while he helped Michael fuck the hell out of her.

She moved in circles on Michael’s cock, making Anthony’s feel different inside her each time he thrusted. She moved her hands down Anthony’s back and grabbed his ass, pushing him deep into her. And that was all it took.

A huge moan erupted out of Miss Banks and the boys felt her cumming all over their cocks. She was breathing heavy and could barely move.

“I want you two to jack off on me. Show me how much you liked being in detention!”

She took her position kneeling in front of both of them. She looked up at them, licking her lips and fondling her breasts. The two boys stood on either side of her, stroking their cum-drenched cocks. She helped them both along by running her fingernails along their balls.

Anthony’s was the first to go.

“Ohgod!” he moaned.

The first spurt landed right across her nose. She turned in time to catch the next couple in her mouth and feel the last of it splatter on her cheeks. She licked the head of his cock, getting the last few drops of cum from it.

She watched Michael stroking his cock. If his load was half as good as Anthony’s, she’d be a very happy woman. She cupped his balls and massaged them. A few seconds later, she reaped the rewards. Michael’s dick began shooting another fantastic load of jizz onto her face. His load covered the rest of her cheeks and gave her a nice dosage to swallow. She also cleaned Michael’s cock off for him after he was completely drained.

“You boys have made up for screwing around in my class. But I expect I’ll have to give you detention again before the end of the year.”

They all smiled.

“I’ll write you a note saying I kept you after class. See you boys tomorrow.”

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