tagBDSMKera and the Nannycam

Kera and the Nannycam


I hired Kera to babysit for my son afternoons when his kindergarten was over but before I got home from work at five. For her, it was an easy job: they played for a while, then he usually took a nap for an hour or so. She was mostly just there to do her homework and keep an eye on the house.

I was typically a pretty trusting guy, but as a single father I'd developed a suspicious streak. It's not that Kera seemed untrustworthy -- she went to a good college and came with glowing references from a good friend -- it's just that I'd become very protective of my son after his mother left us.

When I saw a "nannycam" disguised as a book advertised online, I bought it and placed it in an innocuous place on the shelf next to my TV. I programmed it, but didn't even plan on looking at the footage.

After Kera had been working for me for about a week, I remembered the nanycam and decided to check it. I had it set to only record during the times that I would be gone from the house.

Mostly, the footage was of an empty couch in the livingroom. I chuckled at my own stupidity. If I wanted to see what was going on while I was gone, what was the use of putting a camera where a couch would block the shot? I pressed fast forward until I saw Kera come into the frame.

Totally boring. She got out a book and began to read. It didn't look like a textbook, more like a paperback of some kind.

It's nice to see that college students are actually reading something these days, I thought to myself. For the first time, I noticed that Kera, who dressed rather conservatively around me, was actually a very attractive young woman.

She had long, brown, curly hair that she kept back in a ponytail, large brown eyes and full lips. Her breasts were large for her petite frame, and I found myself watching them rise and fall as she paged through the paperback. She really was mesmerizing in a way.

I quickly remembered my role as her employer, however, and pressed fast forward once again.

Suddenly, however, something startling happened.

I watched Kera put the book down on the coffee table and move her hands to her jeans, unbuttoning the top button.

My eyes widened as she unzipped her jeans and reached one hand inside. I had a hard time understanding what I was seeing at first.

Was she --?

She was.

With her right hand in down her pants, Kera now reached up to play with one of her nipples, her eyes closed all the while. I watched breathlessly as my nubile babysitter proceeded to bring herself to a silent orgasm that I could read on her trembling lips.

I felt myself getting aroused, but then I closed the video.

This is wrong, I thought. Sure, it's my house, but she deserves privacy too doesn't she?

The next day I brought my son Alex home from kindergarten as usual and waited for Kera to show up. She rang the doorbell exactly on time, as usual.

As I thanked her once more for being so prompt, I examined her face for any signs of the wantonness I'd witnessed on the nannycam. I couldn't say I saw any. To all outward appearances she was the picture of innocence. Her hair was back in a ponytail as usual, but I couldn't help but notice that her shirt had a neckline a bit more plunging than I'd remembered seeing her wear.

That night when I came home, I carefully examined her appearance once again, as well as I could without arousing suspicion. Everything seemed in place; there was no outward sign of any mischief. Her hair was pulled back just as neatly as it had been that afternoon, and I couldn't see any sign that her hands had been in her pants, or anywhere else. Not that I would have been able to tell, of course.

After Alex was in bed that night, however, I kept thinking about the video of her masturbating. I pictured her soft, supple lips quivering in pleasure. I thought of her hands skillfully teasing her clit. The way she bit her lip and sighed as she played with her nipple. Who was she thinking about? One of the guys at school, I guessed.

Certainly not me. At 35, I wasn't exactly old enough to be her father, but old enough to be out of her range of interest. Wasn't I? Besides, I could never have a relationship with a 20-year-old.

Then a thought came to my mind:

I could never have a relationship with her.

But I could fuck her.

I immediately dismissed the idea out of hand. She was my babysitter!

Even so, I couldn't resist downloading the nannycam video to my computer once again.

I shouldn't be doing this, I thought, as I fast-forwarded through the video.

The first few minutes showed absolutely nothing.

Then there was Alex playing. I smiled.

A few minutes later, Kera appeared and they talked for a few moments, before Alex followed her into the bedroom. It was naptime.

Shortly after that, Kera appeared. Once again, she produced a book and began to read.

For a long time, nothing happened. I felt my breathing accelerate in anticipation, hoping, praying that she would start to touch herself again.

Suddenly, she was out of the frame again.

Then she was back, this time with her purse. She rummaged through it until she found a small object.

I couldn't tell what it was at first.

That is, until she unbuttoned her jeans once again and proceeded to rub it across her panty-covered mound.

A vibrator! In my house! That thing had to be super loud. If she woke up Alex there would be hell to pay! I felt myself getting angry, even as blood shot to my penis at the sight of the beautiful young woman masturbating on my sofa.

She'd crossed a line. Silently rubbing one out was one thing, but using a noisy sex toy while a child slept just a few rooms away was quite another. I knew I had to fire her, as much as it pained me to do so.

But as I watched the young woman slowly insert the dildo into her pussy, I was conflicted.

Those lips, I thought. That hair. Those eyes!

As angry as I was about the fact that she was making noise while my son slept, I still wished I could hear her. Was she a moaner? A groaner? A screamer even? That would be bad, of course. In a good way.

Suddenly my eye caught sight of a volume control at the bottom of the video. Surely the camera didn't record audio too?

It did. As I adjusted the volume slider up, I couldn't believe my ears.

The exquisite creature on my couch, my babysitter Kera, was murmuring my name.

"Jake," she whispered, "fuck me please. Oh yes Jake. Give me that big dick."

My cock stiffened as I heard my name.

Surely this must be a case of mistaken identity? There must be a guy at school she was lusting after, or an actor?

But her next words removed all doubt.

"Fuck me, Mr. Morris!" she groaned in a hoarse whisper that I could still make out distinctly.

That was me, Jake Morris, her employer. There could be no doubt.

I closed the video and weighed my options for a few moments. My brain was telling me to fire her. What I'd witnessed could have put my child in danger. What if there'd been an emergency of some kind? My babysitter would have been caught with her pants down and a dildo in her pussy.

On the other hand, my cock was telling me another story entirely. It was telling me the story of a beautiful, voluptuous yet petite coed who thought about me -- and talked dirty to herself! -- while she masturbated.

The next day, when Kera showed up for work, I still hadn't decided what would win: my brain or my cock. Then, when she'd closed the door behind her and set down her purse, I finally arrived at a decision.

The cock it was.

She looked stunning that day. Better than I'd ever seen her before. She was wearing a tight-fitting white blouse with a plunging neckline, a miniskirt, and tall black boots. Her hair was back as usual, and her full red lips were covered in a shiny gloss that suggested the look of a teenager more than that of the young woman I saw before me.

"Hi!" she said.

Then, noticing the distinct quiet that lay across the house, "where's Alex?"

"I dropped him off at his grandmother's," I said.

"So you don't need me?"

"I need to talk to you," I replied, and noted how her face fell, her eyelids wilting to the floor.

Dark eyeshadow and a hint of mascara. Nice.

"Let's talk in the livingroom," I said, gesturing in a friendly manner even though I could sense the tension in the room rising.

"Have a seat."

She sat across from me on the edge of an armchair. I took the couch.

"Do you know why I wanted to talk to you, Kera?"

"No," she murmured, looking at the floor, "but I'm guessing you're not happy with my work."

"Close," I said, "I'm quite happy with your work. It's your -- how do I put this -- extracurricular activities that concern me."

She looked at me with her large brown eyes.


"Do you know what I'm talking about, Kera?"

"You mean like my yoga class?"

I chuckled. She had a good sense of humor.

"No Kera," I said, "I'm talking about what you do in this house when I'm not around. When Alex is asleep."

"I don't do anything," she said, clearly upset, "I -- I read. I study. I watch TV sometimes."

"Is that all, Kera?"

"Yes, of course it is! I'll telling you the truth. Why would I lie to you."

She started to cry. As much as it hurt me to watch the tears fall down her face, I was prepared for this. I pushed a box of tissues across the table to her.

"It's ok, Kera," I said, giving her a moment to calm herself.

"It is?"

"I believe you."

"Good," she said, dabbing the streaks of mascara from her face, "because I don't know what you're talking about."

"But Kera," I said, "would you agree that part of your job is being prepared for emergencies while Alex is asleep?"

"Yes," she said, growing suspicious again.

"And would you agree that if you weren't prepared for an emergency, I'd have grounds to fire you?"

She paused for a moment.

"Yes, I guess you would."

I picked up the remote control.

"Then would you please explain how this situation demonstrates your emergency preparedness?"

I pressed play. The big-screen TV was filled with an image of Kera on her back on the very sofa I was sitting on, pussy skewered obscenely with a dildo. She looked marvelous.

"Fuck yes," she moaned onscreen, in a low whisper, "fuck me Jake!"

The Kera sitting on the chair turned bright red, leaped up and grabbed at the remote.

"You TAPED me! You fucking perverted bastard! I'm going to the police!"

I tried to defuse the situation by handing her the remote. She pressed pause, but not before the woman onscreen let out a final obscenity: a long, trailing, whispered "fuuuuck!"

"Go ahead," I said, "I'll have them book you for child endangerment. This is my house, and I can videotape whatever I want."

"You bastard," she spat, throwing the remote against the couch so hard it bounced back and hit the floor with a crack, "you fucking bastard!"

"Kera," I said, "how can you call me those names after what I heard you say in the video? Should I rewind and refresh your memory?"

"Fuck you."

"Seems like that's what you want," I grinned.

She stormed towards the door.

"Hold it a sec," I said, "don't you think there's a way we can settle this?"

"You mean like sex? I knew that's where this was going. I might have had kind of a crush on you before, but there's no way I'm letting you anywhere close to me now."

"Relax," I said, "I've got a way that we can resolve this, without sex, and you can keep working for me."

Her hand dropped from the doorknob.

"I'll just punish you."

"Punish me?"

"Spank you."

I let my words hang in the air for a moment. She was quiet, as if considering my proposal.

"Spank me?"

"Spank you."


"Over my lap," I said.

"With your hand?"

"At first."

"And then?"

"With my belt."

She looked at the floor.

"Your belt?"

"My belt."

"Over my skirt?"

"No," I said, "I don't think so. I think it would have to be on your bare..." I paused for a moment, "...bottom."

"No!" she looked at me defiantly.

"Yes! Or you can go now and I'll call all of your references and offer to forward them the video."

She put her hand on the doorknob for a moment, then let it drop.

"How many?"

"How many what?"

"How many...," her voice trailed off, mascara-stained eyes dropping to the floor once again, "spanks?"

"I don't think it would be right to negotiate that in advance. I think you'll just have to trust that I give you an appropriate but not excessive punishment."

She was silent.

"You can stop it whenever you want," I said, "but if you do, the deal is off of course."

She bit her bottom lip for a moment, furrowing her brow before she mumbled "ok."

"What was that?"


"Ok!" I said, standing from the sofa, "I suggest we get started right away."

Kera stood there, next to the door, motionless.

"Don't go anywhere," I said, heading to the kitchen to grab a folding chair and two scarves, which I stuffed into my pockets.

When I returned, she was sitting on the couch again, still avoiding eye contact.

"Alright," I said, unfolding the chair and taking a seat in it, "please take off your panties."

She gave me a pained look.

"Yes, go ahead," I said, "we already agreed that you'd be spanked without them. Now please take them off and hand them to me."

Kera's pale skin turned bright red.

"I --," she began.

"Not your skirt," I added, "just the panties."

Slowly, reluctantly, she stood and wriggled out of her panties, doing her best to avoid exposing her legs as she worked them down over her shapely ass. Still in her boots, she stepped out of the panties skillfully, leaving them a heap on the floor. Then she looked at me.

"Bring them to me," I commanded.

She sneered at me before bending down just enough to grab the tiny pink piece of cloth.

"Here," she said, crossing the room towards me and offering me her panties with a look of disgust.

"Thank you," I said, taking hold of the panties and putting them in my pocket.

Her eyes widened.

"Don't worry, I'll return them!" I said.

She was standing in front of me now, a figure of feminine perfection. I took a moment to admire the curve of her breasts as they heaved against her bra. Her breathing was definitely faster than normal.

"Ok," she said, "let's get this over with."


She stood there waiting.

"So what do you want me to do? Bend over or something?"

I chuckled.

"What's so funny?"

"As much as I'd like to see that, we agreed on and over-the-knee spanking, didn't we?"

"I know," she said, "it's just that it's so..."

"So what?"


"But that's part of the fun!"

"For you maybe," she sneered.

"For you too. Maybe," I smiled.

"Fuck you," she spat.

"We'll see about that."

"You already made that joke."

"Sorry. Then I guess we'll have to stop joking around and get on with it."

She sneered at me, sticking out her tongue halfway like a petulant teenager.

"Over my lap."

Slowly, carefully, she walked to my right and then bent gingerly forward, gradually letting her exquisite body balance across my legs. I had an incredible view of her ass, which was, admittedly, still covered by a skirt.

When I reached down to peel it off, she swatted my hands away.

"Can I ask what you're doing?" I asked.

"I thought you were going to spank me, not undress me," she said.

"Yes," I said, "on the bare bottom."

"Alright," she said, reluctantly, "go ahead."

I slowly peeled back her skirt to reveal her shapely bare ass. Pale and pristine, it was simply a marvel to behold. She was truly a beautiful woman.


I let the first blow fall without warning, squarely on her right buttock. Kera let out a sound somewhere between a whimper and a yelp. As I slowly removed my hand from her burning skin, I saw that I'd left a red palm print.


I tried to duplicate my handiwork on the other side.

"Fuck!" she exclaimed, grabbing at me with her right hand while steadying herself against the floor with her left, "that fucking hurt!"

"As well it should have."


Kera squealed as I delivered two more blows to the same two areas, leaving two even redder palm prints on her rear. She was panting now.

"You know what, Kera?" I said, swatting her hands away from her throbbing backside, "I think you're going to enjoy yourself by the time we're done here."

I grabbed her wrists, holding them together in my left hand as I landed two more blows across her backside. She shrieked.


"Kera, if you keep fighting me, I'm going to have to secure your hands."

She kicked her legs in protest, but stopped resisting with her arms.

"Good girl."

I paused for a moment before delivering two more blows in rapid succession, each hard enough to make my palm smart.


"OOOOOWWW!" she moaned, kicking her legs and struggling against me once again.


I followed up with four more blows, equally distributed between her two cheeks, but moving downward from my starting point and approaching the delicious place where her legs met and her well-trimmed pussy was starting to appear.

"FUCK!" she moaned, "GOD DAMN IT!"

Then she began to sob quietly.

"Are we done yet?" she asked between sobs.

"Not yet," I said, massaging her beautiful buttocks, working just to the edge of her pussy before withdrawing my hand once more, "we have to move on to the belt, remember?"

"Do we have to?"

"That was the agreement."

"Couldn't I just," she paused, "couldn't I just do something for you instead?"

"Do something for me?"

"Something else?"


"I could give you a blowjob."

"Give me a blowjob? You mean suck my cock?"

"Yes," she muttered, "if you'll stop spanking me."

"That's a great idea," I said, "the part about the blowjob. But I think before I take you up on it I'm going to finish spanking you."



With the next four blows, I reduced Kera to her blubbering state once again.

But I also noticed something. She was trying to position herself in such a way that her pussy would be more, not less, exposed. Its glistening surface told me I was right.

"You little slut," I said, "you're wet!"

"Fuck you. Don't call me that."

Then I reached a finger between her legs, probing her moist slit.

Her gasp let me know that my intrusion was more than welcome. Her hips bucked backward towards my hand, as if involuntarily.

I probed deeper with one finger, along her slit towards her clitoris, teasing it gently for a moment before withdrawing.

She let out a high-pitched moan.

Then I pressed my right thumb into her, watching her buttocks tense as I found her G-spot.

I massaged it for a few moments before pulling my thumb back out again and running two fingers along her clitoris.

Then, without warning, I started the spanking once more.


This time, her groans were of also of pleasure, not only pain.


I landed another, more gentle stroke, across her exposed vagina, causing her to squeal once more.

"Kera," I said, "are you enjoying this?"


"You're lying to me, Kera."

I moved my hand back towards her pussy, teasing her again with the tips of my fingers.

She began to sigh in pleasure.

"Kera," I said, stopping abruptly, "I think it's time to move on to the next part of our session."

She let out a moan of indignation.

"It's time for me to use my belt, Kera."

I released her arms. Her hand immediately shot to her pussy and she began to rub it furiously. I let her have her way for a few seconds before grabbing both of her arms firmly and stopping her.

"Stop it! Let me go!"

"So you can do what?"

"You know what."

"So you can make yourself cum?"

"Yes, ok?" she was crying again, in frustration at her interrupted pleasure.

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