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Kevin was forty-five, his wife Melissa had been killed in a car accident earlier that year. He still hadn't gotten over her, he couldn't date or meet anyone. His neighbors were supportive, they made him meals, they did household chores, anything he needed. He appreciated it, he didn't know how he would get by without them.

Amanda's mother Mindy was a busy single mom, but she knew Kevin still needed the neighbors to help out. She was raising a teenager, Mandy had just turned eighteen, & working eighteen hour shifts at the hospital four days a week.

Her week was coming up to prepare meals & do chores for Kevin. Since she worked most of the week, she had asked Mandy to heat up her dinner & take half over to Kevin each night. Mandy had agreed, so before her mother left, she said, don't forget to offer to do the dishes & laundry. See if he needs you to help with any chores. Be polite. Yada, Yada, Mandy knew what to do, she had seen her mother do it many times.

Around five, Mandy heated up the tuna casserole & carried the dish to Kevin's. He was sitting in his den, staring at the blank tv when she walked in. Hi Kevin, my mom asked me to bring dinner. She's working tonight. Hope you like tuna casserole.

Kevin turned to her & smiled, not really, but I could buy us a pizza if you'll stay for dinner with me. She smiled, of course. I'll do some of the laundry while I'm here. He showed her where everything went, then went to order pizza.

While waiting for the pizza, they made small talk. Mandy told him about how she had almost finished high school & she was looking for a job with no luck.

He confided in her that he was sick of the neighbor ladies trying to seduce him & that he was glad she was there for a change of pace. He didn't feel up to being chased today. She smiled, glad I could help. He pulled out his yearbook & she sat next to him.

As they looked over all the old photos, she turned her face to him & his lips were almost to hers. Before she knew it, they were making out on the couch, his hands didn't move, but his lips were hungry for her. She was shocked, but didn't pull away.

Just then, the doorbell rang. As he went to answer it, she went to the kitchen for drinks & napkins. When they met back in the den, it seemed like nothing had happened.

As they ate, they talked about thier hobbys & thier dreams. She was aspiring to go to college & become a teacher, he was trying to get his business built back up. He was an aspiring photographer & he wanted to take some photos of her.

She asked what he'd like her to wear, he smiled, I've seen you walk home in your school uniform, I'd like to photograph you in that...He had been nervous about suggesting that, he didn't want her to think he was so horny old man. She just smiled tho, agreeing to bring it over the next day to pose for a while.

The next day all through school, Mandy could only think of Kevin. She had gone over yesterday thinking he was going to be like some creepy old man, but he was actually sophisticated & very sexy. She wondered what he'd look like naked? Mandy didn't know it yet, but she'd find out very soon.

After her mother left for work, Mandy prepared the dinner her mother had left. She packed a small bag with her uniform & her sexiest bra & panty set, it was lacy & partially see-thru & the pantys were thongs.

Mandy had bought it with a gift card her ex had gotten her for Victoria's Secret, but before she ever wore it for him, he had cheated & they's broken up! She wasn't sure why he wanted her to pose in her stuffy old uniform, but she planned to make it look a little sexy.

After she knocked on Kevin's door, she heard his voice say come on in darlin. Make yourself comfortable, I'll go get us some dishes. All throughout the meal, Mandy was nervous. Not afraid nervous, but butterflys in your tummy, first date nervous.

Kevin looked very attractive in his tight wife beater tank top & his jeans hugged his ass. She was very turned on by the site of him, but he was old enough to be her father, she didn't think he'd look at her like that.

However, Kevin was doing just that, Mandy was wearing a jean skirt & a tank top, without a bra! He noticed that as she approached the house. He'd had to excuse himself from answering the door because he had an erection. He didn't want her to see him as a creepy old pervert.

After dinner, he showed her where his studio was, complete with a small walk in dressing area. He excused himself to let her get ready. He went to get his equipment ready while she got her outfit on.

Ten minutes later, the door swung open & she walked out wearing her school uniform, but instead of the normal penny loafers she wore, she had on a pair of black stilletos, making her legs seem so much longer.

He could feel the heat in his crotch, she was amazingly hot. He tried to stay professional, posing her in some very plain poses. Each pose made him want her more & more. She was gorgeous. One pose he had her leaned against a pole, she was jutting her breasts out, the nipples poking through her shirt.

He could imagine tasting each one. She had been flirting & when he looked up to repose her, she was pretending to dance against the pole, he took a few sexy shots of that before she slowly unbuttoned the top few buttons, as she leaned forward, he could clearly see her tits. She had such a nice set, he'd love to bury his head there.

As she laughingly swung around, her skirt pulled up, he could see the thong & her ass cheeks, damn, she was sexy. She turned away & unbuttoned the rest of her top, slowly sliding it off her back to reveal her shoulders first, then she gently dropped it to the ground.

She was wearing a lacy see-thru bra & her skirt & thong & the stillettos. He wanted to fuck her. She was so damn hot, but she was only eighteen. She was young enough to be his child.

He still wanted to fuck her & from the way she was dropping her clothes, she wanted to fuck him too. She lifted her skirt to pose for him, he could see her pussy lips poking out the sides of her thong. He could image running his tongue over them.

Before he could hide his erection, she saw it. She knew he was turned on & she wasn't covering herself. She was removing more clothing, she let her skirt fall to the floor.

She was in her bra & pantys & stillettos. If anything screams fuck me, it's that. She walked over to his desk & perched on the edge of it. She crossed her long legs before resting her hands on her knee, he continued to snap photos.

She reached behind her & unhooked her bra. Her tits bounced out relieved to be free. She has small tits, but very perky & her nipples were hard. She leaned back & posed for him. He couldn't believe this gorgeous young girl was naked for him.

As she stood, she dropped the thong to the floor. She was COMPLETELY naked now, wearing nothing but the stilettos. He could see the glistening of her cunt. He wanted her, BAD! She walked over across the room to him, putting a hand on his cock, she asked, do you want this?

He couldn't say yes fast enough. She squatted down & started to release his cock from it's restraint. As his dick popped out of his pants, she quickly sucked it into her mouth. This fucking tantalizing woman was deep throating his cock.

It had been so long, he hadn't had sex in over a year. The warmth of her throat was making the cum rise in his balls. He had to stop if only to fuck her. Before he could stop her, she stood, lightly pushing him to the chair in the corner. He had used it as a prop, now she was having him lie in it.

As she straddled his erection, he could tell she was as horny as he. She bobbed up & down on his cock. Each thrust deeper & harder than the last. As she settled his cock deep into her, she got into a rhythm that allowed him to suck on her sweet nipples.

She came twice & he thought for sure he was going to fill her with his cum. But moments before he came, she lifted herself off him, swallowed his entire cock & as he pumped her full of his seed, she gulped it down.

When she came up for air, he wanted to repay her. He laid her on the sofa & spread her legs, her cunt was throbbing & he quickly suckled it. With each lick, she moaned a little louder. He wasn't sure she could take much more, but just as he was about to stop. she came for the third time. Wetting his mouth with her stickiness.

After they both got cleaned up, they met in the living room. He patted his leg & she sat on his lap. He whispered into her ear....Want to pose tomorrow? I'll get you a different costume before then. She leaned over to his ear, shoving her tits in his face before saying, Same time?

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