Key To Heidi


Tom Bavauta is the young male model chosen by GQ Magazine to pose in its January issue’s swimwear. Tom’s mom is English and his dad is from Mayapur, India.

Heidi Klum, the supermodel sensation from Germany was plucked as his partner. She is one of those gorgeously tall, buxom models that are in demand for modeling swimwear.

During the shoot in the Bahamas, the exotic-faced Tom had a problem. He would get easily aroused with Heidi during intimate positions. His erection was stealing the scene. A nipple slip can be allowed but an erection would not pass. Nevertheless it was fun, though it took extra hours on the shoot. The director even called someone to bring ice to put into his trunk to get it down.

Finally, the shoot wrapped up and Tom sighed. The staff and crew took to jet skiing, water skiing, and swimming into the captivating sea.

Heidi engaged Tom in a chit chat. She asked him how he got in to the modeling business. He told her that a casting director spotted him waiting up tables at a sidewalk café. From then on a string of jobs came in. He appeared in print ads, a commercial for Gillette on TV, modeled for Cosmopolitan Magazine, did a couple of runways and finally in GQ. It all happened only within less than a year.

He even revealed to her that he got the Sheriff’s daughter pregnant in his hometown in Omaha. His mother had agreed to the mad Sheriff that her son would marry his 17 year old daughter. But that night his mother took out her savings and gave it all to him to let him escape in the early morning bus to LA. His mother believed that the early marriage for him would destroy his future. She told the Sheriff that her son was gone when she woke up leaving a note of good-bye without saying the destination he was going.

Tom now lives in a decent apartment and is saving money for his college education. He wanted to study political science.

That night there was a storm and Heidi couldn’t sleep. She decided to go check if Tom was still awake. She knocked on his door. He opened it looking drop dead gorgeous in a black snuggler. “Sorry to bother you. Are you sleeping already?” Heidi asked.

“I just woke up. I was reading a book,” Tom said.

“Can I come in?” she asked.

“Come on in,” he edged out of the way to let her in. She saw the book ‘The Outline of History’ lying on the bed. “I couldn’t sleep hearing those thunder and lightning,” she said smiling. “I hope I’m not bothering you.”

“None at all. Would you like a drink? I have a bottle of Jack Daniels here”

“Ok, I think I could use a little of that,” she said in her charming way. Tom picked up two glasses and poured the whiskey into them and then he held out one to her. She sipped it slowly and drew a slight whistle. She was wearing a signature robe with shawl collar. Then she sat on the bed and he on the chair.

“What is your next project after this Tom?” Heidi asked.

My agent asked me to audition for this vampire movie in Hollywood.”

“Oh, really, so you want to be an actor?”

“Well, I don’t know. I’m just accepting what’s coming in to me. What about you?”

“Well, a few days rest and we’re off to Rome to do a week show for Victoria’s Secret”

“You travel a lot.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s the way it is for this kind of job.”

“Enjoying it?”


Heidi cast down her eyes on his robe looking for any sign of enlargement like what she encountered on him during the shoot.

“I had fun this morning during our shoot, did you?”

Tom hesitated to answer. He did have fun and embarrassment at the same time. Suddenly his desire gripped him. He walked up to Heidi and touched her hair. Now she had noticed. “You don’t have to answer my question, do you?” She eyed him up and then looked back down at an odd form at the center of his robe.

Heidi loosened his robe and fell slightly open. She almost jerked back when his stiff 8 inch cock was jutting out like a howitzer canon.

Gaining back her cool composure, Heidi was impelled to touch it, by desire and other emotion. She wrapped her hand around Tom’s cock. It felt soft but hard like there was a bone inside when she squeezed it.

HeIdi dropped down on her knees and said, “What’s your favorite song?” She held his cock like she would sing a song in the Karaoke bar.

“Stairway to Heaven,” he answered.

“All right, think I know that. I’ll hum it while I…I’m a frustrated singer…but I’m good at… Heidi’s lips were drawing near Tom’s engorged sex when he lifted her arms, drawing her close to him. Then he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her softly but extensively. Heidi found herself just melting into him, tasting him and loving the sensation. He held her against his tall, lean body. She welcomed his tongue, pulling it deeply into her and teasing it with her own. He was delicious.

Tom’s erection nudging her belly struck like a match, igniting a bonfire of desire in her now tingling nipples and hot pussy. His hands slid behind her back grasping and squeezing the globes of her rear bumper.

Heidi slipped out of her robe, falling on her feet and stepping out of it. She has no underwear. The sight of her statuesque figure, huge tits with teenage nipples and honey brown bush between the top of her legs seemed to make Tom’s hard cock to burst.

He looked into her eyes, perceiving her naked desire. He cleared his throat and murmured to Heidi. "You are so beautiful Heidi. I want to please you. I will do anything you want. You just have to tell me what to do, what you want, and I will do it."

It was the reverse of what she was thinking. She thought Tom would come in strong to her. Now she believed she was going to guide him. So she started pushing his robe off his body. His copper tanned body was motionless except his bopping cock. Her hand took his wrist and led him to bed.

On the bed, Heidi lay on her side settling her full breasts on top of his chest. Tom felt her soft warm skin on his and they tingled to the touch. Their lips fused again tracking down each other’s tongue. His hand touched her breasts and reached to kiss them. Heidi lay on his back and Tom fondled both, weighing and kneading them gently. Heidi groaned as his lips closed in on the nipples. She crossed her leg between his and rubbed it gently on his inner thigh.

“Gosh, you’re a good kisser, where’d you learn how to kiss like that?” Heidi asked.

“From you,” he said.

Heidi lifted herself on hands and knees so that she was over him. Tom continued caressing her breasts, rolling the nipples between his fingertips. Looking into his eyes, then to his rocket. She sighed with intense pleasure as he slid inside her. His hand caressed her back moving to as far as her firm ass. Then he felt her ass moved as she was now engulfing him into her moist warm oven. Her hands were closed to his cheeks and her tongue was dancing with his. It was a slow entry.

Tom felt her velvety warmth enclose him. Heidi whirred into excitement as she began rocking him in her rhythm. Tom wetted his middle finger inside his mouth then entered it into the anus of Heidi as she rode him. Heidi grimaced and yet welcomed it.

Tom let Heidi took control watching her hoisted up and down above him. Her goddess-like face creased into ecstasy and he sensed her impending climax. Tom gasped for breath and tried all his might to hang on because he wanted to stay longer inside Heidi’s warm love pouch for as long as he could. A moment later, her face blushed into rosy pink and contorted into unspeakable definition. She cried out, hearing only a roar in her head as she came.

“That was great,” she said in panting breath leaning forward to him lovingly. Tom noticed that she was basking in the afterglow of her magnificent orgasm.

“You’re still hard,” said Heidi. She knew he had not reach his own orgasm and so she moved down and tasted his pulsating cock. She stroked it and salaciously put it inside her mouth. His eyes closed and tiny murmurs of pleasure escaped his mouth. When Heidi licked and sucked his nutsack while continuously stroking his cock, his legs shuffled a bit and torrents of jisms flew into the air.

Heidi took a pack of cigarette from the pocket of her robe. They smoked and basked into the afterglow of their wonderful sex. Soon they stubbed their cigarettes and Heidi moved to wear her robe back. When Heidi was at the door, Tom kissed her once more and whispered to Heidi how he enjoyed her nocturnal visit. “It’s worth a visit,” said Heidi and they exchanged saying goodnight to each other.

Tom woke up at eight in the morning with a hard erection. He’s used to waking up early although they would be checking out after lunchtime. He put on a shirt and a pair of linen shorts and surfing shoes. Heidi left her room keys in his room and a devilish thought entered his mind.

Tom opened the door of Heidi’s room and sneaked into silently. The morning sun was already filtering through and he could see her sleeping like an angel. The blanket was drawn up to her chest skimming the tender light brown nipples.

Heidi’s face was turned on the other side, her long brown hair sweeping the pillow. Her right hand palm was up, fingers partly closed and knuckles nudging her ear. The other hand was rested below her breasts. Her legs were in the 9:25 position. Tom imagined how Heidi’s pussy would look at that position without the blanket. He wanted to draw down the blanket but he hesitated.

He looked at his watch and it was already past 8 am. The sun was already shining brightly on the sea. There were people on the beach and there were boats cruising to and fro. It was going to be a nice day on the beach and he had time to take a dip before he gets ready for packing up. He left the room quietly and went out to the beach. He did some body stretching on the shore and started to jog. He waved at some people.

After sweating it out for an hour he felt that he was still carrying her keys in the pocket of his shorts. So he ran to her room and knocked. The door opened and Heidi was wearing an unbuttoned pj shirt, so her hand was clutching the middle to hide her nudity.

“You left your keys last night,” Tom said.

“I know. So when I woke up I went to your room but you weren’t around,” she said.

“You are sweating. Want to take a shower with me?”

Tom stared at her body. Heidi wrapped her hands around his neck and drew him close to her lips. Tom’s foot closed the door. Heidi drew her body close to him and his hands groped her butt underneath the shirt and squeezed them. Heidi felt his woody against her stomach.

Tom wasted no time and bundled Heidi’s body into his hands carrying her to bed. He quickly stripped his clothing and was immediately on top of her kissing her wildly and not as gentle as last night. His kisses left a hot trail on every part of her skin he had passed until Heidi shrieked in silence as his tongue plundered her inflamed pussy. She could hear his tongue building up an intense pleasure within her. When she was about to explode, Tom entered her and fucked her hungrily. Heidi clawed his back as her orgasm build up to its peak. When Tom felt her pussy tensed around his pounding cock he pressed deeply and grounded her pussy flesh for all its worth. Her legs almost clamped him in viselike grip when she exploded. When he saw her face crying out in ecstasy he was ardent of his motion as he approach orgasm. He quickly announced it and asked whether he would shoot inside or out. “Get it all inside me” Heidi said in a frenzied tone of excitement. Tom shuddered and his hot bouillon surged and flooded her love tunnel to the brim. Heidi’s pussy began its terrific suctioning and Tom could feel his cock pulsate inside as it was drained to the hilt.

When Tom rolled out of Heidi’s top, her pussy looked like it drank milk; it was frothing and bubbling. “Milk is good for breakfast,” Tom said grinning. “Let’s shower and then drink milk,” Heidi said basking once more in that wonderful afterglow.

* * * *

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