I was a third year college student; I was on my way home. I was using the back way home because it had less traffic and I taking my time. My car broke down; a navy blue van stops and a nice gentleman asks if he can help. We are standing by the car when I felt a sharp pain in my ass. He has given me a shot; I try to run but my feet will not move. Handcuffs go on my wrist and a mask being place over my face. The mask has a piece to hold my mouth open. I am put in the van and I cannot hear anything. This mask has earmuffs in it; I am mute, blind and deaf. I can feel the left and right turns of the van; the van pulls to a stop. He picks me up like a sack of potatoes and takes into a building, or a house. I feel a exam table .

He removes my handcuffs. The metal clamps go on my wrists. My body is his; he cuts my clothes off with a small sharp knife. My socks and boots are the only things left on my body. He puts vibrating clamps on my nipples; piercing needles going into each nipple at the same time. Nipples rings are in me now. Hot metal hits my skin; "THAT SON OF A BITCH " has branded me. A horse at prize show is want I feel like. He shaves my hold body; I am given a bath. This is turning me on; what is wrong with me.

This bastard put a hose in my ass; warm water is being pushed in. He is washing me out. Needles go into each nipple. My breasts are feeling like they have milk in them. I am alone for hours, or minutes. Then I feel hands on me. I am being checked out; a mouth locks on my tender nipple. Milk is being feed to this person; the person stops. The table turns me face down; the table comes apart. It feels like I am on an X. My legs are pulled apart; Fingers are push in both holes at the same time. I am being finger fuck in my ass and my belly. They at first, fuck me slowly. They stop with each moan.

I am beginning to feel my first orgasm. I am a virgin in both places. They like this fact. They start and stop on clue. This goes on for what feels like hours. They leave the room and I feel like I am going to die. They do not let me release. My socks and boots removed and I feel hot water all over. I am in a tub or that is what I think it is. Ice is put into the water. I am left there in the ice water. Hours later I feel hands washing they and me put cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I am not on the table anymore.

I am lifted from the tub and placed on what feels like a bed. This bed has clips for the cuffs and I am spread eagled on it. A tube is placed in my mouth; liquid flows down it. I have to drink it as fast as I can. This liquid makes me sleepy. I wake up to someone painting my body;

I feel the cold liquid all over me. My nipples react to the cold. A mouth is eased on my left nipple and begins to arouse me in many ways. I receive the treatment on all parts of my body. Smells from the paints are strawberries, bananas, and pineapples, chocolate, and vanilla; I feel like a banana split with the works. I wish I knew what was going to happen next? I am I a desert for a dinner party?

I am being taught what they wish of a sex-slave. Are they are saving my virgin pussy for someone or something special. I feel a needle going in my arm. I knew it is a drug to make me ready for what comes next. My body is burning with a fire but this fire is desire. My next lesson begins; I feel ice being packed around me. My body reacts to the cold. An ice dick is placed in my wet pussy ;Ice is placed on my nipples and taped there. An ice butt plug is pushed in hard. What is going to happen next?

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Lacks erotism

I am sorry, but when I started reading this I thought I would read something about at least the character kidnapped. This reads just like a series of events which does not lead to real stimulation butmore...

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