Sarah was employed as a personal secretary to one of the directors of a London finance company. She really enjoyed her job and her boss was good to her. So good in fact that they frequently slept together. She was indeed a very "personal" secretary!

Sarah was waiting in the arrivals hall at Heathrow. Her boss had been called abroad on business and he had phoned to ask her to collect a couple of Arab business men. They were employed by a very wealthy oil Sheikh in one of the Gulf States and were very important customers.

She took the two men back to Mike's apartment and made them coffee. They had said little to her but seemed pleasant enough. Nevertheless she could not help feeling apprehensive in their presence.

Then they suddenly asked her if she would like to go back to the Gulf with them to meet the Sheikh. Sarah was dumbfounded at this suggestion and explained that she had work to do here.

That doesn't matter said one of them because this had been suggested to her boss and he had told them that she should take a break and go with them for a short holiday.

Sarah thanked them for the offer but said that she had far too much to do. Then she excused herself and went upstairs to freshen up and change her dress. As she was pulling the dress over her head she heard the door open and the two men came in.

They quickly overpowered her and threw her on to the bed. One of them sat astride her as the other held her arms. A sweet smelling pad was put to her face.

The next that Sarah knew was that she regained consciousness and gradually took stock of her situation. She realised that she was in an aircraft and was lying in a luxury bed. All she had on were her panties and then remembered that she had been overpowered by the two Arabs.

A girl came into the cabin and sat down on the bed. "You have been chosen," said the girl!

"Whatever do you mean," said Sarah and what on earth am I doing lying almost naked in this sumptuous bed in an airliner?"

The girl, who said her name was Fatima and who also said that she was Egyptian, explained that Sarah was being taken back to the house of a wealthy oil sheikh in the Arabian Gulf and this was his private jet. She explained that the Sheikh was very, very rich and had demanded that she was brought to him.

"You cannot be serious," gasped Sarah. "We are living in the 21st century and I am an independent English girl and I demand to be returned home immediately."

Fatima just smiled. "You really don't understand," she said patiently – "what the Sheikh says will happen, will happen. Oh, and it was me who undressed you and not those two men," she said with a broad smile.

Fatima also said that they had just flown in from New York before stopping at Heathrow. An American teenager had been returned to her home. She had been captured by the Sheikh's henchmen just as Sarah had been and she didn't want to go back home!

"Why ever not," exclaimed Sarah?

"You will see, little white girl, you will see. He just loves white girls!"

She felt her ears popping and knew that they would soon be landing. She dressed just in time because the two Arabs put in an appearance. They asked her if she would be quiet when she left the plane and she told them in no uncertain terms that she would be screaming her head off! Without further ado they gripped her arms and once more she was unable to resist as that pad was placed over her mouth.

Again Sarah regained consciousness and this time found herself in a room on her own. It was a comfortable enough room and nicely furnished but when she went to open the door she found that it was firmly locked. The sound of her trying the door brought an older woman into the room. Sarah had by now remembered the predicament she was in and although she was frightened she was in no mood to mince words with this woman.

However, the woman told her that she was a very lucky young girl and had been selected for the Sheikh's harem.

"The Sheikh's what," exclaimed a horrified Sarah? "Surely harems don't exist in this day and age?"

"Oh, but they do here," said the woman, "and you must learn to be obedient."

Sarah looked at a picture on the wall. It was of an old man and she was told that this was the Sheikh. "Oh, that was taken some time ago," explained the woman. "He is much older now," Sarah shuddered and wondered just what her fate was to be.

"You will come now and meet the other girls," said the woman. So it was right! There is a harem and I am to be a harem girl thought Sarah. There were about 12 girls of different nationalities sitting around a very smart indoor swimming pool. All of them seemed to be in their late teens. They surrounded the Sheikh's latest victim and all began to talk at once.

"How lucky you are," they said.

"I am certainly not lucky," said Sarah and they all laughed at that. She was amazed to see that without exception they were all dressed in the traditional diaphanous baggy pantaloons and see-through blouses that Sarah had seen pictures of.

The older woman, who the other girls addressed as Mistress, left Sarah to mix with the other girls and be told what was expected of her.

"Nothing will happen at first," one of them said. "You will have tests to prove that you are pure and have no diseases," said another. "And you will be put on the pill immediately." They all laughed at this.

There appeared to be no immediate escape and Sarah resigned herself to be bathed by the girls and they dressed her in the traditional harem clothes. She wore exquisite perfume.

Sarah at 22 was probably a couple of years older than the average age of the harem girls. She was no virgin and in fact was virtually the mistress of her boss back in London. Apart from that she was relatively inexperienced.

"Only the finest French perfume," said one of them. Wonderful pearl necklaces and gold bracelets were shown to her and she thought to herself, "why not," and chose some of the beautiful jewellery. As they pampered her and whispered to themselves Sarah was saying to herself, "I really believe I could live with this." Then she remembered all that she had left behind and once again felt extremely annoyed and not a little worried.

A beautiful young girl, who turned out to be Indian, entered the room. She had lovely long black hair and her dark eyes flashed as she told the others what had just happened to her.

"But the Sheikh is so old," said Sarah, who was horrified that this beautiful young Indian girl should have been subjected to his advances.

"We haven't told her," said the girls.

"Told me what," said Sarah?

"OK", they said, "its like this." "The Sheikh has six sons and they are all very handsome." "And very sexy," said one of them, amid more laughter. "The Sheikh is harmless enough now but he has had hundreds of girls in his time and he wants his sons to have the same experiences."

"That's why he retains this traditional harem and you are so lucky to be chosen."

Sarah protested again at this but she could feel herself becoming aroused at the thought of what was going to happen to her! Six young princes! During the next five days Sarah had no option but to laze around the pool and have the others dress her and she dressed them. She was told that she should have no pubic hair and had to subject herself to a couple of the girls as they shaved her pussy. It was a very erotic atmosphere.

She had caught sight of nearly all the sons when they entered the harem to chose a girl but, apart from eying her up an down, had said nothing at all to her. All the girls who were summoned by the Princes seemed excited and eager to go with them.

Still she had not been called and she wondered why. The Harem Mistress explained that one of the sons was out of the Country and they would all wait until he came back.

Sarah didn't follow the reason for this until it was explained to her that when a girl is first "invited" to the Prince's quarters all the Princes must be there to sample their new harem girl!

Again she was horrified to think that she was going to be gang-banged by six men!

Then her time came. Two of the Princes entered the room at the same time and beckoned her to her. She tossed her head in the air and refused to go to them like an obedient little dog. Sarah then saw them talking to the Harem Mistress and then they left.

"They know that most Western girls are indignant at first," said the Mistress, "but they have ways and means."

"They are going to rape me," said Sarah.

"Certainly not," said the woman, "but you must obey their wishes and go to the bedchamber."

Sarah knew that it was dangerous to defy these all-powerful Royal Princes. The girls had told her that years ago when a girl had been defiant, the Sheikh would have first given her to the officers for them to pleasure themselves with and then sent her to one of the army barracks where she would become a "comfort girl". In other words she would become a prostitute and have to have sex with any or all of the soldiers in return for food and shelter.

"I have been instructed to dress you in western dress," said the Harem Mistress. "The Prince's enjoy undressing western girls," she said with a laugh!

Sarah was stripped naked by eager hands and was soon dressed in very expensive Italian underwear and a lovely Saatchi dress. They dabbed some of the most expensive and sexy perfume behind her ears and she was made to wear a gold ankle bracelet. They explained that the ankle bracelet was a sort of badge of office! It said, "I am a harem girl."

The last words spoken by the Harem Mistress was to be sure and call each of them "Your Highness". She had no option but to be shown to a room next to the bedchamber where two of the princes introduced themselves.

"We know that you are a proud western girl," said one of them, "and therefore we will not insist that you call us by our royal title. "However, you must show respect or the consequences will be severe for you."

"I should tell you, she said, that I am not afraid of you and you must not harm me."

They smiled at this. "We were all educated in England," said one of them, "and therefore we understand western customs and make allowances for you. But please remember that you are now in our country and must obey our conventions."

"But you have kidnapped me," protested Sarah.

"We will not do anything to you that you do not approve of," they said.

She was invited to sit down. "Would you like a drink?" Thinking that her best approach might be to humour them, Sarah said, "Scotch on the rocks if you please." They talked with her and were pleasant enough. Time went by and Sarah had just one more Scotch on the rocks.

What was their game, she thought? I do believe they are going to leave me alone. One of the Prince's handed her the drink and lightly ran his hands down her body after he had done so. Strangely Sarah enjoyed this and they could see that she was becoming more amenable.

Her dress was low cut and despite herself, she began to flaunt her body. She leaned forward and they were offered a view of the contours of her breasts in the lacy bra.

"Do you like the dress you have on," said one of them?

"Its very beautiful," she said.

"And a very exclusive Saatchi dress," said the other with a smile. She was invited to come and sit between them on the couch they were sitting on.

"That's better said one of them. "You need not be afraid of us," and lightly squeezed her thigh. "Your breasts are just straining against that dress and you look divine," said one of them.

Strangely Sarah just thanked him for the compliment instead of being embarrassed that he should talk about her breasts so openly.

Sarah was beginning to feel very aroused indeed and the fact that she was entirely at the mercy of these handsome men was simply adding to her state of arousal. She noticed her anklet bracelet and started to realise that she was indeed their young white "slave girl".

"Stand up and give us a whirl," said one of them in a commanding voice.

Sarah had become intoxicated by the erotic situation she found herself in and obediently obeyed her master. She rose and the dress swirled around her nice legs as she pirouetted and teasingly gave them a view of a pair of nylon-clad thighs. Sarah was now enjoying herself and spun around again so that this time her dress swirled above her waist and she treated them to a full view of her voluptuous bottom clad in silken panties.

Then she became giddy and one of them caught her before she fell. She now lay across both their laps and she was kissed by one of them. Despite herself, Sarah had returned his kiss by opening her mouth in a very sexual way and surrendered to the sensuality of it.

She felt the hand of the other Prince slide up her thigh and soon it was under her panties and skilfully playing with her. With a desperate attempt to defy them she struggled up to a sitting position and pulled his hand away.

It had dawned on her by now that she had been out-manoeuvred. She realised that the drinks that she had naively accepted contained a powerful sexual stimulant. She remained entirely in control of her senses and was not confused in any way but the drug was making her hopelessly aroused.

Both the girls and the Princes had insisted that, "nothing would happen to her that she did not approve of" and now she knew why they had said that. She knew that she was eagerly anticipating what was about to happen instead dreading it.

Sarah's hair was in a ponytail and one of the men released the band. She stood up and shook her long blonde hair until it fell about her shoulders. Sarah had surrendered to the highly erotically charged atmosphere and this was her surrender flag.

Then they took her by the hand quite gently to another room which contained the most enormous bed. The two handsome Princes found absolutely no resistance as they undressed her. She held on to one of them with her eyes closed and shivered with sexual excitement as her dress was slipped of and her bra unfastened. Her panties were pulled down around her ankles for her to step out of. She was laid on the bed and they both stripped.

They were swarthy and powerfully built men. Sarah needed no encouragement as she held the penis of one of them and began to masturbate him. She gasped as his erection grew until she was unable to put her hand completely around it.

Constant practise had made the princes skilled in the art of lovemaking and Sarah knew that she was about to be taken by professionals. By now the drug and the situation she found herself in had made her aroused as never before.

One of them knelt in an upright position between her legs. Then he held her ankles to pull her legs wide apart and lift them in an enormous V. He skilfully slid her to him and impaled her on to his rock hard erection. She was now wild with sexual excitement as he proceeded to fuck her fast and furious. She climaxed almost immediately and he released her into the tender care of his equally hunky brother.

Once more Sarah was mercilessly fucked and once more she achieved a massive orgasm. The four other princes had all now arrived and she was passed from one to the other. They were experts in the various methods and positions of the Khama Sutra and Sarah lost count of the number of times that she climaxed.

Each time she was made to cum she would be passed to another brother who would take her in another position and touch her in ways that she had never before experienced. The drug that she had been given seemed to be gaining in its effect all the time and she had long forgotten that she had intended to defend her virtue! The Princes mercilessly gave her thrill after thrill and Sarah was having the time of her life.

That night when she had eventually exhausted all of them she lay between the two Princes who had first summoned her.

In the morning they chatted to her as if nothing had happened and told her what life for a harem girl would have been like in their Grandfather's time. She was told that a new girl would be instructed by the other girls to be totally submissive. She would slide under the covers from the foot of the bed and starting with the feet she would kiss her master all the way up his body. She would suck him off until he ordered her to stop.

It was essential that she make her master aroused as quickly as possible because only in that way could she remain in his harem. Failure to please meant that the girl would be given to the guards for them to play with as they pleased before being sent back to her family.

All these erotic tales of the past had made Sarah aroused once more and they took turns to fuck her again before letting her go. Any effect that the strange potion had wore off long ago but now she was just eager to have wild sex with them. They were so good at it.

A robe was brought up by the Harem Mistress and she donned that before returning to the harem and being confronted by the other girls.

"What was it like," "What was it like?" they asked, knowing full well that they had all had the same experience. "We told you that you are a lucky girl," they laughed. This time Sarah had to agree!

She told them that she felt ashamed that she had so willingly submitted herself to the Princes but the girls explained that the drug was known only by the Royal Family and it was impossible to fight the effects of it.

The beautiful young Indian girl was a popular choice with the Princes and the next day she was summoned again.

"Come with us Sarah," said two of the girls and Sarah went with them to a room adjoining the royal bedroom where the young Indian girl was. Gloria peered through a special secret viewing port which had probably been installed many years ago.

"They haven't given her that drug said Sarah." "You don't have to have it," they reminded Sarah, laughing. "But I know Ayesha always asks for it," said one of them and they probably sent it to her earlier this morning.

She was about to be "entertained" by three of the Princes. Certainly the little Indian girl was clearly highly sexed because as they undressed her she whispered something to one of the Princes. He put one hand on her bottom and the other hand felt her pussy and skilfully massaged her. She held him tightly as her body convulsed in the throws of a violent orgasm.

Sarah couldn't help playing with herself as she witnessed the unfolding gang-bang. Oh when would it be her turn again?

When Ayesha returned to the harem they told her that they had seen all that was done to her. She was not the slightest embarrassed.

"Perhaps they will call for me again this afternoon," she said hopefully?

The Harem Mistress summoned Sarah the next morning early and said that she was to accompany two of the Princes to their hunting lodge for the weekend. She chose from the extensive wardrobe that was available to her and hoped that the Princes who had invited her would approve of her choice.

When the Range Rover called for her she sat between the two who had summoned her the other evening. This time the atmosphere was relaxed from the start and they all laughed and joked. Sarah had put all reservations behind her and was out to enjoy herself. She was, after all a highly sexed girl and the whole atmosphere was charged with eroticism.

The Prince who was driving told her that they had been in touch with her Company headquarters in London and spoken to her boss. He sent a message saying that he was glad that Sarah had "accepted their invitation" to go with them and knew they would give her a good time! He was not expected to arrive back in London for another fortnight and so she might as well stay on if she wished to.

"Accepted their invitation" indeed. She had been kidnapped!

So, she was being told that she could go home when she chose but could stay another fourteen days if she wished. Sarah was reassured by this and thought to herself, "what the hell – I might as well make the most of it." The Prince who was a passenger kissed her full on the lips and slid his hand under her skirt. She dutifully opened her legs.

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