Kidnapped Couple


Dee sat next to her husband Tom in the dim light of the plane, their hands were cuffed in front of them and fastened to a steel bar running down the length of seats. Dee did not remember much from the night before when they encountered a group of men with guns who forced them into a van and injected them with something that made them sleep.

They were on their way to Nevada on a lonely section of interstate when the van pulled in front of them and forced them off the road. Tom had lost his job in New York due to cutbacks and they were moving to Nevada to get a fresh new start.

Dee and Tom had been married for three years and were eager to start a family but for financial reasons they were holding back from starting a new family until Tom started a new job.

Dee was twenty-six with long red hair and although she was 5'6" tall and large bust size, she considered herself petite because of the small frame of her body.

Tom was not any larger from his wife's size at only 5'6" tall and had a small frame himself for a man. He was two years older than his wife was and many people thought they were sister and brother because they both had red hair.

The plane landed and two men unlocked the cuffs from the steel bar of the plane than placed a different pair on the couple which were black and padded but just as strong as the other pair, it not more so.

The men placed another pair of shackles around their ankles with a small bar in the center, which would make it difficult to walk. The couple followed the direction of the men, hobbled out of the plane, and helped down the stairs.

Dee looked around at her surroundings and noticed there were tropical plants along the walkway, which at least gave her a clue they were somewhere warm. She followed right behind her husbands steps as they walked into a large building.

From the outside, the building looked like a warehouse but once inside they noticed an entirely different appearance. Dee was following her husband down a hallway when one of the men held his arm out in front of her causing her to stop.

She watched as her husband Tom disappeared down the hallway as the man lead her into a room and shut the door. Dee was frightened now because she had been with her husband the entire time up until that moment.

There was a padded chair sitting in the center of the room as the man pointed for her to set down. The man leaned down, took the ankle cuffs off her legs than stood up, and unlocked the cuffs on her hands.

Dee sat in the chair watching the man with the gun as he said. "Don't try to run, the doors are all locked. Wait here and there will be someone here to talk to you soon."

Dee was too afraid to move as she sat in the chair with her hands on her knees wondering what they were planning to do with her and Tom.

The room was completely silent as if it were sound proof when someone began to speak from an intercom and said. "I want to welcome you here and I want to assure you that no harm will come to you or your husband as long as we have your full cooperation."

Dee glanced around the room and saw what looked like a two way mirror on one wall than the sound of something loud behind her which startled her as she noticed a metal box and been placed on the floor next to the door.

The voice appeared on the speaker again and said. "Please cooperate and place all of your clothing inside that metal box."

Dee stood starring at the metal box and glanced toward the mirror with a frightened and confused expression on her face.

Dee just stood there a few seconds more when the voice firmly said. "Please remove your clothing now if you don't want any harm to become of your husband."

Dee's body was trembling as she pulled the sweater over her head and unfastened her jeans and let them slid to the floor. She had to slide her tennis shoes off in order to pull the jeans from around her feet.

Dee placed those articles inside the metal box on the floor and glanced back at the mirror knowing that someone was watching every move she made which made her even more afraid.

The voice came on again and said. "Please relax your not going to be harmed. Please continue with the remaining items."

Tears began to form in Dee's eyes as she slowly slid her bra straps off her shoulders, reached around her back, and unsnapped the hooks. Dee kept her hands on her bra for a few seconds more trying to postpone exposing herself to who ever was watching behind the mirror.

Dee kept one arm covered over her bra as she tugged her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She reached down, picked them up, and placed them in the metal box followed by her bra, as she stood in the room naked with her back toward the mirror.

The only choice she had was to keep one arm across her tits and her other hand covered her pussy as she stood facing the wall in front of her as the voice came on again and said. "Now place the gold necklace and the rings in the box with the other items."

Dee started to cry as she replied to the voice and said. "My husband bought me the necklace for my birthday and these are my engagement ring and wedding band."

The voice firmly responded and said. "Place the remaining items in the metal box and your husband will not be harmed."

Dee cried as she unhooked the necklace from the back of her neck and placed it inside the box than took her right hand and began to slid her rings of her left hand and gently placed them on top of her clothing

Once the items were safely inside the box, the voice came on again and said. "Please return back to the chair and set down."

She walked backwards until she reached the chair and sat down keeping her breasts covered and waited for the next instructions. Suddenly the lights went out than a loud bang filled the room that terrified Dee as she sat trembling in the chair.

Several minutes passed as Dee sat in the darkness wondering what was going to happen to her next when just abruptly as before, a loud bang filled the room and several seconds passed when the lights came back on.

Another metal box was setting on the floor in front of Dee as she wondered what they were going to have her do next.

Dee soon got an answer to her thoughts as the voice reappeared and said. "Walk over to the box and take the garments that are inside and walk back and take your seat in the chair."

She walked over toward the box keeping her breasts covered as much as she could and reached inside and took out a small plastic bag and walked back to her seat and sat down. Just as she sat in the chair, the lights went out again and stayed out for several minutes until a spot light came on above her head.

The spot light illuminated the area around the chair, which left the remaining area of the room in darkness. Dee decided to open the bag and see what was inside when the voice appeared and said. "Good. You are cooperating just fine and if you continue to do as you're told your husband will suffer no harm."

Dee responded with a trembling voice and said. "Please don't hurt my husband."

The voice responded and said. "That will depend on your further cooperation with us; now please get dressed in the articles we have provided for you."

Dee reached inside the bag, removed a pair of high heel shoes in the color red, and noticed immediately that they had given her the size shoe she took. The heels must have been six inches long and had a strap that would circle high above her ankles.

She than pulled out a red bra and examined it noticing that it wasn't a typical bra at all but only designed to hold up a woman's breasts as if to display them. She slipped the garment on, hooked the little tabs, put her arms through the straps, and tried to pull it in place.

Being under-wired and only enough material to cover the bottom portion of her breasts leaving her nipples completely exposed. The other factor she noticed was it enhanced her cleavage to the fullest.

Dee leaned over, slipped each heel on her feet, buckled the small buckles in place, and sat as she reached in the bag to see what else they wanted her to wear.

She pulled out a pair of red satin low rider short sand slipped them up her legs, and stood up while she tugged the material over her hips and tried to adjust the material to cover her ass but the were designed to reveal as much flesh as possible.

The bag was empty and Dee had hoped there was something else she could put on over the bra as she sat with her hands still covering the top portions of her breasts.

Suddenly the spotlight went out and the room was very black again and stayed that way for a few seconds until she heard a door open behind her. Light filled the room from the doorway as the voice appeared again and said. "Get up and follow the hallway down to the end and you will se a door on the right. Walk inside that room and wait there for your next instructions."

Dee stood catching her balance in the high heels and walked down the hall toward the room the voice mentioned. Dee opened the door, walked inside, and found a room that resembled a small apartment.

She stood near the doorway looking around the room and noticed that everything in the room was white including the carpet. A television, which was also white, and a small kitchen with white cabinets and a bright red counter top which matched her shorts, bra, and heels.

Dee walked toward the center of the room, glanced around when she heard the door shut, and could hear it being locked from the outside. Suddenly, they same voice came over a speaker in the room and said. "Please make yourself comfortable and look around your new home."

Dee interrupted the voice and said. "Where is my husband and is he all right?"

The voice quickly replied. "Your husband will be fine as long as we have your cooperation. Now make yourself comfortable and look around your new home."

Dee replied again raising her voice this time and said. "Where is he now and when can I see him?"

The voice replied. "Your questions concerning your husband will be answered shortly. As long as you cooperate and do exactly what you are told than there will be no harm done to him."

Dee was getting frustrated and wanted some answers concerning her husband and hollered out several times repeat ally asking when she could see him but the voice never replied as Dee started to cry again.

After crying for several minutes, Dee walked around the apartment looking for a way out but soon found that everything looked normal except there were no windows. She did see another two-way mirror on the wall and had to assume that someone was watching her at that very moment.

She figured she might as well explore around and walked toward the back and found the bedroom. Dee found the bedroom decorated in white just like the other rooms except a few red highlights, which also matched her attire. The bed was a king sized bed and had mirrors above on the ceiling.

There was a window along one wall about ten feet long and four feet high with curtains on the other side blocking any view. Dee figured it must be another room on the other side and wondered what its intention was.

There was a large bathroom with a heart shaped sunken tub and completely stocked with bath oils and perfumes and lotions. Everything in the bathroom was white except for the tub, which was also a bright red.

Dee walked back into the bedroom, noticed another doorway toward the back of the room, walked over, and opened the door. Dee was completely surprised to find a complete gym with everything from a treadmill, weights, bike, and anything imaginable for a person to stay fit.

She walked back into the bedroom and continued to look around and saw another television and within a few seconds, an image appeared on the screen. It was a woman explaining how important good nutrition was to stay healthy and active.

The woman was Spanish and very attractive as she continued her speech about eating a healthy diet and how excursive played an important to stay sexually active.

After listening to the woman make her speech, Dee decided to check out the kitchen to see if there was any food in the refrigerator or cabinets. What Dee found was a fully stocked kitchen complete with anything imaginable including health conscience foods.

Dee walked back into the bedroom, opened the closet, and found several pair of heels just like the pair she was wearing and opened the drawers and found bras and shorts just as she was wearing as well.

Dee was tired and hungry but was not in the mod to do either because all she could think about was her husband. She wondered if he was fine and when she was going to be able to see him again.

Dee sat on the bed and noticed that the room next door was not dark any longer. She could see light behind the curtain and wondered what was going on. All of a sudden, the curtain started to open exposing the room next door and Dee saw that it was an identical room like her own with all of the same furniture and everything was in white like her own bedroom.

Dee saw someone lying on the bed, it appeared to be a man, and when she looked closer, she could see it was Tom and she felt so relieved knowing he was not hurt. Dee kept starring at her husband on the bed and he appeared to be asleep and noticed that the only thing he was wearing was a red thong and nothing else.

Dee saw a woman enter the bedroom, remembered her from the television talking about nutrition, and watched her walk toward the bed where her husband was lying.

Tom raised his head slightly off the pillow but looked very groggy and laid back down as the woman opened a small case she brought into the room and took out a needle and injected something into Tom's arm.

Dee watched as the woman gave Tom several more shots in his arm and than gave him one last shot in his thigh. Dee hit on the glass but it did not do any good because it was so thick and it looked like another glass on the other side of where the curtain traveled making it almost impossible to hear anything in either room.

Dee heard the voice again as the curtain began to close again and this time it was the woman from the other room as she said. "Your husband has been given something to make him sleep and you will be able to see him in the morning."

Within seconds, the curtain had closed and the bedroom lights began to dim automatically and the woman on the speaker stopped talking.

Dee lay on the bed knowing her husband was just on the other side of the glass, leaned up, took off her heels, took of the bra, got under the covers, and laid there wondering what there captors had in store for them for the next day.

Dee had no concept of the time of day or what day it was as she laid there in bed and cried herself to sleep.

Dee woke up the next morning, at least she thought it was the next morning because she had no idea what time it was and when she looked around the room she noticed, the curtain was open in the window.

She immediately sat up in bed looking for her husband and saw him standing next to the glass waiting for her to wake up. She ran over the glass, put her hands on it, and tried to speak to him but he could not hear anything she was saying and she could not hear him.

The only thing she could do was move her lips so Tom could see what she was saying and said. "I love you."

Tom responded with the same words when the same woman walked into the room and put her hand on Tom's shoulder and was saying something to him. Dee noticed Tom still had on the red thongs and the woman had a satin red robe in her hand and seemed to be telling Tom to put it on.

Dee watched as Tom put on the robe and adjusted it as he listened to the woman speak. She was now pointing at Dee and making other gestures with her hands as Tom stood listening.

The next thing Dee saw was Tom coming up next to the window as the woman watched and waived to her as he worded the word's "I love you."

The curtain started to close again as Dee returned the gesture and put her hands on the glass until the curtain was fully shut again.

The television came on and the same woman appeared who was with Tom and stated to speak.

Dee watched as the woman began her speech as she said. "Good morning Dee. As you can see, your husband is fine and you will be able to see him at times of our choice. As long as you cooperate with us, he will remain in good health and you will be able to see him occasionally. However, remember that your full cooperation depends on his safety and good health."

Dee sat on the bed as the woman continued. "Today is the start of a new life for you and you will be introduced to your new partner who will serve as your trainer, dietitian, protector, and companion."

Dee watched the woman speak with a confused expression as the woman highlighted her words and said. "Let me clarify the words protector and companion for you. You must insure for your safety, not to be afraid of your new partner because he is there to protect you from any harm and will guide you each day into a new journey. "

Dee swallowed hard as she thought about the words this woman was telling her as she continued to speak. "Most important to you will be companionship which your partner will provide you with and understand, caring, attentive, and will help guide you through your new life."

Dee was listening to the woman speak of her new life wondering how long this was going to last and when were they going to release herself and Tom as the woman's voice got louder and more affirmative.

The camera paned in for a close-up of the woman's face as she continued her speech and said. "Remember what I told you about your husband's safety and good health and I want to insure you that your full cooperation with your new partner depends on whether he remains in that condition."

Dee swallowed hard again as the woman spoke. "Dee, I want you to take this time to dress in the articles that were given to you and make yourself appropriate to meet your new partner. First, you can take a bath using the bath oils supplied to you and we encourage you to use the perfumes. There are other toiletries at your disposal and expect you to keep good hygiene practices."

Dee stood up as the woman finished speaking and said. "Remember that doing these things will always ensure your husband's safety. Now go and get yourself ready, there isn't much time."

Dee did not have much choice in the matter and had not showered since the day of their ordeal and hurried into the bathroom and turned on the water while she went pee. Once she had taken her bath and found a shaver for her legs and combed her long red hair once it was dry, she sat on the edge of the bed trying to figure out how she was going to dress for a visitor when all she was given was the brief clothing she received the day before.

Dee slipped on the satin shorts, put on her bra, and began to buckle the straps on her heels when the television came on with the woman again. The woman seemed live this time and not on tap as the previous times as she said. "Dee, I see that you are cooperating for us like you were told and we want to congratulate you on a positive response and you will be rewarded each time you follow our directions."

Dee starred back at the woman on the television and replied. "What else can I wear besides this bra if I'm going to have a visitor here?"

The woman responded and said. "Dee, you are dressed appropriately to meet your new partner and now I want to give you some tips and strong advice on how you should react with him because I want you to remember about cooperating and the final outcome on how it will effect your husband's well being."

Dee began to look nervous as she listened to the woman speak and her thoughts drifted toward Tom and wondering what he was doing at that moment.

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