tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKidnapped in Africa Ch. 1

Kidnapped in Africa Ch. 1


Our vacation in Zimbabwe had been wonderful so far, but as so often in life what you see is an illusion. My niece, Jessica and my husband had joined me in a trip to Africa to do a once in a lifetime adventure. My niece is almost a spitting image of me except that she is 7" shorter than my 5'9 and 13 years younger than my 33 years. Her figure is a smaller version of my 35b-26-35 and we both have shoulder length brunette hair. She is a student at the local university majoring in accounting and never seems to lack for dates.

My name is Lynn and I teach high school. No kids yet although my husband and I are trying to conceive. I'm athletic, played basketball in high school and still work out on a regular basis. The trip had been fun, but that was about to change.

As my husband drove toward the game park for a day of big game watching, we saw a police roadblock ahead and it appeared that several of the officers were searching cars. When it was our turn they asked us to get out of the car and allow them to search it. Since this had happened before we didn't mind them doing it. What we didn't know was that about 50 feet away a man was studying Jessica and I through a pair of field glasses. He swept the view over our figures and nodded to another man.

Bedlam broke out as one of the searchers shouted and held up a bag of white powder. Suddenly I felt hands grab my wrists, twisting my arms behind my back as they quickly tied my wrists together. I was pushed toward a waiting van and forced into the back seat. I was pushed over against a grotesquely fat man as another one got in after me so that I was wedged between the two.

Jessica was forced in the middle seat between two more men. When the door was shut the van sped off. I realized suddenly that my husband was not with us and I frantically looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of him being put into another car. I relaxed a little, fully expecting that the car containing John would follow us. After several minutes the van turned onto a long paved driveway, which is unusual in Zimbabwe.

I asked where they were taking us and the reply in broken English was "To the station". I didn't exactly buy that and in my sternest voice, even though I was scared to death, I managed to tell him that I was an American and I demanded to see a representative of the American Embassy. The only reply I got was a chuckle from the fat black on my left.

The van stopped at the side of a massive house that had once obviously been the manner house for a white landowner in the colonial days. Jessica and I were helped out of the van and escorted, with our hands still tied behind our backs into a long hallway. As we continued down the hall I heard Jessica call my name. I tried to stop, but the two walking with me tightened their grip on my arms and forced me to go ahead. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jessica being pulled though a door off the hallway. I tried to stop, but the two blacks were too strong and we continued toward the end of the hall.

I was forced through the door at the end of the hall into a large well-lit room containing several chairs and a large bed. The two men I was wedged between on the ride to this place were waiting for us as the other two men walked me to several feet in front of the fat one where I was stopped. With relief I felt them release my arms and untie my hands and then exit the room leaving me with the fat black and the other one that rode over next to me. The fat one slowly looked me up and down and I felt the hairs on my neck stand up as his gaze lingered on the swell of my breasts. Finally he looked in my eyes and said, "What is your name, whore?"

I couldn't believe what I had heard and my reaction was one of disbelief as I stammered, "Wha-what did you say?"

My heart was racing with fear as he repeated his statement. I felt a flash of anger as I firmly told him that I was not a whore and I would report his actions to my embassy. My show of bravado brought a loud laugh out of my kidnapper and I felt my courage rapidly drain away. Again he demanded my name and meekly I said, "Lynn, my name is Lynn." He next asked me who Jessica was and I told him she was my niece and her name.

I was not prepared for his next statement as he said, "Well Lynn I hope you like being fucked because you'll soon be on your back with the best of what we have to offer on top of you." My mind went into panic mode and small beads of perspiration formed on my neck and upper check as I tried to say something, anything that would allow me to escape this obscenely fat black man. All I could manage was a whisper, "Wh- What do you mean?"

"It's simple Lynn, You fuck for us and your niece and husband go free. If you don't, both you and Jessica get raped anyway, and your husband spends twenty years in jail on a drug conviction. So you see, either way you get fucked. Now, why don't you strip for us?"

I was stunned as I just stood there, not knowing what to say. Tears welled up in my eyes as I finally whispered, "please, please. I can't do this. Please, don't do this."

"Yes you can white whore," he hissed at me. He smiled and continued, "Just close your eyes as we fuck you and imagine that the cock inside of you is your husband. Then after a few weeks of 'questioning' you can return to your normal life. Now Lynn, get your clothes off before I rip them off."

Terrified I stood there crying. "I can't do this", I thought. "I can't just let a black man have me." Slowly I shook my head when he told me again to strip.

"Very well Lynn", he said as he picked up the phone and continued, "Gather up 6 or 7 of the men and bring the other woman in. We'll start with her." He hung up and turned back to me. "Last chance, Lynn. If you don't cooperate, you will get to watch Jessica gang raped and all because of you."

Visions of Jessica, on her back and held down as black man after black man raped her barged into my head. The guilt of knowing that I could save her from the gang rape, but didn't washed over me and in a meek voice I said, "Wait, please wait. I'll do it." Tears ran down my cheeks as the fat black man stepped over to me and moved his hands to my breasts. It was more than I could bear and I started to take a step back, but he grabbed the blouse and pulled me to him.

"Stand the fuck still, whore. One more trick like that and I'll turn your niece to my men and then let them have you. I couldn't help the soft sobs that shook my body as he reached for the buttons holding my blouse together. The man was two or three inches shorter than me and I could see the sweat on his face and brow as he unbuttoned the blouse. When it was loose he pulled the blouse tails out of my waistband and then pushed it off my shoulders. The blouse silently fell to the floor as I felt the blush of embarrassment rise in my face and upper chest.

He walked behind me and I nearly panicked when I felt his hands undo the snap of my bra. Instinctively my hands went to the bra cups and held them to my breasts as the short, fat black man walked back in front of me. He grabbed my hands and yanked them away from my breasts. I nearly died as the bra slipped down, exposing my breasts to his gaze. Since my marriage, my husband was the only man who had seen me like this and my body shuddered with dread as I thought about what was to come.

Suddenly hands grabbed my arms and held me tightly as the fat one began to touch me. He ran his hands over both breasts and settled on my nipples, rolling each between his thumb and fingers. After several minutes of groping my breasts, he lowered his head and sucked my left nipple into his mouth. I noticeably shuddered as he drew on the nub and lashed it with his tongue causing it to involuntarily harden as the stimulation increased. He switched sides, doing the same thing to my right breast as I stood there and endured the humiliation.

With horror I felt his hands unzipping my shorts as he continued to nurse at my breast. I tried to pull away, but the hands held me tight and a voice whispered in my ear, "Remember whore, remember you niece and husband." Tears flowed down my cheeks, but I stood still as the shorts and my panties were pushed over my hips and joined my bra and blouse on the floor. Even when his fingers ran over my bush and found my clitoris, I remained still, but I couldn't help a moan of pain as several of his fingers entered my dry vagina.

I felt the fingers withdraw from me and the suckling mouth also as the man stood back up. I watched as he began to undress, each garment that he took off revealing more of his grotesquely fat body until I could take no more and had to turn my head away. Several minutes pasted and I felt hot sweaty flesh against my stomach. I opened my eyes and almost gagged. His huge gut was against my tummy and pushed me backward toward the bed.

The other men still held my arms as I felt the edge of the bed against my knees. With a sudden shove I fell on my back across the mattress and just as quickly, he had wedged his fat body between my legs and forced them wide apart. I felt him fumble with the base of his cock as he positioned the tip just inside the folds of my pussy.

My heart raced and my breathing was ragged as I begged him not to do this. Tears ran down my cheeks as my whispered pleas continued. He held himself, just barely inside me looking into my eyes and I thought for a moment that he would back away. "Please, ple---Augggggggg, no, no", I sobbed as he drove the cock deep into my still dry passage. I kicked out with my legs, beat at his face with my hands, anything to dislodge him until the other men grabbed my wrists and held them above my head.

Broken and resigned to the fact that I was being raped and there was nothing at all I could do about it, I lay still as the fat body pushed the smallish cock completely in me. I turned my head away from him when he tried to kiss me and closed my eyes trying to escape reality. But, there was no escape as the man began to fuck in and out of my battered body. Sweat dripped off his face onto my neck and the swell of my breasts as he fucked, moving his body such that each stroke of his cock went completely in me. On and on it went for what seemed like hours, but in reality was on a few minutes.

Suddenly I heard him grunt and could feel the tip of his cock enlarge slightly and it shocked me to realize he was about to cum. Panicked, I kicked my legs trying to force him out of me, but his massive weight and the men holding my arms prevented me from stopping him. Gasping I begged him, "Please, please don't cum in me." I cried, "I don't want to be pregnant", I cried as I felt the first shot of his sperm wash against the walls of my vagina. Tossing my head back and forth and begging did no good as he ran his hands down to my ass and held his cock completely in me as he emptied himself into my soaked pussy. My body was racked with sobs as he pulled out of me and I could feel some of his sperm ease out of my pussy and down my ass.

"Not bad for a whore", he said as he wiped his cock on my thigh.

"I'm not a whore", I replied

"Oh, but you are Lynn and I'll show you how very much of a whore very soon, but first things first." He turned to the other man and said, "Bring Jessica in and let's get started."

"You promised not to harm her if I cooperated" I cried.

"I lied", he said simply.

Several minutes pasted before the soldier came back without my niece Jessica. He talked to the fat man who then turned to me and smiled saying, "You are indeed in for a treat whore, but first we need to make sure that you don't disturb Jessica's party." He turned to one of the solders and nodded his head. I was taken to one of the chairs and forced to sit down. Quickly I realized that the seat only supported the back half of my ass as they tied my hands behind my back and spread my legs. My ankles and thighs were tied so my legs were widely spread and I was unable to move them back together.

Quickly a ball gag was forced in my mouth and tied off behind my head. Duct tape was then put over the ball gag in my mouth and run several times around my head leaving only my nose to breath through. I tried to protest, but with my hands tied and my mouth taped so I couldn't make a sound, I was helpless.

I tried to struggle, but it was useless as two men, one holding each arm, guided Jessica into the room. She was blindfolded and naked down to the waist, her elbows tied together behind her back forcing her small breasts out while tightening the flesh. I gasped into my gag as I saw her breasts as the men lead her over close to me. The aureoles were swollen and crinkly as they surrounded the hard and elongated nipples. The tips of her breasts were shiny with wetness and I could tell from the flush on her neck and upper chest that she was sexually excited.

They stopped Jessica about four feet in front of me and the two men holding her arms lowered their head and each started to suck on her nipples. I turned my head away, but a hand grabbed my hair and forced me to watch as the two black men worked on Jessica's helpless body.

I wasn't prepared for her reaction. Instead of struggling I could hear her moan softly and say, "Oh, oh, yes, yes. Nurse on me. The nipples, bite the nipples." I couldn't believe my ears, my niece, bound and blindfolded, begging two complete strangers to play with her breasts. After a few seconds one of the men reached to her waist and undid the snap to her shorts. He grasped the zipper and eased it down as Jessica slowly swayed her hips. When the shorts were loose enough he pushed them over her hips and let them fall to the floor around her ankles. Shocked, I could see the wet spot on her panties as her stimulated body responded to the two men.

One of the men eased his hand underneath her panties and moved slowly down to her pussy. Her breathing became rapid and the moans increased as the fingers found her slit. I could see her draw her stomach in as the fingers worked on her pussy and found her clitoris. Her neck became more flushed and her moans more urgent as she humped against the fingers rolling her clitoris back and forth.

I heard one of the men ask her in broken English, "You want a cock, whore? You want me to fuck you?"

There was no hesitation on Jessica's part. "Yesssss", she hissed. "Yes, oh yes, fuck me you bastard."

I was completely aghast at the transformation of my niece from college student to a wild bitch in heat. What I was witnessing was bad enough, but the next words I heard floored me as two of the men untied my legs, spread them even more and tied my ankles still further apart, exposing my pussy and the cum that still ran out of me.

"We'll fuck you while you make one of our whores cum. Would you like that, bitch?"

Jessica's body was so hot from the fingers on her clit and the continued nursing on her breasts that all she could do was gasp, "Yes, yes! I'll bring her. Hurry please I need to be fucked, please."

I tried to fight as they forced Jessica to her hands and knees between my wide spread legs, but my ropes were tight and I was helpless as they pushed her head into my slit. Immediately I felt her tongue push against my pussy lips and I groaned into my gag as the men ripped her panties off. I tried to turn my head away, but fingers pinched my nipples, the pain bringing tears to my eyes as Jessica's tongue outlined the folds of my pussy.

I watched as one of the blacks unzipped his pants pushing them and his underwear down over his hips. His cock stood straight out, black and fully erect as he knelt between Jessica's spread legs. Holding the base of his cock in one hand and grasping her hips with the other, he mounted her and positioned the cock tip along her slit. I heard her moan as the man slightly flexed his hips, pushed the tip just inside her pussy. He let go of the base of his cock and with both hands he grasped her hips.

With one great thrust he pushed his cock completely into my niece's vagina, causing her nose and mouth to bump against my pussy and forcing a long moan of pure sexual heat to come from her mouth. I heard the man tell her to force me to cum and with horror I felt her tongue lap hungrily at my slit. I tried to scream into my gag and twist my bound body, but I couldn't stop her as she found my clitoris. My whole body went rigid as Jessica's mouth applied suction to my clit, drawing it out of its hood and lashing it with her feasting tongue.

My mind began to cloud as Jessica's tongue bathing my nub drove the beginnings of desire into my body. I fought desperately to quiet the feelings that she was forcing on me, but to no avail as I watched the Mexican savagely fuck into my niece, each thrust driving her mouth against my pussy. I groaned as I felt my body loosing the fight and my need to cum becoming stronger and stronger.

Suddenly the black behind Jessica stiffened and grunted as he pulled her hips hard against him. I could tell from his face that he was cumming in my niece. Jessica sensed it too, except her reaction wasn't what I expected. "No, no, too soon, too soon" I heard her gasp as she raised her head from my soaked slit. "Someone fuck me, I'm almost there, please", she begged as the man pulled out of her and got off the bed.

Another soldier took his place, immediately mounting my niece and driving his cock deep into her cum filled passage. She moaned as the cock impaled her, pushing her forward. He grabbed her hair and forced her head back into the V of my wide spread legs, my body shuddering as the blindfolded Jessica began to lap at my pussy again, the sparks of passion settling in my loins as her tongue once again found my clitoris.

No matter how much I fought, Jessica's mouth and tongue drove me slowly toward an unwanted orgasm.

To be continued...

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