tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKidnapped in Africa Ch. 4

Kidnapped in Africa Ch. 4


I slowly regained consciousness, but when I tried to move I realized that I was sore between my legs. I also became aware of the dampness that I felt both on the dirty mattress and around my pussy. When I sat up and looked, I was shocked at how swollen, red, and puffy the folds of my pussy were, but even worse how much semen had been pumped into me. The inside off both thighs were coated with sperm that had leaked out of me and ran down my thighs. A pool of the thick liquid had formed as it dripped on the mattress. Panic entered my mind when the fact that I was probably pregnant by one of these animals became clear.

I rolled slowly over, the chain running to the iron collar locked around my neck pulling tight as I moved slightly away from the wall it was anchored in. Even small moves caused the sore and puffy area between my legs to protest and I recoiled at the feeling of even more semen leaking out of the lips of my pussy and oozing down my upper thighs. "How many men raped me?" I thought as I tried to find a comfortable position.

"Aunt Lynn, are you all right?" Jessica asked when she saw that I was slightly moving.

"I don't know," I softly answered her as I rubbed my hand over my pubic area. The hand came away damp and sticky as more of the semen leaked. Despair hit me and tears formed in my eyes as I sobbed, "What are we going to do?"

I was startled when a male voice with a thick accent answered my question. "Right now white whore, both of you will fuck anyone we choose until we say otherwise." Stunned, I couldn't believe what I was hearing as the black man continued. "Your buyers are quite satisfied with their purchase and it remains only for us to make sure that you accept your place as a sexual slave. Oh, by the way, we are giving a party tonight for the group that bought you. Luckily they bought both of you, so tonight they can watch as you're both, umh, shall we say, trained together."

I was dumfounded and could hardly believe what I was hearing. Impulsively, I almost shouted out, "You-you can't do this. You can't just sell our bodies like we were property."

His laugh chilled me to my bones. "That's exactly what is happening to you, you're bodies have been taken by many men and now you're being sold to others." I was left almost in tears and Jessica stared straight ahead as the man left.

The day passed slowly as we both tried to sleep in the oppressive tropical heat, but the fear of the party and what they would do to us prevented the accomplishment of much rest. Into the afternoon we were brought two large tubs of water and told to clean up. We must have looked like two zombies as we slowly drug our bodies to the tubs and washed the best we could.

Following the tubs of water we were given some food, which we hardly touched. Before we knew it, they came to take us to our "party". Both of us whimpered as the men took our arms and unlocked our collars. We were then forced to our feet and our hands tied behind our backs. Once they had our hands secured we were lead out of the room and into the street. Crowds gathered around as Jessica and I were lead naked down the dusty street into a torch lit room that opened directly off the street. There were several Arab looking men seated at a dinner tab along with the several of the black men, including the fat one that raped me first. Behind us many of the town men were watching, as we were lead to the middle of the room.

The fat one rose and said, "Ah, our guests of honor have arrived." He then turned to the other and spoke in a language that I didn't understand. Their reaction was laughter as the fat black man turned back toward us and continued, " Your new owners want to see the methods by which we train whores such as yourself." Clapping his hands he turned to a huge man in a leather hood and a loincloth and nodded. "Let the training begin!"

Hands seized us by the arms and we were drug a few feet to where a small stool was positioned. They untied our hands and snapped cuffs on our wrists, cuffing my right wrist to Jessica's left wrist and doing the same to our other arm. A hook was lower from the ceiling and the cuffs were tied to it. Then the hook was raised slightly above our head causing our arms to rise.

Two of the men held me as the third lowered his head and began to suck on my left nipple. When he was satisfied that it was erect he quickly removed his mouth and with one motion of his hand, opened the jaws of a nipple clamp and clamped it on my hardened nub. It hurt when the jaws dug in and my gasp of pain drew smiles from the audience. I looked down at my clamped nipple and saw that it was connected to another clamp by a couple of inches of silver chain. Swiftly he repeated the process on my other nipple with another clamp set and again I gasp as the jaws dug into my flesh.

Jessica was forced to stand on the stool as the men prepared her. Several continued to hold me and several more started to nurse on my niece's breast. Our bodies were forced together and soon Jessica and I were joined together by the nipple clamps on our breasts, her right nipple connected by the short chain to the clamp on my left nub, only a few inches separating our bodies. The stool had positioned her breasts and pussy at the same level mine was so that our bodies were facing each other. I felt hands spread my legs several feet apart and my ankles tied to the end of the spreader bar so I could not close my legs. Our ankles and thighs were tied together and a wide strap was pulled tight around our waists, forcing our lower bodies to touch each other from the ankles to our stomachs. Our faces were inches apart as were our clamped nipples.

When we were tied one of the men lightly slapped Jessica on her rump and she moved her body causing the clamps to dig into both our nipples. The pain wasn't great, but it was still extremely uncomfortable and taught us to remain as still as possible.

One of the men grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. Bringing his face close to mine, he said, "Since your niece has already gone down on you and forced you to cum, we want you to return the favor."

"Wha-what do you mean?" I stammered, my mind trying to comprehend what I had just heard.

"You watched her as she brought you. We expect you to go down on her now, whore." I felt the nipple clamp bite into me as Jessica too realized what was just said and squirmed her body.

"It was you!" she exclaimed, her face turning red as she looked into my eyes.

"Yes" I said softly, "I was gagged and tied so I couldn't stop you." The man again demanding that I get Jessica off interrupted our conversation. "I can't do that to my own niece" I thought, my mind beginning to panic. "I've never been with another woman. Please, I can't do that." I sobbed.

"Excellent" the man said to my surprise, and turning to the other men seated at the table, said, "This is but one of the ways we train our slaves. Enjoy!"

Both Jessica and I saw the movement out of the corner of our eye. Two of the men were bringing in a narrow, crudely built table with what looked like two candles sticking straight up. With horror I realized that the two "candles" were crude and very large dildo nailed to the table. The table was placed under us between our outstretched legs as I begged them not to use them on us while Jessica softly cried.

I felt our hands rise higher in the air as the slack was taken up until we were both on tiptoes, our bodies stretched taunt, and tied against each other from the ankles to the stomach. Finally we were in position, unable to move except our heads as the men grabbed the table.

The table was raised until I felt the tip of the dildo push past the folds of my pussy and into my vagina. They had apparently lubricated the rod, because there was no pain, only a tight fullness as the dildo completely filled me. A slight pain in my nipples caused me to gasp, the clamps digging into my nubs as Jessica tried to raise her body to keep from being completely impaled on the dildo. I looked in her eyes, scant inches from mine, and saw a completely broken woman, one who will survive, but at a terrible price.

Her body slumped a few inches as the huge rod bottomed out in her passage, her lower lip quivering as tears formed in her eyes. She looked at me and started to say something when one of the men walked to us and placed his hand between our bodies. I closed my eyes when I felt his hands close around my left breast, but groaned in pain when he took the nipple clamp and squeezed it even tighter. He smiled when I groaned and said, "When ever you're ready to make her cum, just let me know. Until then some of the men will entertain you."

He released my breast and moved aside. Immediately I felt hands on my waist, pulling me to the man behind me as he positioned his cock on the crack of my ass. I panicked! No man has ever had me there and I screamed and begged him as the pressure built on my anus. I didn't notice the pain in my nipple until Jessica screamed and jerked her body as another man push his cock deep into her ass. The dildo in our vaginas, our nipples clamped together, and our bonds held us in position as the two men fucked slowly into us. Not even my husband had taken me there and it hurt as the cock plunged deep into my ass. I tried to hold still, but couldn't help the movement that the fucking caused. Jessica and I both were gasping as the pain in our anus combined with the pain from our clamped nipples.

The pain increased as the man deep in me speeded up, his hands pulling my ass onto his fucking cock. I couldn't help the tears that started to flow as the man raced toward ejaculation. I heard him grunt and felt his body stiffen as the pumped his load of hot cum into me. I closed my eyes as the sensation of his seed coating my back hole reduced the pain of his fucking me. With one final thrust he held the black cock as far in me as he could get and emptied the rest of his load deep in my bowels. Shame reddened my face as he began pull out of me, his sperm leaked from my asshole and dripped on the floor.

I could feel the buffeting of my niece's body as the man continued to fuck her rear end. Inches from my face, I could see the pain, evident on her face as the man plunged in and out of her. He speeded up, forcing Jessica's body against mine with every hard stroke of his cock into the poor girl. It was almost like he was fucking both of us as my body was forced to move with each deep thrust into my niece. I heard a almost a primal scream come front Jessica's rapist as he came in her ass. The movement of our bodies had caused our nipple clamps to dig into our nubs to the point that the pain had subsided, replaced by a dull throb. The man behind Jessica withdrew from her battered body as the man at the table spoke.

"Lynn, your entertainment will continue until you agree to bring Jessica so it's up to you. All you two have to do is kiss each other to so your agreement and we'll untie you and let you get on with it. Now, are you ready to make love to this lovely young woman?"

When I didn't respond to his demand he nodded his head and immediately I felt hands on my hips and a cock push against my ass. I heard my niece sort of whimper and realized that another man had mounted her. I jerked as the cock pushed deep in me and even though the man's cock was bigger than the first guy, the cum in my ass lubricated me enough so that there wasn't much pain. The humiliation of being tied naked to my niece's nude body while we were both violated by black men was almost too much and I looked at Jessica's face as the men buffeted our bodies.

Her face, inches from mine, was a mask of almost desperation. Her lower lips quivered and she made low groaning sounds each time the man pushed in, his cock completely impaling the young woman.

Suddenly a man's voice was heard. "Think about it ladies, Man after man fucking your white ass and all you have to do to stop it Lynn, is to make love to Jessica."

The words sunk in and after an especially hard thrust that drove the tip of his cock deep in me I whispered to my niece, "I'll do it honey, anything to make them quit." With that I placed my lips on hers and pushed my tongue against her teeth. At first she tried to turn her head away, but I pleaded with her as the two men continued to brutally rape our bound bodies. Slowly she turned her head back and I slipped my tongue in her mouth as I felt the cock in my ass expand slightly. I concentrated on the kiss as the man came deep in me, adding his cum to the pool already in my ass. Apparently the other man had cum also and pulled out of Jessica's bottom leaving she and I kissing, our bodies bound together.

After a few seconds our bound together bodies were lowered and untied as several of the men positioned a pillow in front of the table. The clamps were removed from our nipples and we both moaned as the blood rushed back. Several of the Arab buyers leaned forward as they forced Jessica to lie on her back with her ass on the pillow raising her crotch. They spread her legs, turned to me and took my arm. I knew what they wanted so instead of them forcing me between Jessica's thighs, I twisted my arm away and went to my hands and knees moving toward the V of her legs.

Jessica was lying still with her arms by her side and her eyes closed as I lower my head to her pussy. My tongue contacted the folds around her clitoris and I heard a sharp intake of breath from my niece. When I gently ran the tip of my tongue over her clitoris she raised her hips and moaned softly. I couldn't believe that my niece was so sexually excited and started to raise my head to look at her face, but she put her hands behind my head and pulled me into her soaked pussy.

Without warning, one of the buyers knelt between my legs and mounted me from behind. Quickly I felt the cock push into my vagina and the man settle into a fast in and out rhythm as he drove his cock deep into my pussy. Each thrust drove my mouth and nose into my niece and caused her to move her hips up and down, begging me for more. Two more of the buyers approached on either side of me and I felt hands on my breasts and fingers roll my nipples as the man behind me drove the cock deep into my vagina with each hard thrust.

Jessica was frantic as my tongue added to the sexual heat that was building in her body. Her hands had gone to her breasts and she rolled her nipples, moaning with each thrust of my tongue. I alternated between lashing her clit and penetrating her pussy with my tongue as her moaning became louder and louder. I could see several more men kneel beside her, watching my niece in the grips of almost complete sexual abandonment as I drove her closer and closer to her orgasm. Finally it was too much for her and she screamed as my tongue forced her orgasm. Tossing her head side to side she tried to roll away from my tongue as it turned from and instrument of pleasure to one of sexual torture.

I started to raise my head, but a hand forced my head back down between her legs and I was told to keep licking her. The two men beside Jessica held her arms and forced her to submit to me as I continued. My tongue soon brought her to the point of no return again and I felt her pussy contract on my tongue as the muscles tightened. She gasped and cried as I continued, unable to either stop me or relax her overheated body. Finally after five minutes or so of being driven from one peak to the next she begged me to stop, but the men held my head in place as Jessica continued to cum.

"OH, OH, OH, please pleaseeee--- Stop, stop, I beg you" she cried as her body arched until finally she slumped and collapsed, her body completely spent and able to take no more. Jessica had taken as much as she could and had passed out.

The man continued to fuck me and I felt the first shot of his cum enter me. Someone's hand no longer held my head at Jessica's soaking pussy and I hung my head as the full load of cum emptied into me. I was relieved when the man pulled out of me, but the other two weren't through with me.

Two pairs of hands turned me over on my back and roughly forced my legs apart. One of the Arabs settled in between my spread legs and without any preliminaries, positioned the tip of his cock at my pussy and pushed completely in me. I softly groaned as he pushed deep into me and forced some of the first man's cum to leak out around the cock and run down my crack. Each of his strokes sent his cock deep and hard into me, buffeting my body as I passively lay there and let he use me.

I saw the other man approach and kneel by my head. His hands gripped my hair and turned my face to his erection. I winched as the man tightened his grip and forced my face against the tip of his cock. I sensed that this man would take great delight in inflicting pain on me if I refuse to take him in my mouth, so I parted my lips. The man smiled as he saw me open my mouth and thrust his cock into me. He held my hair as he fucked my face with strong, hard strokes, so much so that several times I gagged as the head struck the back of my throat.

Helplessly I lay there, my mouth and vagina being brutally raped by two buyers. Incredibly, both grunted within a few seconds of each other and they both started to cum. The man in my mouth shot a huge load and I gagged as he held my head and with his other hand, pinched my nose, forcing me to swallow the thick cum as he pumped it into me. I had no choice. I swallowed, the taste of the man slightly salty as he continued to fill my mouth.

He commanded me to open my mouth and tightened his grip on my even further, to the point that it hurt. When I opened he ran his still leaking cock over my face, especially my lips coating them with his cum. Finally he was satisfied and release his grip, but not before he wiped his cock off, leaving small streaks of cum in my hair.

I had hardly noticed when the man in my pussy pulled out after he had cum. I could feel his sperm on my crack as the terrible price I had paid became apparent. Tears formed in the corners of my eyes and I sobbed softly as the men helped me to my feet, causing even more cum to leak out of me, and helped me back to the room where I was again collared and chained to the wall.

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