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Kids Get Revenge


Hi, my name is Timmy. I am 18 and live at home with my twin sister April and our single mother, Gemma. I would like to share my experiences over the past week with you.

My sister and I have been what you would call quite promiscuous recently. She has fucked my friends and I have fucked her friends. We go to parties and have seen each other in action.

She has wonderfully big round tits and is quite a cocksucker from what I've seen and heard. As for myself, I am hung like a goddamn horse. Twelve inches and don't think April hasn't noticed while I've royally fucked her friends.

At these parties our friends have half jokingly said we should get it over with and fuck each other. We always laugh and make like we would never do that but on the walk home from these parties we get around to talking about doing each other.

I tell her how I'd love to fuck her tits and get a blowjob from my sexy sis and she says its too bad we're related because she'd like to ride my big cock. We want to do it but we want to be "normal, good kids."

As for our mom, Gemma. She is totally uptight and doesn't like us doing anything like stay out late so we curb our enjoyment as much to her thinking as possible. We want her to think of us as great kids. If she has a way to describe her it would be that she begs and bargains with us to do stuff. So whenever the grass needs cutting if we act like we don't want to help she will give in and give us ten or twenty dollars to do it.

So we always have a little money. But we've known her to beg for things too. This last Friday when our friends came to pick us up to go to the party Mom had a total fit. She doesn't know anything about our sexcapades but she was really pissed off at April for going out with skimpy shorts and a little top with no bra underneath. I thought she looked hot showing off her tits but mom exploded.

Mom then ripped into me for going around with slutty girls and turning April into a wannabe slut. When we finally slinked off to the party with different clothes on we were totally embarrassed.

That night I fucked a couple of girls so hard I thought my big pipe would split them in two and all the time thinking I want to get even with mom for doing that to us in front of our friends. On the way home April said she wanted to get even with mom too.

The next day mom was out and me and April were talking. She said "we try to be good kids and mom still treats us like that."

"You know it might not be worth our while to try and make mom think we're any good," I said.

We looked at each other and decided then and there "To hell with it let's fuck our brains out!" We were naked in no time flat and as I reached for one of Aprils big boobs she reached down to grab my hardening rod.

As April sucked my cock I heard myself saying "How would mom like us now?" I don't think I've ever shot as much cum as I did on April's face and tits.

When I began to go down on April my cock began to get ready for more. It didn't take her long to cum as I really ate her pussy good. When I flipped her over to pound her pussy doggy style she was saying "Look at your kids now mom."

Mom of course was shopping and knew nothing of this incestuous encounter. But as we sat in bed with the afterglow of our first brother/sister sex we came up with a brilliant idea.

A few things came together to give us this evil idea. First we no longer cared about incest being wrong. Second, mom had really pissed us off. And third, light bulbs went off in our heads when April blurted out "You know what mom needs is to be embarrassed as much as we were in front of our friends."

This got us rolling with ideas until we came up with a perfectly nasty plan.

On Monday after school we came home and got ready. We knew mom would be home from work around 5. So as she walked in the door she saw us in the living room. What she saw was April taking my twelve inch cock deep in her pussy from behind. When mom screamed we looked over at her and smiled as we carried on with the great pussy pounding I was giving April.

"Fuck me you stud," April moaned. It was then that mom came over and slapped us silly. I came on April's back to make a point of mom seeing my cum and my huge dick.

Later that night after mom calmed down she talked to April. It went perfectly as she pleaded with April to never fuck her brother again. April's reply was "Mom did you see how big his cock is? I will never give that up."

So now mom turned to me. "Timmy, you must never fuck April again." Of course I told mom she could go to hell because we were gonna fuck as long as we wanted to.

At breakfast the next morning phase 2 of our plan went into action. Mom predictably asked us if we had come to our senses. We said "NO."

Now remember how I told you mom begs and bargains to get us to do things. We expected what happened next. "Look," mom said, "can we come to some arrangement to put an end to all this incest?"

"How about fifty dollars each?"

We laughed at the suggestion that fifty dollars each would cut it. "We do have a way to stop this," April told mom. Mom was all ears.

"Now let me get this right," April began. "you want me and Timmy to never fuck again, right."

You must never do it again mom said. "OK Mom, we'll never fuck each other again," April told her.

"But remember how you embarrassed us in front of our friends?" April asked. "We need to embarrass you now, Mom."

"Wh Wh What do you mean?" mom stammered. "Remember seeing Timmy's big cock the other day stuffing my pussy?" April asked mom. "It's your turn to get fucked by his twelve inch cock.

The look of total surprise and disgust on Moms face was priceless. "Absolutely no way is Timmy ever going to have sex with me!" Mom yelled.

When April and I schemed up this great idea was when I first really thought of Mom sexually. Like April she has killer tits. Athletic looking and a very fuckable ass to boot. As much as I wanted to fuck my mom I really wanted to embarrass her.

"I'm not going to have sex with you mom," I told her, "I'm going to stuff that pussy, get you to try and deepthroat me, pummel that ass of yours and of course titty fuck you!"

Again she slapped me. Then calmly April said "Look mom, if you go through with this we all win."

"You win because Timmy and me will never have sex again. Timmy wins because he will have fucked his own mother and how many guys get to do that!"

"Oh yeah and you win again because believe me mom you'll love that giant cock."

Mom was slowly coming around to the idea of this whole blackmail business. Then she asked April "And what exactly are you getting out of this?"

"Oh yeah," April told her, "I forgot to tell you I will be videotaping the whole fuck session. That's what I get."

That sent Mom to her bedroom screaming you'll never catch me making a porno with my own kids.

April and I sat down and quietly talked. We both felt certain mom was going to change her mind. Twenty minutes later we were proved right when mom came out of the bedroom and stated "Let's get this over with then."

April quickly got the camcorder and I felt my cock surge knowing what I was about to do.

Mom let me strip her while April got it all on tape. With Mom naked I grabbed a handful of tit in each hand. "Well where should I start April?" , I asked my trusty camera woman.

"Get naked and have her get on her knees and suck your cock Timmy," April suggested. I liked that idea. Before you knew it I was naked and had mom get on her knees. I slapped her mouth and cheeks with my now rock hard twelve inches. As she slowly began to suck my meat April urged her on. "Suck your sons cock bitch!"

"No going through the motions or I'll fuck him again mom," April chided. Now knowing quality was as important as quantity mom really started to suck my cock. She couldn't take all 12 inches (no one has yet) but a good 7 or 8 was in her mouth.

As I got close to cumming April told me "Shoot it all over her face Timmy!" She requested so I did. Mom's face was bathed in my white hot cum. Drenched actually.

April got some great shots of moms cumsoaked face. Then my dick responded to my urging to get hard again. It wasn't hard considering how kinky this was.

Over the next twenty minutes or so I made mom cum 4 or 5 times. First I went down on her til orgasm was reached. Then I put her on her back and grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs up high. I wanted mom looking in my eyes when I fucked her for the first time. It was awesome and kinky but the kinkiness went up tenfold when mom started moaning and saying "Fuck mommy baby." Soon after she came and boy did she scream.

Then I fucked her doggystyle and with April getting great shots of mom's tits rollicking beneath her mom came again.

Mom then got up and rode my cock. As mom was rising up to another climax April said "Boy Timmy, Mom sure loves that big cock."

"What do you say Mom, do you love your son's giant cock?," I asked.

With mom's tits joyfully bouncing around and yet another cumming about to occur all mom could say were three words, "Oh you fuck!"

Not finished yet I rolled her onto all fours and fucked my moms ass. Pounded, jackhammered, royally stuffed all apply to how moms ass got treated by her only son.

The final touches were a great tit fuck. Grabbing onto moms nice big titties while I slid my cock between them was amazing. Shooting a load onto them was a sight I'll never forget.

And luckily I won't have to thanks to April's handy camerawork!

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