Kim and Ron


Kim and Ron where alone in the jungle waiting for their ride home.

"Wade, where's Heinrich?"

"You mean he's not there yet he should have been there an hour ago."

"Hey Kim I feel a little weird what was the ray Dr. Drakken pointed at us. What is it supposed to do?"

"I'm not sure Wade do you have any idea what it was?"

"No your ride will be their in about five hour's sorry guys."

"Five hours what are we supposed to do for five hours?"

"Wait for the effects of the ray to wear off." Kim and Ron just sat there not realizing that ray Dr. Drakken shot at them was a sexual ray. Making them hornier then every. Since it was so hot in the jungle Kim took off her jacket so she was just sitting there in a tube top and shorts.

She was having a major effect on Ron and his loins.

"Kim I'm gonna go take a walk." And Ron ran off so he could go jack off in peace.

While Ron was busy jacking of his 9" penis Kim was getting even hotter so she decided to take off her shorts since Ron was gone. When she brushed her pussy she grew excited. She started to rub it a little bit more realizing she was all wet. She moved her panties around so she could feel her pussy more.

While Kim was busy feeling her self masturbate Ron was done or at least for know. He started walking back to where Kim was and saw her naked his penis grew hard once again he pulled down his shorts and started jacking off again.

"Oh Ron harder go deeper ohhhhh." When Ron heard Kim calling out his name he got an idea he was going to fuck his best friend right hear in the jungle. Ron walked up to Kim and moved lower to her pussy where he started to rub. Kim opened her eyes realizing Ron was the one who was touching her know.

"Oh yes Ron kiss it, lick it. Ron I need something inside me please put something inside me." So Ron put two of his fingers inside her and started to finger fuck her until she was moaning and withering under him.

"Oh Ron that felt amazing. Look Ron I think they enjoyed the show." Kim pointed up at the trees where five monkeys sat looking down at them.

"Where not done yet, come here." Ron shoved Kim's mouth on to his penis and told her to suck it.

"Come on Kim you can do better then that." So Kim decided to suck him all the way in until she was deep throating him.

"Oh my god Kim that feels great keep doing that oh yeah I'm getting ready to blow." When Kim heard that she pulled out so all his cum would land on her breast.

"Oh here I come I'm cuuuuuuuuuuuming." And he shot it all over her perky breast and a little on her face. When he was done she started to push it over her body and picked up a drop with her finger and sucked it up. She looked over at Ron.

"I want the big dick of yours in my pussy know come on Ron fuck me."

"Aren't you a virgin I'll hurt you."

"Yes I'm a virgin technically I have a dildo at home that I play with but its not as big as yours but I bet it will feel wonderful know get over here and put it in me." Ron had a little trouble at first since he was a virgin to but he found her hole and put his head in then two more inches and then pulled out a little then shoved two more inches until he met some resistance.

"Ok Kim this is going to hurt." And he shoved it all the way in. He laid still for her to get used to the size then he slowly pulled all of it out except the head and shoved it back in.

"Come on Ron fuck me I need you so bad." Unbeknownst to them Kim accidentally hit the communicator so wade could see the whole thing. Wade pulled out his dick and started rubbing it up and down.

"Harder Ron I want you're cum inside me harder oh yeah." Ron started rubbing her spot until she started cuuuuuming when he realized that.

"Kim oh my god I'm cuuuuuuuuuming." When wade heard that he started to cum all over his hand and desk.

Kim and Ron laid there together with run's cock still inside her until they fell asleep.

To be continued...

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