Kim & TuThoa: The Challenge


Kim strained against the ropes that denied her even the relief of writhing and moving. She managed to stop the sounds that came from somewhere inside her long enough to call out for TuThoa to stop. This should have ended the event between the two as she had effectively submitted, but TuThoa just laughed, squeezed the clit brutally a dozen times before resuming her violent rubbing. After fifteen more minutes she undid both slipknots and quickly pulled the cord off Kim's clit. .

The gigantic orgasm that had been built up for over an hour without release surged through her body. So extreme was her cumming that she lost control of her bladder and piss mixed with cum poured from her. Despite being restrained, one wrist tore free. Even as she came TuThoa kept the relentless rubbing of her clit. To protect her, Kim's brain did the only thing it could: it took control and eased her into the safety of unconsciousness.

Now that she was in total control her own desires were increasing and she was getting incredibly horny. She thought how Kim had cum 10 times and lasted over 2 hours with the cord. A Japanese with a huge clit had shown TuThoa this method and been amazed that TuThoa had cum 3 times as they masturbated together. She had never seen anyone take three orgasms, and even though TuThoa still gained an extreme orgasm this way when masturbating she had never lasted more than 15 minutes such was the intensity. She was nearly cumming just at the thought the challenge of raping and using Kim that night till even Kim's body no longer responded, destroying any pride Kim had before making a broken Kim pleasure her fully.

. Kim came to with TuThoa squatted over her and a monstrous dildo in her hand. "Have you seen my video where I take a horse?" she asked. This is made from a cast of a horse. It took me 6 years to learn to take this but you're going to learn in one night." As she talked she covered it with her love juice and wrapped her cunt lips around it. Wriggling the monster to various angles, her face contorted she eased the first inch in herself, and then steadily consumed it in front of Kim's eyes. "Thank you for your ideas," she said, "I hope you're proud to have my name permanently on your precious tit. It will be interesting to see if you enjoy receiving the pain I've got planned for you as much as I will giving it, because I'm going to enjoy new ways of raping you every week"

Withdrawing the dildo she said, "Now I need to piss, but if I go I may forget to come back and undo the cord I've retied" A few drops fell on Kim's face. Perhaps you can think of something to help us both" Kim managed to gain enough control to get out a complete sentence. "I I'll I'll sw sw sw swallow," she managed. TuThoa brought her long cunt lips so they brushed Kim's lips and the warm yellow acrid fluid gushed into Kim's open mouth. She choked and spluttered as she swallowed. TuThoa strained and her muscles cut the flow. "Take it slowly, don't spill any." She relaxed and filled Kim's mouth again before cutting the stream. "Soon you have all of it and then imagine what it will feel like when I release the string. And that's just the start of a long night!"

* * * * *

If you are interested tell me and I will tell the rest of the story as one of the two is my ex-wife's best friend.

Copyright by Aussie Greg 2001

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