tagErotic CouplingsKim at the Airport

Kim at the Airport


My flight today was early in the morning, but that didn't phase me. I travel a lot for work, so I'm used to it by now, and besides, I was having fun. Airports are such drab, boring places that I find ways to spice it up.

You might think I'm weird, but one of my favorite things to do is slut it up at the airport. Today I was wearing a new dress, a skin-tight green one that hugged my curves and stopped just an inch short of my ass. I get so turned on picking up the glances of strange men, imagining what they must be thinking of doing to me. Sometimes I get so hot that I stop off in the bathroom to frig myself to a quick orgasm.

Today there was a particularly interested young man behind me in the security line. He was a chubby, nerdy guy... not very attractive, but god, you should have seen the way he was ogling me. I could hear him breathing heavy as he looked me up and down, thinking I wouldn't notice. When the line moved, I made a point of bending down extra far as I picked up my bag, to let my dress ride up and expose just the very bottom of my ass. I did it slowly, giving him time to take in the full site of me, from my legs to my ass to my tits which were practically falling out of my dress. Out of the corner of my eye, I god a look at his face, and it was priceless. His mouth was hanging open and he was practically drooling over me... I could tell he didn't get laid much, and probably never by a girl as hot as me, if I do say so myself.

After I stood back up, my heart started beating faster; I was getting really excited. Something about this guy... he was just the right combination of cute and sad, I guess, and the way he was leering at me was really turning me on. By the time we got through security, I was soaking my panties with my wetness. I had to do something about this.

I peeled off from the crowd and rushed into one of the stalls in the ladies' room. I really liked teasing the guys at the airport, but this was more turned on than I'd ever gotten from it before, and I just had to get off hard and fast. I hopped up on the shelf meant for luggage, hiked up my dress, pulled my panties aside and immediately sunk two fingers into my dripping wet cunt. Wow. This was just what I needed, and I needed it bad. Normally I like to tease myself a little bit, rubbing my clit gently, tweaking my nipples, you know, but right now, I didn't have the time, and I was so horny that I just had to get off right then and there.

I rammed my fingers into my cunt, faster and faster, curving them up at the end to make sure I hit my g spot, and it felt amazing. It was all I could do to not moan out loud; as it was, I'm sure any other restroom patrons would have heard my ragged breathing as I approached my orgasm. But I didn't care. This felt too good to care.

I was getting so close that I could feel my orgasm approaching, when suddenly I heard "FINAL BOARDING CALL FOR FLIGHT 1016 TO DETROIT" over the loudspeaker. Fuck. I actually briefly considered finishing myself off anyway, but logic prevailed. I hurriedly fixed my skirt and dashed off to the gate to board my plane.


Three hours later, we had landed in Detroit. It had been a pretty harrowing flight, in my pent up condition, but I made it through. Now I just wanted to get my luggage and get to my hotel room so I could take care of myself right. But when I was waiting for my bag, I noticed a guy drooling over me... the same one from the other end of the flight! My pussy started oozing. I was going to have some fun with this one.

I walked over to the guy, then turned around so my back was to him as I pretended to watch for my luggage. I could actually hear him panting as he stared at my ass. God, what a loser. Still, it was his lucky day; I was going to show this guy a time he wouldn't soon forget. But not just yet. I wanted to tease him a little more first. I turned around and put my foot up on the chair next to his to tie my shoe. I watched him with the corner of my eye as his gaze moved up and down my body. I was giving him quite a show, and he took it in slowly, first my leg, then up to my dress, which revealed just a hint of my wet panties in that position, then up my torso to my tits, which were showing quite a bit of cleavage. He just stared and stared.

"Like what you see?" I asked sternly.

"W-w-what?" he stammered nervously.

"I know you've been... gawking at me. You haven't exactly been subtle."

"Sorry," he muttered, looking down at his shoes.

"Aww, it's ok," I said. I slid a hand up his shorts, running my nails along his inner thigh and causing him to jump a little bit in his seat. I whispered, "Come with me."

I led him to the ladies room, which we snuck into unnoticed. Here's a tip for you travellers out there: the bathrooms by the baggage claim are usually close to empty, and much cleaner than the other ones. Perfect for an airport quickie while you wait.

I pushed him down on the seat and pulled down his shorts. His cock was obviously already hard, and it was pretty nice... just the right length, and nice and thick. I stroked it slowly as I looked into his eyes, watching the incredulous excitement on his face. I smiled.

"I'm going to suck your dick now," I said. Without waiting for a reply, I sank my mouth down on his hard cock. I love giving head. I just love the way a nice hard dick feels in my mouth. My pussy was gushing cream now, and I had to get off too. As I started sucking his cock in earnest, I slid my hand into my panties and jammed two fingers back into my dripping wet pussy. "Mmmmmmm" I moaned around his cock. I didn't care who heard us at this point; I was too fucking horny to care, and I was sure they could hear the slurping sounds and the moans escaping the guy's mouth anyway.

I could feel his balls churning, and I could tell he was going to come already. Mmm, not yet, I decided. I was originally going to just suck him off, but now I wanted his dick and his come in my pussy, even though he was sure to only last a couple seconds. I was right on the edge of coming anyway. I stopped sucking him and stood up. He opened his mouth as if to protest, but I quickly pulled aside my panties and positioned my pussy on the tip of his cock. I looked into his eyes with intense lust. It was so sexy, me about to fuck this strange guy, him clearly unable to believe his luck.

I couldn't wait any longer. I slid down on his cock, burying him all the way into my pussy in one fell swoop. "Oh fuck," I breathed in his ear. "You feel so fucking good. You're making me come." It was true. I had started to come around his cock as soon as I felt it in me. My pussy was spasming hard around his dick, and I bounced up and down quickly on it; I always liked to ride a cock hard while I was coming. I knew he was going to come any second, and I craved it, I needed to feel his hot come filling up my pussy. "Come for me, baby," I moaned in his ear, and he did so immediately. I felt his cock pulsing and shooting an incredible amount of come deep into my cunt. God, it felt so hot. I started to come again, even harder, and my hips bucked involuntarily as I came. "Mmmmm fuck, fuck, fuuuuck I'm coming so hard!" I moaned, loud enough for anyone to hear.

I sat on him for another couple of minutes in silence, coming down from my orgasm and feeling the occasional spurts of his cock as he oozed the last of his come into me. I loved the way it felt. After we were both done, I got up, dripping some of the mixture of our come onto his cock and bals. I straightened my panties and dress and walked out of the stall.

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