Kim Ch. 08


Chapter 8: The Roofers

I had been a property broker for several years now and was doing really well at it, I owned my own flat in North London and commuted to Leeds and Glasgow every week, staying in hotels, it was a hard hectic and rewarding life, and I had decided a long time ago that I was going to retire at 40.

My brother Mike was my accountant and one day told me about this big old house in Hertfordshire that he thought would be a good investment, anyway after a lot of discussion and arguing we finally bought the place, selling my flat in London.

The house was huge, built in the late 1700's it had three floors and a basement. The house needed a lot of work done to it but once finished I would live on the top floor of the south wing which would give me 8 rooms in all and the rest would be converted to offices and a conference hall run by a management company.

As soon as a couple of my rooms were habitable, I sold my London flat and moved in. As I travelled a lot it wasn't too inconvenient, I was usually gone by the time the workmen arrived.

It was August 2003 and the weather was hot, I had taken a few weeks off work to move into my new home and enjoy some of the weather.

The reason I had insisted on having the south wing was because it had a balcony over the front entrance that got the sun most of the day and had a great view of the 130 acres of parkland and gardens

As it was so hot, I decided to do some sunbathing. The roofers were in fixing all the old lead and loose tiles so I wore a bikini, not because I am modest but so that I could wind them up every time they looked at me. The bikini was about as small as I could get

There were three of them. John was in charge, in his mid 40's he looked quite fit and had a very infectious laugh. Phil was the muscle man, about 25, he had muscles everywhere and nice tight arse, cheeky and very sure of himself he loved to flirt whenever he could. Lastly, there was James, not Jim but James, he was the youngest at 18 and just learning the roofing trade, tall and very shy, every time I looked at him he went red and looked away or found something to do.

There scaffolding went up from the ground to above the roof and I get the feeling that there ladders were deliberately set up so they had to use my balcony, but it didn't stop me from sunbathing.

As the weather was so warm they were dressed most of the time in shorts and what seemed very little else. I had got into the habit of making them a cold drink about 3am every after noon, supposedly being kind but I enjoyed the company and the chat. It had been over a week now, so the chat had gone through the casual to the innuendo getting more and more risqué each time. Phil doing the leading with full support from John and loads of embarrassment from James, the drinks had gone from juice to beer, as the weather had got hotter, some they supplied and some from me. It was good fun and I loved the way they always stared at my boobs

The more we chatted the more I noticed Phil; he was brown all over 6'2" tall and a gorgeous body. Sometimes as we swapped obvious sexual banter, I would see him starting to get erect but he always seemed to find something to do at that point, usually climbing the ladder with both of us laughing.

John was more casual, a little rounded at the waist but brown all over and with the sort of eyes that would never turn away from you. He would make a sexy remark and keep looking into my eyes as if to say you love the attention, look away if I am wrong, I never looked away just smiled and made an appropriate remark.

James was slim and about 11 stone; he was the tallest at about 6'4. I teased him something terrible, brushing against him, bending down in front of him so that my bikini top swung my boobs like pendulums, or bending over so my bum looked ready for the taking. John and Phil just laughed at his embarrassment, but he was the only one of them I touched, putting my arm round his waist every time I apologised, letting it slip over his bum as I moved away, making things even worse for him than they were before.

It was the second week that they asked if they could come in on the weekend, the new tiles had arrived late and they were running behind a little, it was ok with me and they dutifully arrived at about 9am.

The temperature was already high and I was in my bikini, taking in the rays, at 11am I shouted them for a cup of coffee, they all came down and chatted about there Friday night out and how hot it was. Phil said that he could kill a pint and I said that the pub in the village done meals, they could go down there when they stopped for lunch.

"Sounds good to me." Phil said, "What you reckon John, fancy a pub lunch?"

"Yeah great idea." John said, "Why don't you join us Kim?" looking at me with those challenging eyes.

I knew he was expecting me to back out and say no "Love to." I said, thinking I will show him I do not back down. Ever.

John had a great big smile on his face and I knew he had trapped me, we both burst out laughing, Phil and James just looked at each other, not having any idea what had just happened.

" Ok." Phil said, "1 o'clock then."

Phil and James headed back up the ladder, John stepped on the first rung, looked at me and smiled,

I slapped him on his bum "Bastard." I said softly

"Now now, don't be churlish." he said and ran up the ladder laughing loudly

They must have been thirsty, or eager, because they came down before 1pm "Ready then?" John asked and started over the balcony on the ladder.

"Yes lets go, but if you don't mind I think I will use the door." I said

John smiled "Chicken!" he mocked as he following the rest of us into my living room.

"Give me a minute." I said, and went into the bedroom, I grabbed a thin wrap round skirt and went back to the lining room, wrapping the skirt round me I did it up with the single button and said "We can walk it if you don't want to drive it's only five minutes through the park."

"Great, a country walk." Phil said, "Just enough to bring out a thirst." and off we went.

Once we started through the park John and Phil walked either side of me, both had an arm around my waist, there hands fighting for the best spot, maybe it was because we were no longer just workmen and owner but friends going for a drink, The air seemed expectant, me between Phil and John with James following behind.

We must have looked a mess walking into the pub. Me with a bikini top and thin skirt and the guys with shorts and no shirts. I had been here a couple of times before with my brother so the looks didn't last too long, and as it was my local I bought pints all round, even for me, far more refreshing than a vodka mix.

Being an old pub it had one of those nooks where we could sit and chat without being looked at all the time, I somehow got between John and Phil again, not too close but close enough, the first pint went down quickly and John gave James some money to get some more.

"What was that with you two earlier on?" Phil asked

I looked at John who smiled and said, "Shall I tell him."

"You better or it will play on his mind all day." I said.

"Kim thought I didn't think she would come so she said yes to spite me, as if being here with her was being spiteful," he laughed loudly

Phil said, "Caught with one of his challenging glances eh!" and laughed

By the time James got back, we were all laughing. By the end of the third pint John and Phil each had an arm round my back, they leaned so close I could feel their breath on my neck. My skirt was open and the occasional hand had rested on my leg, I was loving the attention and it was a good laugh, James had moved his seat back a little and was looking down, quiet.

"James!" I gasped, "Are you looking up my skirt?"

Poor James, he jumped and sat up stammered, "Nnno, sorry no erm, anyone want another drink?"

Phil laughed and said, "James she has been walking round all week in a bikini, I think you have seen about everything you're going to see."

"Err you think so." James said and went for the drinks giving me an embarrassed smile

I smiled back at him as he went "Cheeky sod!" I said, "I think I will get changed into something less revealing when we get back."

After another drink I was a bit heady and said that I had had enough, John said, "Yep me too I think it's time to do some work."

We got up and as we got outside Phil and John were either side of me an arm around my waist, my thumbs tucked into the waistband of their shorts we headed for the park, this time there was no silence but lots of banter, James was in front walking backwards and chatting along with us.

"You know why he's walking backwards don't you Kim." Phil said.

"So he can see my boobs bouncing," I laughed, I laughed even louder at the look on James's face, no embarrassment now just a big boyish grin.

John moved his hand up my back to the thin string tie and said, "Shall we...."

Before he could say any more I screamed, "Nooooo" and jumped forward. His fingers were hooked under the tie and the force of my forward motion made it break, my boobs swung free, I covered them as best I could with my hands and turned round facing them.

"Bloody hell Kim, I wouldn't have done that to you." John said all embarrassed

I stood in front of them, hands cupping my breast's I shouted, "Oh so you don't like my boob's then." and dropped my hands to my waist.

The three of them were lined up, there chins dropped, there tongues fell out and they looked so funny I burst out laughing. I turned and headed back to the house laughing.

They must have been in shock I had walked a good 50 yards before John caught me up "I am really sorry Kim I didn't mean that to happen." Phil was in his usual place the other side of me while James was once again in front, only now he was grinning like a Cheshire cat watching my boobs moving while I walked

"Hey it wasn't your fault." I said, "It was me that jumped away, your faces though when I dropped my hands, I will never forget that till the day I die"

Phil said, "Well at least you don't have to worry about sunbathing topless now do you?"

James laughed and said, "Or even naked."

"James, don't you say a word" I said, looking at him sternly

"Oh Yeah what's this then?" John asked looking at James.

"Jaaames." I said

He couldn't help himself "She doesn't have anything on under the skirt." He said and burst out laughing.

"You swine!" I shouted, and lunged for him; he was much too quick for me and ran off. I chased him with John and Phil following behind.

I didn't think about what I looked like, boobs swinging and bouncing, skirt open and flowing. James suddenly stopped running and I crashed into him, we hit the floor side by side, laughing like idiots. "You bastard." I said, "They weren't supposed to know."

"Well they know now." he said, and looked up.

I followed his gaze and realised that John and Phil were standing there looking at me on the floor, my skirt was open to the waist showing my naked pussy to them, "Oh shit!" I said and scrambled to cover my self up, still laughing.

"Well that was very nice." Phil said, and held out a hand to help me up.

John walked over hands raised and said "Would you like me to brush you down?"

"You cheeky devil." I said, "If I did you wouldn't get any work done at all."

"Well not on the roof maybe." he said and laughed

I turned round and again headed for the house, John and Phil either side of me, hands now roaming freely over my bum and back

By the time we reached the house the type of work they would like to be doing was quite clear, I lay down on my sun bed letting my skirt open and said, "Go on then boys, back to work." and laughed.

"Bitch!" John said and laughed

It was about 4.30pm and I had been sunbathing since we got back from the pub, Phil and John had been going up and down the ladder all afternoon, grabbing a look whenever they could, I smiled at them and occasionally spread my legs a little. I hadn't had any sex for weeks and the walk back from the pub with the three of them looking at me almost naked had aroused the demon in me.

"Not having a break," I said, as John slid down the ladder yet again "its gone 4 o'clock."

"Yeah I would love a beer but we are doing so well we don't really want to stop, any chance you could bring them up?"

"What up there?" I asked, looking up the ladder "Meeee, up there."

"Oh well never mind if you can't do it maybe we will stop in an hour or so." John said, with that bloody look in his eye again, and then he was off down to the ground.

'Bastard!' I thought, by the time he got back up to the balcony I was standing, topless, with a bag over my shoulder containing beer, fags and a lighter, I knew I would need a fag if I ever got up there.

"Come on then." I said as he came back up.

"Here." he said, "This is how you climb a ladder." and moved forward to show me.

I come from Cornwall and my father had an orchard so I was well used to climbing ladders to pick the apples.

Before John reached me I stepped on the first rung and started up the ladder, John following behind me, he looked up and shouted "Hey Phil we're having company, she's got the beers."

Phil's head appeared over the ledge, "That's what I like, personal service."

I climbed up the ladder getting less and less confident the higher I got, I made it to the top and Phil helped me onto the boards

"You have to be careful on this first bit you only have a single board to walk on." Phil said, as I stepped onto the roof, I turned round to see where John was and suddenly realised how high up we were.

"Oh shit," I said shaking, "I didn't realise it was so high."

"Here take my hand." John said

I looked down and saw that the board was only about 12" wide, I moved slowly, leaning forward, John was holding my hands in front of me and I felt Phil behind me as he took my elbow with one hand and placed the other on my back to reassure me. I made it safely to the wider working platform,

"You're quite safe here." John said, "barriers all round and a solid floor."

The space was between several tall chimneys and was about 10 feet square; they had made themselves comfortable up here with a couple of sun loungers and chairs. Up here the heat from the sun seemed twice as hot.

I took a beer from John who led me round the roof space "From here," he said, "all that you see belongs to you."

The view was stunning and I realised how lucky I was to live in such a place, I decided that I wanted access to this spot from inside the house so that I could enjoy this view whenever I wanted.

Phil was in his spot at my side opposite John both again had their arms round me, we walked back to where James was sitting and I said "You could do with a shower up here to cool down it's so hot."

John picked up a fresh can and shaking it said "I can give you a shower if you like." and pointed the now explosive can at me.

"You wouldn't dare," I said looking at him. Big mistake!

He pulled the ring and beer sprayed all over me, he burst out laughing as I lunged for him, holding me back with one hand he poured the can over my head. We were all laughing by now. While I tried to get at John, who had dropped his empty can, Phil came up behind me and poured his can over my back. The cool beer ran over my bum and between my legs. I spun round to attack him but my wet hands slipped, losing my balance so high up I just grabbed at anything to save myself. I landed on my knees beer running down my face. As the liquid cleared I opened my eyes to see Johns throbbing erection right in front of my face, I must have caught his shorts when I fell.

"Oh that's the way it is eh," he shouted, "Come on guys off with the skirt."

"No, John, I didn't mean it." I shouted, still laughing hysterically, I twisted round trying to get away, straight in to Phil.

I was twisting and squirming. I was determined that they were not going to get it all there own way. I grabbed at Phil's shorts and tugged hard, they came down but he didn't care he just held me down by my arms while John grabbed my legs. James ran over as best he could with his erection standing out in front of him. He grabbed my skirt the button popped and the skirt was gone.

"You bastards!" I screamed

Phil laughed and said, "Now now, don't be churlish," and taking the can off James said, "Now open wide, this will cool you down." With that, he poured the drink over my face and into my mouth.

Laughing gagging and swallowing, I pulled an arm loose and made a grab for the can.

What I took hold of was not a can, it was rigid and throbbing, the can ran out but I didn't let go of Phil's erection, I just relaxed and gently rubbed it

John let my legs go "Shame to waste all this beer." he said, and started licking it off, starting from my knees he worked his way slowly up to my naked juicy pussy, his tongue working on my bud slowly.

Phil was nipping at my nipples and I was rubbing him faster. I was shaking and moaning with John's tongue driving me wild. Phil lay down and pulled closer raising me over him, I felt his erection knocking at heavens door. Then he slid in and I let out a huge sigh as it went all the way in, my legs either side of him and my boobs swinging in his face. I felt John come up behind me, his hard knob brushing my pussy trying to find entry; I reached round and pointed him to my arse.

"Oh God!" he said, "She takes it up the arse as well, room for everyone."

Then I felt him sliding in, tight firm and throbbing.

All this time James had been standing there with his mouth wide open shaking like a leaf, his erection throbbing visibly through his shorts, he moved forward to see John's entry, I pulled at his shorts but they stopped at his erection, I looked up at him and shouted "Take them off, Now!"

He stared at me, eyes wide and slowly dropped his shorts, what appeared before my eyes made me gasp, "Oh fuck!" He was big, 9 inches long wasn't the problem, he was just so thick so very thick, I reached up for it and drew him to me taking him into my mouth.

Phil was grasping my boobs for all he was worth, pumping into me as hard and fast as he could, John, pumping into me from behind. I let Phil support me and using my hands and mouth worked on James, he started shaking after a few minutes and shot his load into my mouth, I took him deep into my throat until he collapse to his knees, shaking violently. I took my own weight again, I could feel my orgasm rising and knew by their increased breathing that John and Phil were close too. I set the pace now, pushing down on Phil as John withdrew and pushing onto John as Phil withdrew.

"Oh yes, you bastards, now, now." I screamed. I couldn't hold off any longer. John grabbed my hips and thrust even harder while Phil grabbed my tits, I thought he was going to pull them off he was so rough.

"Oh yes, arghhhh." Phil screamed.

John pulling me harder on to him screamed, "Bitch, you fucking gorgeous bitch." and I felt them both shoot their juice into me.

That was it my orgasm hit me hard " Oh yes, yes harder, oh fuck, fuck me yes yes yeeeeeees."

As my orgasm subsided I shook violently and was laughing uncontrollably, I went limp and lay on Phil, John following me down, reluctant to extract his semi erection from my arse.

"You bastards." I said weakly, "I said I wanted a drink not a fucking drink."

We all laughed, John slipped out and got up, James still shaking offered me a hand which I took as I got up, I kissed him lightly on the lips, "Was that your first BJ?" I asked, he nodded yes and sheepishly moved away, semi erect but not caring now that we were all naked.

John offered me a towel and I cleaned myself up "Your full of surprises." he said.

I looked at him and said, "Why? Cos I enjoy sex, even up the bum." this time he couldn't keep a straight face, he turned away and laughed loudly.

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