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Kim Kardashian's Back Door


I know many people think of Kim Kardashian as vapid and inane but all I can see is a beautiful sexy woman. When I heard they were looking for an unpaid assistant for her reality TV show I applied and actually got the job. Seeing as I'm unskilled and unpaid you can imagine that I was nothing but a gofer and that's all right because it gave me a chance to be around the sexiest girl in the world.

Kim has the face of a classic beauty, a profile that might be found on an ancient coin from the Mediterranean. I understand that many people call her fat and even I would admit she is a large woman but if you see her in a bathing suit all you see is toned muscle. Kim's tummy is flat and taught and I swear there is no flab on it. The same with her butt, although it is big and round, it is also firm and believe me there ain't no jiggle when that girl prances her stuff. As for her boobs, they're right out of a fifties Playboy magazine. Her tits are big and real, they don't stand out like plastic pyramids, Kim's are soft and hang down when they are freed from the constrictions of a bra. This is a woman who knows her number one asset is her looks and she takes care to be in full makeup and perfect hair if there is a chance her public will be around to see her.

On the set, I did everything in my power to become Kim's number one groupie. Every chance I got I raved about her beauty and her talent and as with most celebrities she is just insecure enough to crave all adulation. It didn't take much of this action to become Kim's main go to guy and soon her satisfaction became my job description. As soon as she would come on the set, I would stand behind her director's chair waiting to fulfill her desires. It became common practice for us to chat between takes and often she would have me follow her to her trailer to keep her company.

I think because of how much awe I felt for her she felt comfortable around me and as she became relaxed with me, we talked as she did among her sisters. I say we talked but it was more like she talked and I listened, I was shocked but pleased on how open she could be with me. She loved to talk about sex with her boy friend, about how his ebony skin contrasted with her alabaster. At first, she bragged about the size of his cock but when I confessed about being small, she became contrite and she told me big cocks weren't as much fun as people thought. Kim told me there were only one or two positions that she and Reggie could do it because of the pain involved by his size.

I told Kim that she was just being nice to me because I was small and she said no it was the truth. She leaned close to tell me in confidence,

"I just love anal but with Reggie's monster there's no way in hell that's gonna happen, Christ I'd shitting blood for a week."

I moaned and she looked up at me,

"I'm sorry; it's just the thought of doing your back door, that'll be my fantasy for the rest of my life."

She kept looking at me and I believe she was searching my face for honesty

"Please don't be mad at me Ms. K I'm sorry for..."

She stopped my rambling with a hand on my thigh,

"Georgie, are you really small, you're not tiny are you? Stand up let me see,"

I rose already hard and after I unfastened my pants, Kim yanked them down to my thighs. There I stood, before my dream fantasy with my dick sticking out.

"It's not tiny, it's cute," and with that she kissed the tip leaving a lip print with her lipstick. She continued to rub me as she studied me up close,

"Ms. K, if you don't stop that I'm gonna have an accident."

"That's OK I want to watch, just don't get any on me, go ahead go."

I think she meant cum and that is just what I did but into my palm, careful not to spill any.

We were interrupted by a knock on the door as someone informed her she was needed on the set. Kim glanced in the mirror to make sure everything was perfect and in place then as calm as could be, got up, and left. After cleaning up with a tissue, I quickly pulled up my pants and followed after. On the set, we talked as if nothing had happened and I actually wondered if maybe I had merely dreamed about what had just occurred. As we ended for the day, Kim motioned for me to come over to her; she leaned in close to whisper in my ear,

"When you come to work tomorrow bring some rubbers."

I looked at her and she just nodded her head to show I did understand her.

I came to work the next day with a smile on my face, a pocket full of condoms, and a hard on in my pants. We worked all morning without a minutes rest and by lunch I was beside myself and so was Kim it seemed as she literally drug me to her trailer, saying she had a special project for me.

"Did you bring them, you had better cause I don't do unsafe sex. After what happened to Paris I won't even do a hand job without a raincoat."

I pulled some rubbers out of my pocket and she signed with relief. I helped her pull her dress over her head without messing her hairdo and then there she was standing before me in a little thong and matching pushup bra. She said she had been thinking about this all night and ordered me to get undressed. As I tore, my clothes off I told her I hadn't slept all night thinking about her. She had lube in her purse, she told me since she's been with Reggie she made sure she had some with her all the time. I bet she had condoms in there too but maybe they were too big for me,

She got on her day bed and assumed the classic doggy style pose, she looked so hot, and I couldn't believe how lucky I was. She handed me the lube, I copiously coated both me and her back door and then I was there at her rear entry ready to fulfill a long carried fantasy. As I eased in to her, I heard her moaning with excitement but when I glanced at her, I saw she was looking in the mirror and fixing her hair. I was confused; she was the one who wanted this and now she wasn't even paying attention. I increased my tempo hoping to get her interest but I think I even saw her yawn. When I slowed to stare at her she turned her head toward me,

"Are you done already hon that was great, you're the best."

She moved forward and I fell out of her ass with a plop. She went to her bathroom to clean up leaving me alone with my thoughts. It was all an act, she had no interest in anal or me, and I think she just missed posing on her knees with that great ass of hers sticking up in the air. I didn't even cum, she didn't care, and you know what either did I. What a disappointment as I guess most fantasies are in real time.

I left the show that day never to return. To this day whenever I see her on TV or a magazine or maybe on the net I don't think about that day of disappointing sex, I just look at that hot body and wish I could have her. And then I feel sorry for Reggie.

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