tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKim McArthur's Busy Day

Kim McArthur's Busy Day


It begins with Kimberly McArthur slowly waking up in a strange room. It's dimly lit and a few feet in front of her there is a standing mirror; beyond that she can see a bed with another mirror hanging over it. As her eyes focus she realizes that the mirror over the bed is merely hanging from some rough hemp ropes; other ropes hang down from beams above the bed. Kimberly looks around the room and finds that it is sparsely furnished like a converted garage or basement. Is she alone? She looks down and sees that she's sitting in a chair and a rope is attached to each over her wrists. What's more, there is a silken gag on her mouth, or rather in her mouth, as the cloth is pressing between her luscious red lips, against her magnificent white teeth. What is happening to her? Her beautiful green eyes widen, but she's not quite afraid yet. She shakes her sweet strawberry blonde hair and begins to stand.

But as she stands she hears a strange mechanical sound and she feels the ropes on her wrists begin to tighten, spreading her arms out wide and forcing her to stand in front of the mirror.

Now she is afraid.

She looks at herself in the glass and sees that she is dressed the same as when she went out this afternoon: in tight blue jeans, with a white men's shirt tied in a knot above her cute belly button. The shirt is open at the top about four buttons, showing her creamy cleavage glowing in contrast to the red bikini she wears under her clothes. The last thing she remembers is sitting in a lawn chair at Barbara Edwards' house sipping wine. They had the day off from their film shoot; in fact today is Kim's birthday and they were going to go out later to celebrate. How did she get here? A prisoner bound and gagged before a mirror watching her own flat firm belly move in and out and her gorgeous white breasts heave up and down as she breathes in fear. What is she here for?

Suddenly, as she looks at her fabulous body writhing in the mirror she realizes exactly what is going to happen to her; her green eyes widen even more before she closes them tight and lets out a soft, slow, almost orgasmic moan. She realizes now that she is a prisoner here and about to be fucked by some insane pervert. She is afraid and she is sweating with fear.

And yet, coupled with the fear is a strange tingle of excitement; Kimberly thinks back to a few days ago on the movie set and a conversation she had with Barbara Edwards. Kim and Barbara were in bed together completely nude. They both knew that they looked perfect together. Barbara's dark hair tangled up with Kimberly's strawberry blonde; Kim's large creamy breasts pressed against Barbara's firm nipples. Each of them had one hand on the other's round and plump bottom while the other hand gently stroked pussy. As they lay there slowly moving their bodies against one another in a slow erotic dance Barbara kept kissing Kim's face; her lips a soft, tender butterfly alighting first on her eyes, then her cheeks, finally her lips. Barbara's tongue darted against Kim's just as she slipped one finger slowly, smoothly, but strongly into her pussy, and pushed another finger firmly into her ass. Kimberly's hand tightened on Barbara's ass and she moaned with pleasure. Her other hand pushed against Barbara's dewy bush.

Suddenly someone yelled "Cut." And there was a flurry of activity as grips and carpenters began to move over the set, changing lights and repositioning cameras. But Kimberly and Barbara kept rocking against one another. Kim thought Barbara's fingers, one in her rear and the other in her pussy, were almost touching. She pressed her own mouth on Barbara's as she began to shake with orgasmic delight. She could see her own pleasure reflected in Barbara's deep dark eyes.

But here was the director standing over them. He was a bit bemused but also a bit perturbed. Both girls could see in his pants that he was extremely aroused.

"Girls, girls," he said, "This is too much; we're doing soft-core and action, not porno." The girls began to giggle. "And take a look around you. Every guy on the crew has a boner. We're gonna have to take lunch now so everybody can wack off."

The girls did look around, and indeed, every man in sight was erect. Even Charlotte, the make-up girl, had a misty look in her eyes and her hand on her crotch. They giggled again and Barbara said with a laugh, "Watch your language when you talk to ladies. Now leave us alone; I want to show this Texas goddess some things I learned in the grotto." With that she buried her face between Kimberly's milky white breasts.

Kimberly laughed too as she felt Barbara's tongue slowly draw a line down her chest towards her belly button. She knew it wouldn't be long before there was a hungry mouth engulfing her clit. She looked up at the director and said with her cutest southern belle smile, "Would you mind throwing a sheet over us before you leave?"

The director mumbled something but did as he was told. Kim and Barbara were alone on the set, at least alone in the bed. Kim could see some of the crew off in the shadows watching as the two playmates pleasured each other.

Barbara's mouth was slowly working towards Kim's honey pot. Both girls were now in a dreamy state. Barbara was under the sheet kneeling between Kim's legs as she licked and nibbled every inch of Kim's sweet pink flesh, slowly working down to her scrumptious clit. Kim was on her back now, immobilized with erotic enthrallment as her girlfriend probed her body. She was gently stroking Barbara's dark hair and she was watching through hazy eyes as several of the crew remained, excited by the sex show they were witnessing. And Kim was excited by their eyes on her.

She whispered huskily and dreamily to her lover, "You know, Barbara, I have this fantasy about being taken by a whole crew of really horny men, and then after about a dozen orgasms, getting some loving from you, Honey Girl." All Barbara could say in response was "Mmhghmm," as her hot, anxious tongue found the sweetest spot.

But now those tender moments are gone. Here she is trapped in what looks like some frat-boy hangout. She's a prisoner, bound and gagged. What's in store for her? She looks at her beautiful body standing before the mirror. Her jeans are so tight that she can almost see the line of the bikini underneath. She watches her velvety breasts heave up and down with each deep breath she takes. And she is breathing deeply with both fear and excitement. She knows her body is beautiful and she loves making love; perhaps she can seduce her captors and avoid any pain. But then she sees her wrists bound by ropes and her arms spread and the silken gag in her mouth and she realizes that she is in great peril.

She moans again and begins to sob. Sweet and salty tears dampen the honey soft curls hanging over her breasts. As she cries quietly she looks at herself in the mirror again and looks beyond and realizes that she is not alone in the room. She sees in the reflection behind her a table and three men, large shadowy figures, sitting there. They seem to be cutting a deck of cards. Now she moans wildly, a deep animal groan, a combination of sensuality and violence she never knew she had inside herself.

Her moan turns into a scream within the silken gag and she starts to thrash fiercely against her bonds; she doesn't realize that her wrists are wrapped in smooth satin so the ropes don't chaff against her supple skin. Suddenly she stops her panic as she sees one of the men push his chair back and start come towards her. The men are murmuring quietly to each other and Kimberly stops her crying in an effort to hear what they say. All she hears is, "Lucky dog." Two of the men pat the third as he slowly moves towards his gorgeous captive. She sees in the grey light that he slips a mask over his head as he gets closer.

The mask sets off her moaning again. Her soft pleas muffled in the gag. Fear takes hold and pushes out all notions of sensuality as visions of pain and brute force fill her mind. The mask tells her that they mean to hurt her and don't want her to recognize them later. She tries to close her eyes but she can't help watching the hulking masked beast as he moves behind her.

"Shhsh, Kimmy." His voice whispering behind her is surprisingly gentle. "It doesn't have to be this way. We don't want to hurt you." She wants to believe but she thinks she hears a slight snicker from the two at the table. She moans yet again but the masked man behind her keeps saying, "Shssh, it's OK. We all know what we're here for. We all want to enjoy ourselves. It's gonna be a fine party. You're a beautiful girl. A gorgeous woman. You know what you do to men don't you?" He's looking at her in the mirror, still not touching her. His eyes run up and down her shapely body as he talks quietly. Finally her eyes meet his in the mirror.

Again he says, "You know what you do to men don't you?" She stares at him. Suddenly, he's more insistent, "Don't you?" She nods her head timidly. "Good girl. We're all going to have a good time now. We're gonna have a nice little party." Kimberly continues to watch the man in the mirror as both fear and excitement make her tremble.

"You look so good baby. You know what we want. You know what you have to do." He pauses, then more insistent, "You know what we want." Kim nods slightly but tears begin to come too. "Shhh, sweet heart. There's nothing to be afraid of if you cooperate. You're gonna be a good girl; you'll be good won't you?" Again she nods. "Yeah, you're so good, so sweet. All we want to do is have fun. We're just gonna party with you and you'll be a good girl won't you. See the bed over there? It's set up for a good time and you look so good." Kimberly is slowly writhing against the ropes. "We're gonna take turns, OK? You'll like that won't you baby?" Kim is frightened and confused and doesn't know how to respond but her captor is firm. "You want us to take turns; you want to have a ball." The beautiful prisoner nods but she is frightened.

"That's real good baby. But listen, sweet heart, before we get started we've got to get that gag off, right?" Kimberly nods again. She's surprised to realize that her wonderful nipples are poking through the red bikini top and white shirt.

"Now, Kimmy baby, I want to take my mask off but I don't want you to see me yet. You see the bed over there. And you see the boys behind you. Well we're all gonna have a really good time. You're going to be such a good girl for us. We're gonna have a real ball." Kimberly's body stiffens with fear for a moment as he keeps repeating his smooth talk but she trembles too with what she knows is excitement. He goes on. "So I'm going to put this blindfold on you, just for awhile. Just until we get really started. Just until we're all good and acquainted." More chuckles and snickers from the other two. Again she trembles. "But I want to show you this first." Before her eyes is a card, the Jack of Hearts. "High card goes first." She signs and sobs at once and leans back against the bonds. Her delicious round ass presses against his crotch, and Kimberly realizes that he is already rock hard and that she's about to have it inside her. Her body stiffens even more and while she trembles against him her sobbing becomes an excited humming.

His large hands are surprisingly gentle as he lifts up her soft blonde hair and brings around a silk blindfold. He seems to breathe in the aroma of her hair and her flesh. He ties the blindfold firmly and Kim is reminded of the potential force of his body; she's still afraid but the fear drives the thrill of her ass rhythmically bumping against his member, the jeans so tight the cock rides in the crack between her two juicy buns. "You're being such a good girl now. You're being so good.

Kimberly can't see now but she can feel him pushing against her ass.

"Whoa, little lady, you're really horny aren't you but there's plenty of time; let's get this gag off first. You'll be a good girl now won't you? You're not going to scream are you?" She shakes her head violently and she hears one of the other two say, "Well, she'll be screaming when I do her." Now the thought of all three men rushes through her. She's never had anything like this. Her nipples are almost sore as her breasts push against her clothes. She's startled to realize that her pussy is flooding with juices. Just as the gag comes off and she takes a deep breath of air, tasting the breath of the hulking men behind her, she comes for what she knows will be the first of many orgasms tonight.

"Baby," she says and hearing the lust in her own voice she smiles. "Do we have to stay like this? Please don't hurt me." The man behind her, his mask off now, has put his hands on the front of her athletic hips and is moving in rhythm with her excitement. She feels his face in her hair and his lips on her lily white throat. "Don't worry, darling," he says, "We've got a lot of plans."

She feels him rock hard and huge against her ass and begins to giggle nervously and in embarrassment as she realizes that she is having sensational sex and they both still have their pants on. Then she feels his hands move all over her thighs, hunting and probing. As his right hand cups her pussy he says, "Wow, this honey feels hot right through these jeans."

"Take them off baby," she whispers huskily, surprised by the lust in her voice, "and see just how sweet too." She knows she has to play along but part of her wonders how much she is playing. His hands move slowly to the top of her jeans. She's suddenly aware that this is the first time he actually has touched her skin. His large rough hands are gently stroking the flesh right above the pants. Her flat, perfect tummy has become another erogenous zone. Now his fingers are working the top button of the fly, then the next, then the next. She is weeping with shame but also longing. She wants to be taking his pants off too, feeling her own fingers as they release his throbbing monster. Suddenly her jeans are open and he's sliding both hands along the supple flesh of her hips; he's moving down her body as he pushes her pants to the floor and they drop around her ankles. As he stands up again he licks her left leg right up to the edge of her bikini bottom. His lips pause on her magnificent round buns. He hooks his thumbs into her red bikini bottom and in one motion the bikini and jeans are pushed away as Kimberly feels herself lifted into the air and into the lap of this brute.

They're in the chair; she is still blindfolded but she's now sitting across his lap. Somehow the ropes were loosened enough for this maneuver and through the fog of her sensual ecstasy Kimberly realizes that these men have planned exactly what they will be doing to her. She sighs as she feels his coarse hands run from her toes up to her knees.

"Please be gentle," she whispers. "Sure, baby," he says still moving his hand up her leg. She alternates between parting her fabulous legs slightly and tenderly squeezing against his touch.

His other hand is pressed against her back with fingers just touching the nape of her lily white neck. As he slides his fingers up into her soaking pussy she presses into his chest and bites him through his shirt. She is coming yet again. "I told you I was first, baby, but the other guys get some fun too! I got the jeans; next high card does the shirt and baby I can't wait to see those globes." She bites again. "Ow, like to play rough, huh! But you're going to be stinging yourself soon enough." She is throbbing on his fingers and stiffens slightly at what he just said. What could he mean?

Suddenly the ropes on her wrists tighten and she's pulled off his lap. Again she's standing bound, still blindfolded, with her arms spread out. Her pants are gone and she feels her own juices running down her leg. Somehow in her blind fear she concentrates on a little drop dripping from her bush and gently moistening the sweet flesh of her inner thigh. She imagines Barbara Edwards kneeling in front of her and licking it off. She remembers how Barbara showed her the special bed in the mansion with the ropes in the ceiling. Kim would hang from the ropes with her legs on Barbara's nude shoulders, while Barbara gobbled up her pussy juices and both playmates screamed with ecstasy. Suddenly she pauses in her reverie as she realizes that the bed she saw earlier is a rough duplicate of the one in the mansion.

She hears the three men talking urgently but quietly among themselves. Suddenly there is a rebel yell and a chair is knocked over. She feels the force of a man rushing towards her. She senses him in front of her and then feels rough arms thrown around her and an unshaven face presses against her velvety cleavage. She feels something long and hard slide between her thighs and she knows that he is already naked and ready, and she's anxious with the knowledge that he's even bigger than the other man.

She's exhausted with shame yet excited with anticipation. She's afraid and thrilled by what's happening to her and what's yet to come. This brute is really scaring her as he slobbers and licks all over her creamy décolletage. "Take it easy lover. Let's get the rest of my clothes off first," she whispers.

Suddenly she feels a slap across her face. Her cheek stings and reddens and she begins to scream. He slaps her again. "Shut the fuck up, bitch!" he shouts. She starts to whimper. "Shut up, cunt." She feels cold steel against her spine and she cries out softly. "I said shut up!" he spits out sharply through his teeth. A third slap.

He presses the steel harder against her soft flesh. "You know what this is?" he asks. She nods. "What is it?" "A kni..., a kn..., a knife." "That's right bitch, a knife. Almost as big as my cock. Know what it's for?" She shakes her head back and forth, trying to hold back tears. "What's it for!" The knife is now pressed against her lovely long neck. His other hand is pulling her hair behind her back. She can almost feel the edge of the blade cutting into her skin. "Please, I'll do anything. We can make love. I'll take you in my..." "Look cunt. I can do anything I want with you anyway. Quit the sobbing. What do you use a knife for?" "To..., to..., to cut..., to cut...things." "That's right, bitch, to cut things." With that he pulls the knife away and brings it behind her back. Still pulling at her hair he takes the point of the blade and puts it between her soft, trembling buns.

For a second she thinks that it would be plunged into her ass but he begins to draw it slowly up her spine. When it comes to the white shirt he pushes the edge between the cloth and her skin. Then with one brutal powerful motion he cuts through the fabric of the white shirt and the strap of the red bikini. With a couple more strokes the shirt is completely off. Then the bikini is gone. She feels the cool air against her tasty breasts and senses her nipples hardening. She knows she is getting aroused again but this time she is aroused by the fear.

"Take a look boys! Here's what you came for," he snorts. The naked brute has loosened her bonds so he can turn her around. She feels all three gathered around her and she hears clicking noises. Are they taking pictures? She begins to whimper again even while she feels the joy of her pussy welling up with sweet honey. Somehow the eyes of the brutes upon her naked bound and blindfolded body excites her. How many orgasms are possible for her?

"Please don't hurt me." The men just laugh. "I want to make love with all of you." she whispers in her shame.

There's more laughter and one of them says, "Don't worry baby, you'll do all of us alright. But it won't be loving; it'll just be good ol' hardcore fucking."

"Please, I don't like that kind of talk." Strange to say, Kimberly finds the southern belle inside of herself even as she stands with her nipples jutting out, her creamy white breasts quivering with anticipation, and her pussy wet with orgasms and the thrill of orgasms to come. Two of the men laugh; but the third, the one with the knife comes up to her and slaps her on her beautiful ass. Her bottom tightens with both anticipation and apprehension. "Look bitch. We're not in a convent here. We're gonna fuck you silly and you're gonna love it. Now say it." All the beautiful Kimberly do is whimper and tremble so she is slapped again. "Say it, you fucking bitch!" the brute shouts angrily.

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