tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersKim the Cheerleader Ch. 02

Kim the Cheerleader Ch. 02


Everything was going right. In fact, it was going more than right. It was going perfectly!

It was a big gamble using fake information to get into college. Every day she ran the risk of getting caught or exposed. But everyday that passed without that happening made it seem less like to happen at all.

She had now spent two weeks living in Shuets Hall, an all girls dormitory, and none of the other girls suspected anything. In fact, some seemed to be even jealous of her because of how well she got along with everyone and the fact that she made it onto the cheerleading squad despite being only a freshman.

And today was the night of the big party. All the cheerleaders were invited to the football team's pre-season party so it had become tradition for the initiation of the new cheerleaders to occur at this party. Kim hadn't wanted to be caught unprepared so she had done some discrete questioning. The answers were almost too consistent; the initiation always consisted of making the new girls consume random liquored until they throw up.

While Kim suspected this was a cover story, she had no choice but to go. To be on the safe side though, she put extra care into her ritual of tucking in and taping down her penis before she left the dorm. She wanted to make sure "the little pop up" incident that happened earlier in the locker room wasn't going to be repeated at the party.

The party was already well underway when she arrived at the house. The keg had been tapped, the beer was free flowing, and the music was loud. All in all, it was an average house party.

"Oh Kim, I'm SO glad you could make it. Here, have a drink." The head cheerleader said, handing her a half full cup.

"Thanks. Um... I don't see any of the other new girls around. Am I the first to arrive?"

"Oh no, you're not the first. Don't worry though, you're not the last."

"Well... where are they then?"

"They're upstairs with some of the rest of the squad. We decided that we didn't need to wait to start the initiation."


At this point Kim wasn't sure what to think or feel. Allison, the head cheerleader, didn't seem to show any concern or excitement about the initiation event. At the same time, Allison's whole demeanor reminded Kim of the bitchy prep girls from high school. Those girls were like vipers in that they were most calm right before they struck. Was Allison truly so unconcerned or was she setting her up?

After thinking about it for a moment she still wasn't sure but she had realized one thing; if she wanted to stay on the cheerleading squad, she'd have to go through the initiation.

"So Kim, are you ready to join them upstairs?"

"Yeah," she said with a sigh, "I guess I am."

When she was lead to the initiation room, Kim couldn't help but feel like a prisoner being lead to her execution. Being pushed into the room and having the door slammed and locked behind her didn't help deter this feeling.

"Oh good Kim, you're just in time." Julia announced with glee.

Julia was the second in charge of the squad and was like a second hand copy of Allison. Where Allison had D-Cups, Julia had C. While Allison could get any guy she wanted, Julia could get the second best. While Allison was a social queen bee, Julia was her lackey.

And while Allison could hide her snake like nature, Julia was more transparent.

"What do you mean?" Kim asked in a terrified tone.

"What do you mean what do I mean? Kim, you need to calm down. The initiation is no big deal. Now let's get you ready."

"What? I'm not ready?"

As soon as the words left her mouth she could feel the rubbing of fabric being pulled and ripped. Before she could respond, Kim could see a ripped cheerleader's blouse in Julia's hand. It took only a second for Kim to realize the blouse was hers.

"Well, I guess we now know little Kimmy doesn't wear bras to parties. No matter, we would have had to take it from you anyway."

Even though Julia's meaning was clear, Kim still had to look down at herself for it to sink in.

She was terrified. She was topless.

As she stared at her exposed perky B cups, her cock began to harden. That wasn't what was terrifying her though. While it was starting to enlarge, it was still snuggly tucked and secured. Even if she became fully aroused, her tie down should keep it hidden.

It was how fast Julia had removed her clothes and without warning. If she was going to make her get completely naked Kim might not be able to react fast enough. If Julia ripped off her skirt, she'd be exposed and in more ways then one.

"Oh don't worry Kimmy, we'll give you a new shirt once you're done." Julia giggled.

"Done... doing what?"

"I'm glad you asked!" Julia said as she began to laugh. "I can't believe how focused you are. Like a deer in the headlights. You've been so focused on you and me that you haven't even looked to see what's next to you. Go ahead, look."

Julia was right. Kim had been terror stuck and hadn't even looked around the room. When she did things started to make more sense.

Five new guys had been added to the universities football team that year and all five of them were in the room. In fact, all five of them were seated in a row of chairs no more then ten feet from where Kim was standing.

Anna and Rachael, two of the other new cheerleaders, were in the room as well. Just like Kim, they were topless. Unlike Kim, who was still standing by the door, they were each kneeled down in front one of the guys.

Once Kim saw what was going on she felt a strong shove that sent her falling forward and landing on her hands and knees.

"Get started Kimmy! The initiation isn't over until you've gone down the whole line."


"But what? Don't you want to be popular Kim? Don't you want to be one of us cheerleaders? Don't you want to be the envy of all the other normal girls and the fantasy of every guy?"


"Well then, giving head to a few popular guys seems like a pretty small price to pay for all that, doesn't it?"

Kim was motionless.

"What is it? Are you a lezy? You only like girls?"


"Are you a virgin? Never been with a man before?"


"Well then, get over it! You're just sucking him off. You'll still be a virgin when you find Mister Right."


"Kim, start sucking now or you're off the squad for good!"

That was the final push. Julia sounded serious about kicking her off the team so she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and leaned forward.

The first guy in the line was either being nice or was tired of waiting for Kim to get her act together. She could feel his large, strong hand press up against the back of her head and guide her down to the proper location.

And then POP, it was in.

She knew what her own cock felt like and knew that this was different. He was bigger then her, much bigger. She had just the head of his cock in her mouth and she could already tell it was a monster. And she could taste it. Since all the chairs had been in a line and she was the third girl in the room, she could only assume from all this that she was giving "sloppy thirds."

She didn't have much time to contemplate this though. He was unwilling to wait for her to figure things out on her own. Again she felt his hand behind her head and then a push. Her head slid down his rod and suddenly at least four inches was in her mouth.

For Kim, who had never given head before, four inches seemed like so much more. She wasn't sure how much she could take but, more importantly, she didn't know how much he was able to give her. Was this four inches it or just the start?

She placed her right hand right in front of her mouth and curled up her fingers around his cock. She couldn't believe what she was feeling. She was so surprised she had to open her eyes to make sure she was correct.

She was correct. She had wrapped her whole hand around it and hadn't felt anything but shaft. The sight made her pull back off of him to get a better look. As she pulled herself back she saw the most beautiful sight she had ever seen. Clearly this man was monstrous. His cock had to be at least ten inches long and as wide as her three middle fingers put together. That was only part of the sight though. Something else pushed it from gorgeous to beautiful.

As she had pulled back, a tiny string of pre-cum and spit trailed back with her forming a little cum bridge between his dick and her mouth. The sight was enough to push her from semi-hard to orgasm without going in between. The realization of cumming in her panties while kneeling in a cheerleaders skirt made her petrified. Relief came when she remembered she had asked to borrow a feminine pad from her roommate. While they were intended to absorb blood menstrual blood, she had hoped they would also work to stop her cum from leaking out through her thin panties. She was correct.

She didn't have long to marvel at the majestic sight before she felt his hands guiding her head back down onto his shaft. This time he pushed it back until it was just about touching her throat.

"You know what they say Kimmy, if you fall off the horse you have to get right back on." Julia said, laughing at her before mumbling "and he sure is hung like one."

She wasn't ready for him to deep throat her yet and she knew with a cock that big he was going to if he got the chance. So she did what she had seen hundreds of times in porn movies. She bopped her head up and down, drawing his cock out a few inches and then sliding it back in.

"See, now you're getting it Kimmy. But with a guy that big you might want to use your hands too. Here, like this."

Kim could see Julia's hands appear and wrap around the monster in front of her. She slowly started to grip and slide up and down.

"See kimmy, hear the moans. He likes that. Now don't forget to use your tongue. Explore him with it."

She hadn't even thought about her tongue yet. She was just trying to keep her mouth from spasming due to the whale in her mouth. Still, Julia sounded like she had a lot of experience.

Shifting her tongue around made his cock seem even larger. No matter where she swished it, his cock was there. And every swish brought a fresh sensation of the taste of cum and spit.

"Oh, you must have found a good spot. I think he's getting harder! Oh, but don't worry. If you start to feel a little tired you could switch and lick his shaft or his balls for a while. Of course, I'll show you how it's done first." She said with a dirty smile.

Kim tried her best to continue sucking while she focused her attention on Julia. She found it hard to believe she was actually being helpful. Most likely she simply couldn't pass up a chance at teasing such a large cock.

With proficiency that obviously came from years of experience, Julia jetted out her tongue and gave quick licks to his dangling balls followed by long deep ones.

"See Kimmy, and you thought the skill of eating an ice cream cone would never pay off." She said with a chuckle, "My favorite though is to give long licks all the way up the shaft, like this."

In one fluid motion Julia moved her tongue from the base of his balls all the way up to Kim's lips.

"See how good that makes him feel. And then you can... oh well I guess you'll have to figure the rest out on your own."

For a second Kim gave her a confused look but then she could feel the pulsing heat waves. Kim tried to pull back but his hand wouldn't let her pull his cock out in time.

Bloop, Bloop, Bloop, Bloop, Bloop. Kim could feel each glob of cum as it shot into her mouth. She could even feel the heat from the stream that hit her chin when he finally pulled out.

Without missing a beat Julia shoved one hand over Kim's mouth and the other behind her head.

"That wasn't so bad, was it Kimmy? And now there are only four guys to go."

Julia's hands remained frozen as she stared at Kim.

"Um, Kimmy... I'm surprised your mommy didn't tell you this but good girls don't spit."

Again, there was silence as they both remained motionless.

"Ok, I guess that big dick made you a little slow upstairs so I'll be blunt. Either swallow the cum or I'll rub your throat like a dog who won't swallow a pill."


"That's a good girl. Oh look, Anna just finished off the next guy. Ready for guy number two yet Kimmy?"

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