Kimberly and Her Younger Son


"That was so good that I think I want more," she purred. "Is there something else you can stick in there?" Kyle moaned in response to her words and the inviting look she gave him. She reached back with one hand and pulled her ass open even more, exposing her red, horny shit hole to her son's eyes... and his cock. Kyle may have been new to ass-fucking, but he had read some about it and realized that it would be easier if there was some lubrication.

"Just stay like that, don't move," he hissed. He moved over to the small eating table and grabbed the cruet of salad oil. Kyle moved back behind his mother and nestled his cock in the crack of her ass, then dribbled some of the oil down the crack of her ass and onto his cock. Kimberly felt the cool oil on her hot skin. Her son put the cruet on the counter and rubbed the oil around with the head of his shaft. It was such a wonderful tease that his mother arched her back and stuck her ass out even more as she waited for her son's long cock to enter. Even as hot as she was, she tensed when his cock started pressing against her sphincter.

"Oh God honey," she breathed. "Go slow at first."

He applied more pressure and she felt her asshole open to his entrance. She moved the hand on her ass to the counter in front of her and gripped it with both hands she moaned at the stretching she felt behind her as his shaft slowly made its way inside her rectum.

She was experienced enough that she could ignore the minor pain to enjoy the feeling of having her ass spread open by a cock. Her body's natural reaction tightening sphincter muscles around Kyle's shaft. There was something so special and erotic to her in the feeling of having her backside forced open like that and the throbbing prick inside her; it drove her crazy.

Looking back at her son she smiled at him. Kyle's eyes were wide open big and full of amazement at this new and exciting event. She brushed her hair to one side so she could watch her son's reaction as she pushed back against his cock and buried it further in her ass. She got another inch and there was no pain. Kimberly reached back and felt his cock, gauging how much was left. As full as she felt, there was still an inch or so left

"Oh crap, mom" Kyle exclaimed, feeling her fingers on his root.

"It's OK honey," she soothed. "Just relax for now." She wanted all of him and she wanted him to last. She pushed inside her bowels to open her muscles, then pressed back more until she felt his thighs pressed against the firm globes of her ass.

Kyle stared down as the remainder of his penis was consumed by his mother's beautiful ass until it was all the way inside. It was so good to have his cock wrapped in this tight hole. His girlfriend's cunt was tight but loosened up immediately. This was so dirty! All those taboo words ran through his mind...incest...motherfucker...butt fucker...sodomy. He had dreamed and fantasized about sex with his mother; he had wondered about anal sex since he started watching porn videos on his computer. Now here he was with his cock completely buried in his own mother's rear end! It was like she wasn't his mother at all but more like his slut...his personal anal slut at that.

His mother moaned and started slowly moving, sliding herself back and forth on his shaft. Her husband was too big for her comfort but her son's wonderful penis was just the right size for her rectum. She had wanted the cock that filled her ass without tearing, with an owner that would be sensitive and she finally found one in her own son. It was like her whole body was tingling as all her nerve endings were sending messages of pleasure to her brain.

"Oh God," she groaned. "This good." She needed him to know how wonderful it felt.

"Mom," he replied. "You have no idea how good it feels from my end. Your ass feels so incredibly tight." Kyle brushed her blond mane aside and grabbed onto her shoulders with both hands. He used his grip to hold her still and began to actively fuck her ass, slowly filling her with long strokes as he watched in amazement where his cock disappeared into her shit-chute.

"So do you like fucking your own mother in her ass?" She found it exciting to actually use those words. She was her submissive slut, bending over as he slowly but steadily rammed her ass with long strokes of his cock. Her ass actually felt wet as it began to produce some form of lubrication while her son's rod started to speed the pace of thrusting.

A thought burst into her head. She was his mother...why should she submit to him? She suddenly felt the need to be in control; to assert her control on him once more.

"Kyle stop!" she commanded. He stopped moving.

"What's wrong?" he asked, full of concern that she suddenly came to her senses and realized this was all wrong.

"I need you to sit in the chair," she directed him. He slid his cock out of her ass, leaving it feeling very open and empty. He paused for a moment, looking down as her sphincter gaped in front of him, then moved to the chair and sat down, looking up at his mother expectantly. Kimberly straightened up and walked over to him. She turned away from him and, standing between his legs, lowered her ass down onto his cock. There was a twinge of pain as his flared glans pushed through her sphincter again but the pleasure of being refilled was exquisite.

"Oh shit," she exclaimed. "That is so good."

Lowering herself further, she sat impaled on his long cock. The addition of her weight drove it further into her ass that his earlier thrusting and she loved the feeling of what was happening. Placing her hands on his knees and leaning forward, she was able to slowly lift herself up his shaft, feeling his long veined shaft coming out of her ass. That incredible sensation drew her eventual orgasm closer and she sank down, impaling her ass on Kyle's cock once more. She developed a rhythm as she moved up and down on her son, increasing the speed.

Just as she felt her orgasm approach, her arms and legs began to get tired. She knew she was at the edge of her orgasm and the fatigue pushed her back from the climatic edge. She so desperately wanted this climax and it was starting to elude her.

"Mom, I think...I'm cum" Kyle panted. He reached his hands around and cupped her firm breasts, causing her to moan loudly. Just then Kimberly felt her son's cock throb and shoot his cum deep inside her bowels. As he did he squeezed her breasts and pulled her tight to his chest, which was enough to trigger her huge orgasm. With her head tilted back she screamed in total ecstasy as wave after wave of earth shattering pleasure spread from her rectum through her whole. Kyle held her upright as her body spasmed and shuttered in his lap, completely lost to the ravages of this incredible orgasm. Fluid shot from her pussy and dripped to the floor as she experienced torturous satisfaction that she wished would last forever. There was a distant awareness of her son's moans as he shot the last of his load into her ass but it was the waves of orgasm that were the focus of her attention.

It was a very long time before Kimberly could breathe normally. As her awareness to her surroundings grew, she found herself amazed at the quiet; her screaming had been so loud. Her wonderful son Kyle was still softly holding her breasts as her held her upright on his lap. Still trembling, she turned and brushed her long hair away from his face. She looked into his handsome face and saw the pleasure that she had given him She reach out and pulled his face to hers, kissing him passionately for a few moments. When she released him, she tenderly wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Mom, I never knew it could ever be so good," he whispered in her ear.

"I'm sorry baby...I never should have let it get so out of hand," she whispered, her voice hoarse from her earlier screaming. "But that may have been the best orgasm I have ever had. Thank you."

"You're so welcome Mom." he whispered back. "You are so beautiful. I love you Mom."

They were both silent for a long time, as neither wanted the experience to end, but as Kyle's cock softened, it eventually was squeezed out by his mother's shrinking asshole. It was followed by a really gross sounding wet fart as the air he had stirred up and the cum he shot in her came out.

"Oh my God!" Kimberly exclaimed. "That is so gross!" but then they both started laughing.

The beautiful blond relaxed back into her son, his arms cuddling around her as they shared the intimate afterglow of sex. Kyle looked up and could actually see a reflection of his mother in window of the oven door. As he moved his head a little he could see her legs open and her swollen pussy lips could be seen just below that perfect patch of auburn pubic hair.

He reached down to explore, his eyes watching the reflection as his fingers caressed her soft pubic hair before venturing down and sliding up and down her labia. His mother's legs spread further apart in reaction to his touch, and she groaned an exhausted groan.

"Mom," he whispered into her ear. "Your pussy is very wet."

"I think you made me squirt, honey" she answered softly.

"If you look at the oven window just right, you can see how wet you are." Turning her head around, she found that she too could see his fingers caressing the entrance to her pussy. It was so erotic to feel her son's fingers enter her pussy at the same time she watched. Kyle fingered her for a few moments as they watched in the oven window, then pulled them out and lifted his hand so they could both see; the two fingers were glistening with wet juices and there were a couple drops running down towards his wrist.

"Wow," he said in amazement. "You're dripping!" He brought the fingers to his mouth. "But you still taste good." He smiled an evil smile and moved his fingers to her mouth.

"Taste," he commanded. The command shocked her. She thought she had resumed control yet when he commanded she suddenly had the desire to taste her juices. Opening her mouth, she allowed him to put his fingers on her tongue and then closed her lips around them. The taste was like sour honey...tangy a hint of spice. It seemed so degrading to suck her own juices from his fingers but she wanted more. With a groan she submitted herself totally to his control.

"More...please." It came out almost as a plea. Kyle smiled at her and moved his hand back down to her crotch. The fingers went in again and Kimberly inhaled sharply as this time he pushed them deep. As her son moved his fingers deep into her cunt, Kimberly found herself unable to hold still. Even after the exhausting total orgasm she just experienced, she seemed to be able to start up all over again. When he brought his fingers back to her mouth, she was overcome with the desire for that taste and grabbed his wrist to hold the fingers in her mouth as she sucked them clean.

Her out-of-control desire and the way she moved her ass in his lap brought new life back to Kyle's manhood. They both felt his cock stir as it grew up the dripping wet crack of her ass. The taste of her own juices on the fingers in her mouth and the feel of his hard cock against her ass were driving her totally made with desire all over again. She realized that she was becoming a complete sexual addict.

Kyle wrapped his arm back around his mother as she sat in his lap, cupping her handful of breast as his other returned to her dripping pussy. The finger-fucking he started to give her was like fresh water to a shipwrecked sailor, her desire was so strong. She rubbed herself against his fingers and felt his hard cock rubbing against her ass at the same time

"Oh God," she moaned, closing her eyes as she lost herself again. "I need...I...want...your cock," she gasped. "Pleeease."

"Where do you want my cock?" He whispered into her ear with a smile.

"Too dirty...pussy," she said between deep shuttering breaths. "" Kyle moved his hand from her breast and Kimberly leaned forward. Her son took hold of his long shaft and pressed in against her still wet and swollen back hole. As Kimberly leaned back, his thick cockhead re-entered her ass. That stretching sensation was so exquisite that it set her off already.

"OH CRAP!" She screamed, filling the house with her voice. "I'M CUMMING!" Her body spasmed and shook through yet another climax. As it did, her rectal muscles tightened and relaxed, allowing her son's anal probe deeper and deeper into her. The long slow entry in turn prolonged the orgasmic sensations to the point that it felt not like repeated waves but one long plateau of extreme pleasure. For nearly three minutes she shuttered and moaned as she slid down his shaft, only to spend another two minutes at the bottom still shacking from the experience.

When she was able to function again she realized that her son, the ever patient lover, was sitting very still under her with his full long cock in her ass. It was still hard and ready to go. He had already cum twice tonight and was holding back yet another. The sexual stamina of youth was so wonderful. His fingers were still in her pussy as well, unmoving as if waiting for her to be ready again.

Again? How many time had she cum? Her body was beyond 'glistening' with perspiration; sweat was dripping off of her. Much of her wonderfully fluffy hair was plastered to her neck and shoulders. Her face was likely a horrid mess of red, flushed skin and streaky make-up, her eyes red with the tears she had cried.

The fingers in her pussy moved and started to fuck her again. God...he played her like an instrument. Where did her son learn so much! Or was she just so obvious? As his fingers went deeper into her pussy, she realized that for the first time, both of her holes full at the same time. It was so incredibly exciting to be so full, to have so much of her sexual system receiving stimulation. An even more horrid thought came to her: What would it be like to have men pumping their cocks into her at the same time? In a moment's thought, she pictured herself with both her son and her husband inside her. That image set her off again.

"MORE!" she howled. "FUCK...MY...ASS!" she yelled in time with her lifting herself up and down on his cock.

Kyle could not believe what was happening. His mother was completely consumed by her insatiable desire, lifting herself up off his lap so that she can drop back down again, forcing his cock deep into her ass. Her pussy leaked juice around his thrusting fingers as he pleasured her pussy. Her anus was so stretched and loose at this point that his cock slid in and out with ease.

Kimberly's arms and legs were tired and her ass was becoming painful but she ruthlessly drove towards her own orgasm. At this point, she did not even care if Kyle came or not, but she needed her own climax. Over and over she lifted her body up and then drove back down to bury his wonderful shaft in her ass until the base of his cock pressed against her anal ring. The sweat was pouring off her body as she forced her body onto the shaft of meat over and over while her son's fingers were filling her pussy.

"OH GOD...OH GOD!" she yelled between breaths, then "AHHH." The rest of the noise was loud but totally unintelligible. This climax crashed down on her like a tsunami, totally engulfing her body in absolutely uncontrollable convulsions. Every nerve in body was firing while all her muscles contracted and relaxed...and all she could do was scream.

All the motion drove Kyle into orgasm as well and he loosed another load, much smaller than before, into his mother's ass. He tried to hold on to his mother in his lap but she thrashed about and ripped herself off his cock and fell to the floor. Kyle grabbed his cock as the pain of her pulling off so abruptly mixed with his orgasm. But the pain quickly faded as he watched his mother trash about on the floor. She curled up into a fetal position and shook and shivered like she was hypothermic. He wondered what he should do...or if she would be ok.

For Kimberly, she truly experienced what the Japanese call the "little death" of a sexual climax. He skin was totally flushed with heat and she could not stop her body from shacking as fireworks exploded over and over in her head. Cum oozed out her ass from Kyle's latest assault as her own pussy juice leaked from her vagina.

Kyle reached out to try and sooth his mother but at the touch of his hand to her skin she immediately brushed his hand away. Kyle was shocked at how hot her skin felt; it was like she was lying in the sun. Obviously even the touch of his hand was too much for her at the moment. Her went to the sink and wet a towel and laid it on her neck and shoulders to cool her, then poured a glass of water and waited for her to calm down.

When Kimberly recovered, it was almost like awakening from a coma. She was completely disoriented and just looked about in a daze. Kyle helped her to a sitting position and cuddled her in his arms.

"What happened?" she stammered.

"You had another orgasm mom," he told her as he held her tenderly. "It was really big. Here, drink this." He put the glass of water to her lips. She drank most of the glass without stop. When she stopped, she turned her head and looked up at her son. In his eyes she saw fear...and love. The mother-son love they had before was now morphed into the love shared between two lovers.

She sat there for a moment examining where her life was now. Her new relationship with Kyle did not diminish the love she had for her husband Robert. And with his family history of incest, he would probably be ok with this as long as he was her number one. But until Robert came home, she was Kyle's and would give herself completely to him for anything he wanted at any time.

"Thank you, baby," she whispered as her body shivered one last time.

"Mom, I love you," he answered into her ear. He helped her to her feet, then picked her up and carried her to her room. He helped her into the shower and washed her body with soft and gentle caresses, holding her up so she would not fall in her weakened state. When they were done, he dried her and helped her into her bed. She was asleep in moments.

Kyle returned to the kitchen and cleaned up the mess, mopping the body fluids off the floor and chair. The room smelled of their sex and he opened the window to let fresh air in, even if it would heat the room some. Then he made himself a big sandwich and wolfed it down with a huge glass of water. As he put his dishes in the dishwasher he stopped and stared at it. It seemed ages ago that he had walked up to his mother as she was loading the dishes. He smiled at the memory. Finishing up in the kitchen, he made his mother a small sandwich and another glass of water.

He walked back into her bedroom and found her completely asleep. She was so beautiful with her hair spread on the pillow around her head and her wonderful body outlined under the thin sheet. Placing the food and glass on the nightstand next to her head, he just stood there and gazed at her sleeping. He resisted the temptation to lie down next to her; it was his father's bed after all. Instead her went to his room and collapsed into his bed...tomorrow would be soon enough to deal with future issues.

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