Kim's Walk


Kim had been walking in the park, along a fairly well traveled pathway, in sight of the road. Initially she just felt odd, a strange discomfort as her senses seemed to heighten. Noises became more acute for her, she not only heard the birds singing nearby, but the nearly soundless movement as they gracefully fluttered from branch to branch.

The gravel grinding under her feet seemed to echo strangely, like the noise was slightly out of synch. Her hands began to tremble and she suddenly veered off the main path in an attempt to double back. She heard footsteps skid in the gravel behind her and as she began to run she clearly heard someone chasing her.

She veered down another path, near a park bench and slid to a stop, nearly running into an elderly bald man. He was not much taller than she was, and seemed to hobble, using a cane.

"Help me."

"What can I do?"

"Someone is following me," she exclaimed.

"I watched you come down the path, you were alone."

"But I heard him."

"See for yourself," he said, pointing.

Kim glanced back up the path and seeing no one, she relaxed a little. She turned back to him to apologize for disturbing him. He reached a hand out to her, as if to shake it. She reached and felt him take her hand.

Then he moved, quickly, fiercely pulling her arm to him. Kim, turned away, but he held her arm too tightly. Surprised at his strength, she jerked her arm, but could not escape him. She felt something pressed into her mouth: cloth. She gasped for breath, snorting through her nose. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she felt the tape drawn over her mouth. Breathe, breathe... she couldn't speak, but breathe, breathe. The air whistled into her nose, not enough, breathe, breathe.

She fell onto the ground. She wanted to run, to roll, to get away, but remained motionless. She strained for breath. She felt a liquid running from her nose, blood? She gagged.

"Calm down. Breathe through your nose. Damn, quit sniveling."

She felt cold hands slide under her tee-shirt. They went to her bra, then they were on her, one on each breast. "My, my, are you happy to see me, or just cold?" Fingers pinched her nipples.

"Breathe, breathe," she told herself. His weight was on her, he kneeled over her, straddling her. She opened her eyes and looked at his face. It was covered.

"Listen, listen. This doesn't have to hurt." She felt him upon her, his hardness pressed onto her. She tried to move. "Calm it down and you'll keep breathing," he said, pinching her nose closed.

She calmed. "That's better," he whispered, letting her breathe again. He pulled her tee-shirt over her face and she felt his mouth on her breasts. The mask felt soft on her skin as she felt a tongue circle the nipple. She felt his breath on her, hot and moist.

Why was he lingering here? Always sensitive, she tried to avoid the sensation and yet as he pulled away, the nipples ached for more. He pulled at her shorts and she found herself raising her hips to help him. He pulled them over her knees, then past her ankles.

His fingers felt warm now as they slid delicately up her thigh. She spread her legs wider, giving him access to her, now moist, lips. A finger touched her, then slid inside as his thumb found her clit. He moved, slowly, in small circles as she began to move to the rhythm.

She looked down. The bulge in his jeans seemed enormous. She watched as her hands began to pull at his belt. He moved them away, quickly unfastening the belt and opening the pants. She saw it, hard, throbbing. The dark hair at the base curled out from his open jeans. He pulled the pants to his knees and leaned toward her. She felt it press against her wet lips, slowly parting them, slowly entering her.

She tried to struggle, but he pinched off her nose again, holding it until she calmed. She lay motionless as he began moving himself inside her. His breathing quickened and he moaned, thrusting harder into her. He arched his back and cried out, "Oh yes, yes."

She began retching, afraid of what he would do if she vomited; she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth until she fought off the feeling. He climbed off of her, fastened his pants...

Sitting upright, she gasped for breath. Feeling sick to her stomach she vaulted out of bed and ran to the toilet, but simply bent over with the dry heaves. Sweat covered her body as she splashed cold water over her face. She stood, staring in the mirror and seeing her face, only her face.

She walked back into her bedroom and threw open the window. A cold breeze blew in, tossing her curtains about her. She climbed into bed and pulled the blanket over her, wondering when she would be free, when would he finally leave her. She closed her eyes, but felt her senses heighten. Every sound around her seemed sharper, crisper. She drifted to sleep to the scratchy sound of footsteps on gravel.

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