tagSci-Fi & FantasyKing of the Black Vampires

King of the Black Vampires


My name is Jay Saint Guillaume. I'm a big and tall young black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. The story that I'm about to tell you is one hundred percent true. Of course many will doubt me because that's what doubters do. I don't give a shit. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Oh, by the way, I'm also a vampire. Just thought you should know. Yeah, vampires do exist. Get over it.

I was hanging out at this gay club in downtown Boston when she came in. A tall, busty, voluptuous and big-bottomed, dark-skinned young black woman. She wore a red tank top and black leather pants along with some very stylish cowboy boots. Man, she was smoking hot. But that's not what drew me to her. At least not the only thing. The moment she came in, I sensed what she was. The gal was a member of Club Undead. My nickname for vampire society, since you humans don't know much about us.

There aren't that many vampires in New England. Especially black vampires. There are maybe a couple hundred of us in Massachusetts. Worldwide, maybe five thousand or so. Most of us prefer warmer places like Florida or New Mexico. Contrarily to what humans think, we're not afraid of the sun. It doesn't hurt us. We actually love the heat and don't like the cold weather too much. Which is why I was surprised to see this sexy black senorita in this joint. Cause she certainly didn't look local. Everything about her screamed look who's from out of town. As she talked to her prey, ( a blonde-haired young white woman who looked at her the way a hungry person looks at fast food) some closet dyke, I detected an accent. A southern accent. I'm guessing this undead gal comes from the state of Georgia.

I observed her while dancing with my intended victim, a tall and skinny twenty-something Hispanic guy named Juan. Oh, just in case you didn't know, I'm bisexual. There, at least we got that out of the way. Juan was a very interesting guy. He worked as an enforcer for the not so honorable Gina Glendale, a corrupt Supreme Court Judge. I've had a run-in with the judge at the courthouse a few months ago. I went to court for decking some redneck asshole and tossing his aggressive girlfriend out of a barroom window. Let's just say they didn't like having a black man in their favorite biker bar. So I kicked their asses. I don't hold back when I'm in a fight. I don't care if you're human or vampire, male or female. Hey, a fight is a fight. Anyhow, back to Juan. He attracted me because I like gay hustlers. And they like me. I don't know why. Anyhow, Juan asked me to go to the bathroom with him for some fun. I went. The black vampire gal was still flirting with her future victim and I could tell she was the type who liked to play with her food. I had time. I went to the bathroom with Juan. He was so eager to please he made it all the more sweet.

I leaned against the bathroom wall while Juan went down on me. The gay hustler was really good at sucking dick. In no time he had my eight inches stiff as hell. In return, I stroked him. Like me, he was uncut. It's been a while since I've been with a guy who was also uncut. In Juan's community, they're not hell-bent on slicing away bits of your manhood in the name of religion. Humans are so barbaric. Oh, well. I can't really blame them. They're just food, after all. I bent Juan over the bathroom counter and stuffed my cock into his ass. I fucked him good. He squealed. He screamed. He begged me for more. I pumped my dick in and out of his ass for a good ten minutes, then I pulled out. He took a moment to catch his breath after pulling his pants up. He thanked me for my expertise. I smiled, letting my fangs show.

Juan's eyes widened. He gasped. I caught him in an unbreakable grip and drew him to me. I sank my teeth into his neck and drank from him. Ah, the sweet taste of human blood. There's nothing like it. I drained Juan, then grabbed his corpse. I left through the bathroom window, and left his body in the trash bin. Then I went back inside. Where was the black vampire gal? She was nowhere to be seen. Neither was her intended victim. Shrugging, I left the club. It wouldn't be long before Juan's body was discovered and I had to get the heck out of there. Pronto. I went to the parking lot, and walked toward my car. It's an old red Toyota. I've had it for a while.

As I walked toward my car, some noise attracted my attention. I looked around, and saw a fascinating sight. Two hot women getting busy. Hot damn. The voluptuous black female vampire I had seen earlier was kissing the white chick from the bar. She had her up against the building wall. The black chick's hand wandered down the white chick's pants and the white chick moaned. I smiled. Wow. You had to give it to the ladies. They really look hot when they're getting busy. I stood there, and watched. What? Like you wouldn't do the same!

The black female vampire moved her lips from the white woman's lips to her neck. I grinned. She was moving in for the kill. I watched as she sank her teeth into the woman's neck. The white chick's moans of pleasure turned into shrieks of pain, then she went slack in the black woman's arms. The black female vampire drank deeply. I could tell that she was enjoying herself. I love the taste of human women's blood. While not as thick and voluminous as human men's blood, it does taste wonderful. It's easy to get addicted to it. Many vampires, both male and female, prefer to hunt human women for food because their blood simply tastes better. I like variety. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing, after all.

I approached the black lady as she carelessly threw her victim's body aside and turned around to face me. Her eyes were bright red, and her fangs were simply huge. I almost took a step back. Showing weakness is never a good thing, even when you're unnerved. So I smiled at her and said hello. She said nothing, and instead simply took off. Moving faster than anything I'd ever seen, she vanished from sight. I watched her go. Wow. I had never seen anything like that before, folks. Vampires are five times stronger and three times faster than an average human being of their size and gender. We're a very resilient bunch. Sunlight can't hurt us. We don't grow old or get sick. We do reflect in mirrors. We heal much quicker than humans do. But we're not invincible. Humans think we're a supernatural race doomed to walk the earth for eternity. We're not. We're just another species that lives in this world, that's all.

We aren't human beings transformed into the living dead by vampire bites. We were never human. And we cannot become human. To make a vampire, a would-be vampire daddy needs to approach a vampire lady who's in the right mood and willing to bear his offspring. No different from how humans reproduce. We're born, not made. Thank you very much. In all my years on this planet, I've never seen anything move like this black female vampire did.

I got in my car and went home. I live in a nice apartment on Brockton's West Side. By day, I'm a security guard. By night, well, you already know. I called my associate Mariah Xarkhos. She's a fellow vampire who lives in Easton. A tall, black-haired and alabaster-skinned woman with thick nerdy glasses. She works as an accountant. When we first met, back in 1994, she was operating as a serial killer. Many fledgling vampires try their hand at terrorizing humans in this stereotypical fashion. Mariah was busy killing prostitutes and pimps in Boston and came across the newest member of the serial killer club. Me. I was surprised to run into her. She's been around since 1630 A.D. Old vampires like her don't bother hunting anymore. They usually got somebody to do it for them. Anyway, we met while slaughtering some tourists and bonded.

When I called Mariah she was less than thrilled to hear from me. She spent last night hunting and was coming home after a long evening. I told her what I had seen. She was silent on the other line. What she said next puzzled me. For the first time since I've known her, Mariah sounded scared. She told me to stay away from the black female vampire. That shocked me. I don't stay away from anybody. Man or woman, I go for what I want and I take it. End of story. Mariah told me to be careful, this vampire chick was bad news. Then she hung up. I stared at the phone. I am so going to give this foolish bitch a piece of my mind later. I turned on the TV. Maybe there was something about the corpse of Juan having been found.

What I saw on the news stunned me. Seventy people had been killed, all drained of blood. And all of them were found in roughly the same place. The corpses were found in an abandoned warehouse on South End. Watching the news, I seethed with anger. What kind of fool would do this? Vampires hunt humans for food. Not for pleasure. We don't kill in large numbers and we don't attract attention to ourselves. I killed one human a month. Two at the most. Three if I'm stressed. I've never heard of any group of vampires slaughtering so many humans and leaving the bodies around to be found. The news reporter said the cops thought this was the work of a group of serial killers. I shut the TV. Forget about going to work. I had to find those responsible. Nobody has a massacre in my town without asking my permission first. That's just rude.

I called in sick at work. My boss, a nice Hispanic woman named Elaine, didn't really mind. I'm always there. I've never called in sick. Not once in three years. I went looking for the vampires dumb enough to draw attention to our species that way. I hoped to catch them before the human authorities did. If we were exposed, it would be the end of us all. I roamed all over town, and didn't see diddle squat. No vampires. I asked around. Nobody saw anything. Everyone saw the news. Everyone was horrified. Yeah, whatever. When night came, I continued to roam.

There was a concert in Boston Common. Some heavy metal band. I knew the vampires wouldn't be able to resist. They would be there. And so I went. I could sense them in the crowd. And surely enough, they found me. As I made my way through the crowd of loud humans yelling and screaming at their idols, I sensed I was being followed. And I was right. The vampires encircled me, moving faster than I thought possible. There were a dozen of them. Men and women. Blacks. Whites. Hispanics. Asians. Dressed in Hip Hop wear. They surrounded me. And the foolish humans all around us knew nothing about what was going on.

They were too busy dancing and screaming as heavy metal music blasted all around them. How they ever became the dominant race on this planet instead of lunch for tigers and lions is a mystery to me. The vampires ranks parted. And the tall black vampire woman I had seen last night appeared. She gestured and two large vampires, a muscular blonde woman and a Hispanic man took each of my arms and led me out of the crowd. There was nothing I could do. They had superior numbers. Also, if they could all move as quickly as the black vampire woman, then I wouldn't be any good against them.

They finally led to a nearby building off Summer Street. From the scent, I could tell that it was their lair. I was taken inside, and made to sit down on a large wooden chair. The vampires sat on couches all around the room, and the black woman who was their leader finally spoke to me. She introduced herself as the Matriarch. She Who Must Be Obeyed. I stared at her, stunned. Someone thinks highly of themselves, I guess. I asked her what she wanted of me. The Matriarch said she wanted to offer me a choice. Join her and her band of super-vampires or die. I asked her about the source of her powers. She told me, and I wished I hadn't asked.

The Matriarch and her band of vampires had committed the ultimate taboo. They went around digging up the Old Ones and draining them. She was building a power base before eventually leading the vampire universe against the human world in a war for supremacy. According to her, what she needed lay within the Elders of the vampire society. Legend has it that vampires who live past a thousand years have vastly superior strength and speed. To an ordinary vampire, an Elder is like Superman. We are to them what humans are to us. prey. Elder vampires weren't above feeding on the blood of weaker, younger vampires. Elder vampires and ordinary vampires like myself avoided one another, with good reason. Suddenly, I understood why Mariah was scared on the phone. She'd lived long enough to almost be considered an Elder. I looked at the Matriarch. She smiled at me, and asked me for my answer.

I was curious as to why she even considered me for joining her little band. So I asked her. The Matriarch told me that she'd been watching me for a while. I was a powerful predator with strength and ruthlessness surpassing that of most vampires of my era. True, I've only been around for a few decades but I've done a lot. I've traveled the world and killed hundreds of humans. I'm a killer and I'm good at it. I'm quite stylish about my kills too. I like to seduce both men and women before killing them. So, what was to be my choice? I thought about it. Life and the promise of power the likes of which I can only dream of, or certain death? I grinned, and joined the club.

As proof of my loyalty, I led the Matriarch and her merry little band of bloodsuckers straight to my old buddy Mariah. I killed her myself, then drained her corpse. Hey, my ass is on the line. I did what I had to do. After drinking Mariah's blood, I felt the Elder female vampire's power coursing through me. I felt stronger than ever. I was faster than ever. It was wonderful. As reward, the Matriarch made me her lead hunter. I'm going to rise in the ranks. Someday, I'm going to get rid of her and become the Patriarch of the group. She's a little too high-and-mighty for most of them anyway. I'm going to build my power and gain some followers while earning her trust by proving myself. Then, when she least expects it, she's a goner. Yeah. Until then, though, I'm going to be a good little soldier.

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