tagInterracial LoveKing of the Boardwalk

King of the Boardwalk


I was the master of the board walk romance.

We walked the path of concrete lined by tall skinny palm trees along the ocean's shore. She looked out past the sandy beach. Her eyes seduced by the silvery cast of the moon over the Pacific. I held her hand, her delicate, well manicured hand, and guided her down shore. A slow walk by the ocean was the perfect way to digest our food and absorbed the ambient energy of our surroundings.

I told her that she was beautiful and that I wanted to taste her tongue on the broad walk. She didn't resist my attempts. I grabbed her face. Her soft cheeks felt slightly chilled. My fuller lips overlapped hers. She quivered from the tenderness of lips. Her body temp rose and melted away ideas of modesty. She sucked the tip of my tongue and grabbed a firm grip around my ass. I liked that. I was a hands on man.

"Wow, you are a wonderful kisser." Diane's light blue eyes smiled at me. "I'm shocked that a guy your age can be so sensual."

"How old do you think I am?"

"Gosh, a lot younger then me. How old are you?"

"Take a guess."

"Twenty three maybe?"

"I'll be thirty in three years. Did my kisses please you?"

"Oh god yes." Diane responded almost sounding embarrassed."It's been awhile since I've been kissed passionately like that."

Diane's kiss exposed her. She was a woman that lived her out of balance. She gave her life to her career and her children. She didn't have to tell me that she was a divorce mother of three. I felt it in her kiss. Saw it in her child bearing hips and the way her boot cut jeans hugged around the thickness of her thighs.

A woman like Diane spent her life in the pursuit of the American dream and forgot the joys of the treasures of this world. She forgot the beauty of a sunset. The ambience of a moon lit night. The calming sounds of the ocean and the brisk freshness of a ocean breeze. She forgot how simple gestures like a warm hand or a hot tongue could set the body on fire. I wondered how long had she walked through life without passion.

"How long has it been?"

"Gosh... How long has it been since I've been kissed or how long has it been since I've been with a man?"

"How long has it been?"

She paused to give thought about the question I just asked her. I grabbed her in my arms and buried my tongue inside her mouth again. She kissed me back with more intensity in her lips. She groaned in the night's air. People stirred around the boardwalk. We were in a perfect place.

"Six months ago." Diane blurted out slowly. "I met up with an old college friend that was in town and spent one night with him back at his hotel."

I brought fire to Diane's normally ivory cheeks. She looked flush with fever and by the intensity in her groans I knew that her face wasn't the only part of her body on fire.

"Did he make your knees weak when he kissed you?"

"No, not exactly. Nothing like how I felt after one of your kisses."

I had the right tools to be a passionate kisser. I had smooth, well portioned, top and bottom lips. They weren't thin. They weren't too juicy. They were tender from constantly being moisturized. It was an occupational hazard to have chap lips.

"How was he?"

"Definitely older then you." Diane recaptured my hand as we continued our walk. "I wasn't looking for love or even companionship that night. I had a physical need. He had a physical need. I had a familiarity with him. He mounted me on the hotel bed and gave me what i wanted it."

"Is that what you want? Too be mounted on a hotel bed?"

Diane's blondish brown hair spiraled straight down her shoulders and rested on top of her jacket. Just above the pink and green flower pinned over her left breast. At dinner I noticed how tender her body looked. With her jacket off her arms were exposed in pink, black, and green floral tank blouse. Her breasts were smallish in nature but she had plenty of meat on her lower body. We drank a little wine. She seemed a bit nervous. I caressed her hand and told her that I hoped she'd enjoyed this weekend as much as I.

"What do you want out of this weekend? I could remove your sateen jacket, pull your blouse over your head, strip you out of those pants, remove your bra, then pull down your panties so that we could fuck like wild animals for three days and three nights. I can satisfy all your carnival desires if that's what your looking for."

"Us talking and kissing is nice." Diane allowed herself to smile. She had a pretty smile and a womanly body. I couldn't wait to make her feel the heat from my fire.

I led Diane to Kellogg park which was a grassy rest area along the boardwalk covered by trees. We sat on one of the benches. I put my left arm around her shoulder as we starred out at the dark waves of the Pacific.

"Sex should be like the ocean. It should be extremely wet, showering and in constant motion."

I reached over and placed my right hand on top of her left thigh. "That's why I enjoy sex with older, mature figured women. When i pounded into their bodies from the back I like the way their asses wave like the ocean."

Diane reached for my face and kissed me lustfully. She swallowed my tongue and caressed my thigh as i caressed hers. Her kisses were hot and wet. I reached for the middle of her jeans and patted her pussy through her jeans. Diane found the stiffness in my linen pants. She crooned like a cat in heat and ran her fingers along my bulge.

"Ummm....That's my spot." Diane squirmed in her jeans from my hot kisses on the contours of her neck.

"Are you sure that's your spot? I'm sure I can find another one."

"Oh my...You are a naughty boy." I surprised her when I got down on my knees and squeezed between her thighs. She leaned in closer to kiss me again.

"How does my hands feel on your body?"

"Cold, strong, stimulating."

"You feel so warm and tender. What is it that you like about black guys?"

Diane tried to speak but nothing but loud, lustful groans escaped her mouth. I was the master of the hand underneath the bra. I felt Diane's body relax then tensed up again as i played with her breasts.

"I...." Diane paused and licked her lips when i pinched her nipples. "I never really thought about it. I had been married to Dave so long but after our divorce I wanted something different."

"Is this different?"


I'm sure the 37 year old mother of three didn't except that she would be sitting on a park bench with her blouse up and a twenty something black man with his hot mouth all over her ivory breasts and pink nipples.

"Oh god you are making me so wet."

It wasn't a boast or a mere brag about my prowlness with the opposite sex. I was born to please a woman. I had all the qualities needed to be the ultimate lady's man. I had the face of college student and the hard body of an top flight athlete. I was 6 foot even. 215 pounds of pure muscle. Not to tall. Not to short. I was muscular but not overly buff. By my hard bodied physique it was easy to tell that I idolized people like LL Cool J, Fifty Cents, and a young Mike Tyson. I kept my waist small, my stomach muscles ripped, and my arms and chest hard as steel. I strive for the sleek physique of NBA ballers and not thick veined bodybuilders. That wasn't sexy. I lived to be sexy. That's why i had my polo striped shirt slightly ajar, sleeves rolled up and a fresh pair of linen pants tied around my thirty two inch waist when I greeted Diane at the airport. Being sexy came easy for me. I worked hard on my body but my ethic background gave me an exotic shade of brown. I was little bronze, a little cooper brown, almost looked brass. When I was out in the sun I looked like a shiny new penny. I was blessed with a handsome face. I played to my youthful appearance and kept my face smooth and hairless. . I was twenty seven years old and still got carded at bars. I had the look but that was only half of the story.

I found myself hard as fuck after all the kissing, rubbing and sucking. "Have you ever had your pussy licked by the light of the moon?"

Diane's little blue eyes lit up like a kid on December 25th. Public sex with a young erotic looking black man must have been a shock to her conservative world of soccer games, sales seminars, and PTA conferences. California nights were always chilly. She kept her panties on and placed her big legs over my broad shoulders. Her thighs were cold but felt smooth and tender underneath my hot hands.

"You have a pretty fat pussy. I bet it takes a real man to make you cum."

I kissed her swollen clit. She was plenty wet and eager to feel my tongue. I teased her with a few soft kisses on the surface of her pink pussy before I drove my tongue deep inside of her.

"Ummm..." She purred like a kitten.

Diane caressed the back of my head. She had a pair of juicy pink lips and a thin triangle of fine brown hairs and I enjoyed tongue fucking her as her juices poured down my tongue. My slurping lips stimulated her clit. My long tongue probed inside of her. I wanted her to groan like a dirty little blond whore. It turned me on. I felt the pressure of my elongated penis being trapped inside of my linen pants. I trapped her clit between my teeth. Diane yelled yes over and over again.

"Your going make me cum, baby. Ah...Ah...Ah... It feels so damn good. Don't stop tongue fucking me. I love your lips. They are so soft. Fuck. Damn. Ah yes.. that's my spot. That's my spot honey."

Diane squirted a hot stream of juices that splashed over my face as she thrust her hips and humped my face and tongue in an uncontrollable display of lust. She could've cared less whom else might have walked by on the boardwalk. Her body needed this. She needed to know how it felt to be a woman of desire so she groaned into the brisk night's air and when she had her full she begged me to stop.

Diane smiled as i stood to my feet. Her eyes were on the thick bulge in my linen pants. "Now I know why you call yourself Adonis. You are a god." Diane reached under my shirt and caressed the ripples in my stomach.

"That feels good."

"You have an amazing body. This is truly a treat for a woman like me."

"The treat is mine." I said with a wide kool-aide smile.

"I have a treat for you." Diane said with a lustful look in her eyes.

She unbuckle my belt and held my cock in her hand like a 8 and 1/2 inched trophy. Her eyes gave away her secret. It was the thickness, brownness, and hardest thing she ever saw. My lovers always said i was blessed with a pretty dick. I had the swollen mushroom head and nearly 6 and a half inches of girth that made my lover's mouths water. I had a heavy dick and Diane wasted no time slopping down on it. Her treat was a super wet blow job that nearly caused me to cum in my Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

It didn't take long before Diane's pussy felt envious of the rather thick cock that was stuffed down her throat. She wanted to go back to the hotel room. I led her to beach. The shore line of La Jolla was a rocky one so it wasn't to difficult to find a spot concealed by a few boulders. I found the perfect the place. The waves washed against the shore. The moon was high and Kathy had her hands all over my nude body. She kissed my pecs as she pulled my thick cock between her soft hands.

"Are you ready for this?"

"Yes. I want this."

"Tell me how much you want this. Talk dirty to me."

"I don't know how. I'm such a prude in real life. I guess that's why my husband left me for some girl your age." Kathy said with a sad smile. "That and these thunder thighs." She patted the sides of her jeans.

"Fuck em. Look at me. Look at my bulging cock. I love a thick woman."

"Your sweet."

"No I'm a fucking bull. I'm going to ravish that pussy over and over again. Tonight until Sunday afternoon you will be my dirty white whore."

Kathy stripped out of jeans and placed her jacket on top of them. I handed her my special golden package. She rolled the condom down the tip of my penis and mounted me like a wild stallion. She rode me until my toes curled and when she tired I put her all fours and pounded every inch of my thick penis into her.

"That's it. That's it. Groan like a dirty white whore." I slapped her tender white ass. "I'm go harder...yes...I'm go deep."I slapped her ass again as the sweet of passion poured down my forehead. My thick black cock was buried deep inside of her of creamy pink pussy. I tugged at her hips like a wild animal and thrashed into her like a metal ball pounded down a brick building. I made her knees weak. I couldn't stop. I was full of lustful energy. I tugged at her hair. "Come for me you naughty little slut."

She felt my throbbing cock. "AH..AH...AH.... I'll come for you. I'll come for you."

The waves washed up against the rocky beach line. We both laid out like beached dolphins covered in waters our passion made. I came long and strong and she done the same. She looked into my eyes, smiled and said you'll never have to worry about financial problems again.

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