tagNonHumanKing of the Jungle Ch. 03

King of the Jungle Ch. 03


Hi everyone. Well this is the final chapter of King of the Jungle. I would like to make a big apology to everyone. I, in a way, co-wrote this with a friend. Although I wrote the story, she came up with the initial plot. After submitting the second chapter, I read some comments saying that the story was very similar to one by an author called Christine Feehan. After looking at this book, I realised my co-writer must have gotten the ideas from the same story. Although my story is different in many ways, the initial idea is the same and if I knew it was copied from someone else's idea I wouldn't have written the story. I tried to change the last chapter as much as possible to make it my original work, but I just wanted to apologise to my readers for not producing an original piece of work. However I hope you enjoy what I have written. As always, all characters are 18 years or over.

Chapter 3

Animals fled from the sound of men invading their homes. They were all looking, all searching for their prize. All of the animals were in danger. Although the men were looking for a girl, they wouldn't hesitate to bag a prize specimen if they saw one. Many of the men who lived in the village were hunters and all dealt with the black market. Although a $10 000 reward and a piece of ass was a sweet deal, they would abandon the hunt if they killed something they could sell for a high price.

Bill combed the jungle looking for his slut. Although he had gotten the men in the pub to help him look, he still didn't want to part with the money and his bitch. He had deliberately led them to look far away from where Max probably was. Bill tracked her trail. He would find her quickly. Her trail was loud and clear and Bill was able to easily track her. He didn't expect to find Max dead, after all, she had learnt from the best tracker in the village how to survive. However he didn't care what condition he found Max in. As long as she was conscience to realise what was happening to her and had a pussy to fuck, he was happy and would continue to pump her with drugs to keep her that way until she died. Moving quietly through the jungle, Bill thought of all the things he would do to Max when he found her, giving him the hardest hard on he'd ever had. This was going to be a truly enjoyable experience.

* * * *

Alec had placed Max on the bed and was gently stroking her face. "Come on little one, wake up for me. Come on baby."

Max could hear a voice far away, calling to her. Struggling, Max started to claw through the layers of blackness to get to the voice. Opening her eyes, Max saw Alec's worried face hovering over her. "Alec? What happened?"

"You fainted little one. It's okay. You're fine"

"Oh Alec, I had the most horrible dream. A man came in and tried to take me away, and then this leopard attacked him and he...he changed in to a tiger. Then the leopard fought him and he left, then the leopard changed... he changed in to..." Max's voice trailed off as she looked into Alec's face. "It wasn't a dream, was it?"

Alec looked into Max's eyes and saw fear and mistrust. He started to panic. As much as he loved her, and he did love her, with all his heart, he would let Max go if she asked. "I know you're scared of me, so I'll move over here, but can you listen to me before you make up your mind?" Max sat on the bed mutely as Alec told her about himself, about her mother and about who she was.

"So you're telling me that in three days time, I'll change into a leopard?"

"Yes, that's why that man came after you. He could smell that you would soon be ready to bond and mate."

"And you protected me from him, but I don't understand. If he was so eager to take me away, why did he leave so easily?"

"You and I Max, we're special. Do you remember the dreams you were telling me about?"


"Well it's a legend of ours, that some shape shifters are meant to be together forever. Throughout every life they live, they end up finding their eternal mate. It's said that they're meant to have dreams about their mate to help them find each other. I, well. I think that we're meant to be, well, that is. I've been having dreams about you to."

Max sat there, trying to absorb everything Alec had said. Be with Alec forever? Was that what Max wanted? Thinking back to her life, Max had never had anyone but her mother love her, and she had died so early in Max's life that she barely remembered her. Alec had saved her life and had showed her more love and care in the last few days than Max could ever remember feeling. She had a decision to make.

Looking at Alec, at the love and fear of loosing her in his eyes, Max couldn't think of any other choice to make. Rising from the bed, Max walked over to Alec and straddled herself over his thighs. Taking his face in her hands Max kissed him softly on the lips. "I choose you Alec. I want you!"

Alec groaned. Wrapping his arms around her, Alec pulled Max hard against his body and fastened his lips to hers. He had waited so long to feel her body against his. Max wrapped her fingers in Alec's hair to pull him as close to her as possible. She wanted this, wanted him with a passion she had never known. He was her dream lover and Max wanted him to make her feel like he did in her dreams. Feeling the bulge in his trousers, Max rubbed herself hard against Alec's crutch. Hearing him moan in pleasure, Max did it again.

Forcing himself from the kiss, Alec pressed his forehead against Max's. "If you keep that up this is going to be over sooner than either of us want it to be."

"You're a virile young man Alec. I'm sure I could think of something to get it up again."

Alec looked up at Max in surprise. Gone was the shy little innocent, and in its place was the playful seductress. As Alec watched, Max slowly unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing and pulled it down her arms. Alec's mouth started to water as he looked over her body. He had seen her naked before, but not when he was hungry for her. Running his hands up and over her back and down her sides, Alec marveled at how soft her skin was. Looking at her shoulder and thigh, he couldn't tell that she had ever been wounded. The skin was smooth and free of any scarring. Alec planted soft kisses around her shoulder making Max moan. Although she was enjoying Alec's slow examining of her body, Max needed him now. Gripping the bottom of his t-shirt, Max yanked it upwards and over Alec's head. Groping down, Max found the button and zipper of his jeans.

Feeling Max struggle to open his pants bought Alec back to what was happening. Gripping Max's wrists, he stopped her from going any further. "Max, I know you're still a virgin. I don't want to hurt you. You have to slow down or I won't be able to control myself."

"Alec. I've been waiting for you for the past five years. I've dreamt of you, of making love to you nearly every night. We have the rest of our lives together. I don't want to go slow." Kissing him on the lips, Max worked her way across Alec's cheek to his ear. Biting on his ear lobe, Max whispered in his ear. "Fuck me!"

That was all Alec could take. Yelling in passion filled rage, Alec picked Max up with her legs still wrapped around him and threw her on the bed. Quickly taking off his trousers, Alec jumped on the bed and landed heavily on Max.

Max pulled Alec fully on top of her and wrapped both her arms and legs around him. Finding his mouth, Max thrust her tongue in deep. With their tongues dueling and hands groping, soon they were transported to another place. Nothing existed but them.

Alec ran his hand down her side to her snatch. Feeling how wet she was, Alec pushed a finger into her. Max screamed from pleasure and humped her hips towards the hand to get it deeper. Alec was so hard, so horny, he was loosing all control. Feeling Max's response to him, he removed his finger and shoved two in instead, as hard and as deep as he could. Max was squirming in pleasure. His fingers felt so good, but she needed more, needed to feel fuller.

Reaching under Alec she searched for and found his hard thick cock. It was so big, at least 9 inches, possibly 10 and so thick that Max could barely fit her hand around it. Getting a good grip, Max pulled it towards her open legs. "Alec, I need you inside me. Please, fuck me."

Hearing Max's pleas, Alec removed his fingers and lined his cock up. Although his cock was already nice and wet from his pre-cum Alec rubbed it up and down Max's pussy lips a few times to make sure his entrance was as smooth and painless as possible.

Feeling Alec's cock enter her pussy, Max opened her legs wide and wrapped her hands around Alec's ass, pulling him into as deeply as she could. Max screamed in pain as she felt Alec breach her barrier. Alec held himself still to let Max get adjusted to his size. He knew it had to hurt. He was big for most women,. Especially for Max who was still a virgin. God it was hard. He just wanted to thrust into her until she screamed her release.

Max started to move under him. The pain had gone and now all Max wanted was for Alec to slam into her. "Alec, please baby, I want it hard and rough. Now!!"

Alec braced his arms on either side of her head and started to slam as hard, deep and fast as he could into Max's small body. "God yes, Alec, oh god, harder, yes, fuck me harder."

Alec lost all control. There could have been a nuclear war going on outside and he wouldn't have noticed. God she felt so good. Alec hadn't had sex for so long, not since his banishment and Max felt so tight and hot. Feeling that he was close, Alec got up on his knees and slung Max's legs over his shoulders.

Max was in heaven. The change of position allowed Alec to go even deeper and harder than before. Throwing her head back, Max screamed as her orgasm washed over her. Max's vaginal muscles squeezed around Alec's cock causing him to have the most explosive orgasm of his life. Panting hard, Alec managed to push Max's legs off of his shoulder before collapsing on top of her. Both managed to wrap their arms around each other before falling asleep with exhaustion.

* * * *

He was so close he could taste her. Bill had managed to track Max to the water hole. It was strange though. It looked like someone had met up with her. At first he thought it was a leopard, but the tracks leading away were clearly a man. Obviously a leopard had caught the scent of blood and had gone to investigate after Max had gone. The man's tracks were much harder to trace. He knew what he was doing and in some cases Bill lost the tracks completely and had to continue on instinct. But it wouldn't be long now. Soon she would be in his grasp.

* * * *

Max woke up slowly to the feeling of lips lightly kissing her neck. Remembering last nights antics, Max smiled to herself before rolling over into the arms of her love. "Morning little one."


"Did you sleep alright?"

"I slept in your arms, of course I slept alright. And you know what. Last night I didn't dream."

Alec looked at Max funny. "What do you mean?"

"You said we dreamed of our mates so we could find each other. I didn't dream last night because I've found you."

Alec pulled Max tightly against him and kissed her. God, he loved her so much. They were so absorbed in each other that they didn't hear the sound of someone approaching until the noise of someone clearing their throat startled them. Alec turned to see Kikano standing at the door. Alec was immediately worried. Kikano never came to his home, ever. "Kikano, what's wrong?"

"I came here to warn you, then I will be leaving. Maxine's father and men from the village are in the jungle looking for her. I thought you should know so you can take precaution. They pose a threat to us Alec. If you don't deal with it, then we will have no choice but to remove their target. Permanently. I'm sorry to do this to you Alec, but we must ensure the survival of the species." And with that Kikano turned and left.

Alec and Max lay in bed looking at each other in amazement. "Alec, what does he mean?"

"He means, that if I don't find a way to get the men out of the jungle, then you will be killed."


"Max, do you trust me?"


"Then I need you to stay here."

"What, no, I know you want to protect me, but I just found you. I can't loose you now."

"Baby, if I don't do something then I'll loose you. I have to do this. If your father is stopped then the rest of the men will stop. I've stalked him enough time to know what he's like. I'll be fine. I love you."

Alec jumped out of bed and turned into his leopard form. Turning back once more to look at Max, Alec leapt out through the door. It was time to meet his fate.

* * * *

As Bill followed the trail, he kept on getting the distinct feeling he was being watched. Although he kept looking around him, he could never see anyone. Bill put it down to just excitement. He felt he was so close to his little slut that he could smell her.

Alec was walking along the branches over Bill. He wanted to simply kill him, take him by surprise and rip his throat out, but he wouldn't do that. He had killed a rival clans hunter once before in cold blood. That was the reason for his exile, and he wasn't about to do it again. Running lightly ahead, Alec jumped down to the ground and shifted back into his human form. Standing up, he walked forward until he stood in front of Max's father.

Bill heard a noise to his right and swung his rifle around. Standing in front of him no more than 5 feet away was a large naked man glaring at him. "Hello Bill."

"Who the hell are you."

"I'm your daughters mate. I'm here to have a little talk with you."

"Excuse me. Just who the hell do you think you are asshole. So you have my daughter you say. Well, I'm a very rich man, and if you return her to me, I'll make it worth your while." Bill of course expected him to take the offer. No one refused him. Ever.

"I don't think you heard me correctly, friend. I'm her mate. For you humans, that's the equivalent of husband, so no, I won't be returning her to you."

"Why you fucking little chick..."

"That's enough. Now I said we had to have a little talk. You have a choice to make. You can either leave here quietly and swear never to return to the jungle or come after Max again, or I can kill you right now."

Bill was getting pissed now and decided to end this joker. "And how exactly do you intend to do that. Last time I checked, I was the one with the gun."

"There are forces here besides you gun."

"Really, well I don't see any. I'd say that you were at a definite disadvantage. Unless of course you're hiding some sort of weapon up your ass."

"Friend, I am the weapon." Quick as lightening, Alec shifted into his leopard form and knocked Bill to the ground. Bill was so taken by surprise that he had no time to react and found himself sprawled out on the ground with his rifle out of reach.

Alec looked into the eyes of the man that had caused his mate so much hurt and fear over the years and growled softly. Connecting to Bill mentally, Alec spoke to him in his mind. "Now you listen to me and you listen well. Max not only has my protection, she has the protection of all shape shifters living in this jungle. If any of us even have a sense that you're anywhere near her, we'll be upon you like the devil's wrath. Now, do we have an understanding."

Bill was terrified. As Alec talked to him, he could smell the acrid scent of urine. Bill had pissed his pants. "You...you're not going to kill me?"

"Not unless you force me to. Luckily for you, Max wouldn't want me to. That's the only thing keeping you alive. Now get out of my jungle."

Alec stepped off the man and backed away, making sure Bill couldn't get to his rifle. Scrambling back, Bill rose to his feet and turned to run. When Alec made sure Bill was far enough away, he turned to return to his love.

Bill was furious. Looking back, he saw Alec turn to leave. Bending down, Bill pulled the hand gun out of his ankle holster. "If I can't have that bitch, no one will." Pointing the gun, Bill fired.

Alec sensed the movement behind him seconds before the gun went off. Although he managed to move enough not to be killed, the bullet still grazed him badly on his left flank. Turning around, he was on Bill and had his throat ripped out before Bill even knew what had happened. It was over.

* * * *

Max was pacing restlessly through the hut. Alec had been gone for ages and she was getting worried. What made it worse was that Max couldn't get out of the damn hut by herself until she could shift, meaning that if Alec was hurt somewhere she couldn't go to him. Getting so desperate, Max was about to attempt to climb down by herself when she heard a noise behind her. Whirling around, she came face to face with Alec.

"You weren't looking for me, were you?" He had more that a hint of mischief in his eyes.

"Alec." Max jumped into his arms and held him tight. "Thank god you're okay. I was so worried."

"I'm just fine little one, especially now that I have you in my arms."

Looking down, Max saw red running down Alec's leg. "My god, Alec you're hurt."

"It's just a scratch, I'm fine, real...."

"Get you but inside mister. NOW!!!"

Alec brooked no argument as he let Max drag him inside and on the bed. He had never seen the pushy side of Max, but god she was bossy. Max cleaned and bandaged the wound. Normally a wound like that would need stitches, but Max had first hand experience how fast their kind healed, so she didn't bother.

When she was finished, Max crawled up beside Alec and lay her head on his chest. "What happened?"

"It's over. He can't hurt you again."

"Is he...dead?"

"He left me no choice. I tried to give him a way out. He wouldn't take it. To be honest with you, I think in the end he had gone crazed."

"Thank you." Max snuggled in closer to Alec and closed her eyes. It was over. Max could stop living her life in constant fear. Feeling Alec wrap his arms around her, Max fell into a peaceful sleep.

* * * *

2 days later....

A sleek black leopard was running through the tree tops, looking for something. Leaping through the branches, it jumped back to the ground and came to a beautiful clearing. The pool there was crystal clear, with a small waterfall trickling into it, the grass was soft and green, and there waiting for her, was a male black leopard. She knew it was Alec, her mate, her love. Max was finally home.

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