tagGay MaleKing of the Strippers Ch. 01

King of the Strippers Ch. 01


I was putting the finishing touches on a website I developed for a multi-national corporation. I had spent the last year of my life on it and was pretty proud of it. I sat back in my chair and thought about the last year.

It started with my divorce. I married right out of college, which was too soon and lasted only two years. I was bummed about it in the beginning, but realized it was the best for all.

I dealt with the divorce by burying myself in the website. I managed to go on a few dates, but I really wasn't in to it. If I wasn't working I was at the gym. Work kept me mentally busy while the gym kept me physically busy.

Now the website was a week from being finished and it was time for me to stock once again and decide what I wanted to do next. But before I started that, I wanted to celebrate the completion of the website. It was a major goal and warranted recognition.

I wasn't currently seeing anyone. I didn't really feel like a date anyway. I was not in the mood to have polite conversation and pretend that whatever she was saying was interesting. Let's face it, usually it's not.

No, I felt more like tying one on, letting loose and not having to worry about what I said or did. I just wanted to have some fun.

I remembered a place I had gone to several months earlier. I'm not a big fan of strip clubs, but sometimes they really hit the spot. Now if I'm going to drop some cash to see naked women, they have to be good looking. Most places were hit and miss. The place I was thinking about had the most beautiful women I had ever seen. It was a classy place and outrageously expensive. That's one of the reasons I hadn't been back. But tonight I didn't care about the money. The more I thought about it, the more I realized this place was just what I had in mind.

I put on a nice pair of slacks and dress shirt and headed out. I walked into the place and it was just as I remembered it. The interior was very nice, very upper class and the girls, every single one of them, were absolutely gorgeous. The waitresses wore French maid costumes with fluffy petticoats, black stockings and spike high heels. The fantasy's started popping into my head as my eyes darted from one to the next making my way to a table.

My table was halfway between three different stages. I could easily see them all from where I was sitting. The dancers wore erotic costumes. Now these weren't your cheap Halloween costumes. No, these costumes appeared to be hand tailored for each girl as they fit perfectly. And each costume was altered to exaggerate the erotic nature of the character being portrayed.

It was like walking into a dream, an erotic dream. My thoughts went from a harem tent to a tavern in old England to a disco in the seventies. Each thought shared the same reality, beautiful women whose only thought was to please me sexually.

The waitress, a stunning blonde, came to get my drink order. After my eyes consumed her bountiful breasts barely contained within her low cut top, I managed to order a whiskey. She gave me a lustful leer that caused a stir in my slacks and walked away. I congratulated myself on making the right choice of establishments and shifted to my eyes to the main stage.

And what I saw was Santa's little helper complete with red satin mini skirt trimmed in white fur, cute little crop top with a red hood also trimmed in white fur. She was wearing red and white stripped stockings that were held in place by black garter straps.

She was simply gorgeous. She looked so cute, and yet nasty hot, in her little erotic costume. I knew instantly I would dream of her for weeks to come.

The guys approached the stage with money in their hand drooling over her every move. And she knew just how to play them. She removed piece after piece of that little erotic costume while stuffing the bills in her thong.

I fantasized about having a wife that looked like that, dressed like that on certain occasions when she wanted to spice things up.

Great fantasy. But let's face it. There is not a wife in the world that looks like that. That's why those guys were here instead of at home. I took a sip of my drink and watched as she collected bill after bill from them. They would go home horny and their wives would have a night full of sex. It was a win-win.

As hard as it was, I shifted my eyes to the next stage where I found a stunningly beautiful brunette. I didn't know what her costume was as she had already removed it. Her highly tanned body was clothed in a simple red lace g-string with a matching feather tucked into her hair held by a diamond clasp. She had a single purple ribbon tied around her neck in choker fashion, but the ribbon was much more suggestive and erotic than any choker I had ever seen. She had another purple ribbon tied around her thigh drawing attention to her perfectly shaped legs.

But it was her face, her big brown eyes that absolutely destroyed me. She had a way of looking right into your soul. Her lips were perfectly curved, pouty and sexy as hell. She seemed out of place on that stage. Her beauty certainly wasn't out of place, but I saw intelligence in those eyes that didn't seem to fit this environment.

The way she moved was hypnotic. Her lean body was the pinnacle of sensuality. Her facial expressions were sultry and provocative. I'm not one to give cash to dancers, but I couldn't resist her.

I found myself getting to my feet and taking my place at the foot of the stage with the other drooling idiots. I pulled a twenty and waited my turn. I watched as she worked her way down the line finally making it to me.

Those eyes pierced right through me capturing my inner most desires. She shimmed down and pushed those perfect breasts against my face. It was pure heaven. I tucked my twenty into her g-string as I asked her name. "Gina," she said simply. And with a final look, she moved to the next guy.

I went back to my table and ordered another drink. I saw her later working the room. She was fully dressed now, if you could call it that, wearing a saloon girl costume. The red satin complimented her complexion very nicely. She moved like a cat on the prowl. She caught me staring at her and joined me at my table.

"Hey Handsome. You look lonely sitting here all by yourself. Want some company?"

"Absolutely. May I buy you a drink?" I asked as the waitress came over.

"Fuzzy navel," she said. I ordered and turned my attention back to Gina.

"You look really good in that costume," I said with a smile.

She batted her eyelashes at me, broke a subtle smile across those pouty lips and said, "Why thank you." My heart melted right then and there. "Would it be enough to get your six guns blaring?"

"Yes it would," I said. "I wouldn't let the bad guys get you."

"But what if I wanted a bad guy to get me," she asked with a sly smile. I didn't have an answer for that. My flirting skills were no match for hers. She wrapped her arm inside on mine and gave me a smile, "Mm, feels like somebody goes to the gym."

"Yeah...I like to workout."

"I bet you have a six pack in there too, don't you?"

I figured she was just giving me compliments. She probably said the same thing to every guy in the place.

"More like five and half," I joked. I didn't want to sound conceded. "I bet you are no stranger to a gym with a body like that."

She smiled and squeezed my arm. I'm sure she heard that a million times a night. She was gorgeous. And you didn't have a body like that if you didn't work at it. I cursed myself for being so predictable.

The blonde who had been on the main stage walked by and Gina grabbed her arm, "Hey Lisa...come join me and Handsome."

Lisa gave me the once over and smiled. She pulled up a chair on my other side and sat down. "Well hi there Handsome."

"Check out these arms," Gina said to her.

Lisa wrapped her fingers around my other arm and squeezed. "Nice, very nice." She gave me a dreamy look and said, "I bet you look really good...naked." I felt my face turn red. I was not used to being the center of attention. It didn't seem right given the two beautiful women sitting with me.

"And he has the cutest little bubble ass," Gina continued.

Lisa smiled, "Yeah I saw it when he walked in. You don't see that too often."

I saw this little look they exchanged between them. They really did think I had a cute ass.

"But what's he packing down below?" Lisa said looking me in the eye. She ran her tongue across her bottom lip and slipped her hand into my lap, "Oooh...you have a nice one Handsome."

No sooner had she said that when I felt a hand slide in from the other side. Gina did more than run her hand along my cock. She actually took it between her fingers and squeezed it. And that squeeze started things going.

"Very nice indeed," Gina said feeling it swell.

I felt her hand melt away only to be replaced by Lisa's. I felt her finger trace around the head of my cock which only made me harder. "Mmm nice. How big are you Handsome?"

I could feel my face turn red again.

"Come on...I know you know. Guys always measure themselves. Tell me."

"Seven inches."

"Mmm...seven inches with a cute ass. You got possibilities Handsome...real possibilities," Lisa smiled getting to her feet. "See you later baby," she said to Gina.

"Do you want a lap dance Handsome?" Gina asked looking into my eyes.

"Yeah, that sounds great." I knew it would be expensive, but she was well worth it.

She grabbed my hand and walked me back to the private area and planted me down on a couch. She started working me over with that killer body of hers. She eased her perfect ass down my body and felt my hardness. She smiled as she rubbed against it several times bringing me to the edge of orgasm stopping just in time before I exploded.

She could see how excited I was. She gave me a knowing smile and slipped her finger past my lips. She waited to feel my tongue, which naturally began caressing her finger. She continued to dance while working her finger back and forth sensuously across my lips. I stared into her eyes as I sucked and caressed her finger the best way I knew how. To say it was a sexual moment doesn't begin to describe it.

Towards the end of the song she removed her finger before leaning in and taking a quick lick of my nose," I like the way you did that," she said with a sexy leer. She lowered herself to my erection, pushed against it in a way making it clear she knew I was hard, "Mmm...so many possibilities."

I was beside myself. I was smitten. I knew she was way out of my class. A girl like her could get any guy she wanted. But I wanted her. I wanted to at least try.

I reached into my wallet and pulled out two twenties, one for the dance, one for the tip. She stuffed them into her g-string. I wanted to kiss her in the worst way. I wasn't sure if that was permitted.

"I like you Handsome," she said easing her arm inside of mine. She walked me back out to the table we had been with her friend. We sat down and I felt her hand ease into my lap. She brushed up against my erection, gave me a discreet smile. She casually rubbed her hand against it as if it wasn't a big deal.

But it was a big deal. I was so horny I was worried I might actually climax in my freaking underwear.

"Do you want to play with me?" she asked sultrily. Her nipples were hard and poking through her costume.

I looked into those big brown eyes and thanked my lucky stars. "Yeah...that sounds nice."

"You have no idea how nice..." she said running her tongue over her painted lips. "I don't get off for several more hours. I don't think you are going to last," she grinned squeezing my throbbing cock.

"Mmm," I moaned closing my eyes. It took all the concentration I could muster not to blow a load right then and there.

Our drinks showed up and I paid the waitress. Gina reached into my glass for some ice cubes. She looked to see if anyone was watching. No one was paying any attention to us with so many beautiful girls around. She pulled my pants out and jammed her hand down into my underwear.

"Ahhhh," I jumped feeling the cold ice against my throbbing erection. I did my best not to jerk around as she held that ice against my rapidly deflating cock. Once I was shriveled up to nothing she reached for her purse and pulled something out.

She handed it to me and said, "Go in the bathroom and put that on. That way I know you will have something left for me when I get off," she smiled. "And don't worry Handsome, I have the key." She raised her hand to her necklace. I noticed for the first time the key hanging from it. She pushed the thing into my hand and pointed to the men's room.

I walked into the men's room and locked myself in a stall. I opened my hand to see what she had given me. I had never seen anything like it before. It was a clear acrylic tube with a collar attached at the end. The collar had a latch with a tiny padlock hanging off of it. It took a minute for me to figure it out. But then it clicked.

I felt my face grow flush. Was I ready for this? I thought about Gina for about half a second and started unzipping my pants.

It was easy getting my dick into the thing with it being all shriveled up. Once I was stuffed into it I opened the collar and clamped it behind my scrotum. Then I took the little padlock and slipped it in the latch and locked it.

I ran my hand over the thing checking the fit. I wanted to make sure I did it right. It was snug; there was no doubt about that. My balls were free, but my dick was totally encapsulated inside that small tube. The little lock sat on top. It pretty much summed everything up.

There was a moment of pure panic as I realized what I had done. But then I thought about the key around Gina's neck and smiled. I couldn't wait to watch her bend down to unlock me. I could just imagine the wonderful things she would do to my cock in the process.

I pulled my pants back up and looked at my crotch. You couldn't tell a thing. I headed back to our table. She was waiting for me with new drinks. Her eyes studied me as I sat down.

She went right to the device. Her fingers searched around for the tiny padlock and made sure it was in place. I started getting aroused the second I felt her fingernail toying with my balls. But that glorious feeling was immediately interrupted as my expanding cock was halted by the unforgiving constraint.

Suddenly it was very clear how it worked. No erections.

Gina saw the look on my face and smiled. "You belong to me now, don't you Handsome?"

She got to her feet and straddled my lap. She wiggled that perfect ass against my body making her way down my torso. I watched that incredible body of hers as she moved like the wind over water. Once again I felt myself trying to expand only to be prevented by the device.

The device was simple in design, but so very effective. My brain was a confusion of arousal and frustration. I was so horny. Knowing I couldn't have an erection just made me want one that much more. It was divine torture.

Gina seemed to take particular interest in my crotch now that it was caged. She would hover over my lap swaying her hips. It seemed to me she was using the hardness of the device to rub herself. The smell of her perfume, the warmth of her body was incredibly stimulating, but all I felt was the continued pain of my cock trying to expand without success.

Once the music stopped she gathered her things and said, "I have to dance on the main stage now. Enjoy yourself Handsome. I'll tell the other girls you belong to me tonight," she said fingering her key. "They will take care of you."

I could only smile hearing her words. I belonged to her.

I watched Gina whisper to several girls on her way to the main stage. Each one looked over their shoulder at me and smiled.

The music started up and I watched as Gina came out from behind the curtains. I loved the way she walked, the way her hips moved from side to side. Guys started lining up around the stage with money in their hands drooling. I had done it too. I just smiled. She was going home with me tonight. I could feel the proof in my crotch.

Lisa was the first to come by. She wasted no time swinging her long beautiful leg over my body and riding my crotch like a horse in time with the music. I knew she had to feel the hardness of the device. Not only did she feel it, she was rubbing her pussy against it. I sat back and smiled as her breathing labored and her nipples stiffened.

I would have sworn she was close to orgasm. She took particular interest humping that device, swaying her hips from side to side. My cock was constantly trying to grow. And it was constantly being denied. It was a bitter sweet pain.

The song finished and Lisa climbed off my lap. I looked into her eyes and saw just how horny she was. She bent down and gave me a quick peck, "Bye Handsome..."

I watched her walk off. She had the nicest legs. I smiled knowing at that very moment her pussy was wet as hell. And my cock would have been hard as hell had it not been for the device choking the very excitement right out of it.

My hand trailed down to my crotch. My fingers unconsciously felt the device. I was so horny. That thing intensified everything. I wanted to feel my cock so bad.

Another girl came up and climbed on my lap. "Hi Handsome," she said before sticking her nipple in my mouth. I felt her body start to sway and move with the music. Just like Lisa she worked her way down to my lap, found that hard device with her ass and started grinding against it.

I was in heaven.

Somehow that device transformed me into king of the strippers. One by one they came by my table rubbing themselves, some closer to orgasm than others, before moving on and letting the next have her turn. My drink never ran dry.

The attention I received from the ladies continuously stirred my loins only to be prevented by the solid device choking off any erection I might attain. I thought of the key around Gina's neck and looked at my watch. I had many hours to go before any chance of freedom. I rubbed my hand over that thing wondering if I was going to make it.

I watched as Gina made her way back to my table. I loved the way her hips swayed as she walked. This time her g-string was overflowing with money.

She sat beside me and put her purse on the table. She took a sip from her drink and ran her hand through my lap. I felt her fingers move along the hard shell that encased my cock. She traced along my balls teasing the now sensitive flesh.

"How are you doing Handsome?"

I wasn't sure if I should tell her how great it was being the center of attention from all the ladies or if I should mention that I was going out of my mind because I was horny as hell and couldn't achieve an erection. My guess was that she knew both.

"Good," I smiled.

She scanned my face trying to judge if I meant it or was just saying so. I'm not sure what she finally decided. She grabbed her purse and started stuffing it with bills from her g-string. As her roll got bigger I realized that she was making tons of money, all cash. Half the guys in the club had been drooling over her. Every guy there wanted to fuck her, fuck her bad, but it was me that would have that privilege tonight. I couldn't keep the smile from my face.

She finished stuffing her purse with cash and put it back on the table. She took a sip from her drink and looked around the club checking out the action. Then she eased her arm inside of mine and snuggled up against me. I could see several guys watching us, well, watching her. I could see the look on their face as they realized they had no chance with her for the evening. She noticed too.

"You are costing me a boat load of money Handsome," she smiled seductively. I could only imagine. She took another sip of her drink and said, "Tell me have you ever sucked cock?"

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