Kings & Queens


All three of the Carruths froze. Each thought, how in hell does he know that we belong there? Rupert thought of all the times that he had phoned Emily to tell her that he was tied up in the city so that he could fuck Rita, Josie, Wilma, or the others that Jim had shown him pictures of.

Emily almost fainted. The son-of a-bitch must know that she has fucked half of the male members. At her first opportunity, she would speak to this Jim alone. She would do anything to keep Rupert from knowing about all the men she had fucked. Not that she loved Rupert all that much, but she sure did love all the Carruth money.

Jim winked at Amelia. She just smiled back at him. She had seen the reaction of her parents. At the right moment, she would ask the details about her mother and father's affairs. He was one smooth, relaxed, operator. He was also one tough man, who took people out of their game, his way. He was a "King," She knew at that instant, that she would be his "Queen."

Two days later, with his ring on her finger, and his cock right where she wanted it, she said, "Well, smarty, what do you do? How did you get all this information about me and my parents?"

"Naw, naw, naw, not until I have my fill of your pussy." They both giggled as he stroked his cock in and out of her.

Finished, he answered, "To you first question. I just transferred out of "Covert Missions," CIA. I am now the assistant director, special operations, CIA Europe. Much of what I do, I do at home. As to how I got the information. Please?"

Amelia's asked a women question. "How many women have you had sex with? Where were you? You already know that you're my second."

She heard him snicker in the dark. "Willie tagged you about three hundred times, so I will spill the beans. For me, there were three girls in college. Six in Japan. Twenty, give or take, in Korea. One in Mexico. Nine in Germany. One in France. Seven back her in the US. And, if you don't start playing with my cock, I go looking for an old good looking broad at the "Long Island Gardner Country Club."

Amelia surprised Jim with the comment; "I'll bet you that you cannot have sex with Emily."

"What do I get if I win?"

"I will give you the best blow job you have ever had."

Two weeks later Jim asked Amelia, "Can I cum in your mouth?"

I'm Softly

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