tagGroup SexKings and Queens Ch. 01

Kings and Queens Ch. 01


This is my first submission so any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Of course all characters involved are over the age of 18.


I got home from work to hear the giggles and laughter of 2 girls in the front room of the house I share with my girlfriend Karen when I remembered oh shit an old friend of hers Lauryn from college was staying with us for the weekend, but when I walked into the room I stopped dead in my tracks, standing in front of was easily the best looking girl I had ever seen, now Karen is quite a beauty herself a brunette 5ft6 in height curvy figure 34c tits that still stood under her chin and juicy ass that was perfect to squeeze but not overly fat but Lauryn sitting on my couch was almost 6ft tall blonde hair past her shoulders her tits slightly smaller than Karens but a nice b cup with the most amazing legs I have ever seen and as I would later find out the tightest little ass on this planet.

Stop drooling and come in said Karen bringing me back to earth, I came in hoping neither would notice the bulge starting to grow in my pants. I could see an open bottle of wine so knew they had a couple of glasses so I went to the fridge got myself a beer and rejoined the girls who were re-living their college years. After a couple of hours more wine and beer the conversation became a little more risqué as they started talking about an old card game they used to play when in a group called kings and Queens apparently what they did was they removed all the picture cards only and if u drew a jack you kissed someone of your choice, an ace meant you had to masturbate someone of your choice a Queen was you had to perform oral on one of the girls and a King was you had to perform oral on one of the guys, from what I heard it usually ended up in one big orgy.

Listening to this and picturing these 2 beauties in all sorts of positions started getting my cock rock hard something I think Karen noticed as she suggested getting the cards to show me properly if I didn't mind and as you can imagine I didn't have to be asked twice. Two minutes later Karen emerged with the cards in hand winked at me and said going to be fun. Beacause I was the only guy we had to alter it slightly, if I drew a Queen I had to perform oral on Karen and a King meant getting to taste Lauryn's sweet pussy. Lauryn drew first drawing a Jack she walked over to me giving me a kiss slightly allowing her tongue into my mouth, just as I was starting to enjoy it she stopped smiled and went back to her seat.

Karen drew next drawing an ace she crawled over to me unbuttoning my pants in lightning speed taking my cock in her hand she slowly started stroking it up and down rubbing the precum that was oozing out over the tip then to my annoyance stopped whispering we don't want him spent yet the night is still young, then eventually it was my turn, I prayed for the King that would let me near Lauryn's pussy but drew a Queen, as soon as she saw it Karen immediately pulled her shorts and thong in one swift movement opening her legs for me to crawl into I kissed at her pussy lips parting them then with my tongue licking up to her clit which I knew she loved having sucked so I didn't want to disappoint her, as soon as my mouth went round her clit she immediately let out a big groan and arched her back pushing her cunt up into my mouth, after a minute I heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the room.

I glanced over saw Lauryns hand inside her own pink thong rubbing at a furious pace oh fuck this game she then shouted coming over to where I was dropping down beside taking my cock which was still out of my shorts into her mouth, my loud moan as she did this was enough to send Karen over the edge and I could feel her juices trickle out onto my tongue as her back arched and she pushed my mouth onto her harder, she then rose going over to join her friend sucking on my balls as Lauryn expertly took my entire length deep into her mouth. Looking down at these 2 sexy girls sucking my cock and balls was too much for me and I erupted straight into Lauryn's mouth the most I've cum in my life I think, Lauryn took it all turned to Karen kissing her sharing the cum that had just entered her mouth with my girlfriend.

Karens hand by now had gone inside Lauryns underwear from behind I thought I'd help her and slid Lauryn's thong off. Lauryn by now was grabbing her own tit and pinching her nipple Karen looked at me saying I know you want to fuck her so do it, so from behind I slowly pushed my hard again cock into Lauryn's smooth tight cunt Karen now positioning herself with one leg either side of Lauryn's head and from the moaning I heard figured that Lauryn was now eating out Karens pussy, with the slurping and moaning sounds I was hearing how I kept from shooting my load again I'll never know but by now I was fucking Lauryn with all I was worth.

The 2 girls came almost together I could feel the juices squirt out from Lauryn onto my cock knowing I wouldn't be able to take much more Karen said not inside her on her tits so always the man to oblige I pulled out of Lauryn started jerking jerking my cock which ony took 4 or 5 strokes when I came for the second time tonight most of it hitting Lauryns tits with some falling short onto her stomach and some over shooting hitting her chin, Karen straight away pounced licking her tongue up her friends chest licking my hot sticky cum before kissing Karen sharing more of my juices. I just fell back completely spent onto the floor thinking to myself I cant wait for the rest of this weekend.

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