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Kirsten Dunst: American Girl


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Standing in line behind 3 other people at Victoria's Secret, I was returning a sexy outfit for my now ex-girlfriend. I had bought it as a birthday present for her, but since she dumped me two weeks ago, there really was no point in me wasting my money. Off in my own little world, lost in my thoughts, I stood there in line waiting to return the stuff. I was snapped out of my daze when a girl, no more than 5'3, bounded up behind me.

Turning around to look at her, I was almost floored by her beauty. Her hair was long and blonde, pulled back in a ponytail. She had beautiful blue eyes that looked almost gray in the light of the store. Her body had highly accentuated curves and she had what I thought were probably large B cup breasts. Despite her body, she couldn't have been more than 18. Her youthful face and innocent look gave her away. Wearing a purple baby doll t-shirt and a pair of jean shorts, she was in line buying an item. Looking down, I saw that it was silk black teddy, with lace around the crotch area and spaghetti straps for the shoulders.

Trying to make conversation with her, I spoke to her.

"Man, that's going to be one lucky guy," I said, playing it off as an innocent little joke.

Looking down, the blond had to remember for a second what it was she had. When she realized, her face kind of blushed a little, but she smiled.

"Thanks. Actually, this is just for me. No special man in my life right now," she sighed to herself. Looking at what I was holding, she said "I uhh..don't think that those pieces will fit you," she laughed lightly.

Now it was my turn to look momentarily confused. Glancing down I said, "Oh these. Yeah, they were for my ex-girlfriend but, because she is my ex, I really don't have a use for them,"

"I'm sorry. The outfit is very nice though. What size was she?" the girl said.

"A 4. Actually..." I said, lifting up the outfit to examine it. "This looks like it would fit you. Would you like it?"

"Oh no, no. I can't accept that," the blond said, trying to sound convincing.

"Yes you can. I don't have a use for it, and I'm sure you can find something or someone to wear it for," I said, holding it out for her to take it.

"Well...it is my size. But only if you insist," she said.

"I do. Now take it," I replied, placing it on top of what she was paying for.

"Thank you so much. By the way, my name's Kirsten," she said, extending her hand to shake mine.

"Glad to meet you. My name is Alan," I said, shaking her hand. Her hand was very small and light, very dainty. "Listen Kirsten, since I don't have to stand in this slow moving line anymore, would you like to join me for lunch down in the food court? I know it's not the best food in the world, but I'm starving. It will be my treat," I said.

"Sure. I'd love to," Kirsten replied.

I waited for her to finish paying for her clothing and then we walked side by side down to the food court area of the mall. We chose a Chinese food restaurant, got our food and found a table to sit at.

During the course of our meal and conversation, I was asked a lot of questions by her about myself, but never got one in edgewise about her. So finally, I got a chance to speak while she was munching on an egg roll.

"So Kirsten, what do you do? You still in high school, or do you just work here at the mall?" I asked.

"Well, I'm an actress," she replied, taking a sip of her drink.

"Aspiring or credited?" I replied. Out here in California, EVERYONE thinks they are an actor or actress.

"Credited," she said.

"Really? What films? Anything I might have seen?" I asked, my curiosity piqued.

"I've been in a lot. Maybe you've heard of some of them. Interview with the Vampire, Small Soldiers, The Virgin Suicides, Bring It On..." she said, trailing off.

I almost choked on my piece of kungpow chicken. Coughing, I drank some of my drink quickly. When I finally had stopped coughing, I said to her:

"Umm...yeah. I've actually seen all those movies. You're Kirsten Dunst aren't you?"

"Yeah, that's me," she said, looking down into her food to try and avoid my jaw dropped stare. "But please, don't make a big deal out of it Alan. I'm just trying to be a regular person today. Please?" she said, pleadingly.

"Don't worry, it's not that big of a deal. In fact, I think it's really cool that you can be famous and yet still go to the mall and hang out like a regular girl. You're secret is safe with me," I said, winking at her "I won't sound off any alarms or anything,"

Kirsten looked relieved and continued to eat her meal. Her mood had darkened a little bit when we began talking about her acting, so I decided to avoid that topic. The rest of our lunch date was spent talking about everything BUT acting. Cars, relationships, sports (I found out she was a huge football fan). Finally however, our conversation turned to sex.

"I started having sex when I was 14," Kirsten said. "Usually with extras and family of the producers of my movies. I've never had a meaningful relationship because I'm always off shooting a movie or something. So most of my sexual encounters have been spur of the moment, one time things. Which is fine because I like the casualness of it. The best place to do it is on a movie set. Or maybe in a public place, I think," Kirsten said as she finished her last bite of rice.

"I agree. I can't count how many times I've fuck...err, made love to a girl in a crowded movie theater," I lied, trying not to seem too shocked by what she was saying.

A smile came over Kirsten's face. "I've got a naughty idea. Care to hear it?" she said, her beautiful smile turning to one of lust.

"Sure," I said. My hand was trembling underneath the table from the excitement.

"One of my friends works here and she showed me this really empty alleyway between some of the stores. She says no one ever goes back there and it's just for storage. I can...show it to you if you want?" she said her face filling with the excitement that I myself was feeling.

"Lead the way," I said. Kirsten took my hand and we made our way towards the little area.

She wasn't kidding. All the alley was really was just a 6 foot wide concrete walkway area, sandwiched between two huge stores in the mall. Making sure no one saw us go down it, we ran hand in hand to the back. There were boxes being stored there but there was enough of a hole that we could crawl underneath it. The boxes blocked us from view as we stepped into an area the same size as the alley, but more brightly lit. The floor was littered with cigarette butts and a few beer bottles. Kids probably came back here to smoke a joint or something without fear of getting caught. The light that was illuminating the alley was coming from above. Looking up, I could see that directly above us, no more than 10 feet, was the bottom floor of the mall. Apparently it was two sided glass. My guess is that the tiling that people were walking over above us looked like regular tile, but only people below could see up through it. I wondered how many tiles in the mall were like that.

"This is so cool," I said. "Can they see us?"

"Only if they got down to look at the floor," she replied. "But I've got something even better than that,"

"Oh? What's that?" I said.

"Turn around and don't peek. You'll see," Kirsten said.

Turning around I muttered to myself "She is full of more surprises than Christmas,"

I could hear a ruffling of clothes being moved around, and I heard her reach into the plastic shopping bags she was carrying. The noise stopped and Kirsten said "Ok, turn around,"

Pivoting on my foot, I turned to face her. She was wearing the little black teddy I had seen her buying at Victoria's Secret. And nothing else. Her breasts were accentuated by the lingerie, pushed up and out by the Wonder bra technology installed in them. The crotch of the teddy was just like I thought it would be: a thin, lacy material that was against her inner thighs, and a mesh like material in the crotch. I could see that she kept her pussy shaved at least to the bikini line and that her cunt lips were stretching the material of the teddy.

"Well, what do you think?" she said, spinning around in a circle. The back of the teddy rode up the crack of her tiny ass, which hung out partially in a very seductive way.

"It looks great on you. Perfect color, perfect size," I replied. My crotch was bulging and I tried not to look too obvious.

"I have a confession to make," Kirsten said, walking towards me. Her blond hair was now hanging over her shoulders, unclasped from her pony tail. "I was just browsing the stores when I saw you walk into Victoria's Secret. After checking you out, I knew that I had to have you. And now. So I grabbed this teddy and bought it, just for you,"

I was speechless. Not only was this beautiful girl standing half naked in front of me, but she was also a famous actress AND she was attracted to me.

"Well, can I get what I want? I'd hate to have wasted money on this thing," she said, her face now inches from mine.

I still couldn't get any words to come out of my mouth, so I simply nodded. Kirsten took the initiative and smiled seductively before jumping on to me. Pressing me against the wall of the alley way, she wrapped her silky smooth legs around my waist and locked them there. I used my muscular arms to support her ass and hold her to me. She weighed hardly anything.

We began to kiss passionately, her tongue running all over my teeth and tongue and the inside of my mouth. I returned the favor, probing her hot little mouth with my own tongue. Kirsten continued to squeeze my side tightly with her legs as she slipped a hand into the crotch of my jeans. Her small hand wrapped around my so-hard-it-hurt erection. She began to stroke it through my jeans with her hand, the outline of my bulge clearly visible.

Kirsten climbed off of me and slowly began to unzip my jeans. Getting onto her knees, she began to take the entire length of my 8 inch cock into her mouth. Her gaze never left my eyes while she was doing this. Her rhythm and method were very methodical. I could tell that she was certainly experienced at giving blowjobs. Her tongue snaked all around the shaft of my dick, wrapping in a semi-circle around the foreskin area. She made sure to pay special attention to the head, sucking in so hard that her cheeks quivered a little bit. Her tongue was like a magic wand, wrapping and licking and sucking all over my cock, making it feel so alive with energy. I've had many blowjobs in my life, but this one had to take the cake.

I managed to maintain control for at least ten minutes, but then I knew I was on the verge of cumming. I told Kirsten this and she began to suck even harder. I pulled my shaft out of her mouth so that all was left inside was the head, and then I unloaded my wad into her mouth. Her throat was working overtime to swallow it all, as this had to have been one of my best orgasms in a long, long time.

When I was finally done, Kirsten slipped my dick out of her mouth to catch her breath. A strand of cum hung from her bottom lip and sexily fell onto the crotch of her teddy. I saw this happen and laughed quietly to myself. Kirsten looked down and saw what happened, that same innocent, sexy smile returning to her face.

Standing up again, Kirsten slowly slid the top of the teddy off of her shoulders to reveal her breasts. Sticking out from her chest, her nipples were erect in the cool air from the alley way walls. I was right when I guessed she was around a B cup. This was the perfect breast size I thought. Big enough to suck on and hold in your hand, but not too big or small to become a nuisance. Her nipples were a very light pink color, with very small areolas. A beautiful sight, without question.

I pulled Kirsten close to me and we began to kiss again. This time it was my turn to serve as the stimulator, and I slid my hand down into the crotch of her teddy. Her sparse pubic hair was dripping wet in anticipation and I had no trouble sliding a finger into her. Kirsten gasped at this and kissed me harder, her hips acting of their own accord and thrusting onto my hand, trying to take more of my finger inside her pussy. I slowly began to slide two more fingers into her cunt and this really set her on fire. Her pussy was steaming hot and so soft and smooth, and I could feel her clit hardening under my touch. Kirsten's humping became furious now and she whimpered into my ear. Finally, Kirsten leaned her head on my shoulder and moaned loudly as she hit orgasm. Her body tensed up and she shuddered in my arms, a feeling of bliss and extreme pleasure washing over her.

I moved my hands down the back of Kirsten's ass and began to tease and knead her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and running a finger delicately in her crack. Using a free finger, I slowly began to slid the rest of her teddy down her hourglass body, over her hips and legs until the teddy hit the floor with a soft thump.

Before me stood Kirsten Dunst, naked as the day she was born. Oh, but she had grown up all right. Everything about her body was perfect and in proportion to everything else. Nothing looked out of place. And with her blond hair hanging over her right shoulder and that beautiful smile and her brilliant blue eyes, she looked like a goddess.

Removing the final piece of clothing I had on, my shirt, I again pulled her close to me. Lifting her up slightly (she was at least 6 inches shorter than me), I began to lower her slowly onto my shaft. Kirsten lifted one leg to allow me better access, as I felt the head of my dick touch the outer folds of her pussy. In one methodical and slow motion, I slid into her completely. Kirsten again laid her head on my shoulder and sighed contentedly as I felt the tip of my dick reach the deepest wall of her pussy. Her snatch was tight and warm, and felt so new and innocent. I knew she wasn't a virgin, but she still was exceptionally tight and the heat of her pussy enveloped my dick like a blanket.

Lifting her other leg around my waist, I held Kirsten in my arms as I began to slowly move my dick in and out of her Kirsten wrapped her arms around my neck and matched the pace of my thrusts, her eyes closed as she was lost in the moment. I quickened my pace and Kirsten was there to help me along. I could feel my pubic bone grinding against hers, and the base of my shaft stimulating her clitoris. The only noise in the alley was my occasional grunt, Kirsten's soft moans and cries, and the constant sound of my balls slapping against her small ass. I was tiring from holding her up so I turned around and held her against a wall to take some of the strain from my arms. Without having to hold her up as much, I could thrust into her harder. Kirsten seemed to like that as her moans became louder and louder:

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh baby...ugggnnhhh! I'm gonna come! I'm gonna cooommmmmeeeeeee!!!!!" Kirsten cried out, and I felt her body tense up again. My dick was coated with her juices now, and our fucking became even sloppier and noisier. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer, so I laid Kirsten down on the ground on top of our pile of clothes and spread her legs. Pushing back into her, she placed her legs on top of my shoulders as I began to fuck her furiously now. I leaned up and kissed her passionately and then after three more thrusts by my hips, I shot my load deep within her. Kirsten could feel it, as she threw her head back in passion, arching her back and cried out again. My orgasm had been extremely powerful, as when I finally pulled my dick out a few minutes later, it was covered in the cum from her pussy as well as my massive load. Kirsten of course was more than happy to oblige and licked my dick clean, savoring the taste of our combined juices.

We lay together naked on the floor of the store and watched the people walk by. It began to get late though, and the mall was fixing to close. We both dressed and walked outside to the parking lot. Kirsten gave me a kiss goodbye and slipped a piece of paper with her phone number into my jeans pocket. She had my phone number and said she would call whenever she had some free time. She walked to her car and I watched as she drove off.

Who would have thought that a normal trip to the mall would lead to one of my best sexual experiences?

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