tagChain StoriesKismet Ch. 11

Kismet Ch. 11


Kismet is a wonderful chain story and I hope you find this chapter rewarding. If you're new to the chain, it's not too late to catch up, so slide back to Ch. 1 and get started! Enjoy! ~ Red


Merit frowned at her son as he confessed what she already knew - he had not yet called the Englishwoman to his bed. "Why do you hesitate?" she asked.

She had left her son's home hoping that he would take her words to heart. Bedding the Englishwoman would not guarantee he would make her his first wife, but it would still bring him a great ally when dealing with foreigners. When she returned two months later and had words with Tulay, she was disgusted by the slow actions of her son.

During the evening meal she had watched Hera and had seen the difference in the Englishwoman's behavior. Gone were the haughty airs and the superior attitude. She behaved like a subservient and had taken the time to not only learn and embrace their customs, but to do so with respect.

"My hesitation is because I have thought on your words," Ulvi said. "To take the Englishwoman as my wife means many things. Yes, she would be a calming presence to the women that the English bring with them. She will be able to relate to their wives and daughters, but if I take her it means I take only her."

Merit's brow furrowed in confusion. "Why do you think this? She would have no qualms about sharing you. I have seen her interact with the other women in the house; they welcome her now, even your most favored one, calls her friend, or at least behaves as if she trusts her."

"I see this too mother, but the Englishwomen have more say in the politics of man than we are led to believe. Do you really see their houses so different than our own? I am not a fool; I know the women plot behind the veils of their chambers." He laughed softly. "I may not know all their secrets, but I am not so young as to think I alone keep my estates running."

His mother said nothing. She knew he spoke the truth.

"Mother," Ulvi continued, "if I am to blend our two worlds then I must also embrace some of their customs. Do you see the wisdom in my words?"

She frowned; he smiled.

"If I were to take several wives, the Englishwomen that see my wife will frown upon her and that would not bode well for future dealings," he told her. "Let us finish the game, and then send me Tulay," Ulvi softly commanded.

Merit took a deep breath and sighed. "As you wish."

The conversation was steered away from Hera, though the woman was not far from either person's thoughts. After Merit kissed her son goodnight, she went in search of Tulay.

The young woman, favored by Ulvi, was sitting cross-legged with Hera. Merit watched as the two women laughed and teased each other. She cleared her throat, making her presence known. Both women rose and bowed in respect for their Master's mother. Merit eyed them both.

Tulay was eager and willing to serve her son; she would bare him many heirs, if he would make her one of his wives. Hera, was older in years and would likely only be able to bare him one, maybe two more children before her age was a hindrance. Taking one wife would cripple Ulvi's house, but the woven threads of power would support that weak frame.

If he took Hera as his wife, he would forever be tied to the Sultan's house, for the Sultan had made a special point of protecting the Englishwoman. Tulay's family, was insignificant, it was only her womb that had value. Taking one wife did not mean Ulvi could not lie with his other women and fill their bellies with his seed.

Merit smiled warmly at Tulay. "You are to prepare your protégé for your Master. She is to have a fresh shave and a deep cleansing of all orifices."

Tulay smiled wide and fought to stifle the joy in her heart. She turned to Hera, whom held an expression of shock and disbelief on her face.

"She is to wear the gold chains, nothing else. Lead her to his chambers, covered in a thick veil. Only she is to enter. You are to remain, out in the hall and rest at the foot of the door; he is not to be disturbed," Merit softly commanded. "Do you understand?"

Tulay nodded her head; her eyes were bright and full of excitement. Merit's eyes however held Hera's. Hera bowed, acknowledging that she too understood the weight of Merit's words. Tonight all that Tulay had worked for would come to fruition. She would lie with her Master and become in all ways, his lover.

Merit left knowing that her son, when he gazed upon the beautiful redhead, would hungrily take what Tulay had prepared for him. Tulay would be jealous of Hera's position advancing so quickly. She was young though and understood the workings of their people and the politics within the veils. She would accept Hera as her Mistress, or she would be replaced. Merit liked the young girl, but she loved her son and knew the future with the foreigners was to be nurtured carefully.

As soon as the Master's mother was no longer in view of the women, Tulay turned and wrapped her arms tight around Hera. She kissed her friend on the lips and pulled away; her excitement was intoxicating. Hera blushed, laughed, and slipped free of the young woman's embrace.

Tulay opened her arms and spun around in a circle. "It is happening Hera! He has seen you! He will know from your touch that you seek to please him and he will know that I have taught you."

Hera laughed softly. "Yes, he will. He will reward you greatly. I will tell him how hard you have worked, and he will know you are worthy of overseeing all his women."

"You do not sound pleased," Tulay said, noticing the laughter from Hera's lips had died, and her words had taken on a sense of sorrow.

"I am pleased for you. I am scared for me," Hera admitted.

Tulay's forehead became furrowed in confusion as she stared at the older woman. "But why? You have lain beneath a man before and I have told you our Master will not hurt you. Why do you fret? Have I failed in my teaching of you his likes and dislikes? Have I not told you how to suck his cock, to ride him, and have I not spent weeks preparing your tight virgin bud to accept him into its tight channel."

Hera blushed at the reminder of the lessons with the varying plugs that she had been forced to wear. Tulay had promised that with each rod, increasing in size, the muscles of her anal cavity would stretch. When their Master called for her and claimed the last untouched orifice she would be able to accept his full length and girth.

"You have done all that and more," Hera whispered. "I just hope he finds me pleasing and I hope I leave him praising your fine work."

Tulay shook her head. "You must see that he does! Hurry, let us prepare you. The blades are sharp and the baths will still be warm."

The women hurried together, their fingers clutched in a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Hera allowed Tulay to pamper her. After she was thoroughly cleansed, shaved and her body rubbed with honey-oil, Tulay brushed her long red hair. Pearls were woven into the strands before she left Hera alone and went in search of the gold chain, Merit had spoke of.

As Hera waited, she tried to think about Ulvi and how over the past few months she had grown to desire him. She saw the pleasure on the harem women's faces when they reappeared after spending a night in his bed. Their words of his prowess had made her body tingle with jealousy and curiosity.

For several weeks she had caught him gazing at her and when their eyes met she had held his longer than she should have, yet he did not discipline her for her disrespect. Not once though had he ever conceded to her. Hera was always the one to lower her gaze and feel her skin grow pink from her boldness.

"I have returned and Merit had the chain already for me when I arrived at Seker's chambers," Tulay said as she walked toward Hera. In her hands was a small chest; she lay it on the table and opened it.

"And did our Chief Eunuch have much to say when you arrived?" Hera asked.

Tulay laughed. "Only that it was about time."

Hera chuckled softly. She stood in the center of her chambers while Tulay closed the distance between them. In her hand was a pile of thin gold that looked like a puddle of sunlight. Tulay lifted one end, held it between her fingers and allowed the chain to spill out of her palm. It dangled in the air; the end however became lost in a pool of gold on the floor.

The chain was not only one continuous rope of precious metal, but had longer chains attached to it. Each end had either a small hook or a small clamp. The hooked ends would catch a loop that could tighten or loosen the wearer's restriction. The inner jaws of the clamps were covered in velvet, so as not to mar the flesh of whoever was chosen to wear it.

Hera felt the warm caress of Tulay's hand as she reached up and began to work the chain around her neck. The end was hooked close to her throat, but not enough that Hera felt any restriction to her windpipe. The rest of the chain was left to hang between her breasts.

Tulay lifted two of the extended lengths to Hera's breasts and clamped each nipple with the gold toothed jaws. Hera whimpered softly, felt the weight of the gold and shuddered at the sensation pulling at her areoles. She licked her lips, as she watched Tulay slide down to her knees and take another long link of gold that hung from the main chain.

This piece was wrapped around Hera's hips. It was secured over the apex of her sex. More chains varying from six inches to ten inches in length hung from the one on her hips, and when she swayed, they moved with her.

Hera's instructor stepped back and stared in appreciation at the Englishwoman's transformation. She reached back into the box, and produced four narrow bracelets. These too were gold; each had the emblem of the house of 'Abbas engraved on them. Tulay quickly opened the bracelets and snapped them in place, one on each wrist, and one on each ankle.

Hera bit down on her lower lip as Tulay retrieved a long thick bolt of material; she draped it expertly over Hera's naked body so that only her eyes, hands, and feet could be easily seen.

"Are you ready?" Tulay asked.

The Englishwoman shook her head and took a deep breath. "I will do you proud," she whispered.

Tulay tilted her head in silent acknowledgement. "Let us go," she whispered, and together the two women left Hera's chambers.

One of the guards to Ulvi's chambers lifted a brow when he saw Tulay approaching with the Englishwoman. Though Hera was clothed and her visage hidden from their prying eyes, she was the tallest of all the harem women. The man lowered his eyes, and knocked softly on their Master's chamber door.

A gently spoken "enter" was heard and Tulay motioned for Hera to do so. She nervously glanced at her teacher before stepping over the threshold. The door swiftly but quietly, closed behind her.

The lighting in the room was mostly illuminated by the setting sun and a small handful of lanterns. Hera stood there, looking at her Master's back. She waited quietly for him to turn, acknowledge her and command her to please him. Though she had lain with a man before, and had given birth to Afsoon, she still felt the rolling pitch of an untried virgin fluttering in her belly.

She pressed her palm to her abdomen, a poor attempt to calm herself. After a quick prayer, she began to remove the vast amount of yardage that kept her covered. When she was done, the material lay at her feet.

Ulvi heard Tulay enter and disrobe. He looked down at his stiff rod. He had been thinking of the young girl and her experienced hands and mouth. His cock had grown hard, and his need demanding, but whenever he found himself thinking of the Englishwoman, his pulse raced and his chest tightened. Damn his mother, for making him think of Hera beyond the needs of his bed.

He wanted the redhead, yet he knew he was not ready to offer for her. His mother's words weighed heavily on him. When he turned to instruct Tulay, he almost cursed his mother again for her meddling. He knew that Merit had sent the woman to him.

Hera stood patiently as he took in her adorned figure. She'd obviously been led to believe that he had called for her. The scent of the most extravagant of all his oils wafted gently to him. His breath became lodged in his throat as she waited for him to speak.

The gold chains she wore, as well as the slave woman's bracelets, only added to what he had already known to be exquisite. He angled his head slightly to the left, as he approached his feminine adversary. His mother, he would deal with later, the redhead before him was expecting something from him -- something he wasn't ready to give.

"Hera, you do me a great honor in presenting yourself to me, but my mother has called you, not I," Ulvi admitted, deciding it was better to just be honest with the Englishwoman. She was, after all, formally educated and most likely to read a falsehood before it was finished spilling from a liar's lips.

He instantly saw the shock on her face, followed by the warm blush that showed her horror at the circumstances she was now in.

She cleared her throat. "My apologies, Master. Mistress Merit came to Tulay and I. She told us I was to be prepared for you. I will take my leave of you," she told him, turned and stepped up to the door.

The gold caught the light and once more Ulvi's eyes were drawn to her delectable form. His cock jerked and poised itself as if it could claim her without Ulvi's compliance.

"I have not given you leave," he softly whispered.

Hera stopped and waited. She kept her back to him, but felt him closing the distance between them. Her chest rose and fell in fear. One of his fingers skated up her spine. Her lower lip trembled as sparks shot out from each vertebra and danced along her veins.

"You have changed much, haven't you?" he asked. His hand moved to her hair; he ran his fingers through it. "You seem to have accepted your place here, yet I know from your heritage you find it difficult, don't you? The idea of sharing me with others -- or simply being with me at all - which alone disgusts you more?"

She turned to stare at him. Their eyes met; she saw the question in his gaze.

"Not at all," she told him.

"Not at all -- to what? The idea of sharing, or your disgust for me?" he asked.

"To both," she answered. "I will not be little you Master. You have never disgusted me, not truly. It was this place; this life you offered that I felt was beneath me."

"And now -now you see yourself on the same level as those you once deemed unworthy?"

Hera softly laughed. "No, I am beneath them, Master. The women in your harem honor me, simply by allowing me to breathe. I have not been kind to them. Tulay, has guided me and shown me how much of this life there is to embrace. She is a worthy young woman, one that has you and your house in your best interests. She would do anything, and has done all she can to make sure that you have ladies that are docile when needed. She even helped me in preparing myself for you and you should know that she lives only to serve you and..."

He lifted his hand to stop her praises.

She blushed, lowered her head and waited for him to speak.

"Tulay is a very good woman, and if she does all these things then I have not rewarded her properly. I will see to that in the morning. Are you truly here because you wish to be, or because my mother took it upon herself to place you here?"

He saw her hesitate and knew the answer. Ulvi closed his eyes and walked away. "You are dismissed, send me Tulay and..."


Ulvi turned.

"Master, I may have been brought here under false pretenses, but I do not wish to leave. Tulay has worked hard and to disappoint her would...," she lowered her gaze, "...to be with you would be an honor, and not for Tulay, but for me."

He eyed her cautiously.

"I have wanted to lay with you for several weeks and when your Mother called for me, I was scared and afraid, not because I feared your bed, but because I feared you would find me lacking," she admitted.

Ulvi walked over, cupped her chin and lifted her gaze to his. "I purchased you because you lack nothing." The pad of his thumb rubbed over her lips. They parted easily and he slipped his thick digit inside.

She licked the tip, and sucked on the warm flesh.

"I have wanted you from the first moment, and laid down several coins to bring you into my bed; you collapse from exhaustion and then spurn me. Now you stand here say I am want you want? My way of life, you now embrace?"

He drew his thumb out and ran the back of his hand over her cheek. His fingers caressed her flesh and followed the curve of her neck.

"Yes," she answered, seconds before his mouth settled on hers.

Ulvi tilted her head back so he could dive deeper into the recesses of her mouth. Her tongue tangled with his, as if a dam had been released and he was the source of freedom. He brought one hand around her waist and pulled her closer; the other remained at the back of her head where he could keep her tethered to his lips.

The kiss seemed to last an eternity. Their tongues twisted and swiped at each other. He bit on her lower lip, and then dove in for another hungry taste. She beckoned him with whimpers of encouragement, while her hands moved to release the tie of his robe.

He allowed her to free the sash and part the silk material. Her fingers wrapped around his cock, while their mouths began to explore one another's necks and shoulders.

Hera forgot everything that Tulay taught her and told her. She reacted on instinct and personal need. As she tasted the pulse of his throat, she stroked the hard tool of his sex. He groaned in appreciation, and pushed her back against the chamber wall.

She felt the bite of the gold as it became pressed between her ass and the dried clay, but the friction only added to her growing desire. She shoved back, welcoming the battle of strength.

Ulvi reached down and lifted her up. He would apologize later for making her first time with him so rough. The need to possess her and to feel her wrapped around his cock was too much.

Hera did not question, or hesitate. She wrapped her legs around his hips, felt the softness of his robe under her calves and thighs, and locked herself tighter around him.

"Take me into you," he told her.

She reached between them and drew his cock down her slit. The moisture pooled over his dickhead and slid down his shaft. She purred in delight as she felt the rod separate her labia. When the spongy head reached the opening to her pussy, Ulvi took over.

A solid upward thrust, copulated with him dropping her down onto his stiffened shaft, forced a cry of pleasure to rise up from Hera's chest. She called his name. He held her for a moment, relishing the feel of her tight entrance. He knew she was not a virgin and would not need to be handled with care -- not this first time.

Ulvi acted like a man who had been on the verge of starvation and Hera was his only source of nourishment. He lifted her up and forced her back down, over and over he used her. The wall became her bed, and his cock the tool that kept her from falling to the floor.

She grabbed him tight with her legs and arms. The teeth of the golden clamps, on her nipples, bit into her flesh. Her mouth found his and again their tongues dueled. When her body began to grow tighter around him, clamping his member as deep as it could, Ulvi knew she would explode on his manhood. He pumped faster, wanting to feel her release before he offered his.

When the hot splash of liquid silk cascaded over his cock, Ulvi's seed shot from his balls and up his shaft like a geyser of milky cream. Their juices mingled together; he pumped another volley of fluid into her womb and held her as the final shuddering of her own climax rolled through her.

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