Kiss of the Moon


Things had changed over the last hundred years, humans had become tolerant of other races. The Were-races no longer fought each other for land but had given the human government some concern as there was no true way of telling a Were from a human unless you were one. But the Alpha's had done the smart thing and gathered, together they had made a serious of rules that all the Were-races now followed. They had submitted those guidelines to the government and because they were the lesser of supernatural 'threats' in comparison to vampires who were getting to the point of plague proportion the government agreed to accept the Were guidelines and wrote them into the laws. They governed their kind, punished their own and were allowed to remain in their packs and lands, the only stipulation the government had made was if a human was turned against their will the attacker had to dealt with and be reported. Which meant humans had to agree freely to be turned.

"But is she worthy of our Alpha." Wolfgang glared at the insolent female but didn't get a chance to strike her as her own father back handed her and stepped on her to hold her still.

"It shouldn't matter... when the time is right she will be tested but not mater what happens she is the Alpha bitch and you will respect that or I will take it out on your hide even after the Alpha and his bitch take it out on your hide." she lifted her chin showing her neck, showing her submission, at only seventeen she was still considered a child so had to submit to her father and the pack, her insolence would get her beaten later but for now her father was more interested in hunting. Noah turned to Wolfgang.

"Forgive me... I will rectify my daughter's manners and beat our laws into her hide later." Wolfgang nodded, although he wasn't overly fond of beating understanding into another but he could understand the necessity, wolves learnt from their mistakes, having their mistake beaten into them made the lesson stick.

"My home is off limits tonight, if you want to rut, find your own den." Wolfgang and Gillian walked into the house, soon they would be hunting.

"Smart move, Jessa is becoming quiet insolent. I hope Noah teaches her respect."

"She crawled into my bed last month, I think she was hoping I would choose her." Gillian snorted.

"Right... she's not nearly as lush as Amy." If it had been anyone else Wolfgang would have beaten them but Wolfgang knew Gillian appreciated a good bit of arse like any red blooded male, he knew Gillian wouldn't go further then male appreciation. "Did Nathanael give you something to knock her out for the night." Wolfgang nodded.

"Although I am not comfortable about this." Gillian nodded.

"I would rather know she is safe and sound asleep then hobbling around and Jessa getting her, for the moment she's fair game, she's not yours yet, she doesn't bare your sent or your bite." Wolfgang nodded.

"You will guard her door tonight." Gillian nodded. Wolfgang gently knocked on her door and walked in. He glanced around the room. He heard water slosh in the bath tub. "Amy."

"In the bath." He smiled.

"I gathered, you only had your stitches removed are you sure you should be doing this."

"Yes. I've been dreaming of this for over a week."

"How did you get into the bath?" He lent on the wall giving her all the privacy she could want.

"I used the chair to lean on and hopped."

"I hope you didn't exert yourself."

"No... I'm good. Though I'm going to need a hand to get out." He chuckled.

"Just call."

"I think I've soaked enough." he got up and walked into the bathroom. Amy was in a tub of foamy water. He grabbed a bath sheet and helped her from the tub and into the towel. He supported her as he walked her into her room. Once she was safely on the bed he stepped away and turned his back. Amy pulled on her night gown. She was pleased that although he had seen her naked during her recovery he still gave her privacy. "Decent." he turned and smiled.

"Do you want me to rub your back?" she shook her head.

"I just want to sleep."

Wolfgang offered her orange juice laced with the sleeping drug that would knock her out all night. She gulped the juice down. Wolfgang helped her into the bed and tucked her in. "Comfortable." he asked as he smothered the wrinkles out of the blankets.


"Good." he watched as she started to drift to sleep. He checked the doors and windows insuring they were locked and left the room. Gillian was standing next to the door completely naked. Wolfgang pulled the door shut and hung the key around his neck. He left to hunt. Gillian changed into his wolf form and laid down before her door guarding her. He staid their for the entire night but the Alpha's dire warning had kept the pack away. Sienna carefully walked up to him as dawn was breaking.

Gillian growled a warning, she was not meant to be here. She put her ears back and whined. She had been trying to get him alone for months. She was not going to pass this opportunity up. She crawled forward. He studied her as she approached him. You are not meant to be here. She whined.

I have no interest in the human, my interest for the moment is in you. He cocked his head in surprise. She was here for him. She made it to him and licked his snout. She then turned and lifted her tail offering her sex to him. Taste me. Gillian took a step back in surprise but he couldn't help himself, she was a magnificent female in both forms even if she was almost ten years his junior, he took a deep breath, her scent made him tingle made him want to bury his head in and not leave. He lent forward and licked her, tasting her, she was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. He started licking, entering her carefully, tasting her deeply. He now understood what Wolfgang was saying, how hard it would have been to stop at a single lick, this was his mate, his one mate.

I want you. He felt her smile.

About time... I've been trying to get you alone so you could taste me. He pulled his tongue from her.

How were you so sure. he felt her smile again.

We were wrestling a year ago. I went to bite your girth, my tongue touched your man hood. He remembered that, but she was still underage by several months back then so it was harmless. How was he to know her sudden pause in the middle of their tussle had stemmed from that. Wolfgang rounded the corner to see his second with his snout buried in Sienna's sex. He cocked his head and snorted.

So now you know how hard it was for me to tear away from Amy. they both turned to him.

I intend to take her as my mate. Wolfgang scratched at his ear.

No objections from me... go on I'll sit on her door. Gillian lunged forward grabbing her scruff and walked off with her. Wolfgang laid down before the door. He was hit with a thrown key as Gillian shut and locked the door not that Sienna was going to bolt on him. Wolfgang walked into the room across from Amy's and dressed in silk pants. He sat outside her room and drifted to sleep. He jerked awake hearing her tussle. He got to his feet and raced in.

Amy woke when he sat on her bed and flew into his arms. "Sh..." Wolfgang stroked her back helping her to calm down. "It was just a dream." Amy tried to understand her dream, she was alone in a forest, she was searching for something, she saw Wolfgang, reached for him but he was gone, she didn't want him gone, she wanted more from him, she wanted him forever. He went to leave her to go back to sleep.

"No." she pulled him back. "Don't go." he nodded and slid into bed with her. She pulled his arms around her. Wolfgang tried to stay calm, her warm soft body was pressed against his with only silk and cotton between them. He listened as her breathing deepened. He fell asleep listening to her.

Bastion popped his head in Amy's room. Wolfgang was in her bed, she was asleep on his chest. Wolfgang gave Bastion a pleading look. Bastion lent on the door frame and smirked. `My, my, my what would the others think, their king in bed with a human. They would think you've mated her.`

`I am fully clothed, help me get out, I have a boner that could cut glass.` Bastion chuckled and shut the door leaving the alpha with the attention of his desire. Wolfgang vowed to get him back for that low blow, he tried to slide her off but she tossed her leg over him, brushing his erection. He bit his lip to stifle the groan. Her face rubbed against the planes of his chest. Wolfgang squirmed wishing she wasn't so damn edible.

Amy woke and yawned curling her tongue as she did. Wolfgang groaned and kissed her, he couldn't help himself, he had to taste those lips, feel that tongue against his as they plundered each others mouths.

Amy didn't even hesitate, she was kissing him back.

He groaned and pulled her close sliding her up his body to make the kiss easier. Amy blushed as she felt his erection against her leg. She felt his hands slide down her body one hand cupped her arse the other stroked the side of her breast. Amy broke the kiss suddenly uncertain, she had never gone further then a kiss, she had never felt the surge of energy that meant it was right so had never gone further, she felt the surge of energy now and the sense that this was right.

"What's wrong?" Wolfgang asked, he knew she wanted his touch but she had still tensed up. Amy blushed, she was a twenty four year old virgin, how could she tell him that. "Amy?"

"I've never..." Wolfgang suddenly understood, she had never been in a sexual relationship, that instantly changed his plans, before her declaration he was all for a gratifying session of love making now he had to rethink how he was going to proceed.

"It's okay Amy... we can just kiss if that's what you want." She smiled.

"Please." he kissed her deeply, she groaned. He wanted to roll her over and trail kisses all over her body but he knew she wasn't ready. She had to trust him enough for him to get away with that. She had to get used to his touch. He didn't know if he would have the patience for this, already he was at his limit. He groaned as her hand brushed his nipple, she felt his manhood jerk against her thigh. She jerked away surprised. Wolfgang chuckled.

"It's okay."

"It moved." Wolfgang smiled.

"Yes it does move on it's own." he stroked her face.

"Is..." she blushed. Wolfgang waited but she wouldn't go further.

"Virgins worry too much... just relax and trust yourself. I'm not going to go any further then kissing, not for a while at least." she nodded. "I should get out before my resolve shatters." He gently peeled her from his body and slid off the bed. He did his best to hide his erection as he left the room. He walked into the room opposite and shut the door. He glared at his penis. I bet you're pleased with yourself. Not only will you get a mate but a virgin to boot. he considered going and relieving his needs but he decided against it. The only one he wanted to help him with his problem was currently in the next room.

He rearranged his hard on and went to the kitchen. Gillian had Sienna pinned to a bench. "Get a room." he growled at them. They turned to him, Gillian chuckled, he knew where Wolfgang had been, in her bed and his aroused state was obvious to even the most unobservant member of the pack.

"Why aren't you fucking her?" Wolfgang crossed his arms.

"She's a virgin." Gillian's jaw dropped, it was rare in this day and age for a woman over twenty to be a virgin. "So you know I can't just plunder her like I want... I'm sure you know... Sienna was a virgin until you got to her." Gillian chuckled, he had been lucky, Sienna may have been a virgin but she had seen and been around sex for her entire life, the pack were very open about sex, although humans would call it indecent and abusive, but it was how they lived.

Sienna touched Gillian asking him if he could aid the alpha. He wont let you, he wants Amy. She smiled grabbed his arm and tugged him back towards his room. Wolfgang sipped his coffee, he jerked surprised when Amy hopped into the room supported by crutches followed by Nathanael. She smiled at him, found the nearest seat and sat. Bastion quickly put her breakfast down.

"this place is huge." Wolfgang smirked.

"Yes." he turned to Nathanael. "How long are you staying?" he smiled.

"She is fine... she knows she is not to exert herself, two more weeks and she'll be fully recovered." And if you're gentle she's more then recovered for a romp or ten. Wolfgang kept his face calm, was everyone going to rub his face in it today. "So I have a wife to return to... have fun." he left the room. Bastion had made himself vanish. Amy ate quietly. She didn't know how to act around him after their encounter in her room.

"Amy... I haven't known you long but I know that you're never quiet." She frowned that was a point, she barely knew him, yet less then an hour ago if he had pushed just a little further she would have surrendered her virginity and her heart to him.

"I just don't... what happened..." Wolfgang lent forward and kissed her.

She tore her lips from his, she licked them nervously, "Nighting-gale syndrome..."

"That does not explain me... nor does it explain our chemistry. Just relax Amy, I'm not going to go fast, I'm just going to take this slow."

Amy gave him a stern look, she remembered what he had said, she was not a trusting person, due to her childhood she was untrusting of relationships. "Until your resolves shatters." He nodded.

"I will admit I have been celibate for a long time, but I will do nothing that you do not want." Amy nodded she could accept that. She ate her breakfast quietly. Wolfgang studied her. "What's wrong Amy?" he sipped his coffee.

Amy wanted to know if Wolfgang was like all the others. "What if I want you to pin me to this table and show me what sex is?" he watched her for long moments. He gently put his cup down.

"Well you see there's a problem with that... I want more from you then just sex." Amy got up and went to leave, she felt the walls going up, shutting Wolfgang out.

"That's all that the others want." She went to leave. Wolfgang jumped to his feet angered he stormed forward and grabbed her but remembered she wasn't pack and was still recovering.

"Okay... so I woke up with an erection, I'm sorry... it's been six years since I've even held a woman let alone slept next to one. I've been attracted to you from the moment I saw you, covered with blood and struggling to survive. I could have just palmed you off to Bastion but I couldn't... I had to know you were fine, that you were recovering. I suggested the sponge baths, because I wanted you to feel comfortable. It was agony bathing you, knowing I wanted you but not knowing if you would want me back when you got better, I went off my food." he took a deep breath. "I couldn't help myself, this morning you were in my arms rubbing your face against my chest. Then you yawned and you did a tongue curl. I just had to kiss you." he released her and stepped away letting her go even though it pained him.

Amy just watched him. "I'm sorry Wolfgang I didn't mean to..." Wolfgang walked off. Amy watched him leave. Bastion walked in. He frowned and studied her.

"What's wrong Miss Amy?"

Amy closed her eyes. "I think I've just fucked up." Bastion frowned.

"If I may give you some advice Miss. Every... fuck up... can come from errors on both sides. Being honest can fix the fuck up." Amy nodded.

"Where would he have gone?"

Bastion didn't need to think, Wolfgang like his father always went to the library when confronted with a problem. "Down that hall, through the red oak doors on the left." Amy nodded and went after Wolfgang. She found him in the library, he was brooding as he looked out the window, he heard her approach. He was already regretting loosing his temper.

She walked in and hopped over to him, her tender ribs were beginning to abuse her. Wolfgang saw a wince of pain. He sighed got up and sat her down. She glared at him, she was trying to apologise. He sat.

"Forgive me for loosing my temper." Amy grabbed a crutch and poked him.

"Shut up and let me talk..." Wolfgang smirked. "I've been building walls around myself since I was a child, my parents were not happy, I don't ever remember seeing love between them when I saw them, I was in boarding schools most of my life. I don't... I can't..." Wolfgang got up and hugged her, he pulled her into his arms and sat to hold her. "I don't know what love truly is." Wolfgang tucked her head under his chin. "I've only had bad experiences with men, all they ever want is sex, but I can't just do that." Wolfgang touched her lips.

"Shush... I don't want just sex Amy..." he didn't hesitate, she had been forthright with him, he would do the same with her. "I... I can't do that, Amy... I'm Were..." She gave him a confused look. "We choose our mates..." He sighed.

"You understand what I mean by Were right." Amy nodded, everyone knew of the Were races.

"Wolf, Cat, Hawk or Bear." he smiled.

"Wolf... we choose are mates with care, sometimes we wait a life time looking for the right one. We believe that there is one perfect person for another, a person who makes our beast joyous. Scent, it's how we know. Scent and taste."

"Scent you have." Wolfgang went red.

"And taste..." Amy tensed... "Please, forgive me, your scent, I couldn't fight it, before I knew what I was doing I had licked you..."

"Where?" He hesitated.

"You're womanhood." Amy went red.

"When I was out cold." He nodded shamefully.

"I've felt ashamed..."

"Don't be..." Amy replied. She wasn't overly impressed, but she could understand how he could have been overwhelmed by instincts his kind had been using for ages. "Instincts are hard to ignore."

Wolfgang sighed. "We choose our mates for life." Amy turned to him. "You... make me feel alive. My wolf just wants to bask in your warmth, to share it's kill, and you must understand, he normally wants to be alone and likes to devour his kill not share." Amy just watched him.

"I know your kind normally dates before making that kind of a choice, I am willing to wait, to do things your way..."

"If I was pack how would you normally go about making me yours." Wolfgang paused.

"Because I am Alpha of my pack..." Amy tensed, Alpha... he was basically a king. "Does that bother you?"

She shrugged.

"Don't you have to mate a strong female..." Wolfgang chuckled.

"No... not necessarily, but my wolf would not have chosen you were you not capable. But as Alpha all I would have to do is mate you and mark you. My second is the same..."

"Gillian?" Wolfgang nodded.

"We will never be challenged, me in particular, you'll understand later when you see me shift... if you want to watch me shift." Amy thought.

"And that's it... you just choose. What if she doesn't want you?" Wolfgang chuckled.

"Then they never would have lifted their tail to allow a sniff. They can refuse, they can put their tails between their legs and leave. They have the right to refuse. We do not rape each other. Everything is consensual between adults and the taking of a child is a offence punishable by death." Amy nodded.

"But... I'm human?" he nodded and kissed her head.

"Yes but you can choose to be turned. To become like me... if you want that, or you could remain human... or you could even chose to leave here and I would leave you alone if that were your wish." Wolfgang took a deep breath and waited for her to ask a question but she was content just being in his arms, for the moment she was tied, she would deal with tomorrow when it came, for the moment all she wanted was sleep. She felt her eyes get heavy as her body demanded sleep, it didn't even bother her that she was in his arms, only that it felt right to be there. She fell asleep listening to his heart beat. Bastion walked in to see how things had gone. He smiled pleased with how things were turning out.

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