tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 11

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 11


Author's note:  All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy

Hi everyone,

Thankyou to everyone who wrote and sent feedback. Well here it is, chapter 11 the last of the Kiss of the Moon series, don't get mad with how it ends, there is a sequel to Kiss on the Moon and I will write it, right after I've written three side stories involving several of your favorite characters from the Kiss of the Moon series.

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~The end and the beginning were always there,

Before the beginning and after the end. ~ T.S Elliot.

**One year later…**

Grey-hawk quickly made his way to his seat knowing he was late but it was almost impossible to get anywhere near here in a taxi, as all the streets for several blocks in any direction had been closed down. He glanced around and smiled when he saw Cass seated near Amy. He would know her anywhere, he told himself. His wolf roused from his daytime slumber as he sat near Cass, he leant forward and smiled at her.

Cass smiled and turned to him, "Hi Grey-hawk," she greeted.

"Cass, how have you been?" Grey-hawk asked, his eyes quickly roamed over her, she was more beautiful than he remembered; she had lost that slightly haunted look of her abuse. Her hair was left loose today in red waves and curls. His black eyes locked with her hazel ones for a moment and he felt his wolf start to pace in his mind, wanting to come out and smell her, to see if she was his ultimate match.

"Good, I've spent most of the year at my grand da's ranch," she answered.

"So have you moved back to the city," Grey-hawk asked.

Cass nodded, "Amy offered me a job as her P.A a few weeks back, with the cubs so close she says she needs the help with everything she's doing," she said, excitement about her new job clear in her voice.

Grey-hawk frowned, "If you needed a job I could have helped you out? My company is always in need of good staff."

Cass smirked, "No… I can't work for the man I intend to date," she told him. She stood and walked off as her phone had started to buzz.

Grey-hawk smiled to himself as he watched her leave; she wanted to date him. His wolf settled, he would get his chance to smell her soon enough. Grey-hawk turned to Wolfgang who was seated across from him. Wolfgang smiled and winked.

Everyone settled as Bob stood before the microphone. Directly behind him a large covered statue drew everyone's attention, granite walls curved around the statue in a perfect semi circle. The names of those who had died, both the innocent and the fighters were engraved and highlighted in gold making the names stand out against the black granite, a sad reminder of the cost of war. Bob had decided against separating the Were and Others from the humans so they were mingled together. A small letter next to each name; H, W or O, were the only indication of race.

Bob cleared his throat and smiled, "Hello everyone, today has great meaning, this hour has great meaning. A year ago today we decided our futures…"

Amy took a deep breath as she rested a hand on her swollen abdomen hoping the added pressure would make the cubs settle down, it felt as if they were having a royal rumble inside her. Wolfgang's hand joined hers on her belly; his hand inched forward and linked his fingers with hers.

You okay? He asked her silently knowing that the cubs could come any day now.

Fine… I just wish they would stop using my kidneys as punching bags, she replied.

Wolfgang smiled and turned his attention back to Bob who was giving a speech about what had happened here a year ago today. They had chosen shortly after the dust settled and the last of the leaders were rounded up that a memorial for all those who died had to be built. Since it was the only building that had been destroyed, it was quickly decided that the building the fates had hated would be the site of the memorial.

Bob had decided it would be best to mix the ceremony, blending human and Were traditions, since the Others tended to have the same beliefs Were did. A funeral mound had been built off to the side; each log had one name carved into it, one log for every person killed. Elders sat around the burning mound Wolfgang and Bob had lit earlier; it would be their responsibility to continue the ceremony through to completion. Bob knew however that a more permanent memorial had to be built, so a statue had been commissioned and the war memorial built.

Amy took a deep breath and shifted in her seat feeling uncomfortable. Her mind refused to focus on anything other than the fact that the triplets were being demanding and they weren't even out of her yet. She felt restless, as if something was going to happen she just couldn't decide what it was. Taliesin and Mryddin had both explained that Amy's abilities would be off during her pregnancy; that her normally reliable senses should not be relied upon.

"So without further drawing this out, I call upon Amy to come and reveal the statue for the memorial," Bob said loudly snapping Amy out of her daze.

Amy turned and sighed. Wolfgang stood and helped her to her feet as getting up and out of chairs had become difficult. Amy walked up to the dais with the slight waddle of her late pregnancy, she winced as she felt a cramp ripple through her body starting in her belly. She closed her eyes for a moment as she went to walk up the few steps, now… you choose now to make your way into the world, she complained as she mounted the steps and walked up to Bob.

Bob picked up her hands and brought them to his nose, "How much longer?" He asked.

"About twelve hours," Amy told him seriously as she released his hands and walked over to the covered statue; she wanted to get this done as fast as possible as she did not know how quickly her labour might progress. Amy reached up and pulled the cloth from the statue then stepped back to admire the well-made bronze statue.

She was in the middle of the group, in full saber/human hybrid form; her mouth was open mid roar, showing her deadly teeth in all their fierce glory. A young girl was hugging her leg and Susan was lying at Amy's feet with several bullet wounds in her chest, firing a gun. Sage was poised ready to take flight, her wings partially open, her legs bent and her sword ready in her hand, a cut marred the side of her face from a sword graze.

Amy remembered vividly this scene, she had just turned Susan, to keep her alive; Susan had taken several bullets saving the girl who hugged Amy's leg. Amy had gone almost into a rage and shifted into her hybrid form after turning Susan, she then ran rampant on the enemy.

I am what I'm not and I'm not what I am, the first words she spoke after she slid back into her human form and one of the men she had spared asked her what she was. I am what I'm not and I'm not what I am, that sentence taunted her, she knew it was the answer, but she didn't know the question.

The little girl who had hugged Amy's leg that day stood beside Sage. Her parent's had been killed but Wolfgang and Amy had quickly found her a home with Sienna and Gillian. It didn't matter that she was human and she was going to a Were family, all that mattered was she would be safe and loved. Amy stepped aside, not that she really had to the statue was twice the size of life.

She went to the microphone, "Bertrand Russell once said, War does not determine who is right, only who is left. War was what some wanted but they were not the ones left behind to clean up the mess they created; we did. Win, loose… even those who are victorious loose," Amy gestured back at the names, "Families were broken, parents lost their children and children lost their parents. But we came together, fought together, we did the one thing that they didn't think we could do," Amy paused her eyes scanning the crowd, some people were crying. "Those who fought are more than heroes, more than patriots. There is no name for what those people are. Hopefully a name will never have to be made, hopefully this will never happen again; that we have learnt from it." Amy took a deep breath feeling the pain of a contraction ripple through her.

"Life is a gift we will not waste,

Together we fought,

So together we live.

Friends as it should be,

To those who died,

You will not be forgotten," Amy finished.

"We will not forget," was echoed by the Were present.

Amy gripped the dais as another contraction rippled through her. Wolfgang joined her as others started to walk around the memorial. Wolfgang wrapped an arm around Amy's shoulders and kissed her forehead.

"Do you miss Sarge?" Wolfgang asked gently, Amy didn't like to talk about the friends she had lost. After hearing that Sarge and Mac were dead Amy couldn't let Susan die, it was the reason Susan was now something, no one knew what yet as Susan was only bitten once. Once was enough to save her life, and once was enough to turn her, albeit slowly, Susan was only beginning to show Were tendencies a year later.

"He isn't dead, he's just not here," was her response.

Wolfgang gathered her into his arms and hugged her, and felt her quiver, "What's wrong Amy?" He asked gently.

"Wolfgang…" Amy pressed her face against his chest as another contraction rippled through her; they were coming faster.

"Amy…" Wolfgang stepped back, "Is it the cubs?" He asked.

Amy nodded, "Quickly."

Wolfgang scooped her up, "BASTION," he called out as he carried Amy down.

Bastion appeared out of the crowd, "Yes…"

"The cubs are coming get the car and call Nathanael," Wolfgang ordered at Bastion's fleeing back, the moment Wolfgang had said cubs Bastion had turned to get the car.

Susan rushed over to her, "What's wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing, the cubs are coming that's all," Amy told her. "Wolfgang put me down," Amy told him.

"No…" he snapped back at her.

Amy sighed as the car slowly came forward. Wolfgang bundled her into the car and raced around to get in, he was excited and nervous at the same time. He had children but these were different, they were half Amy and half him; his first cubs.

"Sage, Keira, we have to go," Susan called out. Sage and Keira raced forward, Keira hugged Susan as Sage got into the car. Susan bundled Sage in then moved to wedge Amy between Wolfgang and herself and offered her hand to Amy for comfort and for her to hold and squeeze.

"What's wrong Amy?" Keira asked.

"The cubs are coming," Amy told her gently.

Keira turned to Sage, "You're going to have little brothers and or sisters."

Sage nodded she knew, "Yeah crying in the middle of the night, disrupting my sleep."

Wolfgang glared at Sage playfully, "You live down the hall with Alanna, you won't hear anything."

Sage smiled, "Yeah when Alanna doesn't keep me up."

They got to the town house Wolfgang had brought to replace the apartment, as it wasn't big enough for their rapidly expanding family. Electra was waiting for them with the front door wide. Wolfgang carried Amy in and was followed in by everyone else. They were all eager for the new cubs to come into the world.

"I've prepared your room," Electra told Wolfgang.

Wolfgang nodded and carried Amy up to their room. Nathanael walked in and smiled at everyone who was waiting in the common room.

"About time they decided to make their appearances. Has anyone told Taliesin, Mryddin, Vivian and Rhiannon?" Nathanael asked.

Electra nodded, "I did the moment Bastion hung up on me. They're on their way."

"Good. Susan will you be assisting me?" Nathanael asked.

Susan nodded and turned to Keira, "Behave."

"You aren't my mother…" Keira began; she stopped when Sienna walked in.

"She's your Aunt and you will listen to her," Sienna told her, "Now what's the hub bub?"

"The cubs are coming," Sage said excitedly.

Sienna smiled and went upstairs to kick Wolfgang out of his room, traditionally mates weren't allowed at the birth because the one giving birth had a tendency to try to kill their mate. Nathanael and Susan followed. Bastion was busy organising towels and hot water and anything else that might be needed.

Wolfgang glared indignantly at Sienna as he walked down stairs to join the others who would wait patiently for the birth. He resigned himself to the wait like everyone else not allowed at the birth. He knew he was not going to be present at the birth, although he wished he could watch the love of his life give birth to the proof of their love but tradition even in his very modern pack was hard to break.


Amy was nearing her limit when Rhiannon walked in nine hours later. She was restless and couldn't settle, one minute she was relaxing the next she was pacing. Although her labour had started strongly it had slowed almost to a stop. Only in the last hour had her labour progressed to the point where her water was likely to break.

"Okay Amy I want you to start pushing now," Nathanael told her.

"But my water hasn't broken yet," Amy said almost panicky.

Nathanael chuckled gently, "It will, Amy your fully dilated, it's time to bring them out," he told her calmly, he knew Amy would be nervous, this was her first whelping, it's understandable.

Rhiannon walked over to Amy who was on the bed, Nathanael was between her legs checking her readiness. Rhiannon helped Amy up a little and sat behind her daughter. Amy took a hold of the offered hands as she felt a contraction come. She groaned as she pushed then stopped and panted.

Nathanael smiled when a flow of moisture covered his hand, "Good Amy, your first water's broken."

Rhiannon frowned, "First?"

Susan nodded, "Identical twins and a fraternal."

Nathanael quickly checked to see if the head was crowning yet, "Almost Amy, the head is almost free," Nathanael encouraged her, "Push Amy."


Wolfgang jerked when he heard the faint cries of a baby. He smiled as Taliesin and Mryddin clapped him on the back. He wanted to run up the stairs and race into his room to hold Amy and look at his first child. He started to pace, knowing he couldn't go up there until he was invited. Sienna raced down stairs and grabbed bundles of towels; Vivian grabbed some more linen also and followed Sienna up.

Sage went up to Wolfgang and gave him a hug; Wolfgang sighed and hugged her back. He pulled her onto his knees and hugged her, needing her comfort, "Thank you Sage."

Sage shrugged, "It's okay da."

Wolfgang held her tightly. Sage's ma was one of the two dozen Were who had been killed that day a year ago. Her dying request was for Amy and Wolfgang to raise her daughter as their own, a request they had honoured. Wolfgang kissed her forehead.

Wolfgang tensed as a second crying voice joined the first. He smiled and turned to Sage, "You going to come up with me when I'm invited?" He asked.

Sage nodded.

They waited with baited breath, for a third voice to join the other two.


"Come on Amy…" Nathanael coaxed.

Amy shook her head weakly. She couldn't push; she just didn't have the energy.

Rhiannon wiped Amy's face and whispered in her ear, "The sooner it's out the sooner the pain will stop," she said trying to help.

Amy panted and shook her head.

"Let's get her up," Vivian told the room.

"Up?" Nathanael asked.

Vivian nodded, "You'll need to hold her up, put her in a squatting position. We'll let gravity pull the baby out," Vivian told him, "I became very weak when I gave birth to Rhiannon, Cleopatra seeing that I wouldn't be able to push did this and Rhiannon came out easy," Vivian explained.

They moved Amy off the bed and onto her feet; Amy could barely stand. Nathanael wrapped his arms around Amy's middle and squatted her down. Amy felt another contraction.

Vivian knelt ready to guide the child out, "Help her bear down on her next contraction."

Nathanael nodded.


Wolfgang chewed on his thumbnail as he waited, "How long?" He asked nervously, where was the third voice.

"Ten minutes…" Mryddin answered.

"She's tired…" Taliesin told Wolfgang, "If anything was wrong they would be down here telling you," Taliesin reasoned.

Wolfgang nodded and paced before the stairs. Ten minutes later he was tempted to go up there, to hell with tradition. Nathanael walked down the stairs and Wolfgang stalled his actions; fear gripped his chest.

"What's wrong?" Wolfgang asked.

Nathanael paused and frowned, "Pardon…"

"We only counted two crying voices. What's wrong? Wolfgang demanded.

Nathanael's frown deepened, wondering what Wolfgang was talking about. Wolfgang growled and shoved Nathanael aside as he stormed up stairs. He got to the room he shared with Amy, stormed in and paused as he glanced around. His room was almost empty as most of the women who had been present were either holding cubs or had taken the back stairs down to the kitchen. The only people in the room were Anna and Sienna and they were remaking his bed.

"Where is she?" he demanded,

"Having a bath Wolfgang… you aren't meant to be in here," Sienna told him as she intercepted him before getting to the bathroom, "Out…"

"What's happened?" Wolfgang demanded.

"Nothing… what has you so worked up?" Vivian said walking out of the bathroom cradling his son, the child who had been born last.

Wolfgang almost forgot what had him worked up, his eyes feasted on the tiny bundle in Vivian's hands, "I only heard two voices…" he said dreamily.

Vivian smiled, she was happy that Amy had such a concerned mate, a man who was willing to forgo tradition to ensure his mate and their children were safe, "This little boy hasn't cried yet," Vivian explained.

Wolfgang sighed with relief, a perfectly good reason as to why they had heard only two voices. Even the second voice had been almost too faint to hear not like the first voice, which was loud and demanding.

"Now get out… you haven't been invited and you don't have a gift," Sienna told him as she ushered him back out of the room.

Wolfgang raced down stairs and into the kitchen to get the gift he had trusted Bastion to keep hidden and some food. Bastion was putting a plate of food together for Amy.

"Where did you put the gift?" Wolfgang asked him impatiently, he wanted to be back up there with Amy and his newborn cubs.

Bastion jerked his head back to his rooms behind the kitchen, "Top drawer in the bedside table."

Wolfgang raced into the small sitting room and through that room and into Bastion's bedroom. He hopped over the bed to the bedside table, opened the drawer and pulled out a velvet box. He smiled after he opened the box to check that the pack jeweller had done as he asked. He put the box in his pocket and went back to Bastion. Bastion handed Wolfgang the tray of food.

"Be careful not to spill," Bastion began to lecture him.

"I know," Wolfgang cut him off before he walked out into the common room.

Sienna had just finished coming down the stairs as Wolfgang came out of the kitchen. She smiled at Wolfgang's hopeful look, he wanted to go up, he was ready if she wanted him, "Okay Wolfgang she's ready," Sienna conceded and stepped out of his way.

Wolfgang walked past her. He paused and turned to Sage, Alanna and Electra, he really just wanted to spend a few moments alone with his mate and new cubs.

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