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Kissed by Lightning


Dear Readers,

I hope there is someone reading.

If you're looking for a quick sexual fix, I don't think this is the story for you, but give it a shot. There might not be anything sexual for a couple chapters, But I hope the build up is sufficient.

I'm not sure what else to say but I'm a young new writer, never done anything like this before. I hope it becomes everything I dream it could be.


"Are you listening? Stef" Sasha's voice rang through the phone, snapping Stefani out of her daze. She looked out into the cafe, scanning the crowd before answering. "Yeah. Still here." Leaning on the counter she listened as Sasha pleaded her case. "Sasha, I really don't know. You know I'm not into that kinda stuff...," she admitted. Sasha was always trying to hook her up with her wild friends or drag her into her crazy plans, she had enough on her plate, the last thing she needed was to go out looking for trouble.

"Please, please, please! He's so hot! His friend is hot too, I promise. We'll have a good time and we'll get drunk! Stefani, you have to come! For me?!" Sasha's pleading voice made her sigh in defeat.

"Fine! But if you two get all touchy touchy, I'm leaving." Her friends victory squeal, screamed out through the phone making her wince and pull away slightly.

"You are not gonna regret this!" Her squeals continued for a couple minutes, a small smile pulling across my lips, her happiness contagious.

"Alright, alright, now let me get back to work before I get fired." Trying to bring down the high her friend was on currently, her own bubble of excitement forming.

"Oh! Before I forget. Can you please wear something attractive tonight. I know how you can be, with your t-shirt and jeans."

Stefani rolled her eyes at the teasing tone in her friends voice, "There is nothing wrong with my jeans!" "Whatever! See you at eight." Stefani hung up before her friend decided to criticize her wardrobe some more. Tucking her phone in the back pocket of her jeans, she approached the front counter, pulling her ponytail tight.

Stefani knew Sasha meant well, but she was tired of meeting these random guys, who turned out to be jerks only looking for one thing. Not that anybody was interested in that one thing with her, she was much to curvy for that. Stefani was one of the kind of woman who had lost faith in love through the many bumps of her non-existent love life. She absolutely hated being set up now, but she was a total push over. She smoothed over her black apron, making herself more presentable for her customers.

She ran the few "attractive" outfits she could wear in her mind, as she began to organize the muffins. Smiling softly to herself, dread and excitement coursing through her body. The ringing of the bells snapped her out of her daze. Looking up at the incoming customer, she grinned. Her eyes met a pair of hazel brown eyes with silver rims. still the weirdest pair of eyes she'd ever seen. As the man approached the counter, she looked down at the bouquet of lilies in his hands.

"Lucky girl who deserves those" She grinned while leaning forward to kiss the stranger on the cheek.

"She's not lucky so much as stubborn. If she'd answer the phone like she was supposed to, I could have given them to her this morning." His voice was soft and musical, and every word seemed to be interlaced with amusement. The man held out the bouquet for her, Stefani couldn't help but grin even wider.

"I didn't hear the alarm this morning, I rushed to get to work, so I must have been a little distracted. Sorry Cole." Followed by a shrug while reaching for the flowers. "Take a break and come sit" He said in that 'I'm the boss' tone that always made her roll her eyes. "Tom, I'm going on break. Can you bring the usual, please" She called out back, as she came around the counter and went over to sit with Cole at the window table.

She quickly looked him over as she took her seat across from him. His broad shoulders in that black Armani suit did wonders to his sexual appeal. His brown short hair was combed back, his large hand rested against the table patiently as he waited for her assessment to be over. He was huge at six foot two, even sitting down, he would always be the biggest man she knew. Finally her gaze went to his eyes, those mesmerizing eyes that regarded her with laughter. "So am I to your liking princess?" His smile grew as she took a second to think about it.

"You will do, even if you are an old grumpy soul" He laughed hard as her teasing tone poked at his ego.

She smiled softly, Cole was the brother and the family she never had. They'd met when she was seventeen, he just had this charm about him that made her trust him from the first moment they spoke. He saved her. There will always be something about Cole that made everything brighter. "They're beautiful. Thank you." Stefani's voice was soft as she leaned down to inhale the soft fragrance of the lilies.

"Did you think I'd forget your birthday." She shook her head, "I've missed you." her voice was full of longing as she set down the bouquet gently on the table.

"It has been a couple days... I'm sorry for not coming sooner, I was--Tied up with work" his tone hardened and his eyes lost their laughter. For a second she though about asking but he was always a little closed off about work things. He was wealthy for being so young, although she teased him for his old man personality, he was only twenty-eight but he made sure his work never interfered with their friendship. She looked up as Tom came over with their muffins, she could smell the sweet tangy scent of the blueberries with the dough, she shuddered as he placed them down. "Thanks kid" Cole's voice was calm and almost condescending. Stefani frowned but as the aroma of the pastry hit her she instantly forgot all about it.

Biting into the little bundle of joy almost brought her to tears, her taste buds seems to explode at the contact. She moaned softly causing another fit of laughter from Cole. She didn't seem to notice how the muffins seemed to taste so much better, or how she was suddenly hearing the conversation across the loud room. "I see your love affair with muffins is still going strong" He said as he bit into his apple muffin, moaning at the taste as well.

"Laugh all you want. He makes me happier than I've ever been." She teased, her chestnut brown eyes brightened as he almost devoured his muffin.

"There's something I wanted to ask you" His voice got all serious again after swallowing down, which made her curious. He often took over the fatherly-older-brother role in her life, which she loved but she'd never tell him that. But when he got all serious and hard, it was usual something serious.

"What's up?" Stefani straightened her back, dabbing at her lips with the napkin. Cole reached into his Armani front pocket and pulled out two flight tickets, setting them down in the middle of the table. "Is this a second Birthday gift?! You're outdoing yourself this year, mutt" She smiled at one of his given nicknames. He didn't smile, just watched her silently as she picked up the tickets.

"What's in Quebec?" She was a little confused as to why Quebec would be his ideal birthday paradise, but Cole has always been a little strange. He didn't say anything, frowning, she read again. "Tomorrow morning? What do you have in mind Cole?" She was curious and a little cautious at his strange behavior.

"The future." He whispered softly, so softly it could have been her imagination. "Will you come?" He asked almost pleading, there was something in his voice that made her think it was really important but she couldn't understand why.

"There's so little time and I have to work. I promised I'd take over this week. I'm also going out later tonight, to that new club.. Fang! With Sasha. Why so last minute, maybe we could do it over Thanksgiving-"

He cut me off, "I don't understand why you keep working in this tiny cafe. I offered you a high paying job, something you could be great at." He leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest, his athletic body screaming out in disapproval.

She sighed, he couldn't possibly understand what it was like trying to find a place in the world that was all her own. She was the independent creative soul who starved for a home but wouldn't take it when it was offered. She shook her head, "I like working here. Sure the pay is crap and I barely get by but.... It feels like home. I'm happy here."

Stefani ran into the Moonlight Cafe by accident while apartment hunting, she'd stumbled into this little hidden cafe in this huge bright city, Montreal. It was love at first sight, the manager was usually a good guy, had even let her bake her muffins and other deserts while waitressing as well. It was humble, but it was all she had.

"Stef, It's important. You turned twenty-five today... It's a crucial age for you and there's so much I want to show you. Just a couple days. I have this little cottage up there, you'll be safe there. There's so much-- Please just think about it, for me" He started pouting, trying to lighten the mood but there was this feeling inside her that something wasn't right. His pouting became too much and she broke out in giggles.

"I'll have to leave the date early but for you anything." He smiled with relief and just as I was sure I'd crossed the finish line, he frowned and his eyes took on this eery yellow color, just as quickly it was gone. "Date?" his tone was harsh and suspicious.

"Sasha," We both said at the same time, I smiled. "She really means well. It's only this once, and she swears that he's nice." Stefani's voice was almost a plead as her explanation came out, his approval meant the world to her. "That girl only gets you into trouble. You know what those boys are interested in?" His disapproval rang on every word, she winced slightly. Lifting her chin slightly.

"First of all, You've never even met her so you don't get to make that assumption. Secondly, Guys only want that from hot girls. Which we both know I'm not. So I'm going out to have fun with my friend for my birthday. That's it." His eyes pierced hers and she still had that urge to take in a breath, the usual reaction most people got when he went all intense in his gaze. He knew she was right, he'd never personally met Sasha, just heard about all her crazy schemes.

"I don't like that place." Looking around, the women were ogling him like he was a rare piece of meat, with disgust she turned back to Cole. Stefani's eyes hardened, she pressed her lips together, clearly letting him know it was happening.

"At least let me pick you up." He reasoned, Stefani smiled with victory. "Fine" with that said, she picked up her flowers, leaned down (not very far) to kiss Cole on the cheek. "I seriously don't like that place" He grumbled out, as she stepped back. "Deal with it, mutt. I gotta head home. I'll see around midnight" Those were the last civil words they would have for a while.


Stefani looked down at her little black platform pumps and wondered if they were a good idea. The outfit was out of her usual attire. The black pencil skirt, hugged her curves like a second skin, with a violet silk blouse falling gently over her 38C breast and showing just a hint of cleavage, tucked into the skirt. Overall she looked very well put together. Her hair was a mass of curls around her shoulders with a small butterfly crystal clip that Cole had given her for her twentieth birthday, her makeup was a light glowing look with lavender eye shadow. She was nervous as she waited at the front of her small apartment complex for Sasha and 'the dates' to arrive.

She was a bubble of excitement and nerves, her heart was beating rapidly and she was aching everywhere, given she'd ran down 5 flights of stairs in pumps. With a wary sigh, she turned as a black BMW zoomed to a stop in front of her. Stefani couldn't see who was inside due to the dark tinted windows, but she felt eyes all over her body and it made her really uncomfortable.

Sasha stepped out of the front seat of the car, her blonde hair tied up in a pony tail. The silver hoops flashing in the dark. She was a stunning six foot one, thin model type of girl who wore sexy corsets and a tight mini white skirt on a Thursday night better than anyone in Montreal.

"Salut Stef!" She squealed as she came over to wrap her arms around Stefani, she tried to look past her into the car, to check out the men.

"They love your outfit. You look great!" Sasha whispered in her ear, just as she started dragging her into the back of the vehicle. Stefani didn't even get a chance to argue as she was jolted into a leather seat and right next to a very tall attractive man.

"ummm.... Hi- erm. Salut" She stuttered as she tried to form a coherent conversation with this man. His eyes are distant and a startling green, like emeralds. His hair, short and brushed back with a lot of gel. "You must be Stefani" His voice sent a shiver up her spine, but she couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing. There was something in the way he said her name that made her hesitate before extending out her hand to shake his, the coolness of her skin made her gasp.

"You must be...." She waited for him to introduce himself and took back her hand trying to find a way to make herself more comfortable. "My name is Varcolac, I know it's a handful so just call me V."

Stefani nodded, only half hearing him as her head started to pound slightly. There was a smell in the car that was making her uneasy, she couldn't pint point it but something wasn't right. She smiled softly and looked back up at him, his eyes were roaming over her body. Why didn't she wear her jeans tonight, she silently cursed her decision.

"We're here" Said a voice from the front, Stefani realized that she hadn't at all glanced at the front of the car or noticed they were moving. She nodded and went to open the door, but V was already opening it for her and reaching in with his hand to pull her up. She barely took in a breath as she looked at the club, It's red neon letters, screaming out 'Fang' to the world, there was a red carpet and ropes for VIP, and she couldn't deny the excitement of being treated so formally.

The club was huge, with three floors, connected by stairs and elevators on both sides. neon colored lights broke the air, with repetitive patterns that made her sensitive eyes ache. She felt a hand at her back guide her to the elevators and all the way up to the third floor to the VIP area. She took a breath, scanning the massive crowd of sweaty grinding people. This was definitely not her scene but Sasha seemed to be loving every minute of it. She grimaced as the man that Sasha was with had his hand on her ass as if she was a piece of meat. That girl needed to get a grip on herself but with that thought came the realization that she had also dressed pretty out there, so maybe they both had to get a grip.

Going over to the VIP was definitely a new experience for her, as she looked around, she noticed everyone was sort of secluded and she was really wined up for some reason, her body ready to spring if anything happened. V was sitting way too close to her, his hand draped over her back and one laying on her lap. Even though she kept putting it off. V waved to a waited and a bottle of some expensive- she presumed- alcohol was set in front of them, on the table. V passed her a glass and they made some sappy toast to the future, she could see his clear white teeth gleaming in the dark, setting off a bit of fear in her.

"There is much to discuss little pet, you are going to be glorious" he whispered in her ear, causing Stefani to swallow down a whole glass of what she thought was champagne, but it was burning slightly as it went down. Trying to find a little space, she scooted further away clearing her throat.

"What is it you do?" She asked trying to talk louder than the music. He only smiled and moved forward again, her head was spinning a little bit and she had to struggle to not jolt out of her seat as he pulled her body tight against his. "I'm-- in the hunting business." He laughed out the words in her ear, she closed her eyes slightly.

"Relax. Just let your body go" He whispered but he sounded far away. She felt a familiar push in her mind, Cole.

'What's wrong' His voice whispered in her mind, shaking her head, trying to push V away. 'Stefani! What's wrong? You feel foggy." His voice was full of concern and it was true her mind felt heavy. She looked around and tried to convey where she was. There was danger, she shouldn't be there, not with him. Looking over at V, he was staring out of their booth and into the crowd. She followed his gaze and gasped. There on the dance floor was Sasha with her tall dark haired date. Her corset was ripped open down the middle but still somehow stayed on. Her blond hair was in a messy ponytail, her usual electric blue eyes were closed with her head tilted back, her pink glossy lips were parted. The most shocking thing was her date had his hand up her skirt and wasn't trying to hide it. His mouth was firmly attached to one of her nipples. She shook her head, something wasn't right. Stefani stood up weakly, her black pumps shaky. She was gonna go help her friend if it was the last thing she did.

A hand wrapping around her wrist pulled her down, snapping her out of her trance. "Leave them, she's a hot slut" V's voice was cold and hard as he spoke about her friend. She didn't even know it happened, but her hand flew and slapped him straight across the face. It was a fraction of a second, that he took the sting and his eyes gazed back up at hers. There was a frozen solid fury in those green eyes as he very harshly gripped both of her wrist yanking her down to his lap and slammed his mouth on hers.

That's when panic set in, 'Fang, new club. Third Floor.' Was all she could send out to Cole. She struggled, she did, she was pushing him with all her strength but his hands were hurting her wrist. He let one of them go and she whimpered as it stung but felt her hair being yanked back hard. Crying out, she felt his tongue invade her mouth a second later, She wiggled in his lap trying to free herself, only coming up to feel his hard unrelenting cock beneath her skirt.

Stefani dug her teeth down hard over his tongue, pulled her head away. He groaned, with a jerk his hand fast like lightning slapped her face so hard she felt blood exploded on her tongue. He roughly pulled her up on her feet. "Stop it!" She shouted as he slammed her down on the table, only now noticing that the room was quiet and the only things she could hear was a loud moan. She struggled to get him off her.

He was behind her, pulling her head up. "Look at your slutty friend. She wants that cock in her tight pussy. Watch her." His sick whispers filled her head, Stefani looked up startled. Sasha had hear legs wrapped around her date's waist as his cock piston in and out of her pussy. Sasha was writhing and groaning like a bitch in heat. Stefani looked away, her cheeks flushed and as bad as it was, her body was reacting to it. She was so engrossed in her shameful thoughts she didn't notice when V brought over a needle until he stabbed it deep into her neck and she let a loud wail spill from her lips.

Stefani screaming into her mind, could feel Cole on the other side like a fog. Her mind started spinning, V was extracting out a big needle full of her blood. She was shivering and a fever broke out over her face. V pulled her up, "Take her to the Van. I'll be downstairs in a couple minutes" His voice sending shivers up her spine as she started breathing harder, her vision was starting to get fuzzy. He pushed her hard and she fell into strong arms.

'Stefani what's happening?' Cole's voice was barely a whisper, she struggled against the man, trying to stop him from taking her. Stefani let out a whimper across their bond, 'One man... the van... Sasha's in trouble... must help... Cole...I'm so tired..' Stefani fell unconscious, her voice was almost gone as it reached his mind.

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