tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 07

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 07


Dear readers,

I want to apologize for taking so long.

I just finished up finals, with two weeks lack of sleep and horrible eating habits I'm afraid I didn't get much writing done.

I hope there're still people reading.

There's still so much of the story to be told, and I am debating whether I should keep it short...

I know the frustration at wanting to read something and not having it available. It's agonizing. I check up everyday on my favorite authors to see if they've posted, to my disappointment they haven't. So I can empathize.

Thankfully I've started winter break and I'll have a couple weeks to write. I'm hoping I don't suffer writers block anymore -.-

I'm dying to let you guys in on the secret with this story!

I hope you like this chapter, and maybe it makes a little more sense. There's a new element thrown into the mix that wasn't mentioned before hopefully i explained it clearly enough.

I wish everyone a fantastic holiday. I hope you are all spending it with the people you love and eating tons of good food.

P.S_ I love cliff hangers. Sorry XD


Smile because you're beautiful.

Smile because out of all the people in the world, you are unique, and the world is better for having you in it.

I don't know who you are, but with the holidays right around the corner. I'm grateful for having all of you in my life.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays


Rain paced his office, his angry stomps resonating in the big room. He ran his hands anxiously over his face, his head throbbed slightly. There were so many things that just didn't add up, so much information he was missing. No matter how hard he made his betas work, they were one step behind these bastards.

There was a knock at the door, interrupting his thoughts. He grunted his reply and walked over to his desk where he plopped down onto his leather chair.

Sarah's blond hair was the first thing he saw. Her voice was low and seductive, in the past it had its arousing effect. Currently he felt nothing for the blond bombshell. He straightened his shoulders. She walked across the room, her hips rolled sexually. He brushed his hands through his hair irritated. She reached his side and leaned against the desk in front of him. She gave him her best smile.

"Thank you for saving me, Rain." He cringed at her tone. She leaned down as if to kiss him but he replied harshly.

"I am your Alpha. You will address me as such." Sarah could feel the tension in the room. She could sense that her usual charm wasn't working. Biting her lip nervously, she straightened her back and took a stronger approached. Moving things on his desk she sat down, crossing her legs. Her short skirt hiked up revealing her perfectly tanned thighs. Rain didn't even look at her, as he let out a hiss.

"How did the bloodsuckers get to you?"

Sarah stiffened slightly. She looked away.

"One moment I was standing guard at my post. Next thing I know I was dragged from behind. My wolf didn't even sense them coming...." Sarah's voice was low and even, but her eyes never met his.

"The last thing I remember was being in the middle of the field with that vampire's hand around my neck and then slamming to the ground." She leaned back. Letting her blonde hair fall behind her shoulders, she pushed her chest out.

"We got what we went for, so I would consider it a productive exchange." Her nonchalant tone infuriated him. Rain's fist tightened around the arm seat in anger.

"You're an ungrateful Bitch! Stefani begged for your life to be spared. She gave up her freedom and you're heartless enough not to care." His tone filled her with shame, pain cut through her heart at the disgusted tone in his voice. Her wolf howled in pain at her alpha's displeasure.

"She has a name now?" She answered viciously. Hopping off the desk and moving further away from him. She noticed the little things she had overlooked before. His body trembled, his eyes glowed a golden yellow, causing her wolf whimper in submission. Her heart throbbed. He championed some filthy human girl. She growled, snapped her face away from him.

"I can't even look at you right now!" He growled with impatience.

"Is that it? You found a new piece of ass to bite and you throw me away!" His eyes burned into her gaze.

"Get out." His voice sent a chill down her spine. She straightened her back and stomped out of his office. Sarah's eyes watered. She made it outside the manor before she let her skin shatter and her wolf took over. She ran into the forest.

Rain let out a breath. He really needed a break. Sarah was a force of nature. He could hear her howls and through his alpha bond, he could sense her despair. The part of him that was her alpha cared a little bit. But for some reason, the way she spoke about Stefani made him furious.

Sarah had once been very beautiful. In his youth, he had found Sarah sweet and tempered the way a female should be. Truth be told, she was everything he'd wanted in a woman. For a while, he'd even thought of mating her. After all, she was a loyal beta and most of the time she did what she was told.

When she had first crawled into his bed, he had known she was very promiscuous. She had been with several men before him and even after him. Wolves weren't shy about sex and his pack was very liberal in that aspect, which he supported. He, himself, only indulged in Sarah occasionally, only to sate the lust of his beast. He'd learned not to let his emotions get involved with a female. Yet he couldn't deny the pull he had towards Stefani, the stubborn, rude, frustrating human with the most beautiful brown eyes that took his breath away.

There was another knock at the door. He groaned. His wolf shifted impatiently, growling softly within his mind. He really needed to get some rest. The door opened. Rain raised an eye brow at his visitor, slightly shocked.

Cole stepped into the alpha's office, and shut the door.

"I feel honored by your presence." Rain's voice dripped with sarcasm. Cole's only answer was to sit in one of the chairs in front of the alpha's huge desk. The silence stretched on for a couple minutes. Rain began checking some papers as Cole simply studied him.

"We have to get Stefani back." Cole's voice cut through the silence. Slicing deep into Rain's subconscious, waking up the beast inside of him. Rain leaned back, studied Cole, taking time to calm his animal. He let out a breath.

"Where do we begin Mactire? You have us completely in the dark." Rain's voice was calm, his expression gave nothing away.

"I know that it'll be easier if all the alphas are present. Up to this point, you have no reason to believe anything I say but believe this. We have to get her back before the next full moon." His voice was rough and his gaze never lowered. Rain found himself growing respect for the lost Mactire. Cole Mactire was within his right to be an alpha himself but it didn't look like he was interested in any sort of position in his pack. Rain understood that.

"Is it because she's a Haven?"

Cole shook his head, unsure of how much to discuss on the topic. Looking back, there was a lot even he didn't understand. All he knew was that she would play a key role in their future.

"I've already started the arrangements to have the four royals families gather. The omegas have already started rehabilitating the great hall. That should be enough space with far enough distance from the pack. Just so we have this clear, I don't like to be kept in the dark. Take a couple of days but I will need to be debriefed on the situation before we present it to the other alphas."

Cole was impressed with the efficiency that the current alpha O'Faolain ruled his pack. He found himself liking the big alpha, but he kept those comments to himself.

**** ****

The compound was a flurry of activity, all the omegas and thetas working furiously to get everything together for the big meeting in a couple of weeks. There was so much to plan out and so little time.

Cole stood at the edge of the indoor training field and watched as Hale Mactire- his brother, and alpha O'Faolain walked out into the field. The Mactire, O'Faolain and Elba Lupino - the elders sat a bit further away, watching.

It had taken a couple of days, but Cole had convinced the alpha to grant him permission to the training grounds. It had been such a long time since he trained properly, he had been eager to see the training field. The training field was a cave deep in the forest, hidden and only known to those of royal blood.

Everything was more complicated than anyone expected, the alphas had to be ready. That was one reason why he'd insisted the royal alphas met.

It was a large cave with rows of fire lanterns along the walls. A large fountain in the middle, and a sky light had been carved at the highest point of the cave. It was mainly used for training purposes.

"You know the legends. The stories told at bed time. You've trained your gift, used it to the best of your abilities." Cole stepped forward.

"In the beginning of time, our families were granted gifts that have been passed down from generation to generation, only inherited by the strongest. It is every family's duty to keep their own gift a secret from all the other packs and in the past, that has worked but there is need for change."

Faust Mactire stood. "What is the meaning of this?" His eyes burned into his sons eyes. Cole had been avoiding them for days, refusing to get caught up with family drama. Cole ignored his fathers question and continued.

"We have to work together. We have to learn to use our abilities in a different sense. It was Drake Haven, who helped me realize that. He said something that I'll never be able to forget." He let out a sigh.

"One day, the earth will burn. One day, the sky will fall and crash against the sea. On the last day, white light will fall from the heavens and burn away the sins of every being in existence. There is no balance in division. There is balance only in unity. When all the elements unite there will be glorious bliss. So there is hope." Cole closed his eyes, thinking back to his mentor's words. They filled him and energized him.

Faust stood silently. He recalled the odd Haven alpha that had been a silent beacon to all the other alphas. He had been resilient and a force to be reckoned with. His words weren't said to be taken lightly.

"We can't be set in our old ways anymore. We don't have that luxury. I've asked you to call this meeting because we need to grow stronger as equals, not as different packs. The rogues, they're looking to make something stronger than us. To make a weapon that can defeat us. What they don't know is that when we stick together, we're invincible. But we need to learn from each other. "

Cole raised his hand, palm facing his face. Blue fire burst at his hand for a second before disappearing all together. Cole hesitated, "I am light, that's my gift. That is the gift of the Mactire Pack"

Silence fell over the training grounds. The elders sat in shock. It was taboo for a royal member to show his gift to another pack. It was a secret well kept, not even the pack members ever truly knew the powers of their alphas. It was never done. Secrecy was considered the safest form of action. To watch one of their own freely giving it away was unsettling.

Rain's eyes fell on Cole Mactire, shaking his head with disbelief. He didn't know why but he understood the meaning in Cole's words. He knew wisdom when he heard it.

A blue light emanated from Rain's chest, moving over his shoulders and to his right hand.

"I am wind." His voice carried throughout the cave. His fingers twitched lightly, his eyes glowing a soft yellow, his wolf shifting closer to the surface. Rain wasn't the kind of man to show off, so he left it at that. No need to further demonstrate. It had been a while since he had used his gift in the presence of anyone.

His father had been a strong alpha with the same gift. He had led with a firm and gentle hand, guiding his people through the new era. Then, his father had met his mother and had been better because of it. But it was his gift, this power over the air and his love for Rain's mother that had been his ultimate downfall. Rain pushed the painful thoughts away, glancing at Hale Mactire who stood rigid in front of his brother.

Hale clenched his fist as they burst into warm colored flames. He met Cole's eyes. He got a nod from his brother and the fire disappeared.

"We have a lot to learn from our respective element and about each other." Cole's voice was hard. He straightened his back, his eyes traveled over the cave. He felt something shifting inside him, a strange calling. His wolf had shown itself but only vaguely. It was weak and foggy, as if there was something blocking him. He was too afraid to attempt a shift. He was afraid that whatever the vampires had done to him had affected his transformation.

Deep down there was a growing fear in the pit of his stomach. Something was definitely wrong.


Stefani blinked her eyes open. Feeling the cold rock against her back, she let out a hard breath as soreness beat at her senses. She was disoriented. It took her longer than usual to regain her composure. She didn't know long she had been out for but she had woken in a different room once again, wearing a different gown.This one was s silk turquoise dress, reaching her ankles. She sighed warily, growing tired of their pointless games.

They knew exactly what they were doing, they knew exactly how hard to push. She couldn't quite understand how. That scared her the most. They wanted to break her; that much she could tell. She closed her eyes as they filled with tears. She had lost track of time, had been kept in the dark for so long. She was in and out of a drugged state or being whipped into oblivion. Her body trembled slightly. Time seemed like a fickle thing when you were a prisoner of darkness.

She was trying to stay strong, to fight, but everyday the fight was horribly torn out of her. Blinking her eyes open to meet the familiar darkness, she struggled to sit up. Her body was heavy, several spots throbbed in pain but she pushed back the feeling.

She sat there, in the silent darkness, trying to keep herself steady.

She heard the lock turn on the door and held her breath. A couple minutes must have passed, her ragged breathe the only sound in the room.

"How is my daughter today?" Rodan's voice drifted through the darkness. She cringed at the thought. She heard his footsteps followed by several others.

"You are not my father!" Stefani hissed and tried to slide her body backwards. The thought of a monster like him being her father disturbed her. A part of her refused to admit it, but a little part of her wondered if he was telling the truth. Could she be the daughter of a monster? If she was, what did that make her?

A hand materialized out of the darkness wrapping around her throat and lifting her whole body off the ground with ease. She gasped for breath, her brown eyes clashed with a pair of red seething eyes.

"I created your soul, girl. You will respect me!" His voice was low but filled with anger at her insolence. She could almost smile at his reaction.

"What do you want?" She forced her voice to stay calm, she refused to show him any fear.

Rodan pushed her backwards and she fell into two pairs of hands that gripped her tightly. She winced as they moved. Dragging her heavy body between two men, they followed Rodan through the halls. Her head throbbed slightly but mostly she felt clear headed.

The halls were lit by candle light, but even then it was dark and eerie. She swallowed hard, making sure to remember the intricate design of the hallways.

"We've been waiting a long time for your arrival." His voice seeped into her skin and filled her with disgust. She struggle against the men, but no amount of moving around delayed them.

After several minutes, they came to a set of double doors that parted as they neared. She swallowed hard and snuck a glance at the room with lowered eyes. In the center of the room was a cylinder like aquarium. Big enough to fit several people and filled with light blue fluorescent water. It gave off an unsettling glow in the dark room that set her whole being on edge.

There were some men in lab coats and large machines which all seemed to be connected to the tank.

Rodan walked back to her, wrapped his hands around her throat. She stared into his eyes unflinchingly. He had the strangest expression on his face.

"You look so much like your mother. So much like her, yet completely different.... You're tainted with that man's essence." His voice dripped with venom and he tightened his fist, blocking her breath. Stefani struggled to breathe even as her mind made the connection.

He knows my mother?!

"But you are my creation. So that must mean a part of me is in you as well." There was a softness in his voice that terrified her. Tears slipped past her eyes even as she clawed at his hand. In a moments notice, he let go.

Stefani wobbled, gasping for breath. Her chest expanded roughly to take in all the extra air she was gasping for.

"I would appreciate it, if you didn't manhandle our guest, wolf." Stefani stiffened slightly but remained on her feet. It was Varcolac's voice that filled the room.

She swallowed hard, turning around to find him standing in all his terrifying glory. His green eyes gazed over her neck apprehensively. Stefani stepped back, his presence giving her the chills.

He smiled and his fangs gleamed in comparison. Stefani looked away refusing to meet his lust filled gaze. He walked over to her with measured steps.

His palm reached up and grabbed her cheek, dragging her eyes back to him. She watched as he lifted his free hand to his face and he pierced the skin at his wrist. She watched as dark liquid poured from the wound, she was frozen in place by the hand that held her face. Varcolac pushed his wrist to her lips.

Stefani struggled to move back, even as Varcolac tangled his hand in her hair and yanked her head back. She felt the iron filled blood seep into her mouth and she shook her head, trying her best to keep his blood from her throat.

Suddenly her nose was covered and her air was gone. She swallowed. Their laughter filled the room as his blood rolled down her throat straight into her system. She cried, her tears mixing with his filthy blood. After what felt like gallons of blood, she collapsed into a set of arms that dragged her towards the weird looking aquarium.

Her body jerked as needles pierced the tops of her arms and her thighs. She had no energy left to fight them. Her body felt hot. Her eyes rolled lazily back into her head and she heard their voices. Through blurry vision she saw Varcolac lean heavily against a chair as Rodan held her in his arms.

"It is said, that when the world was created, the Gods granted the four strongest creatures gifts, skills and talents that would help them lead and protect their kin. It is said that they limited those gifts so that no one creature would gain full power, because true power lays in polar opposites co-existing as one. What isn't told in legend is that the Gods also created a weapon so powerful that they feared it would be too tempting for some to resist. So they locked it away, and created a key which they divided throughout the world, with little clues guiding to it's discovery."

Her foggy mind couldn't comprehend what they were saying. 'Key?' She wondered lazily. Everything blurred in front of her, her head thrashing around. She felt her chest burn, wanted to get away from it but couldn't move her body. His blood was doing something weird to her.

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