tagNonHumanKissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 2

Kissed by Lightning Ch. 13 Pt. 2


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The strange darkened clouds above the compound quickly erupted into a purple swirling portal with a black hole in it's center; From which dozens of vampire rogue warriors dropped in synchronization. Their blazing red eyes took in the compound with deadly purpose and their blood thirst seeped into the air. The warriors that had been stationed around the compounded were in wolf form and charging at the incoming vampires with furious growls and no hesitation. The front figure sent out a nod and the vampire warriors ran forward with no mercy, tackling down the furry beasts.

The betas sent out orders to contain the vampires and linked to their alpha while he sent out instructions, as the first unexpected large fire covered boulder flew from the portal and clipped the side of a building, sending chunks of debris and fire spreading over the compound.

Syfien and Ostara were at the edges of the compound within the trees, trying to avoid detection. Syfien had a frown on her face as she gazed up towards the portal. Ostara was looking around cautiously as she put up a shield around them for added protection.

"There're too many vampires coming through..... Our best bet is to close it." Syfien whispered to herself as baby blue light glowed in her palms forming a long wide blade. Ostara followed her example and a soft orange light covered her palms until two silver guns formed in her hands. The bullets worked as poison to the vampires but would disintegrate if it touched a wolf without harming them. It wouldn't kill a vampire but it would momentarily slow them down unless the bullet was removed. Ostara grinned.

Syfien closed her eyes and willed their gowns to be replaced by leggings and tank tops. Ostara's light brown hair was tied up in a high pony tail. She looked up at her older sister's worried gaze who was focused on the purple fog-like-portal in the sky. Syfiens' short dark brown hair was pinned up in a tight bun revealing the intricate piercings along her ears. Syfien turned back sharply to her sister and leaned forward to press her lips to Ostara's ear.

"We'll wait for our priestess to come... For the moment we find the center point and find a way to counteract those fire balls." Ostara nodded and appreciated her sister's focus, knowing it was rare.

"Don't let down your shield, Ostara." Syfien whispered as she pressed her lips to Ostara's dark caramel cheek and stepped back. Taking a deep breath, they both walked out of the woods and into what had become a battle ground. Their eyes lit up as their magic rushed to the surface. Vampires rushed to them from both sides. Just as fast a set of wolves surrounded them, blocking the vampires attack.

Syfien swallowed hard as one of the wolves snapped a vampires head off with his sharp teeth. They really had no way of knowing how much the wolves understood while in this form but they were glad to see the wolves guarding them and not having them as first course. Ostara let them know their intentions before moving and the woven circle around them broke off as they pushed back against the vampires.

Syfien slit down her blade with purpose, struggling to meet the vampires speed and only thanks to her added spells was she able to dodge their talons. Ostara held up her guns and let it rip with impressive precision. The tattoos on her hand pulsed, feeding the guns with more energy. They walked back to back, moving towards the point below the portal where they felt was the raw energy, the center point. Unfortunately, that meant right in the middle of the oncoming swarm of vampires.

Syfien let out a frustrated breath as she blocked one of the vampire's attack and moved in to attack, as expected the vampire dodged and stepped back. The bloody beast was relentless but she could feel his surprise at her speed and agility for being a human. 'That right bloodsucker! I'm not just a pretty face.' Syfien thought dryly as she continued to move, with Ostara at her back.

Ostara was glad for their spells, it gave them enough speed to defend themselves from vampires, a regular human wouldn't have stood a chance. Even with the spells, she knew they were barely making it through. The wolves were really the ones who kept most of the vampires back.

It took them several minutes to reach a location with enough raw energy to set up a shield. Without pause Syfien's light brown eyes closed and her blade faded as a series of chants fell from her lips. Ostara moved around, having to cover for her sister as she was focused on building the shield. Ostara let out another round of shots, hitting most of her targets. Ostara grinned with glee a, she was thankful she'd stayed up so many nights playing call of duty.

Syfien had most of the shield placed. Her fist were balled at her sides, a thin baby blue light surrounded her entire body. Once Ostara felt her sister's surge of power, indicating that she was finished with the shield she leaned her shoulder against her sisters' and the guns faded as a light blue shield came up around them like a dome. The vampires found their shield impenetrable and both sisters smiled, pleased at their obvious frustrations. The wolves around them dispersed throwing themselves back into the fight.

The purple fog above the compound expanded and it was a second too late before they realized a medium size fire ball was falling from the portal and aimed towards one of the buildings. Syfien screamed as it fell from the portal and rushed past them. Everyone dodged out of the way as it crashed landed with a resonating boom, sending everyone back with a pulsating wave of fire.

A furious growl erupted from the momentary silence, shaking the ground beneath them. Both witches looked back to see a furious, huge black wolf followed by other wolves closer to his stature. The Alphas! The power radiating from his figure set of chills through the witches. Soon the furious wolves were snapping their massive jaws and clawing down vampires faster than the eye could follow.

Relief surged through them as their eyes fell on their priestess, cradled in the arms of the vampire elder. The priestess energy surged as she sensed their blood magic. Lithinia turned her eyes and immediately zeroed in on her sisters beneath the blue glowing dome. Lithinia smiled with pride even as her cheeks turned pink at their curious glances staring at the vampire holding her. Her arms tightened around the elder subconsciously.

"Thank you Elder... You can put me down." Lithinia's voice was soft as it brushed over his skin and he couldn't restrain the shudder that threw his body on a loop. Raven frowned. He knew well enough that she'd try and walk through the fight to get to her sisters. He rolled his eyes but didn't even try to hide his grin as he moved. In a split second he stood before the strange glowing dome. Raven chuckled while Lithinia felt her lungs constrict as they struggled for air again in surprise at his speed. His eyes narrowed at the vampires around them while his elder power rose in a steady rush. They backed away in fear within seconds.

Raven set the young priestess down and patted her into the dome. She looked up at him and for a second it felt like everything faded. There was such intensity in those eyes, he felt his fangs throb at her gaze. He stepped back and caught a set of talons coming his way without breaking the gaze with the priestess. Yanking the hand forward and severing the head from it's body with a precision only an elder could execute. He saw her eyes change and melt into a shade of lavender that awed him but he found no fear from his actions. Odd little witch! He thought with a grin.

Lithinia forced herself to listen to what her sisters were telling her but the elder's power hung so thick in the air, it felt like it enveloped her in it's grasp until she found it hard to think. His gray-blue eyes felt like magic as they stared her down. She sensed their strange connection but was baffled by it. She knew this was the center point of the astral portal around them, she let her magic seep out of her in a steady rush. Her sisters positioned themselves around her, back to back, in a loose triangle. She knew her eyes were changing and watched the fascination in the elder's eyes, a shot of pleasure rolled through her.

Lithinia sensed the witches holding the portal open on the other side. She also knew they only had to close the portal for the vampires to disappear. But she couldn't avert her gaze for a minute as he deflected any and all blows coming at him without breaking a sweat or their gaze.

Ostara began to chant in a low whisper, causing sparks to rush through them as she began the spell.

"They can't take anything into the portal but as you can see they are as tangible as you and I. There are several witches holding the portal open on the other side. They're using their magic to channel those fire balls.... We'll do what we can to close the portal. Just let the alphas know to keep them contained to this one area. Once the portal is closed, the vampires will fade." Lithinia's voice was soft as she regarded the elder. He nodded and sent the thought to Rain, who spread the info to the rest of the pack. The vampire didn't move away from the witches, determined to stay around them and defend them.

"Are you sure you're up for this, priestess." Syfien whispered from beside her. Lithinia's eyes felt deeper into those gray-blue eyes and she bit her lip. She knew what was required of these spells, the amount of energy needed could be lethal unless executed perfectly and her body was still recuperating. But as she looked deeper into the vampires eyes, she felt a heady rush of courage fill her.

"I'm stronger with you here," was her only reply but at that moment she didn't know whether she was talking about her sisters or the vampire. Odd as that was.

Syfien felt raw energy rolling through her now that her priestess magic was here. Ostara felt it too but didn't comment as she kept her chanting even and fluid. Her mind opened the connection to the air around them, she felt her tattoo pulse softly.

"You haven't healed, priestess. Is this really the best way to handle this?" Syfien spoke in rushed tones as her eyes wildly took in the scene around her, the edge of the compound was a flurry of fire, dirt and as more vampires fell from the black hole above them.

"It has to be... I'll concentrate on making sure no more vampires come out and averting the fire balls. Syfien, once the portal starts to close just focus on sowing out the portal. Ostara make sure to guide your energy into the after effects... A portal like this will set off a power wave. Be ready." Lithinia knew this would be difficult, there must be a dozen or so witches on the other side of the portal. She could even feel their attempts to penetrate the shields to her mind. She saw concern flash through the elder's eyes before a set of vampires took it upon themselves to distract him. They had no chance of harming him and knew it but would only manage to avert his attention. A small flash of concern went through her too. She hadn't attempted something like this in quiet a while but she shook it off. She always welcomed a good challenge.

Ostara's chest glowed orange as she turned around in her spot to face Lithinia's back. Syfien began to chant and Lithinia felt the waves of magic roll over her as she gave herself to the feeling. Her eyes lids fluttered as Syfien's energy thicken, filling her body like syrup. Syfien turned around as her chest also glowed a bright blue. Both sisters eyes were closed and the colored glow fell into their hands and they held it out in front of them.

Raven knew something was about to happen, he only moved his eyes away from the strange lavender eyes to see the orbs of color in the other witches hands. He watched as Lithinia cracked her knuckles and rolled her shoulders back. He frowned. There was an electric buzz in the air that rolled off the group, startling him. He moved closer until he stood right in front of the priestess again, just in case he was needed. There was a prickling in the back of his mind momentarily but he ignored it, focusing on the scene in front of him. He watched Lithinia begin to chant, he could hear the words but found it impossible to understand what she was saying. Witch tongue.

Syfien and Ostara gasped as they felt their priestess wield their magic into herself. Lithinia grunted but continue chanting while their magic pushed into her, filling her with boundless power. Her body trembled and she looked up into the gray-blue eyes for a moment. She felt the energy building at the bottom of her feet, rising steadily over her body in a lavender glow that covered her body. Her eyes snapped up to the portal and she let out a scream as power blasted from her body and up into the dark pit of the portal. Syfien and Ostara continued to feed their priestess power as they individually drew power from their given elements.

Raven stiffened as he saw the thick lavender light pulse steadily from the witches' body up into the portal. Her body shook lightly from the waves of power. Her eyes were glowing brilliantly, like two brilliant suns. Raven stood frozen to the ground. Never seeing such a beautiful sight before.

Thunder broke through sky and several lighting strikes hit the ground, which everyone found difficult to avoid. In the clearing everyone saw the strange light of lavender pulsing from under the strange blue dome. The vampire's master sent them instructions to get rid of them and all the vampires turned and headed for them. The wolves predicted this would happened and ended up creating a barrier surrounding the witches. Rain sent out commands to his warriors as they finally took the civilians out of the general area. He was at least thankful that it happen in one the most open area of the pack. It was at the edges of the compound, closer to the woods and only a few buildings were damaged. His sight was still tinted in red as he struggled to rein in the beats fury.

There were vampire bodies thrown across the ground carelessly and only several wolves had been injured but were quickly healing. Rain's jaw fell open as saliva dripped down to the ground. His anger only fueling his beast's strength as he sent out a gush of wind pushing past the vampires. He felt the other elements present but they had no need to really use them for such a battle. It was only to be used as a last resort but Rain was beyond caring. They'd attacked the weakest point of his pack, his civilians. The people he was blood sworn to protect. He would feed the ground with their blood until his wolf was satisfied. Rain roared as three vampires tackled him down but found them thrown off him before he could move, by the young Luciano. Who's shirt was spattered in blood.

Rain huffed in annoyance as his eyes narrowed on the ring leader of the group. His paws dug into the dark wet soil before running in the bloodsuckers direction. In the back of his mind he wondered How the day had gone so wrong?!



Katrina curled her hair up on a stylish bun, letting one small bang brush down the side of her face, the red tips curling just below her chin. She placed her hands on the bathroom counter as she took in a couple of short breaths. She was becoming weaker with each passing moment and the low supply of blood was an added set back. She let out a sigh, wishing Luciano was there. She bit her lip nervously as she thought on Luciano's quick departure.

She had been getting dressed when Luciano's hushed tones behind the door startled her, telling her to stay in the room with Stefani while he went to the compound, certainly it alarmed her. There was a stiffness to his voice that sent warning bells through her. She'd have to wait until he got back to ask what was happening. Now she just had to make sure that Stefani was ready for the day. She was determined to give Stefani a relatively normal day even if it killed her.

She had chosen a gray gown for the day's activities. It was one of her more conservative outfits yet slightly more seductive than any other. It was an off the shoulder silk dress, leaving her right shoulder bare, it hugged her body like a second skin. The slit along her right side parted when she moved, revealing her toned leg. She had chosen to wear a pair or black and silver roman flat sandals that wrapped around her calfs all the way up to her knees. Adorning her neck was a gold choker.

She patted her cheek softly trying to bring some color back into her skin. The last two days she'd spent healing Stefani had taken a lot out of her. What the elder and Luciano didn't know was that she kept feeding Stefani healing energy just by staying close to her. Usually the gift of healing required touch but there was something intrinsically empathetic about the way her ability worked.

For it to work the fastest she had to physically touch a wound but if her empathetic senses were triggered she could easily send out massive amounts of healing energy, she had to at least be in the same room though for it to work. The truth was, there was something so raw about every emotion that Stefani was feeling. Every wound although healed remained engraved into her soul, still openly aching and bleeding. Katrina found it impossible to turn away from her.

Katrina felt depleted as exertion beat her senses. She'd managed to hide it from Luciano well enough but soon it would become too hard to hide. She let out a sigh, leaving her room in deep thought.

Stefani was sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking a glass of orange juice, wearing a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt. Her long black hair was braided down her back casually. She felt Katrina approach her as a small wave of healing energy slipped into her. She smiled sadly. She doubted anyone knew she sensed Katrina's healing wave. She just knew and felt certain things but couldn't quiet explain how. Her smile widened as Katrina moved around the counter, picked up an apple and bit into it with ease. She was simply stunning. The dress she wore looked like it was perfectly sowed for her body. Stefani though Katrina must look like a roman goddess. A small part of Stefani felt a little jealous of her beauty, she'd never look that way.

"So I was thinking, we could go explore this place. It's pretty huge you know. Who knows the secrets we'd discover." Katrina let her excitement spill over as she talked endlessly about all the adventures that were waiting for them. Stefani appreciated the vampire's willingness to keep things as close to normal but sometimes it felt like she was being kept in the dark from something big. Another one of those feelings she couldn't describe.

Stefani was about to answer when a small shock trickled down her spine. She stiffened instinctively. Her eyes widened as a horrible sensation filled her gut, slowly she brought her hands up to rub heat into her arms. Katrina frowned as Stefani's fear washed over the room.

"Something's wrong." Stefani mumbled as she felt a heat wave hit her back and she turned to face it. Her eyes darted over the large living room and the open balcony trying to find the source. Stefani saw nothing until a soft purple light at the edge of the balcony caught her eye.

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