Kissing Cousins


With a start Eddie's senses stretched taunt and he gasped before grinding teeth. Panting the mathematician lifted his gaze through bangs. "I... Abby."

"Go ahead, Eddie." In response Abby's whisper was distracted and both of her hands moved to caress into his mop. Nails teased at scalp and she turned his attention from her chanting back down to her chest. "Let it go babe."

Arching into the next trust Eddie did indeed spray instead of pulling out. As usual every ounce of his fiber went into the heavy saturation of seed, in this case against Abby's womb. Her eyes fluttered close at the warming sensation; there was nothing else in the world like the first wash of a man's hot load. She let the sensation roll through her veins, bring heat into her bones. Blindly her hand moved to capture one of his and move it down to their wet joining. While he continued to let the next jet fly Abby just wasn't quite there yet.

Her action of showing his fingers exactly where her clit was and silently pleading its torture against his shaft wasn't because she was selfish, it wasn't even because she wanted to have her cake and eat it too, it was because their fluids were going to have to mix if this was going to work. Biting down on her lower lip she nearly cried out as her body started to ramp up toward orgasm. Later she'd be thankful Eddie wasn't the sort of man to blow his wad, go flaccid and then pull out. Instead he kept pounding and playing, intent on making sure she had her time in the sun too.

As pleasure built so did the power of the spell and Abby felt it take on a life of its own, hot spikes of energy pulsating up from the tome and invading her pussy just as deep as Eddie's hard on. It was like having a jolt of electricity or a vibrator suddenly turn its setting to 'kill'. Stars exploded behind her eyes and she screamed loud. Orgasm and magic road out from her constructing tunnel through every muscle, sinew and delicate humor she had. Aftershocks made her voice turn shrill then ragged in its silence. The barn vibrated in time with the cousins' mixed cries. While Eddie's satisfaction was short and sweet Abby's kept rolling as ancient words of power tumbled out of her without any memorization or rote. The mixed-heritage witch didn't even realize she was incanting them.

Finally her painfully bent back flatted and she fought hard to catch her breath while Eddie nuzzled the inside curve of both breasts, placing kind kisses of encouragement on her lungs in hope to get them working properly. "Are you okay?

"Great." Abby breathed out rather than spoke. "Brilliant really! Just, just don't pull out. Not yet."

"Okay."Not about to argue Eddie tried his best to ignore the post sex fatigue that claimed his legs and arms. He'd not be able to lean there for long, wedged deep inside her, in this position anyway.

Abby tried to reassure him with a smile and reached back with a long stretch, breasts pulling to the side of her torso and fine musculature flexing. Unable to see she patted here and there, and again and again, looking for the goblet. "Shite."

"Huh?" Glancing back to her face Eddie looked along her arms. "What's wrong?"

"Eddie." She sighed deep and twisted her head to try and look. It was no use when all of her rich hair got in the way. "Can you see a goblet anywhere near my hands?

"A cup?" Dubious Eddie shifted and watched her with twitching brows.

"Yes a cup. It should he up there somewhere." Coming dangerously close to spraining her neck Abby would have growled if her body wasn't languidly relaxed by both burning herbs and fresh satisfaction. "Can you see it?"

"It's behind me. I felt it while you were doing the thing with the panties." Which had slipped back into place and now were agitating the side of his softening shaft. Eddie blew a long cool breath over her chest. "You need it for something?"

"Yes!" Bubbling with laughter, mostly at her ineptitude, the prodigal sorceress shook her head and made a popping sound with her mouth. "Could you get it for me please? It's important. Slowly now."

"Oh... okay." Confused and sex-addled Eddie finally unsheathed himself from her and made a small sound of whoops as she nearly topped him over with the way she lifted hips. Abby just didn't want a single drop to spill out, well more than already had. Fucking after all was always messy.

Onto his backside Eddie fell and took a breather, then shook away cobwebs before turning and looking for the cup. He'd expected when he pulled its lump from under the covers that it was going to gilded, shined, and covered with gems. Instead it was a rather simple steel goblet with very little etching what so ever. He tilted back to Abby and offered it out. "Water does sound like a good idea"

"Yes, yes it does. I've got a cooler over by the door. Um... yeah. Could you turn around or something, please?" She had pressed her hips very high up into the air now, knees flexing. It made handing over the cup a bit difficult.

"You are going to fill the cup with cum, aren't you?" Shaking his head Eddie didn't want to know the answer as soon as he asked. He stood up and wobbled his way through the gloom toward the door. Only then did he notice that it had gotten quite a bit darker in the barn. "When did my life get so strange?"

Doing as her cousin predicted Abby tilted her body down on the cup before awkwardly crouching to let everything drain out. She'd never felt so... vulgar in her life. Other women called this liberating or invigorating? Her sharp nose wrinkled and the artist hoped she'd never have to do this again. "Oh I do not know. It could have been when you summoned a demon from the pits of hell into our home?"

"Sarcasm noted and accepted." Once the little plastic box as found Eddie was glad there was more than one bottle inside. While he lifted two out and savored the coolness of melted ice water on his hands the geek didn't turn around yet. "Just let me know when you're done."

"My apologies, Edward." She sighed and once she was sure everything, well most everything, was in the cup Abby collapsed back on the book. A long pause went by as she checked out his nude lines out in the soft light. She smiled a bit and resolved that they would have sex again, for less nefarious purposes. "Please, come back over?"

After a double take over the shoulder Eddie nodded and picked his way back onto the wool. While it was scratchy it was better than the straw ridden ground. Only now in the afterglow did he also note the various rusted out farming implements looming in the darkness along the walls. Out a water was offered but he remained standing. "So... what's going on?"

"Trust me?" She batted her eyes in the sort of manner that told Eddie he should say no. The water was taken and not soon after taking off the cap she'd drained it in smooth gulps that highlighted her pretty sweat covered throat.

"Yes." Eddie admitted with a chagrinned smile. He hit his water a little less hard but the bottle was soon empty as well.

"Good, just sit here." A powerful pointing gesture was made to the other side of the grimoire "This is going to take a moment but I promise afterwards I will explain everything, all right?"

"Sure, Abby." Doing his best not to be suspicious Eddie watched her rumpled sex and then legs as she stood. Once she turned his eyes glanced over tight ass before turning attention down to the book before him. Even up-side-down he could tell something wasn't quite right with the tome. It had to be a spell book from all the odd circles and cramped hand-written words. The diagrams however struck him as very mathematic but he couldn't quite out a finger on it. The finger reached out anyway but hesitated before touching lines on the page and didn't actually do so. Everything just felt off with the book, the whole barn and Abby. Slick hairs from crotch and all the way up stood on end. Eddie shivered.

Abby's did too but not out of some sense of unease. She was well aware after all at what forces were flowing around them and they had nothing to do with Eddie's rational world. Settling down on her knees despite the roughness of the floor the rolled artist chanted once more as she poured mixed fluids around a candle and then quietly used it to sketch out the same arcane circle that Eddie was inspecting. It took a bit of effort on her part because it wasn't quite the same as say finger painting. Abby wished she had more time to research and prepare but her once-now-again coven mates were insistent that she and he needed some sort of protection for their souls ASAP. As such she had to rush things.

Her knees ached terrible by the time she was done and Abby grumbled knowing there were four more to do. Standing carefully she brushed off her joints and was irritated by the redness she saw, the roughness she felt. A fleeting smile was cast to Eddie to reassure him as she moved onto the next station and the sequence was repeated.

Eddie smiled back and did his best to do as told, even if it was just to sit there. To pass the time he watched both her naked body and the way it moved along with what she was doing. A few times he started to ask questions but thought better of it. Even though he knew nothing about magic if was anything like say physics lab? Well, breaking her concentration could lead to some pretty nasty results. He did resolve to have her explain this, and everything else. When Abby rose and moved to the third point he turned attention away from her and back to the book. Taking in a quiet breath he reached for it again and this time worked up the courage to first touch and then turn it toward him.

It didn't give him any further insight into the glyphs but the language wasn't quite American, closer to Shakespearean gobilty-gook, maybe Old English? He'd seen some samples of it in one of his undergrad classes. The cramped handwriting made as little sense to him now as it did then. Abby didn't protest when he touched the book even though she looked over while moving to the fourth point so Eddie assumed it was alright if he browsed. Flipping back through the pages they were full of what was expected, more mystic symbols and sketches along with lines of text he could only assume were spells. Now and again he caught handwriting in the margins that weren't the same and had a modern bent when it came to language. He didn't run across anything resembling Abby's handwriting until of all things a post-it-note. The paper square was just as glaring because of its god awful yellow color as it was for the splash of the current time period it was amidst something ancient. He tilted the book to the left instead of moving the note as to read it better. Insects not actually needed.

What the devil could that mean? Eddie didn't ask the question out loud. His eyes snapped back to Abby when she hissed in pain while standing. "Are you okay?"

She nodded lightly and gestured to her knees which were now raw and one popped as she moved. Really if the English woman would have had time to prep she would have dug out her old sports kneepads, though that would have added a whole other level of kink on what just happened. Abby didn't speak, she had chanting to do. Onto the last candle she walked and soldiered on even if the other knee creaked as she knelt. Eddie didn't have to grimace for her, she was doing just fine on her own. Worry tinged the edges of Eddie's eyes but he was soon drawn back to 'reading' the book. He thumbed the front and peered at the stylized coat of arms on the second page. It was clearly an earlier version of the same that adorned a few tapestries around Blackmoor Hall. That suggested it was some sort of family bible or whatever the opposite of it was. Closing the grimoire Eddie ran his fingers over the dark leather cover, it had a feeling of age to it and for clear reasons. The rivets that held the binding together looked hand-forged. They each had small but noticeable differences to them but the light scrollwork from ages past had worn down to being a bit too hard to make out.

He only noticed that Abby had sat down on the other side of the book when her hand glided over his.

"Ready?" Clearly nervous the sexpot of a cousin offered him a shaky smile.

"I guess?" Eddie couldn't be sure after all as he hadn't the foggiest fucking clue what she was doing.

Teeth raked over her lower lip and shivering as she found the taste of him still remained Abby cleared her throat and thoughts. Her hand slipped from his and the artist took hold of the other side of the closed tome. The fact he was already handling it was a step saving coincidence.

Abby didn't say anything else; merely she ducked her head and waited. At the give points the sexual waste started to hiss before bursting right into boiling. The agitation caused all of the candles to explode in three foot tall gouts of hellish green flames. The book itself started to twist and churn, or rather the leather did. Up it curled around the pair's hands using two sets it formed from the cover. The books 'hands' grasped flesh tight enough to cause a sudden tingling as if the extremities fell asleep. Eddie yelped! Abby remained calm and made a small sound to convey to him this was expected. He still came this close to freaking the fuck out, especially when it felt like he was rapidly emptying out of everything that made him him. Abby too started to shake and tried to keep her sense of balance.

"It's going to be okay, Eddie, just give it a moment." Her voice was as hollowed out as Eddie felt.

At the point where the mathematician felt he couldn't take any more of this everything came rolling back in like a tide returning to shore. The rush was so sudden Eddie screamed but neither in pain nor ecstasy. He would never be really able to describe what the feeling was, the closest he would ever be able to would be being born again -- and not remotely in a Christian way. For that tumble of seconds Eddie knew precisely what it was to be Edward Vance in the grand scheme of the cosmos - it was a weighty meaningful existence. Mankind was not just a mote in an otherwise uncaring or even hostile universe. They were part of the whole, a very important part. Once he came down he realized that Abby was giggling, giddy and high on life. The book had resumed its normal shape and the candles were nothing more than charred husks of black. On the bright side the lamps kicked back on in unison.

Slumping backwards Eddie resisted the urge to fling the damned book away but was glad when his dusky lover settled it in her lap. The large volume was held up to cover crotch the cleavage and while it hid everything it struck Eddie that was a pretty damn sexy picture of his cousin.

"What did you just do?" He asked and hoped for a simple answer.

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