Kitty in the Cream


John took her slowly, watching her pink lips cling to him as he withdrew. A second sheathe shrouded his cock, her abundant, creamy juices coating his shaft, and dribbling down her pussy lips toward her ass. He snaked one hand between them as he pulled back for another thrust, wetting two fingers in her juices before moving them to her clit.

"Mmm hmm," Kitty moaned as he rubbed her bud in a fast, side-to-side motion. "Ah, ah, so good."

He maintained the slow pace of his hips once his fingers found her clit, but increased the power of his thrusts. A smack sounded every time his body collided with hers, driving the tip of his cock deep inside her. He smiled as he watched her breasts jiggle and listened to her sharp cries every time his tip slammed into her depths.

"Oh! Yes! Fuck me! Hard!" Kitty spat out the words one by one, each in time with his balls slapping against her ass. His cock and fast moving fingers made her pussy feel as if it was glowing white hot.

"I like that," he said in response to her words.

Kitty's voice jumped in volume each time he drove his cock home. "You like me talking like a whore?"

"Oh yeah."

Kitty clenched her teeth and demanded, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard. Make me come."

"Yeah, I'll fuck that tight little pussy for you."

Kitty pushed his hand aside and replaced it with her own on her clit. "Faster."

He paused, the rim of his cockhead just inside her canal, and shifted his stance. The tip slipped free, but only long enough for him to grip her bent legs, and fulfill her demand.

"Oh yes!" Kitty screamed as he took her, hard and fast. Their bodies clashed with even more energy now, loud smacks echoing through the room. He grunted with effort, sweat beading on his flushed forehead.

"You going to come for me?" Mr. Anderson grunted.

"I'm going to come so hard. Come on your cock," Kitty answered, her fingers now a blur over her clit.

Kitty let out a surprised sounding wail as he summoned up even more speed and power from some deep well of sexual energy. His cock pounded into her mercilessly, squirting her juices out around it.

For a few seconds, she felt numb, immune to the hot friction of his cock inside her and her fingers. Her lips parted — her breathing loud and ragged. Her breasts bounced erratically and uncomfortably, a sharp contrast to the numbness permeating the rest of her body. Sensation returned to her in a rush, bringing with it the tingle of a searing climax ready to consume her.

Kitty's scream of release couldn't escape her tight throat. Every muscle in her body stiffened as her orgasm claimed her. Apparently unaware that she'd reached her peak, Mr. Anderson's continued to pound his cock home with rapid force. Kitty's vision dimmed, even as a bonfire of ecstasy roared inside her.

Finally, her scream broke free, a loud squeal that somehow jumped another octave when he slammed his cock into her a final time, putting every ounce of his muscle behind the thrust. Kitty twitched uncontrollably as she sucked in a noisy breath, and then she cried out again.

"You coming for me?"

Kitty spastically nodded her head and let out several inarticulate whimpers. Then, with a scream akin to a death cry, her body went limp.

John remained buried inside her, looking down on her with an expression of aroused satisfaction. He stroked her thighs with his hands, letting out little moans as she panted for breath and whimpered from the aftershocks of her climax.

"Oh wow," Kitty finally sighed when she could breathe again. She could feel him, still hard and throbbing inside her. "You... You didn't come?"

He shook his head. "You certainly did."

"Oh god," she groaned. "I thought you were going to tear me in half, but it was so fucking good."

"I loved it. You are so fucking sexy. I don't know how many times I've looked at you and thought about it."

"Have you ever jacked off, thinking about me?"

He laughed. "Last night. You weren't wearing a bra yesterday, and I couldn't stop thinking about those tits."

"Mmm — oh my." Kitty parted her legs wide and grabbed her knees to hold them. "Fuck me and come for me."

"Ohh yeah," John groaned as he started working his hips again.

Kitty gasped as he built back up to speed again. "Mmm — give it to me. I want you to come for me."

"Ah — so good," John growled as he fucked her hard. "Getting close."

"Oh, I want it," Kitty encouraged him.

John's grunts of exertion grew louder as he neared an explosion. His face was tight with the strain of holding back when he said, "I want to come all over you."

"Oh!" Kitty yelped, and then responded, "Do it."

John's cock slammed into her a dozen more times, and then he pulled free with a loud growl. He tore off the condom, and leaned forward over her, catching himself on one arm and pushing her legs back toward her chest. He pumped his free hand over his cock for several fast strokes, and then erupted with a series of explosive growls.

His first hard spurt spattered her right breast, chin, and lips. The second reached her breasts as well. The third left a sticky trail up her belly, and a final, fitful squirt dribbled into her belly button. He continued to ooze for a few moments, dripping cum from his hand and cock onto her belly.

"Mmm — so much cum," Kitty moaned in surprise, and then gathered some of the cream from her face on her fingers. She waited until his eyes opened to suck the digits clean.

"Fuck — I don't think I've ever come that hard," John responded, and then groaned as an aftershock hit him.

Kitty rubbed his cum into her skin and said, "I love it."

John rolled onto his back next to her with a sigh. He glanced over at her and said, "Jack will be at his mother's this weekend."

"Mmm — good, because Kitty wants lots more cream."

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