tagLoving WivesKitty Tales: Blair Pt. 02

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 02


This story is a continuation of Blair part 1. I recommend that you read the first part prior to reading this one. As usual, it is based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and some dramatic license has been taken. I hope you enjoy the story. I love to receive feedback, so keep it cumming.

Paul, my hubby and Dom, commanded me to crawl across the bed and clean the cum cocktail off of his cock. He had just finished fucking Blair in the ass and his cock needed a thorough cleansing.

I love licking cum off of cocks, but this was a little different. Hell, his dick had been up her ass, and I had never done this before. I didn't find it disgusting, but I sure didn't find it appetizing, either. But, since I am a dedicated sub, I knew that I had no choice. It was what my Dom wanted, and I wanted to please him.

As I closed my eyes and my face descended toward his cock, I took in a deep breath and hoped the taste would not be nauseating. But, just before my lips touched his cock, he told me to stop.

"Kitty, I don't want you to lick my cock clean," Paul commanded. "We have a lot of fucking to do today, and I don't think any of us want to taste your mouth if you cleaned my cock. Get a wash cloth with warm water and wash my cock off."

With some reluctance, I crawled off of the bed and walked toward the bathroom. I guess I was simultaneously excited and revolted at sucking a cock that had just been used to fuck a woman's ass. Man, that does make me sound like a real slut.

When I returned, I gently nestled his deflated cock in the warm, wet washcloth and stroked it like a grateful pussy would. He moaned his pleasure and told me to clean his balls and the area between his balls and ass. His cock was still leaking some, so I bent over and flicked my tongue over the tip of his penis, as I continued the gentle massage of his balls.

He told me to stop, rolled on his stomach, and asked me to clean his ass with the washcloth. As commanded, I pulled his ass cheeks apart and gently stroked the washcloth over his crack and around his sphincter. His ass crack was hairy and his sphincter was a deep brown in color. But is looked so tantalizing that I couldn't help myself. I lowered my face and licked the entire length of this ass with my tongue. The tender flesh felt so pliable under my tongue. Damn, I have such an ass fetish. I just love licking asses and anal sex. I must be depraved.

As my licking focused on his sphincter, I felt a hand on the top of my head. "That's good, baby. Lick my ass," cooed Paul. "Push the tip of your tongue into my ass. Just a little deeper...Oh, yeah, that's good."

I love deep tonguing ass, but it always hurts the underside of my tongue when I press into an ass as deep as I can. It's the price I pay for another fetish of mine.

As I continued my tongue fucking of his ass, Paul's hips gyrated. I knew from his physical response that he was enjoying the licking. My thoughts were reinforced when he rolled on his hip and told me to move to his front so that I could suck his cock. He then ordered me to position Blair so that she could lick his asshole. He wanted to be the meat in a girl sandwich.

I crawled over to Blair and gazed at the gorgeous body lying there so docile. I couldn't resist the temptation. I ran my hands along her gorgeous calves and thighs. The touch of her skin was captivating. I love the feel of a woman's body. It's so smooth and soft. It's so different from the muscular body of a man.

Observing my stroking of Blair's flesh, Paul spoke, "Kitty, I forgot something. You need to clean up Blair's ass with your mouth. I want you to suck my cum from her ass and lick her clean."

Well, I had no problem with that. As I lowered my face to her waiting ass, I saw the cum oozing from her stretched sphincter. The cum was trickling along her inner thighs and dripping on the bed sheets. The smell was intoxicating. Her entire body smelled of a mixture of perfume and sex. It was unbelievably enticing.

I lowered my mouth to her inner thighs and licked the succulent flesh. The familiar taste of Paul's cum caused my skin to erupt in goose bumps. The faint smell of her ass mixed with the overwhelming aroma of sex and filled my nostrils.

I licked upwards along the insides of her thighs until my mouth was firmly attached to her asshole. I gently licked all of the cum that had smeared her tender flesh. Using the tip of my tongue, I scooped the cum that was remaining. So as not to miss a drop, I clenched the muscles in my tongue to make it rigid. I speared her asshole and licked the insides of her brown sphincter. Placing my hands on the cheeks of her tender ass, I spread her until I had access to all of the cum. I wiggled my tongue inside of her ass, as her guttural groans of pleasure drifted to my ears.

As I swallowed the last tiny drop of sperm, I whispered in Blair's ear, "Paul wants you to lick his ass. You need to move to your side and slide over to him."

As Blair complied with my request, I placed her face directly in front of Paul's ass and gave the back of her head a gentle nudge. I saw her greedy mouth open and her tongue extend. She wanted to taste the ass of the man who had just fucked her so energetically. It was the reward she would give him for the orgasms his fucking had produced from her.

I hope that I will never forget that moment. Watching a gorgeous woman, blindfolded and in heat, licking a man's ass is one of the most erotic sites imaginable.

Paul was enjoying his ass licking by Blair. In fact he was enjoying it so much that he forgot about me sucking has cock for a minute, Instead, he told me to bring the video camera and film a close up of Blair licking his ass. I knew we would be fucking to this video for years to come.

"Do you like licking my ass, fuck slut?" queried Paul. "Have you ever licked and sucked a man's ass before?"

Somewhat muffled, Blair responded, "No, sir. I've never done this before."

"That's so cool, Blair," he responded. "I'm into ass lickers. They are worth their weight in gold."

As Paul spoke he started to grind his ass back into Blair's face. Rather than recoil, she pushed forward. The slut wanted to get as deep within his ass as her tongue would allow. She moaned as she licked inside of him, which sent shivers down my spine. Gawd! Women can be such sluts. You have to love us for it.

Gaining more enthusiasm, Paul commanded, "Place your lips on my sphincter and suck my asshole. Wiggle your tongue inside my ass."

Her face was buried in Paul's ass to the point I could barely make out her eyes from the side. Damn, the girl was deep in there.

I couldn't help myself. With this incredible view, I had to get some of her. My face descended toward that sweet pussy, still wet from the fucking it had received. But before I could press my tongue to those rose petals, Paul told me to move around and suck his cock.

Perturbed at losing my pussy treat, I cast aside the rest of my clothing except for my black thigh highs, and rested my shoulder on the bed so that my face was next to Paul's cock.

My mouth greeted the familiar member with its usual anticipation. I sucked and licked his cock while Blair was continuing to eat his ass. As I licked down the shaft of his hard cock to his balls, I could see Blair's magnificent breasts heaving as she tongue fucked him.

I wanted a little piece of those ripe melons. I stretched out my hand, grasped a nipple and tugged. Blair positioned her body to give me more access to her goodies and I took advantage. While continuing to lick Paul's balls and stroke his cock shaft with my hand, I rubbed and kneaded Blair's soft globes. Her c-cups put my b-cups to shame. The satiny touch of her skin covering the firmness of her tit was delightful.

After a few glorious minutes, Paul told us to stop. He wanted to play another game before cumming again. Disappointed that I had to detach from Blair's titties, I asked Paul what he wanted us to do. Looking at me with the grin I know so well, he told me to retrieve the satin ropes and ball gag from our goodies bag. Blair was about to be hogtied.

As Paul lifted Blair from the bed, he looked at Dan and asked him to fetch the wooden desk chair and to place it in the middle of the room. As Paul carried his fresh kill, he shrugged his shoulder until Blair's mouth was on his. Kissing deeply into her appetizing mouth, Paul moaned from the tongue play she gave him.

Paul nestled Blair on the chair. He told her to position herself so that her stomach was on the chair and her head and tits were hanging off the side. In this position, Paul would be able to secure her to the chair so that she was virtually immobilized, which is just what he wanted for the next game.

Once she was in position, Paul tied one of her wrists to the leg of the chair, using the crossbeam so that her arm was immobile. Paul then wrapped the satin rope around her thigh. Passing the satin rope to the other side, he secured Blair's other hand and thigh so that she was secured.

Paul reached for the ball gag. He placed the ball into Blair's mouth and pushed, pressing it against the back of her teeth. He then tied the gag behind her head. She could only breath through her nostrils. The only sounds she could make were barely audible moans.

Paul then retrieved another of our sex toys. He placed the leg spreader next to Blair's ankles and secured one end of the spreader to her ankle. He pushed her other ankle out, spreading her legs very wide. Her legs must have been spread over 4 feet, which made her pussy and ass gap open for any penetration Paul had in mind.

Paul looked at me and told me to get "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" from our bag. "I want you to slide 'Fat man' up her pussy, and 'Little Boy" in her ass," he explained.

My larger vibrator, "Fat Man," was 10 inches long and approximately 4 inches in diameter. It's huge.

Since her pussy was gapping open and was still wet, I slid it into her to approximately 7 inches without much resistance. However, Paul told me to push it in until only the butt extended outside her pussy.

I pushed harder and it moved about another inch. Blair bucked and squirmed at the depth of the penetration, but she had a couple of more inches to go. I wondered if her tight pussy could accept such a large device.

Working it back and forth, I eventually was able to impale her with most of the ten inches. Her pussy was so stretched that I didn't think she would be any good for fucking the rest of the afternoon.

Next came "Little Boy." My smaller vibrator is used for anal fucking. It's only about 2 inches in diameter and 6 inches long. Since her ass was already spread, I had an unobstructed view of her asshole. The earlier fucking had taken its toll. There was close to a one-inch gap that should not have been there. Sliding "Little Boy" into her ass was easy.

Blair was now hogtied and blindfolded with both her ass and pussy impaled. I had to take a few pics of her this way. It was just too erotic to pass up. After I had snapped a couple of pics, Paul interrupted, "Switch on both of the vibrators and leave her there for awhile. They'll keep her entertained while I have a little fun with you both."

As the vibrators imbedded in her pussy and ass muffled to life, Blair began to squirm. It would not be long before she would experience multiple orgasms.

Can you imagine being in such a position in front of strangers? She could not move. All she could do was remain motionless as the vibrators hummed inside of her body.

What happened next knocked me on my ass. My masculine Dom looked over at Dan, and without any expression he asked, "Dan, I think you would like to suck my dick. Am I right?"

Dan's facial expression was priceless. His jaw dropped as low as mine, but he didn't get pissed. Hell, I thought that a fight might breakout. If Dan were pissed, he might have come after Paul.

I looked at Paul and he smiled at me. "Kitty, I think Dan would like to suck some cock," Paul commented. "Dan, have you ever sucked a cock?"

Looking sheepishly, Dan responded, "Yes....yes, I've sucked cock before."

"I thought so," replied Paul. "Dan get over here on your knees and suck my cock like a good boy toy should."

With that, Dan slowly inched forward. There was a look of both excitement and embarrassment on his face. He stood before the seated Paul and dropped to his knees. He reached out with his hand and touched Paul's cock, but hesitated to put it into his mouth.

"I said to suck it Dan," Paul commanded. "We don't have all day. Now put your mouth around my cock and start sucking."

Closing his eyes, Dan surrounded Paul's cock with his mouth and began to give him a blowjob. Paul reclined and enjoyed his second sexual conquest of the afternoon. I was in total shock. Paul had never mentioned having another man suck his cock. He was as heterosexual as they come. Although he was never homophobic, I never thought that he would allow a man to suck him off. I guess the opportunity to subjugate Dan in front of his girlfriend was too much for Paul to pass. Well, many say that sex is really about control. I assumed that this was a prime example of that.

I was still in a state of shock when the next command from Paul damn near sent me running from the room. "Kitty, I think that Dan would like to have his ass fucked. Put on your strap-on and fuck Dan's ass."

I looked at Dan sucking Paul's cock expecting some form of complaint, but nothing was forthcoming. I couldn't believe it but Dan wanted his ass fucked. Damn, I was trapped. I really didn't want to fuck Dan's ass with my strap-on, but I had little choice. I much prefer to be fucked by another woman or a man. Fucking a man was a new experience, to be sure.

I looked at Blair and she was still tied to the chair with her ass sticking in the air. I was sure that she was as stunned as I was, but with the ball gag, she couldn't respond except to whimper some inaudible sounds.

I retrieved my strap-on and secured it to my hips. I actually hate using it. I am about as bisexual as a woman can be without being lez, but I have never enjoyed fucking a woman with a strap-on. In fact, when I first used it, I put it on and ran around the house yelling, "Suck it baby." I must have been a sight running around stark naked with a bouncing strap-on secured to my waist.

I had no idea of what I was doing. Believe me, I had never fucked a guy before. I knew that I had to lubricate the rubber dick first or his ass would be in bad shape for days. I spread his ass checks and placed the tip of the rubber piston at his anal entrance. I guess I pushed too hard because he jumped. I heard a yelp from Paul. Dan had placed a few teeth marks on Paul's cock.

"Damn, Dan," cried Paul. "Watch your fucking teeth, man." With that, Paul pulled his cock from Dan's mouth so that he could inspect the damage to his best friend.

I managed to slowly push the dick into Dan's ass and I began to pump it. Although it was difficult at first, it became a little easier as his ass loosened. It was so frigging weird doing this. I thought that I was living a scene from Caligula or something.

I guessed that I was doing a pretty good job because Dan seemed to be relaxing and enjoying the ass fucking. His pleasure increased when Paul told me to reach around and play with Dan's ball sack as I fucked him.

Dan's thin cock immediately engorged. I really wanted to suck it, but I was starting to feel a bit of a power rush as I fucked Dan's ass. I was getting a sense of what Paul must feel when he plays his Dom role with women. Power, especially sexual dominance, over another human being is addictive.

As I continued to ass fuck Dan, Paul walked over to the helpless Blair. Smirking at the woman below him, he asked her if she would like to be released. Since speech was out of the question, she merely nodded in the affirmative.

I watched Paul reach in our bag and retrieve the riding crop. Now, a riding crop is a dangerous toy that can cause considerable pain and cutting if not used properly. Too hard of a blow with one will tear the tender skin of a woman's ass, but Paul is a pro at using one and Blair was safe. However, I'm not sure she thought that way by the look on her face.

Paul told me to stop fucking Dan so that we could watch what he was about to do to Blair. I pulled my strap-on out of his ass and dropped to my butt. I was bushed. It takes a lot of energy to fuck a guy's ass for that long.

Pulling the strap-on off, I walked with Dan over to where Blair was hogtied. I looked at Dan wondering what thoughts were running though his head as it registered with him what Bair was about to experience.

All that I could discern was a small smile. Damn, he enjoyed watching Blair get nailed. I wondered what she did to him that caused this desire to observe her degradation and humiliation.

Placing a finger to his lips to keep us quiet, Paul raised the crop above his head. With great force he slapped the riding crop on the edge of the chair just inches from Blair's ass. She damn near broke the chair when she responded to the loud "crack" as it smacked against the wood.

Blair had to be petrified. Although I could not see her facial expression because of the blindfold and ball gag, I could see beads of sweat running down her bright red cheeks. She was definitely scared shitless – to coin a phrase.

Paul waited a couple of seconds to give Blair a chance to back out. Although she would have had a hard time telling him to stop, I'm sure she could have gotten the message across. I had to give the girl credit. She remained motionless awaiting her fate. The girl had courage, or she was just too damn horny to care any longer.

Rather than spank her immediately, Paul placed the tip of the crop between her shoulder blades. He slowly pulled the tip back as it ran along the hollow of her back to her ass cheeks.

Paul turned off both of the vibrators and pulled them out of Blair. The gaps in her pussy and ass had grown dramatically. You could have pushed a cucumber up her pussy without hitting the sides. Maybe a little fist fucking was in order?

Paul decided that it was time to give his fuck slut a spanking. So the riding crop was raised one more time. "Whack" was the only audible sound. A red welt arose on her ass cheeks almost immediately after the crop ravaged it.

"Whack" came the second blow to the other ass cheek, as the welts made a large "V" that crossed close to her asshole.

Hesitating for a second, Paul waited for her to plead for him to stop, but she was silent. "Whack" came the third blow to her ass. She was gasping now from the pain she was experiencing.

"Whack" came the fourth blow to her ass. The welts from the blows caused her ass to look like the surface of Mars with its red trenches.

Not wanting to hurt her too badly, Paul placed the crop on the bed. He turned to me and said, "Get me the candle and lighter."

"Which candle do you want," I queried.

"I think the white one is as much as she can handle," he replied. "She's just a novice and isn't prepared for more."

Thank the Lord that he didn't ask for the red candle. I could not imagine him using it on her. The red candle is one you can buy anywhere. It's made of paraffin. When hot paraffin is dropped on skin, it burns terribly and leaves a red burn patch. The white candle is a special kind that can be purchased at a sex shop. It's made of something else – I'm not sure of what – and is not nearly as painful as the red one.

Paul took the white candle from my hand and proceeded to push it into Blair's gapping pussy. He squished it around for a few seconds. "Damn, this pussy is used," he exclaimed. "We've done a hell of a job on my little fuck slut."

Pulling the candle from her cunt, Paul lit the tip. He stroked Blair's ass and pussy lips trying to decide where to drop the hot liquid. Of course, Blair new what was coming, but she probably didn't know how much pain she would experience if Paul dropped the liquid on her asshole or pussy lips.

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