tagIncest/TabooKitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 03

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 03


This story is the third part of Episode 2: Uncle Johnny. It is better to read the first two parts of the story in order to understand the storyline more fully. As with all of my stories, this one is true with appropriate name changes.

As I climbed the stairs toward the bathroom, my mind was whirling with the events that had transpired that day. I had seduced my Uncle Johnny into having some sexual play, been caught naked by three of his golf buddies, allowed one of them to sexually abuse me in front of my Uncle, and agreed to become the whore of the golf buddies in return for their silence and some financial support. On top of all this, the three buddies, Manny, Moe and Jack, were coming back in the morning. I had agreed to allow each of them to act out one of their sexual fantasies with me. How about that for a day's work?

I ambled into the bedroom where my luggage was kept and retrieved what I needed to clean myself up. All I wanted was a nice to soak in a hot tub and to crawl into the sheets until morning. I just didn't have the energy or fortitude to face my Uncle at the moment. I knew that I had a lot of explaining to do for my behavior. I cared very deeply for Johnny. In fact, I know that I loved him more than I did my husband. I thought that I had lost his respect. It isn't every night that an Uncle witnesses the humiliation and degradation of his Niece by his closest friends.

I didn't bother to put on any clothes as I drifted toward the bathroom attached to my room, so I was stark naked when my Uncle stuck his head in and told me to use the Jacuzzi in the master bath.

"Are you sure that it's ok for me to use the Jacuzzi?" I queried. "I know you need your privacy and I don't want to intrude."

"Nonsense, sweetie," responded my Uncle. "Take a long hot bath and maybe we can talk a little when you are finished."

Damn, he wanted to talk. This may be the longest bath of my life.

Naked as a jaybird I made my way to the master bath and started filling the Jacuzzi. I can't believe that just a few hours ago I started the ball rolling with my Uncle while shaving my legs. It seemed like an entire lifetime ago. So much had changed now.

The Jacuzzi started to bring my body back to life. I had already purged any semen from my pussy left over from being fucked by Manny, and the sensitivity of my pussy lips and clit was decreasing markedly. I guess when you are still in your early 30's your body recovers quickly.

As the warm water of the Jacuzzi soothed by aches, my mind drifted back to the fucking that I had received from Manny. Damn, that boy sure did a number on my pussy, and almost raped my ass with the spatula handle. My Uncle literally saved my ass.

The possibility of being ass raped brought back a flood of memories for me. I've been raped twice in my life, but I am certainly not alone. Experts say that at least a third of women are raped at some time in their lives. I don't know if that statistic includes unreported rapes, but I know that I didn't report either of mine.

I lost my virginity to my first rapist, but I didn't have the heart to tell my parents. It would have crushed them. When I fantasized about losing my virginity, I always thought it would be such a romantic moment, with someone I cared about who was kind and gentle. Unfortunately for me, it was far from romantic and I sure as hell didn't give a damn about the person who raped me.

The second time I was raped was a little over 10 years ago. I was only 20 at the time. I was spending the weekend with a girlfriend of mine while her boyfriend was out of town. We were both attacked and raped in their apartment by a couple of guys who were pissed at her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was a lowlife and owed them money. Probably something to do with drugs was my guess.

Since he was gone and there was no money in the apartment, they sent him a message by raping us. Actually, it was not just one rape. They spent the night and next morning raping us whenever they had the urge, which was quite often. I guess they were waiting for him to come back so they could take care of him personally or they just enjoyed raping us over and over. We were lucky to survive.

It's so hard to make sexual confessions to those you care about the most. They should be the ones with whom you can confide, but the possibility of hurting them or being rejected by them makes it difficult. I have always found it strange that it's easier to confess to someone totally anonymous than to someone you know very well. At least that's the way it is until you find someone who won't judge you and will understand no matter what you have done. Unfortunately, in order to attain unconditional love, most people have to get a dog.

With this cacophony of thought jumbling through my blonde head, I stepped out of the Jacuzzi. Before getting some sleep to prepare myself for the fucking I was going to receive in the morning from three middle-aged men, I needed to take a gander at my body to assure myself that I would be attractive to my Uncle. I still hadn't made love to him.

As I inspected my body in the full-length mirror, I noticed that my tits seemed to be getting smaller. I couldn't believe that they could get much smaller than a b-cup. Heck, if it hadn't been for giving birth to my son, I probably would never have made it past an a-cup.

My legs looked good. They were long, thin and muscular. My legs were always in great shape because of the work I did. Thank goodness my calves were defined. I have always been worried about having no definition to my calves. I guess that is one attribute of wearing heels all day.

My stomach was still as flat as a pancake. Well, if you are 5'7" and only weight 115 lbs, your stomach should be flat. Unfortunately, I didn't have much in the hip department. I have always had a small waist but not much flare to my hips. I guess I'm not a baby maker.

My ass looked damn good, even if I do say so myself. I guess all the walking and bending over I have to do at work kept the ass and legs in shape. I love it when a man or woman plays with my ass, and dearly love anal sex. I guess it is a good thing that my butt looks like it should be fucked.

Ah, the bush. What can I say? I really like it when a woman has some bush, although mine may be a little over the top. I have to keep it trimmed, especially close around my lips. I like the look of a bush on a woman, but I also hate to pick my teeth after munching on pussy. Plus, I am a stickler on hygiene. If you are naked as much as I am and love to fuck both men and women as much as I do, you have to always maintain a high standard for hygiene.

Once I concluded my inspection, I pulled on my nightshirt and picked up my stuff. I planned to just call it a night and head to my bedroom. I wanted to talk with my Uncle tomorrow morning, and have some intimate sex with him before the boys arrived.

I turned out the lights of the bathroom and opened the door to find the master bedroom dimly lit. Only ambient light sources provided any light at all. I stopped in my tracks so that my eyes could adjust.

From the darkness I heard my Uncle. "Why don't you sleep in here tonight? There is no need for you to mess up another bedroom," he joked.

I was surprised at his invitation, but I didn't want to get into a major discussion about the events of the day. If he wanted to make love to me, I was all for it. But I just didn't want to talk.

I agreed and made my way to the bed he already inhabited. I dropped my things on a side chair and climbed into my Uncle's bed. The sheets felt cool to my skin and the bed was soft yet firm—the way I like them.

Not knowing what to do, I curled up next to my Uncle with my back to him, and told him goodnight. I hoped that he would do something, but I wasn't about to initiate intimacy.

"Is that any way to treat your Uncle?" he said with a sexually laden tone. "You started something today, missy. And you aren't going to sleep until you finish what you started."

I couldn't believe my ears. My Uncle still wanted to make love to me after all that I did with his golfing buddies. I thought for sure that he would disown me. His invitation brought me back to life. I had no intention of sleeping just yet. I wanted to consummate my love for my Uncle by spreading me legs for him and taking his body into mine.

Yet, I had some lingering doubts about how making love to my Uncle would affect our relationship. He already knew I was a slut, and would fuck his buddies for cash.

Sensing my hesitation, he confessed, "I have loved you as both a Niece and as a woman for such a long time. I watched you grow from a child to a beautiful woman over the years, and as you matured, my love for you changed. I have wanted you as a lover for such a long time, but I never thought it would become a reality."

"My life with your deceased Aunt was an abomination," he continued. "It was the time that you and I spent together that brought joy into my life. I know that we can't ever be more than just casual lovers, but I want you know that I will always cherish you. I love you with all my being and want to take you to bed and love you with all my body."

With those words, there was no going back for me. I placed my fingers to his lips to quiet him. I pulled my nightshirt off and lowered my face to his.

Gazing into his eyes, I experienced one of the most cherished moments of my life. I realized that I had not seen love in a man's eye until that moment. I wish more men understood that such a look would cause a woman to totally submit herself.

I pressed my lips to his and softly kissed him. I gently ran my tongue over his lips and gave him tiny kisses on his mouth. My hand instinctively touched his face. I love to touch a man's face when I really want to give him pleasure.

My delicate fingers traced the outline of his jaw. I felt the stubble from the short whiskers on his chin. I traced my fingers down his neck to his chest, and touched his nipple.

There was a lingering scent of Paul Sebastian on his body that sent my pussy into immediate action. I actually felt it begin to tighten in anticipation of sex. Scent has always been a source of sexual arousal for me.

My fingertips gently circled his nipple as I kissed his lips, cheek and throat. His nipple hardened from my touch, and I could feel him reacting to my touch. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could.

I lowered my face to his chest and ran my tongue around and across his nipple. I gently flicked his nipple with my tongue and then took it into my mouth. Using my lips, I tugged it gently.

I felt a hand on my head pressing me into his chest. I felt another one reach for my breasts. As I licked and nibbled on his nipple, he fondled mine to full erection.

The hand on my head pressed me downward. I knew what he wanted. He wanted my mouth on his cock, and so did I. I wanted to taste the manhood of my lover. He told me to straddle him with my pussy over his face so that he could lick my pussy as I sucked his cock.

My hand pulled his cock to my cheek as I ran its head over my face. I felt his fingers exploring my inner thighs. His touch was electric. My legs began to tremor with anticipation.

I stroked his cock so that I could start the pre-cum flowing. When the tiny drops began to appear, I gently licked the tip of his cock with my tongue. I asked him, "Does that feel good, baby?" His only reply was a low moan.

I placed my lips on his cock and lowered my head, making sure to press my lips on his cock as I descended. When I had taken all his cock in my mouth, I paused for a second and began the assent, with a gentle sucking and pressure from my lips. I wanted to take all the time I needed sucking his cock. I wanted to give him the blowjob of a lifetime.

Each time my mouth reached the root of his shaft I could feel the tip of his cock probing my throat, and his pubic hairs tickling my nose and mouth. Each time I reached the top of his cock I gently twirled my tongue around his head, paying particular attention to the sensitive area under the head.

I felt his fingers touching my pussy lips. He stroked my outer lips until they were fully engorged. My pussy petals spread for him like a flower in springtime.

The next thing I felt was his tongue probing my pussy. He used his tongue to make long strokes along the folds. My pussy was so wet that I could see a faint shimmer on his mouth when I looked between our bodies.

His body was responding to my sucking. Given his reaction, I decided to take my cock sucking to the next level, so I rested my weight on one elbow and traced my fingers along his balls toward his anus. I stuck my finger into my mouth to get it wet, and began to gently massage around his anus. I picked up the rhythm of my sucking so that I was now stroking his cock faster.

After a few minutes of stimulation, I pushed my index finger into his anus up to the first knuckle, and massaged the area just inside the orifice. His body was starting to tense some now and I knew he was building toward ejaculation. Again, I increased the rhythm of my sucking. At this point, my head was almost bobbing.

Although I wanted him to cum in my mouth, I wanted him to cum in my pussy more, so I slowed my sucking to decrease his buildup. He groaned when he realized what I was doing. He wanted to cum, but I wanted him to wait. I wanted him to cum in my pussy.

His mouth was now squarely attached to my pussy. He was tongue fucking me with abandon. Unfortunately, he was having little luck reaching my clit, but it didn't matter to me. It felt glorious.

Although I really didn't want to remove my mouth from his cock, I needed for him to penetrate my pussy. I looked back at him and asked him if he would like to enter me, to which he agreed in a muffed response.

I moved off of his body and then straddled him. I got on my feet in a squatting position with my pussy in alignment with his cock. I wanted this position so that I could enjoy every inch of his cock.

I slowly lowered my pussy on his cock. As he entered me, I heard him groan, "Damn, you are tight and so warm inside. My cock feels like it is being pressed into a wet heating pad."

When I had all of his cock in my pussy, I stopped and rotated so that I could grind my clit into his pelvis. After grinding my clit, I raised my pussy until the head of his cock was just inside my pussy. I gently squeezed his head with very quick grips, while giving his head short strokes. I than began another decent.

A watched him as he peered between our bodies. I knew he could see my pussy stroking his cock and the shine on his cock from my pussy juice. His cock would disappear in my lips and then reappear. Since I have large inner lips, he could see my lips slide along his cock with every assent.

As I made love to him, I watched his face. He closed his eyes and he made soft groans every time I squeezed the head of his cock with my pussy. As his hips began to move to my rhythm, I increased my tempo.

As our speed increased, I abandoned the head squeezing so that I could concentrate on fucking him faster. I was closing in on an orgasm, and the magnified engorgement of his cock told me he was building toward one, too.

He looked up at me as I fucked his cock. He raised his upper body and in a smooth motion grabbed my shoulders and pulled me forward. I adjusted my legs until we were seated on the bed facing each other with his cock embedded in my pussy.

He was about to cum and I wanted to cum with him. He pushed his cock with all his strength and placed his mouth on mine. As I felt his body tense, his cock erupted. He was cumming.

With our mouths glued together, I felt his cock spasm and the warm stream of cum hit the back of my pussy. As he came in me, my pussy began to tighten like it always does when I reach climax. Our tongues were dancing as he came in me stroke after stroke. My pussy clamped down on him so that I could squeeze every drop of his precious cum.

We sat there static in time as our orgasms subsided. His cock was still embedded in my pussy and I could feel the familiar pussy spasms from a strong orgasm. As my spasms ceased, we held each other tightly, and felt the pumping of our mutual heart slow its pace. Neither of us wanted this moment to end.

Exhausted, we positioned ourselves for cuddling, but I had one more thing to do before drifting off to sleep in his arms. After giving him a kiss, I moved my face to his deflated cock and took it into my mouth. I licked the cum cocktail from his cock, being as gentle as possible. I them licked his balls and the inner parts of thighs adjacent to his balls.

When satisfied that he was clean, I asked him to watch me. As he opened his eyes, I positioned myself so that my face was directly over the rather large wet spot we had created. While looking directly at him, I lowered my face until my tongue was touching the mixture of our cum. As he watched, I licked the cum off of the sheets. This time I didn't pull the cum from my pussy as Manny had made me do. I wanted my Uncle's cum to stay in my body as long as possible. I wanted him to understand that his cum was precious to me.

As he held me tight in a cuddle, my mind shifted to the exhilaration I was experiencing. It's hard to express what it feels like for a woman to have a man's cock in her. Of course there is the physical feeling of having a hard, warm, velvety object filling your pussy, touching the innumerable sensors within the walls.

But there is an emotional element that is even more important, at least to me. A pussy is a vacuum and all vacuums need to be filled. Having a man, especially one I love, slide his cock into my pussy makes me whole. It gives you a sense of security. It also provides me with a feeling of being needed and cared for. Finally, it makes me feel bonded to the man, because I allow him entrance to my body. Maybe this is the reason that orgasms for most women are primarily mental, while more physical for men.

As we drifted off to sleep, my thoughts of the next morning entered my mind. I knew that I had placed myself in a position to fuck Manny and the boys in front of my Uncle. That was a given. I also knew that my Uncle would not join in fucking me, but would be there to protect me if Manny decided to abuse me beyond my limits, which are rather expansive. Tomorrow would be a fucking, while this was love making. There is such a huge difference for me, but both have their places in my life.

I needed to talk to my Uncle about this tomorrow morning. I needed for him to understand my limits as to what the boys could do to me. After today, he probably won't be surprised.

Morning came way too early. I awoke about 6:30 when the sunlight caressed my face. I felt fresh and glorious. I reached for my Uncle but his side of the bed was vacant. Damn, is he upset about last night?

I got out of bed and went the bathroom to clean up a bit. I put on my sarong and found some clean linen. After changing the sheets and making the bed, I tiptoed downstairs.

I peeked around the corner and spotted my Uncle reading the morning newspaper at the kitchen table. With as little ceremony as possible, I entered the room, not knowing exactly what to expect. To my relief, my Uncle greeted me with one of his lousy Texas accent attempts at "Hi, sug."

Not being much of a breakfast person, I made some toast and grabbed a cup of coffee. I took a seat opposite my Uncle. It was time to talk about our feelings for each other, what I had done and would be doing in a few short hours.

I really didn't know how to begin the discussion, but I could wait no longer. Building my courage, I simply asked, "What do you think of me and what I have done?"

For a moment, which seemed like a frigging hour, my Uncle looked into my eyes. He set his newspaper aside and scooted his chair to the table. I was waiting for the hammer to drop on me and almost choked on my coffee.

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